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Japan AirlinesOverall score based on 4522 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The seats were comfortable, the plane was empty so could move for comfort"
Cons: "The food was not very good, the airplane was empty, but assigned seats to fill rows while spouting nonsense about social distancing"
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Pros: "The seats were comfortable, the plane was empty so could move for comfort"
Cons: "The food was not very good, the airplane was empty, but assigned seats to fill rows while spouting nonsense about social distancing"
Pros: "The crew was definitely amazing. Extremely polite and always have a smile on :-)"
Cons: "Breakfast could have been better"
Pros: "The experience was really good. I’ll be using JAL again."
Cons: "Keep doing a good job."
Pros: "The crew was efficient and very helpful."
Cons: "Entertainment choices of selected movies were limited."
Cons: "Good space with large seats. Good food and service."
Pros: "The crew is outstanding. A girl two seats away from me barfed and two attendants were there immediately with a bag, cleaning wipes, etc. They are very friendly and patient with passengers. The next best part was the comfort. I got a good amount of sleep on my nine-hour flight."
Cons: "The movie selection and meals were not bad, but I've had better on other airlines."
Pros: "great food, staff and service. I like it when i can brush my teeth on a over night flight with disposable tooth brush and tooth paste."
Cons: "Flight delay communication could be better. There were some major confusions between the gates on where my flight was going to land and departure until it was finally announced that flight was delayed."
Cons: "Boarding in New York could have been better organized"
Pros: "The EMIRATES flight was nice. Japan airlines has good leg room."
Cons: "Air on the plane was stuffy"
Cons: "Check in and apps stuck in 80'"
Pros: "No... no... no...."
Pros: "Spacious leg room."
Cons: "The food is average. Could be much better. Eg, serve eggs like omelette for Breakfast. Only one choice . The other choice could be Jap menu vi differing it’s s Japanese airline. Flew JAL 2 yrs ago too. Food was not good. Also , toilets could be cleaner. There’s always a pungent smell."
Pros: "The service was excellent"
Cons: "Food needs improvement"
Pros: "Sturdest were very kind"
Cons: "There was 2 choices for food either pork or chicken But when I asked for chicken they told us no more chicken Then they took the pork from the tray and I had to eat the rest without the main course. Also all the seats were taken by the people who bought the tickets directly from JAL,but there was few seats left all in the middle for people who purchase tickets from travel agents."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "."
Pros: "JAL made travelling with a toddler easy and the flight attendants were incredibly helpful and courteous."
Pros: "We traveled with our 1.5 year old and JAL was incredibly accommodating and made our trip very enjoyable. They went above and beyond to make sure our trip was smooth and provided impeccable service."
Pros: "Was fed a meal and snacks/drinks for this connecting 3 hour flight in economy. Hard to sleep in the economy seats, But with a blanket and thick clothes it would be better! Japan Airlines crew extremely nice!"
Pros: "Excellent service - delicious meals"
Pros: "Food"
Pros: "Jenny was the most wonderful flight attendant in Business Class! She checked on me constantly and made sure I had everything I needed."
Cons: "No smiling faces of flight attendants. Service was mediocre; food same"
Pros: "JAL is a great airline. Love flying on them. great crew. roomy and comfortable."
Pros: "Very comfortable plane, even full. Polite crew."
Pros: "Good quality food. Between-meal snacks. Great selection of media entertainment. Convenient power available at each seat including USB right in front of you. Many handy pockets in front of you for storing various items."
Cons: "Little surprised that the attendants were a little difficult to understand in English. I imagined their English would be pretty good."
Pros: "I liked the entertainment on board."
Pros: "The small plane from Toronto to Chicago was operated by American Eagle. The airplane is a small. I do not have leg room, but overall it was a decent flight."
Cons: "Small airplane"
Pros: "Flight attendants provide fantastic service with a smile. Business class meals are top notch."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Food, especially before landing"
Pros: "Always a good crew .. they go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable."
Pros: "Check-in was swift and painless. Crews were pleasant. They gave my daughter a small toy before take off which made her happy. The seat was noticeably wider than any other airline I had taken before."
Cons: "Food was so so...although my daughter liked her kids meal (tater tots, chicken nuggests, veges, jam sandwitch, fruits, ice cream.)"
Cons: "The father next to me that spilled two drinks on me. I didn't even get an apology. Beyond sold out plane too..."
