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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 428 or less one-way and C$ 860 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from Vancouver to London Gatwick Airport was found, on average, 79 days before departure.
  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is October.
  • Morning departure is around 13% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
  • Located just 12 km south of the downtown area in Richmond and one of the hubs for Air Canada, Vancouver International Airport's (YVR) Main Terminal is divided into Domestic and International, which is divided into Pier D and E.
  • Access to Vancouver International Airport is achievable through all the normal outlets, but one that can save time and money is the Canada Line. This light rail transit system connects the Vancouver International Airport with Downtown Richmond within 18min and Downtown Vancouver within 30min and costs up to C$ 18.92 for a day pass.
  • There are two types of parking available in Vancouver International Airport, long and short-term parking. You can pay for self-serve parking, Value Lot parking for express pay, or JetSet parking. Each parking option is around C$ 4 per hour.
  • Vancouver International Airport has curbside assistance available for those with reduced mobility near the terminal. Gate passes to non-passengers may be issued to escort a traveler who needs assistance, contact your airline for more information. A service app that connects people to trained agents, who can help users navigate their environment and wheelchairs are also available.
  • If you land in London Gatwick Airport (LGW), it is simple to get between Gatwick and London. It will take you around 30min to reach central London. If you will be connecting to another airport, you can use rail services, available in Gatwick's Southern Terminal. The Mega Bus and National Express offer nonstop services, charging approximately C$ 9 one-way.
*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

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WestJetOverall score based on 9264 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Like all airlines it would be nice if there was an extra inch between the seats. Also, unfortunately the video wasn't working."
Read more about WestJet
Cons: "Like all airlines it would be nice if there was an extra inch between the seats. Also, unfortunately the video wasn't working."
Pros: "I did not make it on the flight as the time was given was 5:35 and the flight left at 4:00."
Cons: "I was not given correct information and being a very novice traveller did not check the information."
Pros: "Fantastic crew!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed."
Cons: "The flight was delayed"
Pros: "Crew were great, service was spot on."
Cons: "Plane was old, seat didn't recline, no tv screens in front of seats, temperature was freezing (but in fairness I was at the emergency exit) and worst of all NO MEAL?? ON A NINE HOUR FLIGHT? Arrived very hungry."
Pros: "On time, free coffee, free pretzels"
Cons: "Going home."
Pros: "Excellent all round. Good price. Nice seats. Excellent staff. Good boarding and disembarking. Highly recommended."
Cons: "It does not have free food and entertainment, but for the price this is acceptable."
Pros: "Wonderful friendly and helpful ground staff and crew."
Cons: "1 hour delay in boarding due to mismanagement of scheduled maintenance. If more time was needed, please do not schedule/post early flight time. I could have used that time to roam Vancouver."
Cons: "I had safety concerns on the flight from YVR to Toronto because seated in the exit row were two individuals who were brought to the gate assisted on a cart and had to wait for assistance to get on and off the flight. They had very poor ambulation which made me nervous as these people have agreed, by sitting in the exit row, that they are able and willing to help in the case of an emergency evacuation. This was not a safe situation and was noted by several passengers."
Pros: "The manager who finally helped me was friendly and listened the entire time even when I was angry. She was concerned and helped me the best she could. The stewards are always friendly"
Cons: "There was only one agent on to check tickets. I was in line for 45 minutes and when I got to her, she just said over and over, there is nothing I can do, your flight time was just cut off. I would have to wait until the flight the next day. Even though I had no bags and there was still 35 minutes before take off. I also told her I knew I would be late and so spoke to someone from Westjet he night before. She smiled like I was lying to her. Lines should not be so black and white. If she would have just processed my ticket I would have had 35 minutes to get to my gate instead of 10. When you are flying with half full planes there should really be better ways to manage customer service."
Pros: "The crew were very amiable and one member in particular was quite funny during the seat belt demonstration. First one I've paid attention to the entire time."
Cons: "Plane was freezing cold and seats were quite uncomfortable."
Pros: "Staff were helpful and smiling. Good value"
Cons: "We needed a better choice of food"
Pros: "Kind helpful staff"
Cons: "That you have to pay for entertainment and food on long haul flights"
Pros: "Everything was fine with the flight except for the substantial delay of an hour in taking off."
