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STS — Canada
22 Feb — 1 Mar1
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Tue 22/2
Tue 1/3

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Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29872 reviews
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Early flight but the crew was cheerful and gracious. Always enjoy the complementary beer/wine. Plane clean and one time. Pilots gave us sooth landings

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Early flight but the crew was cheerful and gracious. Always enjoy the complementary beer/wine. Plane clean and one time. Pilots gave us sooth landings

Pros: "The stuff was great, the flight was nice and smooth."
Cons: "I never received the flight. It did not exist. I had to buy another ticket."
Pros: "Very friendly and efficient crew"
Cons: "Everything was great!"
Cons: "Really comfortable. Great flight"
Pros: "Makeup was on point!"
Pros: "Short flight."
Cons: "Flew Alaska Airlines back to back bright had food service. This flight was initially moved back 30 minutes from when I first booked and then delayed twice at the airport. Created a much longer layover and resulted I having to change other reservations at destination."
Pros: "The crew was polite and kind and prompt :)"
Cons: "a fluffy blanket! XD just kidding, that's asking a bit much :D"
Cons: "The crew keeps the air conditioner on MAX!! It was freezing. I asked if they could turn it down but nothing happened!"
Pros: "Free upgrade!!!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Pleasant trip"
Cons: "The ticketing agents were excessively slow."
Cons: "Bad pilot"
Pros: "Brand new aircraft. Tons of legroom"
Cons: "Hard seats"
Pros: "Super fast turn around, great in flight crew (Tonya was very nice). Barely any wait time to get my bag upon landing. Love the free beer and wine, of course. The plane was late and we were boarded and in the air in about 10-15 at the most. Ground crew at STS is always good. Flight was fine, a bit bumpy on the landing. Great sunset and view of the full moon."
Pros: "I hate this bus thing"
Pros: "They left and landed as scheduled"
Cons: "Nothing to complain about I loved the service flight and cleanliness of the plane"
Pros: "Nice crew comfy seats especially for a prop. Good overheads"
Cons: "Delay of 90 mins"
Cons: "They closed the check-in counter 40 minutes prior to check in AND the flight was delayed 10 minutes. So even though I was at the airport a full hour before departure, I was not allowed to check in and I missed the flight. I had to be rerouted through Seattle and got home 8 hours later than planned. Very frustrating."
Cons: "One hour delay leaving sts"
Pros: "I had an empty seat and the stewardess asked me if it was ok to move a person, so I agreed. She gave me miles just for that."
Pros: "friendly staff"
Pros: "Everyone super friendly no other complaints"
Cons: "Boarding delay. Also asked last minute before boarding for passport in a new line so had to wait in the back. Consider some of us are crunched for time when we get to destination (rental car before closing, etc)."
Pros: "Flight left on time."
Cons: "No wine, had to be shuttled to terminal. Done ever time after Virgin purchase. (At LAX)"
Cons: "The flight left without me and six other passengers, despite the fact that I got to the gate at 5:30am for a 5:45am flight."
Pros: "Check in person Alaska counter went out of her way to make sure that my wife and I had seats close together so I could help her on the plane and help her get seated."
Cons: "Everything went well. I was very happy with the service and the flight."
Pros: "Apparently mechanical problems early in the day put our jet 89 min behind, but all involved worked the magic to achieve only a 60 minute late arrival. Loved the sparkling water (she was kind enough to make mine vegan even : - )."
Cons: "Late start and long taxi and long bus rides. BUT, the conversation with the new found friend was off the chain. I'm cool with the Sonoma means a taxi and bus portion - worth the fare."
Cons: "Seats are hard and transmit all movement from row behind"
Pros: "Very convenient to fly from Santa Rosa to LA"
Cons: "It was a small plane so it was a little crowded"
Pros: "Liked being able to board the plane from both ends, much quicker."