Pros: "There was a huge amount of new and classic movies to chose from to pass the time. The crew was friendly and professional. The food was decent. I like the variety of food choices and some of the dishes were delicious (salmon and rice). The seats are pretty comfortable. They aren't great for sleeping in, but the flight was decently quiet and dark for some time. I would recommend bringing a pair of earplugs and a neck pillow."
Cons: "The bread could be better. I would have the bread be softer and warm. A warm croissant as a substitute would be amazing.The butter could be softer (like margarine) so that way it can actually be spread onto the bread."
Pros: "Good in flight entertainment options. Great food and plenty of it. Service was top notch. No complaints."
Pros: "Service was amazing and made me feel like I was in first class."
Cons: "The food wasn't good and the seats seemed outdated relative to other JAL flights I have taken on this route."
Pros: "Free WiFi in flight!"
Cons: "In my email confirmation says Business class tickets but the boarding cards were "J" class which was not Business or economy so we had to fight to get in the lounge. They apologizedon't many times but no compensation, seats were first row but not first class, business, economy, or premium economy. They said it's called "J" class! You still get 3 pcs of luggage and pay business class price! Never JAL again domestic, maybe international or Never ever!"
Pros: "Clean and very good service."
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "the AA flight to japan was the worst flight I've ever been on! tv sreen didn't work, space was tight, food terrible, two sets of headphones bad, I could go on but I don't even want to think about it anymore"
Cons: "getting off"
Pros: "The attention of the flight crew to all passengers. The on time boarding, departure & arrival is top notch."
Cons: "None."
Pros: "Love Jan service!!!"
Pros: "I had only 30 minutes transaction time at Busan airport, and was not sure that I could catch my plane. The crew at the airport were very helpful, and a lady brought me to the security gate, and run out and checking in for me. With their help, I was able to catch the planes and arrived my destination on schedule. Thank you so much."
Pros: "Excellent customer service!"
Cons: "Some crew members from Hong Kong better make more effort to improve service skills."
Pros: "great service and help with everything!!"
Pros: "Service N crew n entertainment."
Pros: "Japan Airlines is far more spacious than all domestic airlines. The food and beverage options were comparable to most airlines like Delta, United, etc, but presentation was better so they get style points. Their wifi connectivity was far better than Gogo's services, which is the provider for most domestic airlines. The real improvement compared to most my travel was the level of service. The staff was incredibly attentive."
Cons: "Still waiting for the day wifi at 30k feet is comparable in speed to at least a public cafe. Also, when will one of these airlines start providing balanced meal options that are actually palatable. JAL's food was okay, but heavy on starches and fats with low quality protein or vegetables to accompany them."
Pros: "I really liked my experience with JAL. The comfort and overall service of the flight was excellent."
Pros: "Staff was nice and got me a bulk head seat as I am very tall. This meant a lot to me. Thanks!"
Cons: "Food and entertainment"
Cons: "Due to COVID, we were not able to travel to the Philippines on the time originally planned. We didn't get the full refund."
Pros: "Onboarding on time and kind"
Cons: "Seats weren’t as comfy or spacious as I would have thought given Korean air Having won best economy liner a few times. No entertainment in seats either."
Pros: "Fast boarding sequence and take off."
Cons: "Cabin crew should have smile more, serious faces make request so unconfortable. Food could have been better."
Cons: "Not too much, not enough."
Pros: "Service and food was good."
Cons: "would not accept my confirm check in on line"
Pros: "Flight, weather, crew interaction was all great."
Cons: "They dont give us socks for our feet or tooth brushes or mints or anything. One small bottle of water for a 15 hour flight doesnt cut it, sorry! This is one CHEAP AIRLINE!"
Pros: "The crews"
Cons: "Toilet floor was wet and dirty."
Pros: "Efficiency, hospitality, professionalism, cleanliness, ..."
Pros: "I very much enjoyed the flight. The crew went out of their to make you feel comfortable. The food was delicious and more than enough to make you full. I was very impressed with the room between seats. I will definitely fly with this airlines again"
Pros: "the movie selection"
Cons: "the seats are so closely packed any inclination inconveniences the person seated behind. in all respects save for the name and price this replicated a cheap budget airline. i expected more from SA. the flight crew was brusque and made it appear that they were grudgingly doing one s personal favor rather than their job"
Pros: "The entertainment system and choices were top notch!"
Cons: "The stewardess slammed a cart into my left knee while I was sleeping and woke me up real quick! At least she offered me a ice pack... Again how in the hell in today's worlds do you not offer Vegan choices on the menu?!"