Cons: "It was late taking off without too much explanation except they were waiting for a delivery of fuel it seems. We just sat in the plane for all that time. I wish they could have informed us earlier so we could have just waited at the airport."
Pros: "The low cost"
Cons: "That which comes with low cost, you get what you pay for"
Cons: "24 hour delay in Calgary because of maintenance problems with the plane. Meant I lost one precious day while visiting my 91 year old mother."
Pros: "staff on airline great"
Cons: "Lost my luggage hopefully I’ll get that tomorrow. Airline charged me 70 pounds for that. Staff at customer service were not helpful at all."
Pros: "Hi. I actually am glad that the company is following up because I was having a hard time finding an email to contact. I actually came to kayak to book my ticket for Friday to go to London however when I got to the airport it says it was for Monday. Because I had to be at London the next day for a wedding i had to buy another ticket for almost 1000. I also couldn’t contact u so I’m emailing now. I didn’t get on the plane for west jet because I am already in London. I also have a screen shot that shows me that my flight details were for Friday however another email shows me that it’s for Monday. Even the workers at th airport were confused and felt strongly bad for me. I would like a full refund as well. Thank you. Please contact back. 416806-6530 or email me at sarapascual@hotmail.ca"
Pros: "Price was perfect."
Cons: "Airlines don't have small tv's to watch and give out cheap snacks. Flairaire is so cheap you even have to buy your beverage unless it's a glass of water. Wasn't overly impressed with this airline. Also getting your itenairy online was also difficult. I had to change email information and call customer service which was in Spanish not English language. Then while lining up at the airport to process and check bags there was no computer to self serve and get through the line up faster and efficiently. The main clerk that helps with the line up was rude to passengers. Stating that on a domestic flight you need to be 2 hours ahead of boarding. Which most of us were a good 90 minutes to pre boarding. All of the struggles can be avoided with self serve check-in and prepaid bag check. The flight and crew were friendly and pleasant."
Pros: "No much.."
Cons: "To start.. due to your company combining two out going Toronto flights in Vancouver and then being late off the ground in Vancouver because if that we missed our connecting flight in Toronto to Ottawa. This in turn made us miss a very important appointment in Ottawa. I’m sure the company loves that they saved money by combining those flights however you flunked the test with me. All the corporate could care less about me missing my flight after they look at the bottom line but I will be taking my $1600 plus money elsewhere in the future because of the aggravation, frustration and I don’t care attitude that your company has provided me. I’ll I want to do is get back to Vancouver in my return flight hopefully put most likely on time with my two girls and forget that your company does exists. Thanks for the headaches and goodbye.."
Cons: "Our original flight was cancelled due to WestJet reasons (plane was not safe to fly) the following evening the flight was supposed to depart at 7pm we didn’t take off until 10:37 pm causing an arrival of 940AM into London instead of 7:23AM primarily because the crew they chose for this new flight was coming from Montreal so we had to wait for them to arrive."
Pros: "Crew was courteous and the plane was not packed like the previous one, so it was good there was room to stretch out the legs."
Cons: "Having to board the plane walking outside.It was raining and there were puddles everywhere. Flight was delayed"
Pros: "Some of the people who helped with wheelchair assistance for my dad were kind."
Cons: "1. I previously asked for wheelchair assistance for my father and when we dropped off our bags the agent said she would get someone and told us to sit in the waiting area. After five minutes no one came so I went to the assistance desk and they said they hadn't been informed so they sent someone right away. If I hadn't been there to ask, I don't know how long my mom and dad would have sat there. 2. The man who wheeled my dad to the gate was very nice and he said he arranged for all of us to sit together, which was nice because I wasn't able to sit with my parents since we weren't able to choose the same row when we booked. When we boarded, we found out that the seats hadn't been changed, and the person who previously booked the seat beside my parents refused to move so I sat in the row beside them. These problems were minor but they highlighted a lack of communication between staff and the attendant dealing with us wasn't the most friendly either. I used to fly westjet in the early days when I still lived in Canada and I've noticed that the level of service has gone down. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity and space to comment. Asunción Perez"
Cons: "We couldn't take the flight as Westjet could not get us there on time and would not hold the flight ...... see above"
Pros: "Flight was delayed hours. Met the most amazing man on the flight ahead of me to Calgary. He waited at the airport for my flight to land. Sometimes delays are just meant to be. Lots of commuting travel in our future..."
