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Bargains come with a price....Pros:Competitive price, location was similar to Hertz and other premium spots, vehicle was clean, well-maintained, and as advertisedCons:We had to wait a long time for the shuttle, and when it arrived it was very crowded, dirty, and without air conditioning (in July!). Upon arrival to the rental facility there was a very long line, and the facility was also dirty, hot, and without sufficient staff. We had to wait for about 30 minutes to get our car, and then another 15 minutes to exit the parking lot because each car had to be inspected at the exit booth - EZ staff could easily inspect the car before releasing it for rental, so this seemed to just stand as a warning to the customer - other DIA agencies don't do this. There was also an aggressive attempt to up-sell at the counter, and scare-tactics involving toll-tags, i.e. "if you end up on a toll road it's going to cost you hundreds of dollars - so you had better rent a toll tag for $40, just in case....". This company lures customers in w/ lower rental prices but aims to extract money in other ways. Be prepared to spend some extra time and to say no, and you'll come out OK.Reviewed 24 Jul. 2018
review fromkayak
Beware of this company. The WILL rip you offPros:Nothing.Cons:To begin there was no car when I arrived and they welooked e absolute unapologetic about not having car for my wife and I. There were also almost a dozen other customers they didn’t have cars for. At 1am customers were rightfully upset. The manager lost complete control of the situation and an employee threatened to physically remove anyone who did not leave. Needless to say this is unacceptable for any company but we have filed several complains with the company and not ONE representative has returned our calls. Don’t believe just us, look up their horrible reviews on yelp, google etc. This company is arguably the single worst company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. Hopefully they won’t be around much longer.Reviewed 21 Dec. 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:The car was fineCons:The Pick up experience took over an hour from the shuttle dropping me off at the rental facility, to being taken to the car. it appeared as if there was no plan to help the volume of customers arriving in the late Friday evening, even though this is ski season and they knew full well the number of renters who would arrive. In addition, the people at the check in counter aggressively upsold, convincing me that I should pre-pay for a full tank of gas when that was not the best thing for me. They also tried to up sell me on vehicles. I will not be using EZ car ever againReviewed 12 Feb. 2020
review fromkayak
Terrible - Not worth it to save a few bucksCons:Upsell on optional insurance - I told the agent I didn't want any additional charges, but they added an optional $24.99 waiver. The agent was nice in person, but after reading the paperwork, I think he willingly misrepresented which charges were mandatory vs. optional, free vs. complimentary. No one to return car to - honestly, never experienced that with another car rental place. Stood in line over an hour, with just 2 people working with 20+ people in line - luckily I was not in a hurry. Overall, SO not worth it to save a few bucks, I have learned my lesson and will go with a name-brand next timeReviewed 6 Apr. 2016
review fromkayak
Customers reserving online should have their own qPros:The price that attracted us to this agency was low enough that we were prepared to accept the just-barely-big-enough model that was `on special'. When we finally got to sign the paperwork, the agent apprised us of another recent sale price for a larger vehicle with 4WD (we were heading up to a ski resort) that was only $10 more per day. Even with that increase, the price was much less than those advertised by other agencies, and we accepted. After that, the vehicle checkout and (later) return drop-off were virtually instantaneous, as was the return airport shuttle bus. And the vehicle was an immaculate GMC Acadia wich less than 2000 odo. miles.Cons:Prior to obtaining that "instantaneous" service, I and about a dozen other customers waited grumpily in the agency's only queue for over 40 minutes while just one couple dithered over their rental. I don't know what the issues were, but the grumbling among the folks standing in line was that since they, like we, had made advance reservations, there ought to be a dedicated queue and customer agent for those (much speedier) transactions. Also, it was mildly disappointing to find no owner's manual in the car (we couldn't figure out how to fold the rear seats down), nor was there an ice scraper / snow brush tool included for a rental that was obviously going into snow country.Reviewed 19 Feb. 2017
review fromkayak
It's pretty obviousPros:The car was nice. We got upgraded for freeCons:We only got upgraded because they left us standing at the register for an hour. The guy that was with us randomly left to go eat. It's very obvious that the salesmen get a bonus for everything they upsell you because that's all ours did was try to sell us more useless stuff. 4/5 people that work there are absolute crooks who just want to get the most money out of you (the guy who finished up our paperwork for us seemed to be the only decent human being there). If you're reading this before you rent from them, NO you don't need the toll coverage, NO you don't need to prepay for a tank of gas, NO you don't need to upgrade your vehicle for "only $15 more a day" if you plan on going into the mountains. And finally....NO YOU SHOULD NEVER RENT FROM THIS PLACE.Reviewed 17 Dec. 2017