Pros: "Cabins were spotless, restrooms kept clean, attendants always pleasant and food excellent"
Cons: "Too much material in seatback pockets, couldn’t store anything"
Pros: "The new plane was amazing on my way back from Singapore to Chicago. The staff is extremely courteous. The food was good which included some traditional Korean food options and some western cuisine."
Cons: "On my way from Chicago to Singapore, they had an old plane and the business class was mediocre at best. The seats were uncomfortable. They were stacked side by side and did not have a "personal pod" formation which in my honest opinion is quite a waste of thousands of dollars you paid to travel. Additionally, the entertainment was just okay. There were not too many great options of movies and for the old plane, the screens were really bad."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Pros: "Friendly staff, good food, comfortable length seats. Deplanijng and boarding was fast."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The food choices, included Korean dishes. The disposal slippers are great when taking shoes off. The air hostesses were friendly and helpful. Good leg room."
Cons: "Movie selections were not that great, many good current movies were not available. Seat does not have enough lower back support, was literally having to sit on my pillow and blanket due to lower back pain."
Pros: "Food and assistance"
Cons: "nONE"
Pros: "I enjoy flying Korean Air. I get great deals with great service and accommodation."
Cons: "It was a late direct flight from Bali to Seoul. The flight was for a 0120 departure, and about 7 hours long. For the flight being a very late departure and both locations being around the same timezone (1 hour difference) I feel as if the lights were left on for too long, over an hour after departure, and then turned on too early, 2 hours prior to landing. Too improve comfort I would suggest to begin service upon takeoff and turning the lights off immediately after, and turning them on an hour before landing to conduct service. Better yet, if possible, conduct service with the lights off and individuals that require additional lighting may use their individual light. I believe, and witnessed in my area, a majority of personnel that just wanted to sleep during these flight hours."
Pros: "Staff are friendly and accommodating. Service is prompt. Entertainment is somewhat limited compared to other airlines, such as Delta, but they have a good variety."
Pros: "The service was good"
Cons: "Sitting down 5 hrs it was very painful to be sitting that long. My seat eould heat up and it was uncomfortable also. I couldn't sleep during the flight."
Pros: "The plane was clean and the staff was great."
Pros: "Polite, attentive crew"
Cons: "Lie flat seats on the 777 did not go completely flat."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "Movies are old"
Pros: "Korean Airlines service is awesome. The flight attendants are attentive, sharp and customer service oriented."
Cons: "I can't flight. What happened?"
Pros: "I like to fly on Korean Air. Always done right."
Pros: "The cabin attendants were very attentive. Food and beverages were appreciated. Hot cloths to refresh ourselves were also appreciated. Needless to say, the skill of the personnel in the cockpit is also acknowledged. The blankets, pillow, and water were also a nice touch."
Cons: "The seats were comfortable, but I wish they had more cushioning for this long flight."
Pros: "Food. Polite crew"
Cons: "Not enough movie options"
Cons: "Justfly has the worst customer service. There is no way to complain either. There is no executive office. They are not on any rating sites. They just don't care, because they are not held accountable for their actions."
Pros: "I like all the email reminders and alerts"
Pros: "Overall, very good."
Cons: "Since long flights with reduced body movement tend to create constipation, would be good to increase vegetables, reduce other stuff."
Cons: "Meal quality in economy is really poor, much poorer compared to four years ago, when I last flew Korean Air, and poorer than Asiana, which I flew last year. Flight attendant serving our section kept knocking into aisle seat passenger, including knocking over his coffee cup and spilling coffee all over him and the passenger next to him. Flight attendant's reaction was to panic instead of handing over napkins or paper towels - was mopping up with my napkins and tissues by the time she showed up with some paper towels. I was left with the impression that flight attendants were picked more for looks than competence. Checking in at Incheon took a very long time - they should open more counters or give warning to passengers of how long it can take."
Pros: "Just about everything"
Cons: "In priority class the space was narrow when accessing the aisle from the window seat"
Pros: "Flight attendants are awesome."
Cons: "The guy next to me was very drunk. He scared me a little bit."
Pros: "Very friendly crew and quick boarding process"
Cons: "Seat is a bit narrow,"
Pros: "The food, the service,the entertainment were the best. Every time the bathrooms were used they were cleaned, you never see that on US based flights, ever!!!"
Pros: "The crew were excellent."