Pros: "Quick flight, boarding in Vancouver easy, close to security, it crowded."
Cons: "Connection in Toronto was tight. The flight to bos boarded late so we didn’t miss it but we cleared security and customs to US and ended up there 5 min after scheduled pre boarding time."
Pros: "Actually,and sadly, not very much."
Cons: "These guys just will not take any action to seat you next to the people you would like to sit with, even if you are married to them and have been for over 30 years! No amount of asking nicely will get you any action at all. Six hour flights and you get a coffee and cookie. Flight stewardess makes you wait in the aisle behind row 3 for the bathroom - sure, just stand there and tower over some other poor traveller, don't stand right next to me - I'm a flight stewardess for goodness sakes! Having flown professionally, and for business and leisure for over 40 years I offer this advice - pick another airline - these guys do not deserve to be in the business."
Cons: "I had to pay for earphones. Even if I didn't want the earphones I couldn't shut off the tv screen which really bothered me. Will you, in he future,charge us for using the washroom facilities?"
Pros: "The flight attendants where really nice and so was the service wouldn't change a thing here."
Cons: "I didn't like that someone was reclining in there seat in front of me and it was so far down that it was uncomfortable even to sit in my seat or get to my table. Also was very disappointed that I had to pay for food even though it was way over 8 hours, in the end didn't even bother about food was not much of a choice. Also no TV on this long haul flight was really disappointed again, so I had to pay for a tablet was hugely disappointed. Needed more leg room was cramped on this flight."
Pros: "Landed 10 minutes early. Good landing in tough conditions"
Pros: "We liked how friendly the staff was. Liked the priority boarding, food was pretty good"
Cons: "The seats. My bum hurt at the end of our flight. Also we paid for our wifi and it was incredibly slow at loading any website. Very frustrating."
Pros: "Friendly, polite crew. Well organized boarding"
Pros: "comfortable seats friendly crew"
Cons: "no entertainment system, fee for renting tablet not enough room in overhead no complimentary food or drink service"
Pros: "Only problem is my flight didnt have screens and you had to pay for a tablet. I get screens on my flights to Edmonton and Sask for work with Westjet all the time but on a long flight to London they're majorly lacking. A basic meal over a 9.5 hour flight should be included as well."
Cons: "1 for usb charging ports though. I still love Westjet but different priorities for International flights should a no brainer."
Cons: "Got there 2 minutes after check in closed and wouldn't let us fly"
Pros: "the entertainment system was incredible."
Cons: "It was a very long flight-- including a meal in the ticket would have made it more enjoyable."
Pros: "When they fixed the aircraft it was overcrowded but okay"
Cons: "Their dishonesty. We were delayed 25hours. I am out of pocket by several hundreds of pounds. Two months later they have still not compensated me. yet the Canadians that were on the fight have been reimbursed. The message is loud and clear if you are British do not fly West Jet"
Pros: "Boarding was quick and easy, and the gate attendant was quite friendly."
Cons: "Very rude crew members; delay leaving YVR. Instead of being honest and upfront about having to leave an HOUR later--and also lying by saying that we'd be flying into Gatwick in only 8.5 hours as opposed to 9.5--they made us wait in our seats while the craft supposedly waited for food to be loaded. The best line was, "Our plane will be landed an hour earlier! But because London doesn't like it when we land early, we're going to wait here for a while on the tarmac so we make it there on time.""
Pros: "Low cost, supportive seating"
Cons: "Meals are extra Arrived a bit early and had to wait about 15 min for someone to attach the gate"
Cons: "Plane needs to be upgraded, don't charge for meals or baggage"
Pros: "Very helpful! Very enjoyable flight, I was worried about my bags fitting as I took a 46L backpacking bag with me but it rit great and staff was so nice!"
Pros: "online checkin, fast boarding (a total of only 27 passengers undoubtedly made boarding much quicker), had extra space due to the sparse flight; smooth flight, good refreshments, pilot did a good job of keeping us updated on runway/gate status"
Cons: "on board crew didn't seem interested; empty cup was never picked up; upon leaving the aircraft (after a 30 minute delay due to a problem at our gate) none of the crew said as much as goodbye or thanks. I know it was a late flight with very few passengers, many of whom may have slept, but as such I thought the crew should have been more attentive and friendly at departure. A disappointing experience."
