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LufthansaOverall score based on 28712 reviews
Airline reviews

Flight was delayed without reasoning or ample notice. Missed my connecting flight and was not given the rebooking information or new boarding pass until I had to ask multiple times. Connecting flight had no room to store my carry on luggage.

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Flight was delayed without reasoning or ample notice. Missed my connecting flight and was not given the rebooking information or new boarding pass until I had to ask multiple times. Connecting flight had no room to store my carry on luggage.

Lufthansa boarding is certainly easier and organized, staff is courteous always. But they can offer better food and definitely better selection of movies onboard. Also, all airlines offer two baggage’s for an international trip except Lufthansa. That needs to be reconsidered. Overall, a good trip. Thanks!

I could not hear the movie - alot of cutting out. The crew was great.Planes left on time and arrived on time. I was vomfortable

No coffee

Food was the most mediocre I have experienced on a transatlantic flight. Crew and staff were superb. Comfort was OK. For the first time ever, my luggage was misplaced between Lufthansa change of flight number and a replacement United flight.

Did not get to take it. Earlier flight was cancelled

Pros: "I had a connection flight which would not be for another 11 hours so I left the airport to get some sleep coming back the same carry-on I have with me now cannot come with me they want me to pay 40euro. In the meantime the flight is 40% empty and plenty of over head and yes is the same size of plane I came in the first place. However the agent was nice after I explain my situation she not charges me."
Cons: "Same airline coming from one place have different methods it’s a bit confusing."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "There was loud, annoying static over the intercom off and on."
Pros: "Nice crew short flight."
Cons: "Not much flight was too short to say"
Pros: "The crew was professional. The process of sharing information about gate changes was very well organized."
Cons: "Seats were not comfortable. Seat pockets were torn and poorly designed. Electrical connections were not working. Choice of entertainment is limited. Food choice ran out before service came to the end of the plane."
Pros: "Crew excellent...seats small and not too comfortable for business class."
Pros: "Flew Business Class with miles program (United). Lufthansa always gives good basic flight experience. Watched two movies so saved some time at home. Lounges are getting better every time I fly. They are especially good, understandably, in Frankfurt."
Cons: "Nada. They get the job done."
Pros: "Crew very friendly"
Cons: "Lufthansa continuosly treats repeat customers like milk cows. The new ‘light fare’ is a genius way to charge the same as before with ZERO customer support."
Pros: "The food was really good! I don’t expect much from airlines but I feel like I got a real meal on board (two of them!)"
Cons: "We were delayed taking off and there were three screaming babies, but there’s only so much they can do about that."
Cons: "Due to a delayed flight the night before, we were rescheduled and consequently missed another flight. Nothing was done about this since it was a separate trip. We had to pay another $1300 for new airline tickets to get back to the US."
Pros: "The crew was polite and efficient. Moved very well around sleeping passengers sprawled feet. The shortcomings of the flight had to do with being in a tail section of an economy class in a packed transoceanic flight."
Cons: "At the beginning of the long flight the cabin was chilled, which made me happy I had my hooded sweatshirt with me, but at the end it was hot and stuffy. There was no air regulation available from the seat, only light."
Pros: "Staff was helpful and kind. Entertainment had variety."
Cons: "Flight ran out of chicken meals fast, forcing the rest of the plane to have vegetarian instead. I was sat in 41G. Awkward seating arrangement. Worst seat ever! Super cramp, making a 9hr flight very uncomfortable."
Pros: "It was very comfortable and service was great and good food and drink"
Pros: "entertainment was good"
Cons: "the flight attendants were mostly absent. The flight attendants on the other side of the aisle were much more attentive and nice"
Pros: "Crew was nice. I will go again with Lufthansa."
Cons: "It was Air Canada. Terrible service. Staff needs education on where to take travelers thru the immigration locations. Wasted time going to different locations and time is an essentence! Too many changes of staff from one location to another when it came with wheelchair assistance. One staff was on her personal phone!!! Had 3 different changes of hands then still did not get us to the right terminal, had to run to make the flight! Is that how you treat a 86 years old traveler?"