Cons: "I would have liked to have had a wider selection of movies. I would also have liked to have a hard copy menu to look at prior to meals, as unfortunately I couldn't always understand the crew, even though they were fantastic. With a little more detail I could have determined whether something was spicy or not."
Pros: "Everything was perfect. Food was good, seats were great, entertainment was excellent, and the service was incredible!!"
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was fantastic, even the bathrooms were cleaned multiple times during the flight."
Pros: "Koreans are naturally respectful, making for a very pleasant flight"
Pros: "everything"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "The air hostess is very kind and helpful when she noticed that I was not well and she has offered me a honey lemon drink even I didn't request."
Cons: "special meals especially Hindu meals non vegetarian"
Pros: "Seat comfort, space, and service."
Cons: "Nothing was disliked on return flight"
Pros: "Friendly staff, organized airline, smooth flight with our 5 month old baby girl"
Cons: "Long taxi wait before takeoff, may be the airport's fault."
Pros: "Good experince. Crew was fantastic."
Pros: "I missed my flight by 24 hours. They put me on that day's flight in a better seat than my original at no charge. And their in-flight service is always A+!"
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "On long flights, the seats need to be more comfortable and there needs to be more entertainment options. Also was not sure why we could not book seats even though we booked tickets in October."
Cons: "Cabin to hot"
Cons: "Food was really unpleasant and entertainment all out of date movies"
Pros: "Crew on ANA is always the best Also custom check in was amazingly fast, I went to the side custom check in by accident (there are two) It took less than 5 minutes, I didn’t not know I had to fill another card to leave japan but it was super easy as there was a person to guide me + basic info"
Cons: "Other than chairs being more comfortable nothing really"
Pros: "There was lots of leg room. Crew was nice."
Cons: "One of our seats had a broken recliner button."
Pros: "Their friendliness And care for the passengers"
Cons: "i can not think of anything."
Pros: "everything."
Cons: "can not think of anything. Everything was more than i expected.Thank you for my experiance"
Cons: "Better seats and food. More water please"
Pros: "Attentive and friendly service, good food, fairly spacious seat."
Pros: "ANA did great on everything I could expect from a flight."
Pros: "I would definitely fly ANA again they have a fenomenal service and I love the politeness of the crew"
Cons: "Noisy passengers, no paper towels in the toilets only thin napkins. Limited food options."
Pros: "That it didn’t crash"
Cons: "It was very delayed and then the luggage still hasn’t come out"
Pros: "I enjoy ANA and choose to fly with them, normally a good flight"
Cons: "All our issues were another passenger, not ANA’s fault"
Pros: "Friendly staff, comfortable seats, able to watch new release movies, good food."
Pros: "ANA's entertainment service is quite nice! I don't get bored on the plane. They always keep the washroom clean and I always appreciate it."
Pros: "Good service, food"
Cons: "Too many announcements the whole flight Wake you up 2 hours before landing by turning on lights, activity (too much time, need more sleep)"
Pros: "Pleasant crew, good food. Standard flight as one would expect."
Pros: "Service was excellent; I felt well-cared for!"
Pros: "Good food. The seats were spacious enough. I used both the pillow and blanket provided. Lots of drinks were served keeping everyone hydrated. Enough staff to manage the needs of everyone."
Cons: "How loud and aggressively the toilet flushes."
Pros: "service"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "The fact I had to come back to Canada from Japan. Canada is ghetto."
Pros: "Staff were pleasant. Flights left on time. Really enjoyed the ANA lounge in Haneda."
Cons: "The food met airline standards, which are generally pretty low."
Pros: "I like the nice and warm service from the crew"
Cons: "Food can be more variable but overall its oke"
Pros: "Ground staff was very helpful, we had an overweight luggage and they kind out provided a complementary package box to redistribute the weight instead of charging us extra baggage fees. The flight attendants were caring and offered great service. The entretenimient system on board was easy to use and had a large library of movies."
Cons: "Width of the seat for me was bit tight when in a flat bed position."
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Film selection is ok."
Cons: "Delayed 2 hours and people where freezing in terminal. They eventually brought blankets and snacks."
Cons: "I asked to move my seat to an aisle seat in order to not disrupt a neighbor when needing to use the washroom and was kindly given another seat by the flight attendant but then was later asked to move back to my center seat. Having me move around caused confusion and made a ackward situation for me."
Pros: "Great service. Crew are kind and friendly!"