Pros: "Crew were really nice and good entertainment."
Cons: "Paying for food and alcohol was a bit of a downer."
Pros: "I had never heard of WestJet and only booked the flight because it was the least expensive ticket I could find. I was shocked when I was given my boarding pass because I got a first class seat. A comfortable seat is such a blessing on an overnight flight because you can sleep fairly comfortably. Also, the food and especially the wine were excellent. The flight attendants were very courteous and helpful. I would recommend WestJet to anyone."
Pros: "Late departure, later arrival. Seats did not recline. Staff insisted we would not be late, no need to contact awaiting family, no updates (even as we missed boarding time by 20+ minutes and plane still required de-icing)... end result 1 hour 40 minutes late"
Pros: "Fast and efficient service, new plane with nicer seating."
Cons: "That you have to pay for coffee and drinks that are normally complimentary."
Cons: "No free entertainment at all. No meals provided. No blanket or pillows provided. Felt very very cold. We should have been informed about this in advance so that we could have been prepared."
Pros: "Snack wise you get pretzels and/or cookies which are both really good. They come around a couple of times for it."
Cons: "Leg room is a bit tight as always but that's expected. For the entertainment system you have to bring your own device which is a little annoying but I was trying to sleep during the flight so it didn't affect me too much"
Pros: "Staff were very good"
Cons: "No frills flight, their booking and computer systems are not good."

The Keflavik airport is CRAZY! We got COVID from standing 6 inches apart from other passengers for over an hour. Their passport control is crazy. Wear your mask (N95) because it can kill your vacation. When boarding the flight, we were packed in 2 flight of staircase. It was so dangerous. We could have toppled all over with our carryon etc. Some were helping compromised travelers with carryon. The business class is so bad. There is NO LEG SUPPORT. You get wide seat, mediocre food and drinks and blanket. That's it. And you pay 4 times for this. We looked at the regular cabin and the seats were so narrow. It is awful to treat passengers like this. Airport chaotic and an airline that doesn't give a hoot about their customers. Never again.

Pros: "The crew was great. I had read bad reports, but our experience was great."
Cons: "Nothing , we greatly enjoyed our flight. It was another route to go to Europe and was very pleasant."
Pros: "Good change over and all went great. Flight was clean staff nice and friendly."
Cons: "Choice off movies wasn’t great."
Pros: "It got me home. OK, in the no frills or anything else world."
Cons: "Do not count on getting food in Rekjavik due to crowds and tight connections. Buy in the originating city and pack it on, or go without."
Pros: "Crew nice and courteous"
Cons: "More comfy Seats, with non conflicting armrests"
Pros: "The crew was excellent and the seat room is generous compared to some Canadian airlines."
Cons: "Can't comment on the food as none was paid for"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Snacks would have been nice"
Pros: "Crew was amazing!"
Cons: "A little more air flow in cabin"
Cons: "Did not get the extra legroom we paid for, plane was awful hot and stuffy. Crew allowed 3 kids aged about 4 to 12 to literally run up and down the aisle, running into people and screaming."
Cons: "No attempt was made to get me to Munich once they knew the initial flight was delayed and there was no way to make my connection. Once in Rekyavik they did not enable me to reach my connecting flight."
Pros: "First flight to Iceland was 7.5-8 hours long, and no meal were provided! There’s only refreshments. It’s over dinner time god sake and long hours."
Cons: "Let’s passenger know there’s no meal provided in advance. They can atleast grab something at the airport or pack some snacks"
Pros: "Plane was nice and roomy; fast flight; seeing Iceland flying in"
Cons: "Constantly paying for every little thing"
Pros: "My headline says it all. I am a regular user of Icelandair."
Cons: "I never like it when the person in front pushes bac their seat squishing me and putting the screen on the back of their seat too close to my face, but this is true of all sidelined. They should make seats unmovable, or make everyone lie back!!"
Pros: "The TV and movie selection was good. The idea of staying for up to seven days in Reykjavik without an increase in fare is excellent, but, from this experience we doubt we're going to fly Icelandia again."
Cons: "As described above, the boarding at the stopover in Reykjavik was the worst I've ever witnessed. The available food choices and the quantity was very poor. After an eight hour flight we were very hungry."
Pros: "Great selection of movies and tv shows. All other amenities as on Denver to Reyjkavik."