Cons: "Few toilets for two sections and seats too close, if it is not uptight the seat in front of you. You can not enjoy and watch movies."
Pros: "Service was excellent, food was good, everyone was friendly and nice."
Cons: "Everything was OK."
Pros: "Very comfortable flight. Excellent take off and landing. Liked the extra legroom in coach for a bit more $$. Super friendly & professional crew. PA system was very difficult to understand."
Cons: "the food was a bit bland. Selection of movies very limited"
Cons: "I get Emergency to be sick and be in hospital and the request company for exchange my fly back from Slovakia back to my country USA and they declined my refund or exchange tickets even if I have doctors statement being in the hospital they’re rude and mean and decline make any changes for me"
Pros: "Upgraded to business class."
Cons: "Flight delayed."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flying for funeral and they changed my destination from 2 flights to 3 because of a 3hr delay. Nobody cares about your wellbeing"
Cons: "Delayed by two hours. Made me miss my connection. Also it is far too cramped for anyone who is tall. We need more leg room"
Pros: "The flights were on time, we made a 1 hr 5 min connection with no fluster. Dinner was one of the best airplane meals, breakfast a little less so"
Pros: "new clean aircraft."
Cons: "no breakfast."
Pros: "The atmosphere they create is very comfortable"
Cons: "I don’t now"
Pros: "The crew was a lot nicer and more proactive than on Air China before hand"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled with a very poorly set up e-mail. No alternative suggestions, no phone number where to call, nothing. Very unhelpful. When calling a phone number finally found on the internet there was a 40 min waiting loop, only to then have a very bored and annoyed sounding call attended who finally was able to rebook the flight. Overall very poor service, at the very least there should have been a guideline of what steps to take now in the cancelling of the flight E-mail and where to call."
Pros: "Great crew. Leg room reminded me of old days flying comfort."
Cons: "Flight was continually delayed, 15 by 15 minutes until 4 hours had elapsed."
Cons: "They tell you to download the app for entertainment but it doesn't work. No entertainment on the flight and no food unless you pay. The service sucked."
Pros: "I liked that I wasn't disappointed."
Cons: "Bathrooms could be cleaner. A good bathroom deodorant could also help"
Cons: "I assigned seats for me and my daughter but they separated us in both legs. That's not good"
Pros: "Same as above."
Cons: "Same as above."
Cons: "This was an Air Canada flight. Time in line to check baggage in Frankfurt was 2+ hours, baggage was lost but arrived the next day at our destination. Unable to check-in online ahead of time for unknown reasons. Overall the Air Canada ground experience was pretty bad, but the crew/meals/entertainment was good."
Cons: "Plane was very late; boarding late; short flight so no food or entertainment, but not really a problem. Overall condition of plane was mediocre at best -- old plane, not particularly clean. It was actually Air Canada. If that is a partner of Lufthansa, very disappointed. Would not fly Air Canada again, but LOVE Lufthansa."
Pros: "Airline crew very friendly and courteous throughout entire flight"
Cons: "Where to begin? During the booking process, there was no indication my travel partner and I would be flying Air Canada, and not Lufthansa. We were seated in the last row of the plane with painfully little legroom — even for two women of relatively small stature. The plane was not equipped with modern conveniences of operational wifi, music, or any other means of entertainment over the ten-hour flight. We were nearly an hour late to depart, but were unable to hear anything over the speakers regarding the cause for the delay, nor could we hear any of the flight attendants' safety instructions. What we could hear, however, was the surprisingly loud and nearly constant DINNNGGGG of the passengers' call buttons as they summoned the flight attendants. Because the flight was an overnighter, we attempted to sleep, but it was nearly impossible to do so due to the noise. I had earplugs in and could still hear the chimes, which were positioned right above our seats and made for an unpleasant experience and cranky travelers. The food was subpar as expected, but it would've been nice to be surprised with something resembling a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable. The flight crew was polite and one of the attendants took pity on us and offered a complimentary shot of whiskey, which partially alleviated the discomfort of the experience. That man is a saint and we surely hope he is better taken care of by this airline than we were. Overall a miserable experience. Will definitely rethink flying both Lufthansa and Air Canada in the future."