Pros: "The stewardess constantly walked the aisle looking to assist the disappearing act like one finds on other airlines. I was in business class, so the food was very tasty."
Pros: "Best leg space, new air crafts, kids gifts"
Cons: "Food choices are very average. Nothing for vegeterians if you do not order in advance. English language accouncements were not clear at all - not great for an international flight"
Pros: "Great service with professional staff. I would definitely fly with ANA again in the future and recommend them to others."
Cons: "Breakfast option"
Pros: "Most comfortable economy flight I've ever taken, good legroom, excellent customer service, tasty food, best toilets!"
Pros: "Aircraft was new and spacious"
Cons: "Crew forgot to ask us for drinks upon serving us meals. I also had to repeat my order 3 times."
Cons: "I did not like the delay of the plane which, instead of taking of at 10pm took off at 7h45 am."
Pros: "leg room!"
Pros: "Friendly and helpful stewardess"
Cons: "Seats could be more comfortable."
Pros: "I love the food and the girls was fantastic"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The food. the personable flight attendants. The whole experience is amazing."
Cons: "Lack of English movies on the ife. Mediocre headphones in business class."
Pros: "Light food but breakfast could have been more substantial only one chicken sausage?"
Cons: "Turbulence Lack of privacy with seating Lighting from other monitors disturbs someone trying to sleep"
Pros: "Was able to request a gluten-free meal for the flight"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The service, the plane and even the food were all top notch."
Pros: "Japanese quality is good quality"
Pros: "The plane was new and the seats recline quite a bit. The movie selection was solid (though disorganized)."
Cons: "The food service was a plastic bag of goodies (bag of chips, water bottle, toblerone, kit kat, pastry) - what?! The turbulence announcement was made once in english and japanese by the auto-plane service followed by the crew announcing it again in both English and Japanese. The same was done with the duty free. The plane pressure also felt very strong and cause discomfort for the wife. The movie selection was solid (but badly organized) and the TV show selection wasn't terrible. It should all be better. Come on ANA! Contact me for recommendations."
Pros: "Smooth operations, friendly crew, clean plane, free booze in coach!"
Cons: "Nothing really when flying coach. Second meal now like a box lunch instead of full meal. Cost cutting I guess. Seats are small but not as bad as United domestic. No major complaints."
Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "Bumpy ride and no info of what was going on. A passenger next to me took his pants off and was sitting with his underwear. He did put a blanket after. Very annoying!"
Pros: "The icecream"
Cons: "There was only one choice of meal left when they gave it to me:("
Pros: "Good air crew. Good manners and attention to detail. Excellent members at check-in."
Pros: "The food"
Cons: "All old movies in English"
Pros: "Crews sympathy’s"
Cons: "Disembarking On economy plus we had to wait for all business passengers to leave and there were that needed wheelchair hence took a long time"
Pros: "Crew could have been less rude"
Cons: "Entertainment and access to Wifi"
Pros: "I like the crew members"
Cons: "Entertainment selection and food could be better"
Pros: "Great inflight entertainment"
Cons: "Have WiFi that is working"
Pros: "Great seating"
Cons: "Free internet in long flights"
Pros: "Amazing crew. Seat needs more padding."
Cons: "Memory foam seats"
Cons: "Raise the cabin temperature"
Pros: "Amazing crew! They handled a full flight with screaming indisciplined kids and clueless adults with grace. Entertainment was great as usual"
Cons: "Singapore food and drinks quality has deteriorated significantly. Flights are always packed with uncomfortable seating. These days you get amenities only if you ask."
Cons: "On time would be better."
Pros: "Newer Aircraft and very convenient"
Cons: "I dont see any thing to improve"
Pros: "Super friendly crew. Enough food and drink."
Pros: "Movies selection is great. Seating space is comfortable."
Cons: "Boarding process could’ve been smoother"
Pros: "Amazing services and foods"
Cons: "The business class seat was great"
Pros: "Crew were great. Flight was not full."
Cons: "Plane was a bit dated and the entertainment system not as good as the newer plane as choices are lesser."
Cons: "WiFi didn’t work on 3 of the 4 flights although all purportedly had it. Also didn’t work the majority of the time in the Business Class Lounge in Singapore. Food was mediocre both on flights and in the lounge. Movie selection could hardly have been worse."
Pros: "Everything. New plane amazing food on a two hour flight Great new entertainment system on the seat back."
Cons: "A little more leg room."