Cons: "Flight attendants not very attentive. Didn’t receive our pre-ordered meal until we asked for it on our descent into London. Finished the sandwich on the taxiway."
Pros: "The opportunity to check in on line thanks to you Kayak"
Pros: "This flight was less full so we could spread out more, but it still was not overly comfortable. My boyfriend forgot his phone on our last flight, but the crew was very helpful and got it back for him, which we appreciated very much."
Cons: "It’s just not a comfortable plane."
Cons: "No food or drinks. No meal meal voucher despite delays of over three hours. Stuck waiting on tarmac after landing tben having to take ahuttle buses to terminal buses that idled endlessly with doors open in freezing weather as we stood and waited and waited even as the bus was full."
Cons: "I will never fly Icelandair anymore because they don’t provide any free meal for passengers. Even the expensive meal l paid for, taste horrible. I’ve never seen anything like that. Giving meals or snacks are part of passengers comfort."
Cons: "At the airport in Iceland we had to go downstairs after we deplaned and then come back up to check in again. No alternative to stairs was offered."
Pros: "Lots of options for the on board entertainment"
Cons: "Only vegetarian meal available when the food cart arrived to my row was oatmeal. For a flight to Seattle from Reykjavik, which was almost 8 hours, this was extremely unacceptable. Crew had no sympathy whatsoever, and did nothing to attempt to make this right."
Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "No free snacks. Nothing at all on a long international flight. KEF airport in Iceland needs a skyway to load/unload the aircraft."
Pros: "good movies and TV shows to watch"
Cons: "they didn't ever announce when they'd started boarding they boarded everyone at once and had us jammed into a tiny area, standing around for 20 minutes we sat on the tarmac for over an hour we ran out of fuel halfway to the UK we had to make an emergency stop in glasgow, scotland to refuel sat on the tarmac in glasgow for over an hour they never offered us food or drinks, did not give any free offers. the pilot apologized once in scotland, and once on landing. no other apologies or attempts to communicate. absolutely awful experience."
Cons: "The flight was and hour and a half taking off and we almost missed our cruise connection because of it"
Cons: "To whom it may concern, In the last week I have flown Iceland Air three times. In fact had it been up to me, the first time would have been the last. But due to family traveling, our plans were set. So listed below is the detailed description of my horrible travels with your airline as well as all the added expenses it cost me. Due to all of the misshaps with Iceland air I have had in the last couple weeks, I made sure on my returning flight to check in and pick the seats for myself and the family member I was traveling with for my returning flight from Gatwick to Iceland. However when we got the gate, my ticket dinged because they had moved my seat from next to my family to the back of the plane, because they over booked the flight. This has been a disaster only because of this airline. Next time I plan on using British airways, the flight I took with them was amazing and effortless on my part!"
Cons: "Are you serious? I fly to Europe, and the bag doesn't even make it out of Iceland? In fact, dozens of people didn't get their bags? They never put them on the plane? How does this happen? I am in London meeting with clients... and all I have is a sweatsuit. I don't have time to go buy new clothes, so I will look like an idiot in front of my boss and our clients. Thanks a lot Icelandair."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "On a long fliggght"
Pros: "It was a nice short flight. The movie selection was good and the crew brought around drinks once we were in the air."
Cons: "There was no meal service for a six hour flight which I find to be hard to believe, but for what I paid I guess I can't expect much."
Pros: "Even though there was no food provided the overall flight was nice."
Pros: "There was more leg room that we thought there would be; we were left alone to sleep by the attendants. The pilots let us know important information."
Cons: "We were 3 hours late to Denver after leaving Iceland late. This was partially due to weather. The only upsetting thing was the $31 "dinner" available in the airport consisting of a frozen individual pizza, sandwich and 2 waters! We felt like we were being gouged for the airlines issues. The entertainment system on this flight from Iceland to Denver was a bit old and of all four flights, the system was difficult to access."
Pros: "I liked the in flight movie selection."