Cons: "Flight delayed. Pilot told us we would arrive on time anyway, but we were very late and our luggage did not make the connecting flight."
Pros: "I liked the entertainment part: movies are good, crew was pretty nice"
Cons: "I didnt like the boarding process bacause it wasnt in order, also airplane crew started feeding passangers in 3 hours!!! after we took off. I started thinking that it is not included in my ticket!"
Pros: "New crew on first flight but they we're even"
Cons: "Not much. Left sitting on a plane for over an hour & 1/2. Then taken into a door where I illegally entered the country. My passports seized. No other flight available to Dallas. Sent to Newark, NJ & missed the next flight to Dallas because Lufthansa lost my scooter. Someone pulled it by a wire and it doesn't run correctly. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!!!"
Pros: "I liked the in flight movies"
Cons: "Can't say there was anything I didn't."
Cons: "They lost my luggage. I don't understand why there isn't an arrival scan and how airlines don't take more responsibility for bags"
Pros: "Flight on time"
Pros: "Direct flight, separate spacious toilets, decent food"
Cons: "It's a good flight overall"
Pros: "Very accomdating crew"
Pros: "The flight was on time, the Swiss Air plan was clean and the swiss chocolate and ice cream was wonderful!"
Cons: "Food included in the price for a 6+ hour trip!"
Pros: "The movie selection was good"
Cons: "Boarding could've been more organized. On a 6+ hour flight, a snack should be offered (gratis), and of course, there needs to be more leg room and more comfortable seats."
Pros: "Crew member were okay. Seat were not confer table"
Cons: "Would have been nice to serve some food since it was 5 hrs flight and good thing it has TV entertainment but the seat were so old and not comfortable. No ear phone or had to buy to use TV, i personally felt that they were just trying to make money in lit lit thing."
Cons: "All airline seats are uncomfortable. It’s the nature of the beast."
Pros: "Crew is great. Comfortable seats."
Cons: "You have to pan ahead because there’s no meal or even snack service, and items available for purchase on board are quite limited."
Cons: "To begin, the flight could've left on time. We departed late and arrived at ORD 90 minutes late. Overall, a negative experience with Icelandair as the outbound flight also had delay issues. Not a good first experience with this airline."
Pros: "The crew was very professional."
Cons: "Legroom was nonexistent on the first leg (Amsterdam to iceland) of our flight"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "Seats are so uncomfortable"
Pros: "Crew nice and courteous"
Cons: "More comfy Seats, with non conflicting armrests"
Pros: "Crew was very friendly! Flight was very comfortable"
Pros: "The crew was excellent and the seat room is generous compared to some Canadian airlines."
Cons: "Can't comment on the food as none was paid for"
Cons: "Seats to Reykjavik were hard"
Pros: "Nothing remarkable."
Cons: "No food at all not very comfortable seats."
Pros: "I really like Iceland air and have always found them to be the best but I can’t say this flight was very enjoyable"
Cons: "Plane had the least leg room of any plane I have ever flown on. There was no entertainment which was good since I couldn’t even put my tray down when the person in front reclined. Seats very uncomfortable. Staff didn’t seem like the usually very friendly Icelandair people"
Pros: "The seats were great"
Cons: "The films were to old"
Cons: "The seats are narrow whereby you are overlapping shoulders with the next person. Good leg room for short people. Food/beverage service is limited for a transatlantic flight. Outside of coffee, tea, and water, all beverages are at a cost and there is no snack (i.e., pretzels, nuts)."
Pros: "Great service, but late departure, missed flight in Reykjavik, 8 hours late arrival in Zurich"
Cons: "Waiting for us in Reykjavik to get to Zurich less than the 8 hours late...."
Pros: "First flight to Iceland was 7.5-8 hours long, and no meal were provided! There’s only refreshments. It’s over dinner time god sake and long hours."