Cons: "Luggages did not arrive with the flight as it should be. It got lost in Sydney from Queenstown on flight SQ 6683 operated by Virgin Australia (VA 162)."
Cons: "Flight way too cold"
Pros: "Flight was very pleasant and enjoyable, on time for both departure and arrival."
Cons: "Meals were served rather slow as we were last for row 45 but there was insufficient time for us to finish the meal, collection of trays started in 5 minutes time"
Pros: "Although business was full, it was quiet. Cabin chief was very helpfull and professional."
Cons: "food choices are not bad. TV screens are super bad. Resoulition is almost from 90's era first flat screens! One stewardess had friends in business. a couple sitting one after another in window seats. She spent most of her time chatting with them, taking photos while we were trying to sleep."
Cons: "Softer seats and more movies"
Cons: "Satisfied service friendly staff overall satisfied."
Pros: "Overall good"
Cons: "Boarding needs better management."
Cons: "Singapore Airlines is so wildly overrated. The service is frequently poor, and the cabin environment dirty and old unless flying on their very latest planes. Even their A380s are now stale and musty. Not nice."
Pros: "Food was good"
Cons: "Boarding was just ok, but departure delayed by half hour. Seats were really poor. Zero comfort.. felt like sitting on a cramped park bench. Entertainment system is ancient. Can't see and can't listen properly. Didn't expect this type of horrible aircraft from Singapore Airlines!"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Short and sweet. Flight left on time and landed about 15 mins early. Crew was wonderful"
Pros: "Nothing beats Singapore SQ!"
Pros: "Seating was spacious, crew was attentive. Boarding was efficient."
Cons: "The food choice was not pleasing to me."
Cons: "Food , both quality and quantity was poor. Entertainment - world movies did not have many choices for such a long flight"
Pros: "Singapore airline crew is always top notch in terms of service and attentiveness. It's a direct flight from Singapore to Canberra! Beats the layover in Sydney or Melbourne."
Cons: "Business class seats were uncomfortable compared to other business class. They're not lay flat seats, and I can't get the seat even close to flat because my feet jam in to the bottom of the seat in front of me. The food wasn't great, some of the meal which was supposed to be served hot was still cold."
Pros: "The crew were excellent"
Cons: "I'm 6'2" and the regular economy seats didn't give me enough to leg room"
Pros: "Staff worked very hard and were very helpful."
Cons: "The staff were run off their feet trying to help the families with babies and toddlers. The flight was not pleasant because of the crying and screaming children around us."
Pros: "Flight is comfortable, food is nice. Most importantly, the flight was on time."
Cons: "The entertainment system requires additional setup, and need my own mobile device. My mobile device was low in battery while I'm on my flight, so I'm not able to view any movies during the flight."
Pros: "Seats, crew"
Cons: "Nothing else other than above"
Cons: "Stewardesses were a bit rude"
Pros: "The business class bed was the best I have yet encountered. The food and service were great. And the stews? Gorgeous and so agreeable. One young lady even helped me with my back injury; turns out she was studying physical therapy. You can't find a better ride than that,"
Pros: "Overall experience"
Cons: "Could have had a better selection of movies"
Pros: "smooth service with refreshments"
Cons: "No working seat audio"
Pros: "everything is perfect"
Cons: "the food on Silk Air can be better"
Pros: "The on-board crew was polite and humble. Food served was delicious and the flight reached on time."
Cons: "The flight was quite old, was a bit surprised as the route seems very busy. Our seat 36J and K interestingly had no windows. First time flew on a flight with no window row."
Pros: "New movies! Yes!"
Cons: "I asked for one of the crew to help me bring up my carry-on luggage, as i'm just recovering from a flu at that time. Instead the FA looked at my bag and asked me in an irritated tone if my bag was really that heavy? I said I was recovering and I just need an extra push once I lift it up into the cabin. In the end she did help but i did not appreciate her attitude and felt disappointed my whole flight."
Cons: "Kids playing and out of control and the flight attendants wouldn't do anything."
Pros: "The food was excellent for Vegan meals. The staff was friendly and attentive. The ability to see the flight path, air speed and such is very nice."
Cons: "The entertainment was not the kind of shows I like. Never mind, I see the flight path and orher flight particulars."