Cons: "There were so many things wrong with our flight from Gatwick to NYC. The check in staff were rude and homophobic at check in, forcing my partner and I to separate for check in while we watched heterosexual partners check in together freely. The disabled toilet alarm broke as we descended into NYC and we listened to end-of-the-world death sirens as we were landing. It was not communicates that food was a microtransaction on flight and was so overpriced so we went nearly 13 hours without food because the flights were also delayed on the tarmac. The de-icing tow truck in Iceland was broken down so we were delayed two hours on the layover. On return, both Icelandair gates opened late. During the layover we were kettled in hot container units before 20 min before being bussed to the plane and held for 15 minutes. Then, the icing on the cake was landing back at Gatwick and seeing my brand new luggage I bought on the trip damaged with thr back pocked ripped out along the bottom seam. I will never again ride with these rude, price-gouging, apathetic amateurs."
Pros: "Quick, efficieny, comfy and they really treat the kids well."
Cons: "Delayed baggage reclaim at Gatwick and long immigration lines."
Pros: "Short lines for check-in, helpful staff."
Cons: "I wasn't prepared to not have food served for free on the plan. I also forgot my headphones, so I wasn't able to listen to music unless it was for free. I've taken several international flights over the last couple of years, and this is not standard practice. It would have been nice to be warned."
Pros: "The price of the business class ticket was good and it allowed a stopover in Iceland at no extra cost."
Cons: "The flight was held for 30 minutes to accommodate another arriving flight, This caused me to rush in London. I flew Saga class, but the crew stayed in the kitchen, did not help to put up luggage, welcome us on board. They gave us a plastic bottle of water. There was no choice on the menu. The tray was put in front of you. There was no drink or snack upon boarding. Other than putting the tray in front of you and collecting it, the flight crew stayed in the kitchen. There was no interaction. There was nothing special about the comfort, entertainment or food. Also I like to see the flight path, but that was not available."
Cons: "Chaotic and very long boarding process. Unannounced seating change due to change of aircraft. Tray table malfunction. In-flight info system not functioning"
Pros: "Finally getting off of Icelandair for good that day."
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "There were blankets. It was cool enough in cabin"
Cons: "Boarding was very difficult, exit a bus and no order to enter plane, lots of problems with people going in wrong direction and very narrow isle to try and cross paths. Very unorganized. Flight was delayed."
Cons: "Meals were not provided for international travel - you had to purchase food and it was minimal. It was not clear when I booked that meals weren't included."
Pros: "It was fine."
Cons: "Cannot understand the commander when he gives instructions in English for both flight"
Pros: "movie selection service on flight was good tight seating"
Cons: "Long boarding process, people sitting on floor at airport due to lack of seating. Sat on runway for about an hour comfortable seats"
Pros: "Kind flight staff. I'm also 6' 6" and it seemed like there was slightly more leg room in the standard seats. I wouldn't say I was super comfortable but I could still feel my legs after the flight which is saying something."
Pros: "Airline crew were efficient and nice."
Cons: "The seat was better than the last flight. It was an older plane it seemed - so I found this interesting. Also we waited in the bus on the tarmac for quite a while before being able to load onto the plane. Perhaps they run more shuttles to the plane so passengers don't need to wait so long. Our luggage was delayed, but the claims folks dealt with it efficiently."
Pros: "The crew was wonderful and the boarding process was smooth"
Cons: "The seats were stiff and uncomfortable."
Pros: "Excellent service and exceptionally clean planes!"
Pros: "Price was good, very competitive, offered a no cost stop over in Iceland, free checked luggage a definite plus"
Cons: "Entertainment options such as movies was less than expected, no food incl, uded in price"
Cons: "never again"
Pros: "They crew was very helpful and attentive."
Cons: "Plane was delayed which made me run to my connecting flight."
Pros: "The flight from ORD was fine. The seat entertainment allowed the miles to fly by. Good selection of new and older movies as well as TV shows. Lots of different music to choose from. Ability to charge electronics a big plus. WIFI worked fine."
Cons: "After about 4 hrs into flight seat started to get uncomfortable. KEF is a crazy airport. Absolutely no rhyme nor reason to it. You will have to experience it for yourself."
Pros: "Quick painless flight"
Pros: "Air hostess’ were really nice"
Cons: "No snacks offered"
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Seat wasn't reclining and was very uncomfortable"
Cons: "Lots of time waiting to disembark. Some free snacks would be nice to."
Cons: "Good tasted so bad, you should try to improve it."
Pros: "The crew was nice and I felt very safe and cared for."
Cons: "The seat could have been more comfortable to sleep on"
Pros: "Crew is nice."