Cons: "Let’s passenger know there’s no meal provided in advance. They can atleast grab something at the airport or pack some snacks"
Cons: "I never took my flight, the customer service to cancelling my ticket would have been a huge help."
Pros: "Great leg space and friendly staff."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "It takes all the space to explain the unusual problems encountered. All in all, this was the worst travel experience I’ve had in 50 years of travel all over the world. Icelandair June 11 flight 273 and June 12 flight 271 A summary of the Icelandair problems that I had to deal with alone: - 1. Icelandair was apparently unaware of the age and hardship situations of passengers being rebooked. (I am 73 and I was travelling alone with a small suitcase and a backpack but for example, I had to take luggage up and down stairs at the hotel and to wake up at 3:30 a.m. and to have an almost 11 hour stopover between flights.) - 2. No way to contact Icelandair in an emergency - 3. Not enough information given by Icelandair at the time of rebooking. Not told that the original flight had been cancelled. - 4. Sent to the wrong hotel the first time by airport personnel. - 5. Given the wrong boarding passes for the new flights the first time. What happened: - I was originally booked on Icelandair Flight 273 to leave Billund at 2:10 on Monday June 11 to go to Boston. At around 12:40 a.m. on the morning of June 11 I saw a message on my phone saying that my booking was changed to Tuesday June 12 at 6:15 a.m. flight 271 - There was no explanation but other than to call the Icelandair number if there were questions. I called several times. One time I was number 83 in the queue. Another time I was number 62 in the queue. - This did not seem reasonable since I was 73 years old and travelling alone and would have to spend the night in Billund and wake up at 3:30 a.m. - I decided to go to Billund for my original flight and even to go an hour early to change the booking."
Cons: "- When I got to Billund, I was told at the ticket counter that the flight had not been cancelled but that I had been “excluded”. At the Billund airport no one was able to contact Icelandair for me since Icelandair does not have its own counter in Billund. I was told I had to call the same Icelandair number. I was number 43 in the queue this time and again I waited a few minutes and again saw that it was not a realistic way of reaching Icelandair. - I had no options at all other than to pay for a new flight or take the one I was booked on. The office at Billund offered to pay for a hotel and meals for me so that I could take the flight I’d been rebooked on – the 6:15 a.m. flight on June 12. - I was given boarding passes for flight 271 to Billund and also then for a connecting flight to Boston that involved a 10 hour and 45 minute stopover in Reykjavik. - About three hours after I arrived at the Billund airport I was given a voucher for the Legoland Hotel and vouchers for taxis back and forth to the airport. - When I got to the Legoland Hotel, the clerk told me she did not know why they had sent me there because they did not have any rooms available. - I was told I had to go back to the airport to get a voucher for a different hotel. - At the airport I was then given more taxi vouchers and a hotel voucher for Hotel Refborg, a hotel half as expensive as the Hotel Legoland where I had originally been sent. The main courses at the Refborg were all pre-prepared and rubbery and the desserts were all pre-prepared sugary sweets, though good quality sugary sweets. No fresh fruits or vegetables since meals were heated up all day long. - Getting from the Billund airport to the Refborg hotel had taken four hours because of all the delays and snafus. - To catch my early flight, I had to use the alarm on my phone so I couldn’t turn my phone off. (The Refborg Hotel didn’t do wake-up calls.) That meant that at 2 a.m. I started getting calls from the U.S. from people who thought I was home already and were asking how my trip had gone. I’d been advised to set my alarm for 3:30 a.m. - When I got to the gate in Billund, I was told that the boarding passes and seat assignments I had been given the previous day at the counter in Billund for the two flights were invalid. I was given new boarding passes. - Once the flights started on June 12 everything was fine: I had an aisle seat in an empty row for both flights. And in Reykjavik I was able to arrange to get on a slightly earlier flight to Boston. - All of the airport personnel were courteous and professional, even though in Billund the fact that the airport personnel in Billund could not contact Icelandic to help me is a problem that needs to be fixed. I was told that in my situation I should be able to get on an earlier flight. However, I was supposed to do that myself and there was no way to do that since there was no way to contact Icelandair from the Billund Airport."