Pros: "the flight time was quick , by the time you took off you practically were preparing for landing"
Cons: "nothing disappointing"
Pros: "Food, entertainment, cleanliness of the restrooms"
Cons: "There was a passenger on the return flight who had the window shutter up during sleep time right across my row, and the cabin was so bright to sleep for me. I notified the crew but they were not keen on bothering the passenger"
Pros: "Attendants are always nice, flight is always smooth."
Cons: "Nothing!"
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "Hot cabin. Chairs makes so much movement when the back of the chair where the folding table is moving. Chair movememt of the seatmeat is felt in the same rows of seats."
Pros: "The sevice was on point. Flight attendants were beautiful and worked harder than any other airline I have been on. The uniforms were on point too. The television had every new movie you could watch. Food, for an airline, was great. All drink service was included. Best airline I have ever flown!"
Cons: "Wifi cost 12 bucks and hour."
Pros: "Service is amazing! I loved that airplane had Christmas decorations on the walls and great choices of food and beverages."
Cons: "Selecting seats online"
Pros: "Return flight from Singapore to DC via Tokyo was more pleasant. The stewardesses were more service oriented."
Pros: "The 787-900 used is a great aircraft from passenger comfort and the overhead bins can take all your carryon bags."
Cons: "Our flight used a remote gate - so we had take a bus to the plane... therefore had to drag our carryon up and into the bus... then up the staircase into the aircraft.. it also made us :30 late departing"
Pros: "The crews so nice ."
Cons: "Need better Entertainment . Do not have many choice ."
Pros: "The crew were very attentive and helpful"
Cons: "A few more movie options"
Pros: "Food was excellent and flight crew were really nice,"
Pros: "Great crew, food, comfortable flight."
Pros: "Good!"
Cons: "Every thing was good !"
Cons: "Very good"
Pros: "Food and services are great!"
Pros: "When it comes to flying economy to and from Japan, ANA it the best. Their staff, entertainment, and food tops all other airlines."
Pros: "Food and services"
Pros: "Food and services"
Pros: "That we landed but even that felt unstable."
Cons: "No air-conditioning, horrible ripping seats, entertainment system from the 1980s, plane felt like it was falling apart."
Pros: "Food were good, I got Japanese meal. Another choose was Thai style coconuts curry. Crews are nice and kind."
Cons: "Flight floating too much make me and other people sick. The economy class seats were too narrowed and packed with neighbors. TV monitors were really small and attached headphone was low quality (better to have your own headphone but I have mine was Bluetooth wasn’t useable)"
Pros: "Meet and greet you will a smile. Everyone is extremely very helpful. Staffs make all neccessary arrangements to accommodate you and you have nothing to worry for your trip."
Cons: "The major thing I didn't like about it is why I did not choose ANA airline for all my foreign trip. This is the best service that I have ever received from a foreign airline. United, Delta, Southwest, Continental, US Air all should learn from ANA airline."
Pros: "ANA still offered the same food service and drinks as a long international flight. The in-flight entertainment is fantastic, always loaded with new movies to watch."
Cons: "It was a very late flight (past 1am local time), and everyone is woken up for food service and forced to raise the seat. Even if your seat is up and you sleep, the lights are fully brightened and it's impossible to sleep. The seats on ANA in economy are very narrow."
Pros: "Was served food on the flight. The crew was very friendly."
Cons: "While not technically the airline's fault, I had connected from a 12+ hour flight and wanted to nap, but was woken up for food service."
Pros: "Clean and bright, good service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Too many announcements interrupting your movies."
Cons: "There was a laungue issue with flight attendants ."
Pros: "Flight delayed on approach, but they didn't tell us why."
Cons: "My kid's entertainment screen stopped working towards the end of the flight, which was really annoying. The seats were really uncomfortable; I usually sleep fine on planes but this one left me with a really sore neck. The attendants skipped our section during the beverage service... All around a bunch of small annoyances."
Pros: "Boarding time and food."
Cons: "The space between seats and the entertainment center for the economy class because there was not one. For a seven hour flight I was expecting a more comfortable plane."
Pros: "Outstanding customer service and tasty food."
Cons: "Was surprised to see how old the plane was, and felt the movie selection was poor. Furthermore, there was no difference from our arrival flight on 12/3 and our departure on 12/17. Hard to pass the time when you have ~30 hours in the air."
Pros: "The staff are very nice."
Cons: "The economy seats"
Pros: "Departed and arrived on-time, great service and food, clean and comfortable cabin."