Cons: "No entertainment but none was expected"
Cons: "After arriving at the santa rosa airport, an airport smaller than most bus stations, I tried to print my boarding pass at the kiosk, it told me to go the Alaska desk for assistance, easy enough considering theres only 1 desk in the entire airport, however there were no Alaska employees there. I waited, and waited, and started to panic as the flight time approached but knew the plane was literally 10 steps away so I did my best to remain calm. I tried to enter when people started to board, but despite my confirmation number, receipt for my flight and 2 forms of photo ID, the security team informed me that I must get a boarding pass from the non existent Alaska air employees. After waiting for 45 minutes and watching my plain board and fly away, an employee finally showed up and did his best to help me, but also told me its normal for Alaska to leave their assistance desk unmanned, and I should have used the kiosk... Which didn't work. After putting me on a bus to SF airport and assuring me they have a flight waiting for me with united. I was surprised to discover they actually shipped me to an airport 2 hours south, with no ticket waiting for me. After a 24 hour ordeal I finally made it to my destination, and all I was offered for their horrible customer service and "forgetting" to confirm the flight they claimed was waiting for me, was a 24$ food voucher!!!! Wow, a full day late for my cousins wedding, but I got a food voucher! I'm shocked and appalled at their lack of professionalism and will NEVER fly with Alaska again"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I paid for premium seats for my hisband and myself. They sat us completely away from each other and both in middle seats!!?? When i asked for seats together, they put us all the way in the back.. no more premium seating and no free drink?? So i paid for premium for nothing! How is possible to book flight for 2 and not seat us together?? And both in middle seats??"
Pros: "Everyone is very friendly!"
Pros: "The ease with which we disembarked. Having two options to exit made it so nice. I was out the door in two minutes."
Pros: "Easy checked bag drop off. Loved not driving to SFO . Easy boarding . The whole experience was great much more relaxed than when I have to go to the city . This is my first time flying out of STS . Loved it ."
Cons: "Small commuter plane , but I'll have to get used to it ."
Pros: "Easy flight. Boarding was fine and the crew were friendly enough. The steward didn't come and see me much and I think I had one little snack and one beverage."
Cons: "No entertainment but I didn't really expect it on such a short flight."
Pros: "Boarding was a few minutes early (versus the typical few minutes late), it was easy, plenty of room/clearance for my stuffed roller carry on, comfy seats, great service throughout. I am not often flying into or out of cities that Alaska services but when I am, I almost always chose to fly Alaska :)"
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "No window shades...on a sunny day. Uncomfortable, unsafe and difficult to work on a computer. ps, at leadt I got on the flight. This airline is ruthlessly unsympathetic to people that miss boarding - even when plane not full and even when there is a second holding area requiring additional wait time."
Pros: "Flight attendants offered drinks. I wasn't offered beverages on the flight from LAX to STS and was very thirsty."
Cons: "The overhead speaker was WAY too loud. It felt like they were screaming at us the whole time through the intercom."
Pros: "Great new modern plane with power at every seat!"
Pros: "The gate agents and staff were very friendly"
Cons: "When I checked my bag. They had to hand write a slip for the next leg of my flight (Calgary to London). This added about 10 minutes of time. It's 2017, how can it still require paper write up??"
Pros: "The crew was great, plane clean and comfortable and ride smooth"
Cons: "We were held up for almost 3 hours due to weather in LAX. Not the airlines fault but it was a 6AM flght and there was nothing at STS airport to eat. No tea. Coffee and cheezits. Crew tried their best"
Pros: "Great stewards, great price, comfortable + clean + modern airplane. What else could you ask for"
Cons: "I could ask for live TV on the backs of the seats, as with Jetblue and others"
Pros: "Really cramped overhead storage. Not TSA dimensions."
Pros: "Loved the staff!!"
Cons: "6 am is really early"
Pros: "The service was wonderful and the airline was amazing at taking care of us and apologizing for the delay with a $100.00 voucher"
Cons: "The flight was 4 hours delayed but they did provide a 100 off coupon so it was nice of them."
Pros: "How quickly we arrived!"
Cons: "Very noisy!"