Cons: "My first flight was canceled due to lack of available aircraft. My connecting flight was then 2 1/2 hours late due to a mechanical issue. That made me miss my flight to Denver. The fact that they had a flight scheduled that didn’t have an aircraft available is very poor planning and caused a great deal of issues"
Cons: "Iceland Air did not pick up our baggage from the transfer area in Seattle. Ultimately spent three days in Paris without our luggage. Poor communication from Iceland Air regarding the whereabouts of our baggage. Bad experience!!!"
Pros: "It was the fastest route from Washington DC to Helsinki."
Cons: "Staff a bit cold (no pun intended). Aircraft are well maintained but old. Business class is not at all on par with the competition. It's called premium economy on every other airline. Outdoor disembarking and boarding in Iceland... Yes, it's true... Even with open gates at the airport. Contrary to the staff, passport control is in Keflavik... With the one hour layover... Expect to be stressed trying to make your connection. No partner airlines means no credit for using this airline. Overall... Unless I'm going to Iceland, I think I'll forego using this airline in the future. Rather be in another carrier's premium economy than their business class."
Pros: "They provided a pillow and blanket which was very nice, and the crew were helpful in finding space for items during take-off and landing. The boarding and exiting were fairly quick."
Cons: "Everything on board costs extra, including basic drinks and snacks, but that's to be expected on cheaper flights. I assumed that the inflight movies cost money as well, although I didn't watch any because I didn't have headphones."
Pros: "The opportunity to check in on line thanks to you Kayak"
Cons: "Both flights were delayed. Paris to Iceland and Iceland to Dulles. The Paris to Reykavitch was delayed ...somehow when I arrived at CGD I was told I was on standby. I bought the flight through your site in October!....so obviously the cheaper tickets get bumped off first. I got on the flight anyway. As the plane was taking off I got the right for a "shower" 8E or F....water was dripping down into the seat. I made the stewardess aware of it bc I was not sure whether this was the beginning of a downpour or just a consistant drip....She told me she got a couple of drips too. My response to her was wait a minute you are working, I paid 300+ for this seat. She shrugged. When she came around with her cart she offered me two chocolate bars? In reykavitch we sat on the tarmack waiting for passengers delayed from Berlin. They could have delayed boarding a little more since the flight was delayed anyway."
Pros: "Plenty of movies and entertainment"
Cons: "Had to pay for food."
Pros: "Service was good and they took good care of me and my family."
Cons: "Could not hear what the Captain said on the intercom."
Pros: "Clean. Moderately comfortable. Entertainment ok."
Cons: "Crews did not communicate much, they flew past with the water cart and somehow we missed them. When we asked for water they just glared at us. Not very friendly at all."
Pros: "The on flight movies were nice."
Cons: "Both flights were overbooked, there was only one person in line for checking bags, which we stood for over an hour in and barely had time to make it to our flight."
Pros: "Chairs in good shape"
Cons: "No food is provided."
Pros: "Great service and comfort on this flight. Reykjavik airport is not comfortable at the gates--disorganized and nowhere to sit--but that's not Norwegian's fault. Good experience with Norwegian Air!"
Pros: "Service was great, plenty leg room, restrooms were kept clean for the entire flight."
Pros: "I saw a lot of bad reviews and got nervous, but I had no trouble at all. I only wish they served food..."
Pros: "Clean airplane, comfortable seats. Pleasant, courteous and professional crew. Excellent in flight food services and entertainment."
Cons: "Plane take off delayed at Newark making us late for connecting flight to Zurich at Reykjavik. Although we made the connection and the plane was held, it made the transfer very stressful. I believe that the delays were caused by Newark ATC and not the fault of Iceland Air."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "On a long fliggght"
Pros: "The crew was very professional and helpful."
Cons: "The Reykjavik airport was very crowded and it was difficult to maneuver to my connecting flight."
Pros: "reasonable choice of films"
Cons: "The incoming aircraft was over an hour late arriving, but there was no prior message that the outbound flight would be delayed. The boarding area was too small to accommodate all the waiting passengers comfortably. Most airlines flying from Schiphol arrange for more gate space."