Cons: "Had to wait 15 mins because our gate was in use. Seats are old and hard."
Pros: "leg room in middle isle was great"
Cons: "the flight attendant took boarding passes from my hand and did not return them back to me, upon entry. My mother had to take the boarding passes from flight attendant's hand."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable, even for economy"
Cons: "It was cold the whole flight"
Pros: "The seat was nice"
Cons: "Seat options could be better"
Pros: "The crew was good."
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "The crew service was polite and efficient. As I have long legs, the distance between seats means I can't move around much."
Cons: "Travelling in economy class means the food is okay but not great. It used to be better a few years ago before the intense competition between airlines for passengers."
Pros: "Crew was great, seats could have been better for the fare we paid..."
Cons: "The food was not the meal we ordered"
Pros: "Nice crew. Nice flying."
Cons: "No entertainment"
Pros: "Seats were pretty comfortable"
Cons: "The food literally gave me food poisoning"
Cons: "No charging outlet for tablets or cell phones"
Pros: "Hassle free and easy. Since our airport arrival was ddlayed by rush hour traffic, the check jn process was made easier by the Air Transit attendant's assistance to be processed through fast track security clearance."
Cons: "The Food and Entertainment raiting above should be understood as Not Applicapble"
Pros: "Courteous crew"
Cons: "Didn’t leave on time"
Pros: "The staff were very pleasant and helpful. The food was good and the seats were quite roomy"
Cons: "I don’t have anything to complain about"
Pros: "Most areas were OK.."
Cons: "They have no control over babies crying but it was quite annoying. The left armrest was broken."
Pros: "Extremely friendly staff and wonderful service"
Cons: "It was all good."
Cons: "My luggage did not arrive on the flight I am greatly indisposed as the hot weather requires frequent change of clothes."
Cons: "No chance to change or reschedule flight. No understanding with a bit of compassion the situation."
Cons: "2.5 hr on tarmac before departure"
Pros: "Loved the see and simplicity of booking with kayak. One of my fastest flight booking with minimal headaches"
Cons: "Ability to check in with the airline through the kayak app. At least through a link to the airlines website with the information required prefilled"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by almost 2 hours and there was no notification about it so that I could've planned my journey better. Even though the flight was delayed - the airport boards also showed the flight to be on time. Due to that I showed up on time of the original flight time and had to wait a long time at the airport."
Cons: "Complete scam . Thought I was booking through kayak and was duplicitously sent to justfly.com which is a complete fraud."
Pros: "Staff were friendly"
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable"
Cons: "Food was misrepresented in the menu to what was served. Staff were not friendly or accommodating. There was no individual air flow or total cabin air flow."
Pros: "I liked that there were empty seats and we were able to stretch out. Heated sandwich was good. Service was good"
Cons: "Did not like the continental breakfast. Did not like having to pay for blankets and pillows and the fact that there were only a few movie screens in the middle of the plane."
Pros: "No food or snacks on 5-hour flight, but you get what you pay for!"
Cons: "Delays Antiquated electronics use procedures Slow onboard service on a red-eye flight"
Pros: "Comfy seats"
Cons: "See above"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 12 hours. They didn't offer hotel rooms so we had to sleep on the floor of the airport (hundreds of passengers, including elderly and children). No communication. One person managing multiple delays, so rarely anyone at the desk to answer questions. Appalling."
Pros: "I liked the legroom even though we had a regular seat. We sat 2x2 seating and were very pleased. Some staff were nice. The price was a good deal. So it boils down to having mediocre for a bargain or nicer accommodations for more pricey fares. My husband thought it was very good though."
Cons: "Food was awful. Service for food and drinks took way too long. Why give food 20 minutes before you are giving a beverage? I have always had drink service prior to food. I did not understand this. Breakfast was a piece of "carrot cake" that looked like was picked up from the local jail in Toronto. Really my only complaint. Flight was bumby but not anyone's fault other than Mother Nature. Water in bathroom stopped working halfway through flight. Seats were not comfy as other airlines. My butt got numb somewhere around Greenland."
Pros: "Boarding the plane was well organised."