Pros: "Great Staff"
Cons: "Lots of flights leaving the same time through side by side gates - and all delayed. yuck"
Cons: "Despite the staff who unloaded me in the isle chair having a great attitude, they were inexperienced."

It was a smooth, uneventful ride. The staff was very friendly. The overhead compartments were a little small for my hiking style backpack, but I made it work.

Cons: "American crew and gate agents are awesome!!!!"
Cons: "The boarding announcement speaker was broken, so the flight attendants needed to yell out."
Pros: "They looked for 18 people to get off the plane because of weight restrictions and the process was very disorganized"
Cons: "Organization"
Pros: "Crew was fantastic. They offered to valet my bag as I was boarding when they saw that it was cumbersome for me. The stewardess put me in a great seat when I was helpful to another passenger upon boarding. Also everyone seemed to be quite attentive and helpful during the covid situation, where people are a bit unnerved. I appreciated the effort to make everyone happy."
Cons: "The landing was a bit rough, but the rest of the flight was a dream. Definitely one of the better experiences Ive had in my 34 years of flying."
Pros: "Everything was great."
Cons: "Nothing. It was smooth and efficient."
Pros: "Fast and easy flight"
Cons: "It’s was very good flight"
Pros: "Crew was very nice and plane was clean."
Cons: "I was exhausted and wanted to sleep on my late night flight but my seat did not recline (broken)"
Pros: "Very good main meal. Numerous movie choices Friendly attendants. Pretty good leg room."
Cons: "Incoming light was late, making for a late departure and late arrival at destination (about an hour). People-mover buses incredibly slow and inefficient, adding to delayed arrival at terminal."
Pros: "crew was miserable, they should retire, seems as if they do not like working with people, do not like their job. I have had many many flights with aa to know the difference"
Cons: "aa needs to have less flights departing, thus, having shorter take off wait time. get attendants that want to work and like their job."
Cons: "Charlotte airport needs to stop taking the protective cover off of my suitcase and I don’t get it back, this is the 2nd time that this has happened in Charlotte and it keeps costing me money to buy new covers and my suitcase becomes more damaged because they treat other’s belongings with no respect."
Cons: "I never got to go on my trip... wasted all my money and never got anywhere and can't seem to get a refund or at least another ticket."
Pros: "There were 2 crew members who were very helpful and nice."
Cons: "The movies were kind of poor but the worst part really was the service. Most were not willing to help me at all (I was traveling solo with a baby and carry on baggage + a car seat). One stewardess even told another passenger to carry something back for me since the crew was too busy."
Cons: "Full flight, but exceeded expectations"
Pros: "Entertainment is great."
Cons: "Late and long flight, so bring your own food. Nothing to purchase"
Cons: "No window at the window seat"
Cons: "Didn’t make the flight because of previous flight was delayed"
Cons: "Everything was perfect and on schedule! Thanks for the wonderful experience"
Pros: "Crew was professional and corteous."
Cons: "1. I was in seat 38 D. It was an aisle seat. There was no space to put my bag under the seat in front of me. There was some kind of box blocking where my bag would go. I barely had room for my feat. 2. There was odor coming from the bathrooms. The smell was worse before the plane took off."
Pros: "I was with Japan airline and they were amazing crew and amazing service with very good food"
Cons: "The seats and entertainment could have been better"
Pros: "Very attentive crew"
Cons: "Boarding gates"
Pros: "Convenience"
Cons: "To change a flight they want $200! That is why I changed to Southwest."
Pros: "Crew was polite and tried their best to be helpful"
Cons: "I could not check in online before the flight and when I got to the airport, there was no way to check in with a Nexus card. Then they took a while to find my information. Then when I went to board the flight, I only had a Nexus card so they were reluctant for me to board."
Pros: "Crew was very helpful."
Cons: "Pilot or co pilot never spoke once. Was as if there was no pilot"
Pros: "Awfully rude flight attendants Took multiple buses I guess American doesn’t pay good money to the airports"
Cons: "Very cold cabin despite request to make it warmer, making it impossible to sleep. Food was cheap, carb-heavy fare - rice, crackers, a roll, sugar dessert bisquets all in one meal."