Pros: "-Price -Service -The technology of the aircraft. -How easy it was to do the web-check in (and the overall website)"
Cons: "Didn't like that you had to pay for food on long/overnight flights."
Pros: "Staff is very friendly and easy to get to and from connecting flights. Chairs are reasonable but still too little leg room"
Cons: "The slick jetway stairs when it rains or snows. Disorganized check in in Amsterdam , but that is a reflection on the subcontractor."
Cons: "On a trans-atlantic flight, a flight that is more than 4 hours, food should not cost, nor should the cost of food be exorbitantly expensive."
Pros: "Getting to the airport via train was very easy. Airport was large and had a lot of accommodations. Flight was smooth and quick. Entertainment options were plentiful."
Cons: "The boarding process was somewhat confusing. We had trouble finding the bag drop and there were not many employees around to ask. Getting on the bus to get to the plane was very crowded. The headphone jack in my husband's seat did not work so we shared earbuds through my jack."
Pros: "Nothing to complain about. Satisfied customer."
Pros: "For an economy flight it was pretty good. The aircraft was safe and clean. The crew was very attentive and courteous. The food offered was not more than a snack at fairly reasonable cost. I would recommend eating before the trip. The departure was right on time and our arrival was a little early. Our luggage was handled properly and arrived on time with our follow-on flight to Paris."
Cons: "For the price paid,, i really don't have anything against the trip."
Pros: "I liked the idea of two short hops"
Cons: "I disliked completely the lack of communication with the airline from the website that has no email, to the phone number that doesn't get answered. THEN - thought Kayak did a great job updating me regarding the flight delays - thought ICELANDAIR did a rotten job about doing the same. At Glasgow Airport there was no one to ask about the two flight delays....the board in the departure lounge and the Kayak emails were giving contrary information, with NOONE to ask, the flight was 3 1/2 hours late ! 3 1/2 hours on a 2 hour flight - DISGRACEFUL. and at Iceland, it was sheer bedlam, as all in coming and outgoing flights were delayed - 17 flights were leaving at the same time ! No food on the plane except for purchase with a credit card -for a $1300 seat - really ? AND at boarding there was one girl who insisted on keeping the "premier travelers" separate from the rest, but we all got on the same bus - so it was stupid and a waste of time very disappointed indeed. used to travel annually Boston to Glasgow via Icelandair, - remember why I stopped using this Airline. extremely poor customer service"
Pros: "It was fine."
Cons: "Cannot understand the commander when he gives instructions in English for both flight"
Pros: "I have flown with Iceland Air two times now and each time has been less then satisfactory. The first time they cancelled my flight and booked me with someone else. The next time they were so delayed on each leg I has to sprint through the airport to make my connections each of which were over 2 hour layovers. And to top it off I had my checked bag lost."
Pros: "I like the affordable price of Icelandair, but it is still high enough to require professionality and good service."
Cons: "Thia flight departed about an hour past the scheduled time, which made our next connection very rushed and stressful. Additionally, there are very few complimentary beverage and food options, which is abnormal for an international flight, especially since it's not much cheaper than other airlines (if at all)."
Cons: "crew could have been more professional, the signs for boarding were confusing"
Cons: "Embarked late. Sat on runway for 30 minutes waiting to disembark. Missed ride to Eugene Or. Not happy."
Pros: "Liked the comfort of the plane, on time, and smooth touchdown"
Cons: "Food was dried out, crew was extremely slow to dispense beverages and food"
Pros: "Great plane B 787"
Cons: "Paid online for food and most choices gone Overpriced"
Pros: "Good service, surprisingly good food, smooth and efficient."
Cons: "The premium seating we paid extra for because we need leg room (my partner and I are 6'+) was the first row behind the 1st class seperation wall...so no way to extend legs by placing feet under the seat in front. Not very comfortable or worth $100 IMO."
Cons: "No potable water on board meant no tea or coffee."
