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C$ 1,109

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C$ 228
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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 228 or less one-way and C$ 1,109 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be October, November and December. The cheapest month to fly is March.
  • Morning departure is around 65% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

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Top airlines flying Victoria Intl to Toronto Hamilton

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
WestJetOverall score based on 9097 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Always a pleasure when flying with Westjet. Crew is always better than Air Canada"
Cons: "Update the seats please. They are so old and there was no cushion"
Read more about WestJet
Pros: "Always a pleasure when flying with Westjet. Crew is always better than Air Canada"
Cons: "Update the seats please. They are so old and there was no cushion"
Pros: "Just a nice easy flight with zero issues"
Cons: "I can’t think of anything"
Pros: "Crew was nice. Hard landing,cramped seats"
Cons: "Our trip got completely rerouted - we are still in Edmonton and expected to be with family in Regina a couple of hours ago. :((("
Cons: "Seats too narrow."
Pros: "Flight was excellent. Crew was very courteous and very friendly."
Cons: "The only thing I wish I had more was more other options for fluid besides water."
Pros: "Great crew. Excellent flight and we were even early arriving!!"
Cons: "Could not recline seat in row 30"
Pros: "safety first."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Poor service before boarding."
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Delays are common yes, but the “system” to re-route or re book was a horrid FAIL. I’ve never encountered such inefficient system for something so common as a flight delay. Made a call to Expedia to make changes to hotel reservations and never got the call back for confirmation of requested changes."
Pros: "I received great service and the flights were on time."
Pros: "Short flight, great staff. No food or entertainment, so no rating"
Pros: "Pretzels, Biscott cookies still passed out along w free beverages. Free Entertainment on westjet wifi good too!!"
Cons: "Flight crew was rude"
Pros: "Excellent crew and customer service"
Cons: "The flight was 40 minutes late and boarding took 40 minutes."
Cons: "No sink in the bathroom...gross. Also, very very small seats."
Pros: "Good legroom compared to other carriers"
Cons: "Almost 1 hour late leaving. No westjet connect, so no entertainment."
Pros: "Friendly service. On time"
Cons: "Not a direct flight"
Pros: "Fun, friendly crew on a boring routine short haul flight."
Cons: "Entertainment system was down."
Pros: "Upgraded to Plus - it was great."
Cons: "Too bad we have to pay extra for Plus to get a reasonable amount of room."
Cons: "So there was a problem with the aircraft. Some cargo nett8ng was broken so they had to move the baggage from the rear to the front hold. The pilot can on to inform us of what was happening, assuring us that our baggage would arrive with the flight. B7t not surprisingly they lied and about 30 ppl didn't get their luggage. It never made it on the flight and won't be until the following morning. So I have no clothes. No jacket for sub zero temperatures. It would great if they could at least tell us that there will be a problem. Not lie I'm not impressed. I'll do my best not to fly westjet again."
Pros: "Crew were amazing"
Cons: "Loading was an absolute disaster, never seen it so slow before"
Pros: "Flight was good."
Cons: "Was boarding at C70 but only saw signs for 71 and C73. Asked Westjet staff where we were boarding and they told me (and others) that even though we were booked to take off from C70 we’d be departing from the gate labeled C73 and also labeled for a flight to Regina. Still got to Hamilton though."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and funny"
Cons: "Everything was up to my standard"
Cons: "Late landing as usual and YEG's ground crew wasn't ready ... also as usual."
Pros: "No comments"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "It did not happen. Being transfered to air canada in Toronto was a night mare"
Pros: "The stewardess serving drinks was very pleasant. Thank You"
Pros: "The people, the timeliness, the attitudes - all were great!"
Cons: "The choice of snacks could be more healthy - veggie cup and hummous maybe!"
Pros: "We are still going"
Cons: "Changes, changes, changes and delayed one day"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Staff friendly and efficient."
Cons: "No Entertainment system which was a huge deal for my partner, but I read my very good book and talked to my very nice seat partner."
Pros: "The plane was less busy so many people had an empty seat next to them. It was great for leg room and I slept the whole flight!"