Pros: "Considering the price we paid for our tickets is the the only drawback I keep coming back to when I think about the VALUE of what I paid for.the entire flight. The overall experience was good throughout; from the airport on both ends of the journey to the actual inflight experience. I'm not sure how much of an influence the airline has on the airport part of it all, but the check-in process was good. The self check-in machines for AA were a little "buggy" and difficult to navigate but helpful staff was readily available as were the short lines. I am 6'2" and was impressed that I had adequate leg room in my seat."
Cons: "We paid a lot for our tickets even though they were purchased months in advance. Then when it came to seat selection, there was none. Our party of three, which was husband and wife plus friend, were all seated separately. We could have opted for "pay extra" seating, but even that did not get us together, so we opted out."
Cons: "My flight got cancelled with zero notice and I almost ended up on a 18 hour layover which would have resulted me in missing work. The staff was very unsympathetic and not helpful. There were 10 people behind the counter and nobody could help us. They were all just spacing out. Ultimately, I was placed on the flight, but had to rush to every single one of my four connecting flights. I am a frequent traveler but this is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. Avianca should be embarrassed to be associated with star alliances."
Pros: "eh, mediocre but usual service from a US airline. Just enough to get you from point A to B, but you’re exhausted once there."
Cons: "too little leg room, and quite uncomfortable seats, couldn’t relax and was cramping from being unable to move more than an inch."
Pros: "Same size and capacity flight, my instrument was not an issue."
Cons: "For the love of god American Airlines you can’t have one person threaten to arrest you for trying to carry a guitar onboard and then someone else on a flight two hours later personally assist you in packing the same guitar into an overhead."
Cons: "Plane had not been cleaned"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Crew let people move to main cabin extra without paying like I did"
Cons: "The seats are so uncomfortable"
Pros: "The AC was set at the right temperature, not too cold, not too hot, just perfect! We got to the destination sooner than expected!"
Cons: "Pay to seat next to my husband, our seats were separate before check-in. Not happy about this."
Pros: "Nice crew clean airplane"
Cons: "Initial flight was cancelled after 2 hours delay. My next flight was scheduled the earliest possible by AA which was 24 hours later. No transportation,hotel or miles compensation for this. I had work and responsabilities the next day. TThe scheduled trip was supposed to take off at 7:45. Boarding started late and was very slow. My bag fit the meassurements and still was forced to check it (which I did not want to do as I did not want to be waiting an hour for my bag at my arrival as I had work early the next day. In addition there was airplaine traffic as it was "rush hour" instead of flying at 7:45 we departed almost at 9pm!!!! Have to pay for food Quality of tv monitors very poor And in an uncomfortable position No movie options No wifi although stated the aircraft has Non functioning electrical plug"
Pros: "Great service"
Pros: "Flight crew were visibly exhausted and nervous. WORST FLYING EXPERIENCE EVER. It's unfortunate that this leg of the trip was American Eagle. We paid a lot for these tickets."
Cons: "Flight crew were visibly exhausted and nervous. WORST FLYING EXPERIENCE EVER. It's unfortunate that this leg of the trip was American Eagle. We paid a lot for these tickets."
Cons: "Flight was canceled, so our young family had to spend the night in the airport because they couldn't give us a decent option to get back home. Second time we have had problems with AA"
Cons: "British airways?"
Cons: "It was not obvious that I was flying American arlines out of Boston. I was very confy"
Pros: "Very nice flight. Nothing unexpected."
Pros: "the airlines did try to accommodate by giving us optional flight when our connecting flight got cancelled"
Cons: "No meal options for vegetarians for breakfast. They just gave everyone a turkey sandwich. Rude, frustated and sarcastic staff"
Cons: "Luggage did not arrive with us"
Pros: "On time. Helpful at check-in and friendly staff on board."
Pros: "."