Cons: "Luggage took forever to get in Halifax"
Pros: "nice crew, very attentive"
Cons: "no movies, charge for food"
Pros: "I liked the staff on the flight. The flight had some nice"
Cons: "I didn’t like the food options, Air Canada used to have tasty food!"
Pros: "The movie selection was very good."
Cons: "The seat was kind of tight."
Cons: "Started off by being 40 mins delayed. Not bad, compared to the 4 hour delay I had going to Vancouver. Flight was super uncomfortable. Upon arrival to Toronto. The gate had ice on it. So we had to wait in the plane for over an hour before we could get to a gate and off the plane. And then the entire plane of people (300-400 people I believe?) had to wait for our bags to come out for TWO HOURS! Meanwhile flights from Vancouver that we’re supposed to leave after us , left before us, got there before us, and got their bags before us. Horrible trip. I could not believe how unprofessional and unprepared Air Canada and the Toronto airport was during the holidays!"
Cons: "Why did I have to pay to select my seat? Isn't that the point of purchasing a seat at all? Silly."
Pros: "Flight attendants friendly"
Cons: "Food was not as good time"
Pros: "Air Canada has one of the best buy on board menu's of any North American carrier. They even allow you to purchase Business Class meals (subject to availability of course). Flying on the older 767-300ER also has more shoulder and leg room than some of Air Canada's newer configurations for the 787 and 777."
Cons: "Air Canada's boarding process is a bit frustrating. On American Airlines and United Flight attendants make announcements over the PA to (a) step out of the aisle to let people pass, and (b) place larger suitcases in the overhead and smaller bags under the seat. That way they try to ensure there is enough bin space to accommodate everyone. Passengers on Air Canada stuff everything in to the overhead bin and nothing under their seat, leaving little for those boarding after and delaying the flight because flight attendants are looking for bin space. If they were more pro-active, it would speed things up."
Pros: "The flight was underbooked, so there was extra seat space. Our delay was cut from 90 min to just 30 min"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed due to fog in San Francisco"
Pros: "good to have 3 meals for this long haul flight"
Cons: "Flight delay more than 1 hour ! Took very very long to board Poor choice of movie. Too few, Too old"
Pros: "Customs and immigration happens in Canada, not US"
Cons: "Delays, computer malfunction during boarding"
Pros: "Not much of anything"
Cons: "Lack of in-flight entertainment, uncomfortable seating"
Pros: "Your customers are nicer than your staff."
Cons: "Firstly I will start with the lack of service we provided when trying to get seats together after checking in online. We rang and were told to try at the airport counter. Then at the airport counter we were told to try at the gate and then at the gate when I went to ask I was told to go get both tickets before they told us that there was no 2 seats together anyway rather than looking first. All whilst explaining this was our honeymoon and we would really like to sit together as husband and wife. Then once we boarded the guy sitting next to me was happy to swap seats with my wife as he had back problems and had asked for an aisle seat but was denied. Finally we are underway and I find that my entertainment touch screen doesn't work so even though it is one i can't select anything to watch. Plus to top it off the seat arm rest was broken. Obviously with a fairly full flight with no 2 seats together their wasn't much that could be done immediately but where is the maintenance and actual physical plane quality? Do your engineers or staff not check things? Overall dispite this being our national carrier I am ashamed to claim that. Many of our overseas visitors for the wedding from Australia and Europe also had similar complaints."
Pros: "Service is good"
Cons: "Film selection is ok."
Pros: "After a bad connection, it was nice to have a smooth flight."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Incredibly disorganized"
Pros: "the pilot did a great job. the crew was nice."
Cons: "It was interesting to me that the plane used for a 4 hour flight (this one) was smaller than a plane used for a 1hr flight. I was uncomfortable the entire time. this was a redeye flight, departing at midnight. the cabin lights stayed on for the first hour making it impossible to dose off. we were given a 'snack' of a disgusting chicken wrap slathered in mayo. it was inedible. oh, and accompanied by a large kitkat bar. I mean. Who came up with this combo? there were no screens, no in flight entertainment unless you wanted to run down your phone battery or rent an ipad for $10. I was truly disappointed."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No food or entertainmet."