Cons: "We boarded in time to fly at 10:05pm, however 7 passengers didn't turn up until almost 11pm. We weren't offered any snacks or drinks whilst waiting. Our 7 year old son spent most of this time desperate for the toilet but we weren't allowed. We all just wanted to go to sleep after a long day, I wanted to get to sleep because I faced 4 hours drive home after landing in London. We were served food and drinks at around midnight... I was asleep and was woken by a stewardess shouting "Would you like a drink" (not sure if she was speaking to me - but to be honest on a night flight I expected the aircrew to be a little more tactful). The cabin lights were eventually dimmed at about 1:30 for perhaps a couple of hours, when they were turned back on and we were served a slice of carrot cake for breakfast. The whole trip felt very bizarre, the opposite of the outbound trip where everything felt very special. After landing we retrieved our luggage only to find our cases were badly damaged, we've traveled with the same cases for the last five weeks during which time they have survived without a scratch."
Pros: "The food was decent and the movie selection was good"
Cons: "The seats were small and the armrests were uncomfortable"
Pros: "It was a mediocre flight, what can I say: minimal leg room, right isle spaces and not nearly enough room to be comfortable. The in flight accommodation was a nice touch. No snacks but free soda/juice/water provided"
Cons: "Nearly zero personal space. The leg room was so minimal for a woman of 5'6 that when the lovely person in front of me reclined I had no choice but to invade the person next to me. There were no snacks provided and overall an uncomfortable experience."
Cons: "Sitting in Toronto for three hours past scheduled boarding, minimal information. Missed my train out of Gatwick and only two pieces of luddage out of three."
Pros: "Great, smooth flight and landing!"
Pros: "Friendly service, modern aircraft"
Pros: "Flights were on time"
Cons: "No space between seats and food could be better when flying over 8 hours."
Cons: "The seats were very uncomfortable and mine wouldn't recline. There was no leg room . I sat by a larger woman and had no body space . I was touching her the whole time . I couldn't sleep the whole time. It was like torture."
Pros: "Extra leg room extra luggage priority boarding food"
Cons: "So many of the movies had english subtitles which I didn't appreciate as It was an overnight flight and I was tired after the flight from Vancouver to Toronto and a 4 hour lay over."
Pros: "extra leg room extra luggage allowed priority boarding because I had option plus on the international leg of the journey"
Cons: "No individual TV screen. No option plus offered No movies staff a little irritable when I asked to buy food as they were all attending to club class. staff much more pleasant on the international leg of the journey"
Pros: "There was plenty of room in the overhead bins"
Cons: "The flight attendants were very loud throughout the flight. We expected and overnight flight would be calm, quiet, and with lights lowered. It wasn't at all that way. The overhead lights were on the majority of the flight and it seemed like the flight attendants were always making rounds and loudly talking. We expected to sleep but due to all the noise and commotion were not able to do so. Also, the seats are so tiny it is hard to be comfortable on such a long flight."
Cons: "Older, tight space plane with a kids movie on overhead screens."
Pros: "Nothing much"
Cons: "Deboarded at farthest terminal, they misplaced some of our luggage, moved location of luggage retrieval to further away after making us wait for over an hour. Took forever to finally have luggage arrive."
Pros: "We were able to select our seats and got front row with amazing leg room - we are both tall so it really made our trip! Staff were attentive and friendly and in flight entertainment options were awesome - lots of shows and movies and games to select from. Our flight departed and arrived perfectly on time. We will 100% be travelling with Air Transat again!"
Cons: "Typical airline food however other options were available for additional cost. I have no real complaints!"
Cons: "We were an hour late boarding the flights. The chairs were also very uncomfortable and did not recline much; they were also so narrow."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly"

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1 stopAir Transat
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C$ 725
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2 stopsAir Transat
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1 stopAir Transat
19h 45mLGW-YVR
C$ 730
1 stopMultiple Airlines
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1 stopMultiple Airlines
19h 45mLGW-YVR
C$ 739
2 stopsWestJet
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1 stopWestJet
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1 stopIcelandair
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12h 55mLGW-YVR
C$ 748
2 stopsWestJet
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1 stopWestJet
19h 37mLGW-YVR
C$ 752
1 stopIcelandair
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1 stopIcelandair
12h 55mLGW-YVR
C$ 758
1 stopWestJet
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1 stopWestJet
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1 stopIcelandair
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C$ 412
1 stopAir Transat
14h 20mYVR-LGW
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C$ 445

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London Gatwick Airport (LGW)United Kingdom

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