Cons: "One of the flight attendants was pretty rude and quite short with passengers."
Pros: "Second leg when purchased extra leg room, that's the way all seats should be. We boarded timely but then left late. Free tv was nice although I didn't watch it."
Cons: "Don't like the glass of soda and they don't hand you the can but that's just me. Lare departure."
Cons: "delay missed my connection.."
Cons: "My second (of three) flights was late. United texted me that my next gate was a “2 minute walk” from my arrival gate. Instead, it was a 15 minute walk plus a shuttle bus away. The gate didn’t change, the info was just wrong. Fortunately, my third flight was delayed about 30 minutes. But this also was not communicated in the United text until late."
Pros: "Good movies"
Cons: "They delayed the flight like 5 different times and then the luggage took over a half hour"
Pros: "Crew was nice and accommodating, wishing more crews were as great and friendly."
Cons: "Non business class passengers were constantly using the business class bathroom, curtains were not drawn."
Cons: "Departing closer to scheduled time - lack of flight attendants causing a three hour delay is not great at all."
Pros: "Crew was fine"
Cons: "So incredibly cramped and no seat screens to watch movies. Bumpy that that’s no ones fault."
Cons: "Not here as long as the last place but was still teribly confusing. The airport is not very new user friendly. I had to ask ppl multiple times where gates were and issues with time changes etc. Was pretty nerve wracking for a first time traveller to the states."
Cons: "UNcomfortable seats. They don’t recline."
Pros: "I had the front seat so nice and spacious spot"
Cons: "Didn't love the wait on the bus to get to the planeb but I guess that is unavoidable"
Pros: "Bulkhead window seat, very pleasant and informative pilot"
Cons: "No Wi-Fi on this flight"
Pros: "On time, good service."
Cons: "Did not use entertainment."
Pros: "food far below expectations. Crew was great!"
Pros: "Left on time. Employees were competent and friendly, and kept us appraised of things in flight (turbulence, etc)."
Cons: "Nothing I didn’t like"
Cons: "Very cramped with staff who I found overbearing. Not the most pleasant experience."
Cons: "Smooth ride"
Pros: "Checking in was simple with no problems. They made the process easy. Very courteous!"
Pros: "Flight attendants were attentive"
Cons: "Slow boardidng, delayed departure, overcrowded flight, no overhead space"
Cons: "Missed my flight."
Pros: "No entertainment and have to pay extra for any eats."
Pros: "The crew in air Canada is awesome! They were really great and friendly. I'm impressed with their impeccable service even if it was a short flight to Vancouver."
Cons: "Flight was delayed."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "United seems to havens excessive amount of delays."
Pros: "The bar is pretty low with United. Even being a 1K member, I am usually just hoping the flight arrives on time. This time it didn't. The crew was polite, which isn't always the case."
Cons: "The flight was delayed. Not necessarily UA's fault but they don't make it easy on their customers. Their mileage program has so many elite members, especially in SF that even 1K doesn't give you a strong shot at getting upgraded."
Cons: "Customer service is very inneficient"
Pros: "It was a long day with the delays which ended in a missed flight to Vancouver. Great service in providing accommodations and food voucher. Much appreciated. Made getting home a day later as I have another 6 1/2 hour drive to get home. Overall a good trip."
Pros: "Offered drinks and snacks."
Cons: "My suitcase's handle was damaged by the time it reached baggage claim. I will need to buy a new suitcase now."
Cons: "Flight was delayed because plane hadn't arrived at the gate yet from its previous flight."
Pros: "Other airlines that don't lie to you about which airline you're purchasing tickets with."