Pros: "delayed by 4 hours - had to miss my onward flight & have only 1.5 hours instead of 8 hours"
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Boarding was unorganized, one of the ladies was rude and I did not get window, even though I requested with enough time."
Cons: "dirt and stuff on floor between floor and wall, bad, never seen that before in a nearly new plane"
Pros: "I liked having Nexus get me through air Canada's malfunctioning Website to airport chaotic check-in otherwise may have missed my flight! Actual flight was smooth,quick and comfortable. Flight attendants were friendly and helpful. Airplane interior open and bright. Bathrooms clean and well supplied."
Cons: "Customer's time is valuable too! Air Canada website check-in malfunctioning causes anger, frustration and chaos at home and continues through airport check-in. HUNDREDS of angry, frustrated customers paid for their tickets, tried to check-in online and arrived early all converged into one CHAOTIC crowd. ADDRESS these issues, FIX YOUR WEBSITE, TREAT YOUR HARDWORKING, PAYING CUSTOMERS with DIGNITY and RESPECT they DESERVE. Competing Airlines are waiting for your dissatisfied customers."
Pros: "On time clean"
Pros: "We didnt crash"
Cons: "We didn't crash"
Pros: "Entertainment options were great"
Cons: "I am not an especially large person and felt squeezed into my middle seat without any room to move without bumping into either of the people beside me, who were also small to normally sized. Very uncomfortable! I will avoid this airline again if possible, it was not a pleasant experience. I also didn't have enough room to put my backpack under the seat in front of me and was further confined."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Airline oversold seats for my son's flight -- even though I bought my ticket back in April for a flight in November. This is absolutely ridiculous."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I know it's a growing practice, but to charge for food is a policy that I think is short-sighted."
Pros: "Flawless flight and friendly staff and roomy seating on Air Canada flight"
Cons: "Did not have food options I wanted - ran out."
Pros: "The crew were helpful & friendly. The flight arrived on time."
Cons: "The rows of seats were too close together for comfort."
Pros: "That there were no delays."
Pros: "Very fast."
Pros: "Quick flight and smooth ride. Same for boarding and exiting."
Cons: "Entertainment was not working well. Headphone jack broken and on board screen was spotty. Crew members did not offer anything to soften the situation."
Pros: "Drinks were provided."
Cons: "Not even snacks were provided on the 2 hour flight."
Pros: "Flight crew was great. Aircraft was great."
Cons: "Food could have been a little better."
Pros: "Seat availability (lots of empty seats) Entertainment system had lots of movies & music Friendly flight attendants"
Cons: "Flight attendants could be more aware of his/her surroundings. For example, I was either stepped on (as a result, being woken up) or my backpack was stepped on several times when an attendant was walking down the aisle, and neither of those things were sticking out into the aisle. This has rarely happened to me on trans-Pacific flights (more crowded, longer flights) so I can only attribute it to the carelessness of the attendants and/or the aisle width but since I think aisle width follows international standards it's more likely the former."
Pros: "The crew was good"
Cons: "The flight was delayed several times, and then they lost my baggage, when I landed in Chicago, no bag. A person from United Airlines called me at 7:00 AM the next morning and said that they had my bag. He directed it to GRB that day. Thanks to him I got my bag back!"
Pros: "NIL"
Cons: "Missed it due to our first flight being delayed- ended up with ANA air. SCORE!"
Pros: "Clearing customs in Canada"
Cons: "Over priced food"
Pros: "Dreamliner was airy and pleasant. Large screens. Electric outlets"
Cons: "Need more E books and audio podcasts."
Pros: "Entertainment was great, and actual seats were comfortable."
Cons: "The canbin temperature was kept far too low; unless you are forced to buy some over priced blanket"
Pros: "Great flight crew, fairly comfortable seats. Made a 10-hour flight pretty bearable."
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "I would have to say Air Canada offered the "best" service, flight, crew and environment I have ever experienced in Business Class."
Cons: "Food could be improved"

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Vancouver (YVR)Canada


Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport (KEF)Iceland

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