Pros: "Friendly, helpful crew. Great selection of food and drinks"
Cons: "Probably one of the most uncomfortable seat I've ever had considering I'm small and flexible. Space was really tight and I was sandwiched by two bigger people as well. Escaping the plane after 7 hours in that seat was quite a joy..."
Pros: "Attentive and polite staff. Comfortable planes. On time flights."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Staff moved me closer to the exit as I had a tight connection. ANA will always do their best to accommodate if possible."
Cons: "Movie choices were not my favorites. Too many superhero movies and not enough classics."
Pros: "Was a smooth flight, good flight crew. Tasty food too"
Pros: "Very nice staff"
Cons: "very late taking off once boarded"
Pros: "The crew was amazing. I was in an exit row and watched them prep meals. So hard working, efficientl, and smooth teamwork!"
Cons: "The flight was delayed... But that was the fault of the weather."
Pros: "It was ok."
Cons: "Good food and clean toilet rooms."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "No"
Pros: "I would definitely fly with them again, they went above and beyond in customer service. super friendly and helpful. Very attentive to your needs, the stewardess walks down the aisle every ten minutes to check on you. We flew coach, the seats were a bit small but comfortable enough, and my biggest 'complaint' is that there was nowhere to plug in your phone during the flight. Maybe I've been spoiled on all the new planes lately, but I had grown accustomed to being able to charge my electronics on the plane. Other than that, amazing experience :)"
Cons: "Wasn't able to plug in my electronics to charge during the flight."
Pros: "real cutlery"
Cons: "They closed the curtain and wouldn't let anyone in economy deboard until business class was off the plane. That was offensive and annoying. Some stupid woman struggling with Victoria's Secrets bags held us all up because she is either wealthy or a corporate hack?"
Pros: "Nice flight attendence"
Cons: "Old plane... too hot"
Cons: "After taking the dreamliner across the Pacific, this airplane seems so outdated in many ways. The personal TV screen is all blurred that watching anything is like dreaming: couldn't really see clear at all."
Pros: "The seats on the Honolulu to Narita leg were very good, and the food was excellent."
Cons: "Outdated equipment"
Pros: "The crew was polite The flights were on time"
Cons: "The foods on ANA used to taste better. ANA can improve on the food taste"
Cons: "Seat was a little small"
Pros: "ANA was very professional and made every effort to make sure I was re-ticketed. They met me at the plane exit, escorted me to the next counter. Assume the issue with Shanghai traffic control was out of their control, but it seems very odd they would have booked it this way if this is a normal occurrence."
Cons: "We had over a 2.5 hour delay out of Shanghai, which seemed odd, since a regular flight."
Cons: "There is a metal object installed directly at my foot room, which made it impossible for me to put both my feet in front of me. One of my foot had to be on the isle the whole time. Another thing is the quailty of the monitor (a bit out of date) Last thing is where remote control locates. It's not easy to reach for it when sitting. You have to get up a little in order to pull it out from the side."
Pros: "The flight departed SFO ~ 45 minutes late due to "refueling" issues. In flight entertainment depended on on connection to the airplane's wifi which lacked capacity to connect the majority of the passengers. For those that could connect, device chargers were frequently unavailable. This is a significant service issue on a 13 hour flight in 2017"
Pros: "Every is good, especially the air crews are excellent, but the flight sechedules are always change is horrible."
Pros: "The friendly service. The aircarft seem to be more roomy than most International aircraft."
Cons: "The limited choice for entertainment, The new movie choice is kind of short. The Japanese Tv drama box set should come with English subbed option."
Pros: "They mess up my itinerary n when I call the ti fix. I called them three to fix my itinerary. They put me in hold for 45 mins each time. Twice after 45 mins they put me on hold n then they hung up on me they are rude.United customer service are the worst"
Cons: "I don't like anything abt united I have a lot of costumer they hate united, after I am done using all united miles I have I will never flight with united again."

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2 stopsCathay Pacific
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1 stopUnited Airlines
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C$ 765
2 stopsDelta
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2 stopsANA
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2 stopsANA
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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
34h 55mSIN-YVR
C$ 795
1 stopChina Airlines
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1 stopCathay Pacific
23h 40mSIN-YVR
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1 stopCathay Pacific
34h 50mSIN-YVR
C$ 857
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26h 07mSIN-YYZ
C$ 881
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
34h 30mSIN-YUL
C$ 1,086
1 stopLufthansa
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C$ 1,190
1 stopSWISS
27h 40mSIN-YUL
C$ 1,194
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