Cons: "When I buy an apple computer and pay apple prices, I don't expect to open up the box and find a PC in there. When I bought tickets with Air Canada, I expected to fly with Air Canada, not United. I don't know how it's even legal for you to sell me one thing, have me pay for it, and then give me another. My experiences with Air Canada have been fine. My experience with United was terrible. Their check in devices freeze and don't give proper instructions or feedback, and my tray table was taped shut because it was broken. The tape looked like it was a year old. It is not ok to fix an airplane with tape. This is terrible for both of us. Now you - Air Canada - are sharing in United's PR disaster because you've effectively said buying tickets from you might just be a bait-and-switch for buying tickets with them. Upon purchasing tickets "your" customers have no way of knowing what they're going to get. I'd much rather book with an airline that sells tickets for its own flights, or at least tells customers when they're buying something else instead of lying to them."
Pros: "again we flew business class"
Cons: "A waste of money for business class as it was no better than business class 30 years ago. Slightly wider seats with a little more room, but there was no entertainment and the food was awful"
Pros: "Was a breeze to board"
Cons: "No entertainment at all no music nothing"
Pros: "The crew was very good, very attentive."
Cons: "Boarding went quickly but was very unorganized."
Pros: "Didn't have food so couldnt rate that section"
Pros: "Nice seats."
Cons: "Sitting at the gate on the plane while they work on a problem"
Pros: "Freeway traffic made me just miss the checkin time by a hair. I had an important meeting and was hoping there was a chance to still get on (40min before flight) but that wasn't possible."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Didn't make it because United gave standby seating to guests terminating travel in SFO."
Pros: "Nice free inflight wifi entertainment, small selection and need own device. Make sure to bring your headphones!"
Pros: "I was very late and the staff made huge efforts to get me through security and onboard!"
Pros: "The flight started boarding early enough that we had no problem pushing off from the gate on-time. We arrived early"
Cons: "The baggage took longer to arrive that it took us to hike the considerable distance from the gate and then clear passport control."
Pros: "Food should be fee for the entire flight. It's a long flight over 4 hours."
Pros: "Fly upnto Vancouver BC this time."
Cons: "The seats had no infotainment system No food Cramped"
Cons: "We were trying to print our boarding passes and computer didn't recognize our bar code. United employees were trying to help us and they couldn't print it either until we approched counter. We didn't see that much of professionalism on United employees. At one point one of the employees told us to go back to Air Canada counter and I thought she was not trained properly."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 3 hours and 45 minutes because engine did not start. Had us deplane. Caused us to miss our connecting flight and we had to wait 6 hours for another one."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed over an hour since bags had to all be unpacked and then packed back into plane due to bags being stored improperly and not all fitting"
Pros: "Informative Captain. Made up time in transit."
Cons: "In flight entertainment did not exist and a fee was charged to access content online. This does not meet industry standards. During boarding, airline agent told me my one allowable carry-on item had to be checked because of limited space in overhead bins. Upon boarding the plane, there was clearly room for more luggage to be stored overhead. One flight crew member served complimentary beverages by serving the entire can. The other served by pouring only some of the can into a cup. Again, this does not meet industry standards, from the perspective of a reasonably well-traveled flier."
Cons: "Planes have mechanical issues, but they could have done more things at the same time like reboard while the post repair system checks ran and sort out baggage weights so that there weren't delays on top of delays. That was after not noticing issues with the plane until after waiting for late passengers and taxiing out. We arrived 4hrs late for a 3hr flight. They also only had one agent to rebook flights and assign hotels at the end even though they had hours to know the connections would be missed."
Cons: "Don't fly United"
Pros: "Leg room seemed better. Flight was early arriving in Vancouver. Flight crew kept us informed about slight turbulence and arrival time, Pilot landed plane very smoothly."
Cons: "This is minor: the small package of complimtary food (a sweet wafer) was not good. Something more substantial would have been appreciated for the long flight."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "No leg room. A bare bones airline."
Pros: "Flight attendants are nice"
Cons: "The plane is very old"
Pros: "Nothing really"
Cons: "This flight was delayed an hour as United had maintenance issues with the plane. United sadly has a bad reputation for deferred maintenance on its planes in order to cut costs. They don't care about customer satisfaction, just the bottom line."
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C$ 552

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C$ 859
C$ 552
C$ 1,016
C$ 686
C$ 1,141
C$ 3,399