Pros: "I like that it wasn't a huge plane"
Pros: "The flight and crew were great, great flight. Arrived earlier then stated. I still enjoy flying in and out of Hamilton. Great airport. If I can book West jet again, I will, great airline. Took some great pictures from the aircraft. Thank you !!!!"
Cons: "Security, too much, even when we arrived, customs twice."
Pros: "Great service. Friendly. Connections are well timed so you dont have to wait long to transfer."
Pros: "Main stewardess was very pleasant. Not full flight so I moved back and had a seat to myself."
Cons: "Flight was late and kept getting later as the day wore on. Nobody seemed to know how late we were ultimately going to be and why. Missed my meeting."
Pros: "Comfortable seat with lots of leg room"
Pros: "One of the best flights I have had. On time, Great service and excellent entertainment system. Plus seat had lots of room as well"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nice crew"
Pros: "Crew was cheery, in-flight entertainment innovation evident, plenty of opportunity for water/snacks"
Cons: "We were heckled by gate crew about whether my dog’s carrier was too small for him. Many suggestions were made that we were subjecting him to animal cruelty, and that we were abusive to him. He’s 7lbs, so he can’t be much smaller a dog, and his carrier it turns out, doesn’t fit under WestJet seats, despite being within carry-on luggage dimension limits (their life jackets take up most of the legroom), and thus could not be any bigger. Did they want me to have a smaller dog, or a Euclidean space-defying carrier? I suppose they were suggesting that taking a dog aboard WestJet is abusive, because they certainly don’t provide adequate space for anything larger than a hamster, they hassle you about it, and they charge you $50 for the fun of it. One agent had the nerve to reach into his carrier without permission, unannounced, and invade his personal space, him being a rescue and very anxious."
Pros: "I flew through the air in a metal container across the country in the time it would have taken me to drive 400 km, so that's pretty neat."
Cons: "Provide complimentary movies West Jet. Parading around tablets to rent for $6 is a bad look."
Pros: "It was a good flight. Comfortable and on time."
Cons: "I rated food low as there wasn't any nor did I expect it. No problem."
Pros: "The staff was nice, they were very professional, efficient, and friendly, The seats were comfortable the plane was clean."
Cons: "Some of the announcements were a bit fuzzy."
Pros: "Airport Terminal waiting area was nice."
Cons: "Changed planes, changed seats after paying for advanced booking. Service was poor, cabin was hot."
Cons: "Got there 2 minutes after check in closed and wouldn't let us fly"
Cons: "I was able to download the WestJet Connect app on my phone which gives you access to tv shows and movies to watch on your own device during the flight. The app was free and easy to use and there was a decent selection. However, the wifi on board is not free so even though you could watch the tv show/movie - the sound did not work unless you paid for it. There are many other airlines that offers everything for free - it would have been a more pleasant if we were able to actually utilize the service."
Pros: "Great crew, West jet connect worked fabulously"
Cons: "Cramped space and airplane food"
Pros: "Flights were on time"
Cons: "Bad landings"

Plus seating

There is no in-flight entertainment or food on this flight but for the price it was perfect - direct flight, on time, easy check in and boarding experience

You get what you pay for. It was all good.

Cons: "Was very late. Could not sort out simple boarding issues"
Pros: "Flight once it got to Edmonton was ok"
Cons: "Communications with travelers...5 hour delay! Meal vouchers were given with only one restaurant open and maxed out on space and good items...just a bad situation."
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Pricing is great"
Cons: "Seats, complimentary food, timing of flight"
Pros: "That it was cheap when we booked it online."
Cons: "Apparently it wasn’t that cheap of a flight after all. We had to pay for our luggage instead of a carry on. And the plane was empty not full with passengers. That to us was a ripoff. Don’t Deceive passengers to fly cheap with you when you’ll make them pay you for carry on when it’s not needed."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Victoria to Toronto Hamilton

Airlines flying from Victoria to Toronto Hamilton have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Victoria to Toronto Hamilton

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Victoria to Toronto Hamilton

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Victoria to Toronto Hamilton

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Victoria to Toronto Hamilton

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Victoria to Toronto Hamilton

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