review fromkayak
Cons:There was a line out the door when we arrived and it took us > 1 hour to get to the desk. The man at the desk was in a large hurry and tried to get us in a car that I did not reserve. I had reserved an SUV but he tried to change us to a car or van. He then said that he had no SUVs but was looking. After going outside twice he came back in with a larger SUV than we had reserved. I was charged $150 in "upgrades" since this was an upgrade from the vehicle I had reserved. He then tried to swindle us into getting insurance and a toll pass. Luckily I was smarter than this and knew the road we were going on had no tolls. He then rushed through the agreement, having me sign/initial the agreement. When I asked for a refund, the manager told me that my experience was not bad and that I was not swindled by the man, even though he was not there. This is the worst rental experience I have had. Spend the money on better places like Hertz or Enterprise. This is not worth it!Reviewed 20 Jan. 2016
review fromkayak
Confused about how this company worksPros:I had reserved a full size vehicle for President's Day weekend for about $70 (four days total), but didn't know whether it had all wheel drive. I called a week in advance to ask if I could ensure the car had AWD, and was told that they couldn't guarantee it, even though I offered to pay the full amount in advance. (The price for an SUV for those 4 days was about $350-400 per day.) They said they would "make a note of it," though. When I arrived, they told me the car was a midsize, not a fullsize, and that it would not have AWD. I didn't want that, so the employee told me I could upgrade to a Forerunner for $80 /day. All taxes and fees considered, I paid $495. This was a lot cheaper than if I had reserved it in advance. I don't know if this was a perk or a drawback--basically I'm confused about the amount of uncertainty and opaque pricing that went into this experience.Cons:I got charged $177 for gas even though I prepaid for gas, and was able to get rid of this charge after calling the next day.Reviewed 27 Feb. 2017
review fromkayak
Lies!Pros:NothingCons:When my employees arrived to pick up the rental car that I had reserved the rental car employee told my guys that they didn't have any cars available in the type that I had reserved online. But the one that he would put them in would be cheaper anyways. The problem was that he put them in a car that cost an additional 50 dollars a day!! Not explaining all of that to my employees. I would never conduct any sort of business this way. And to top is all off. They declined the insurance and "towing" packages but were still charged. We will never use this service againReviewed 13 Dec. 2017
review fromkayak
No carCons:First when we arrived at 5AM they said "we don't have car anymore" so we were waiting in agency (stuck because the shuttle take us from airport) until 6 AM (lucky) to have a car. We had 6 hours driving from Denver so we wera late. Second without explanation the "cashier" put on bill insurance and gas without permission, even it was 6AM I paid intention and asked to take off insurance (i had already one) but gas was so expensive and i didn't know they coud give me back my money if I fill gas by lack of informationReviewed 4 Dec. 2017
review fromkayak
A disorganized messPros:Cheap ratesCons:The e-z facility was deserted at 930 am with no signage indicating alternate instructions as to where to pick up or drop off. I had to walk around the facility before I found someone to tell me I had to go three buildings over to the Advantage facility and that I should have read the signs that told me to do so. Well there were no signs other than one that said "after hours go to advantage". It was 930 am on a Thursday and the gates were wide open with no operating hours listed! After waiting in line while two completely bored employees labored through the line of customers, the first car I was given was a beat up, dented, scratched Jetta with the Volkswagen emblem completely gone from the hood. I'm pretty sure the previous driver was Johnny Knoxville. I went back in and was grudgingly given a Mazda 6 that "just showed up". It was much better. The return process was typical.Reviewed 16 Apr. 2016
review fromkayak
DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!Cons:I don't even know how to start. It seemed like the place was ok. The airport transport came and then after standing in line for about 45 the helpful associate allowed us to upgrade the car we requested for a fee... no problem. Then, a day after getting the 2017 Toyota Highlander with about 22,000 miles on it, problems began. Basically, while driving the radiator blew causing the car to begin overheating. This was not safe for us or the car! Without any visible damage or precipitating factors, we figured they must not take ANY care of their vehicles whatsoever! We called to let them know the situation and were informed to fill the radiator with water, and continue bringing it 2 and a half hours to the rental facility! The man actually told us, we had better return or we'd be paying for all damages! We informed him that if we returned with the car in that condition, he would have a blown engine to worry about too. He actually said... "then you'll be charged for that too!" We ended up getting our own towing service to return the car, found our own way back, and are waiting for the consequences of the entire event. Lawyers may need to become involved. Safe yourself the time and hassle, please do not put your family at risk and rent from this company!!Reviewed 8 Oct. 2018
review fromkayak

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