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bad handling by sales person over there !!!!!! patPros:the person over there declined what we book for ......... very poor impressionCons:>>>>Reviewed 30 Nov. 2015
review fromkayak
Gave me a damaged car and made me pay for itCons:We got the car around 1:30am where they only partially checked it with a cellphone flashlight. They noted a big crash on the bumper and thats about it so we took the car and left. The next morning we all notice some pretty decent scratches on the hood of the car, scratches that were not noted the previous night, but were on a pretty tight schedule so we use the car the whole week. I was supposed to take the car back to the rental place at 11am, but got lost on my way and got there at 12pm. Instead of charging me a fee for an aditional hour, they charged me for a whole day. They blamed those scratches we noticed the next day on me, saying they were absolutely fresh even from an hour ago, implying that was why I returned the car an hour late, charged me $650 for those "new scratches" and humiliated me because one of my cards didn't have enough money to pay for it. I don't speak english very well, I have a very strong accent, so i couldnt defend myself properly and ended up paying for everything and leaving because I was also gonna miss my flight... Clearly a scam to make insurance money. I will never rent from them again and wouldn't recommend anyone to do so.Reviewed 18 Sep. 2018
review fromkayak
Huge scammers!!!Pros:I have nothing good to say!Cons:We went to pick up the car and they said we get only 200km per day and then it’s $.021 per KM. So we requested to see if they can do something because we are on a budget and $200 is quite steep for renting a car for 3 days and especially when I reserved it online it said unlimited but Apparently that doesn’t apply to local residents of Ontario. So the guy at the counter said I’ll give you more KM and lower the charge to $0.15 per KM and we were grateful. But little did I know that they put on the basic insurance which was close to $45 A DAY!!! And I declined it too because I had my own insurance!! And to top it off they tried to charge us for a scratch on the front bumper which was already there. Ahmed who i think is the manager said let me look at our records and then finally said “oh it was already there”. I was completely shocked when our total was $311 for 3 days!!! The insurance was more than the car rental. From $90 we ended with $311! It was my bad for not looking at the reviews before I booked this place because everyone pretty much has the same complain. I will complain with the better business bureau because this place needs to stop ripping people off of their hard earned money! i will also advise Kayak to stop doing business with this company based on the reviews and the fact that these guys are scammers. Oh by the way this location is in Mississauga on airport road.Reviewed 2 Jan. 2019
review fromkayak
DisappointedPros:The car itself was goodCons:The pick up and drop off was very disappointing as we were misled to believe this was to be at the airport. This is not the case. As for assistance with obtaining the vehicle we had to beg for a ride from a shuttle that went to the same location as our vehicle pick up. Some weird explanation was given that we had to go to a different location to get picked up by the exact shuttle that picked up guests for a hotel directly at the airport terminals. This is definitely NOT convenient for family travel. Upon arrival at thier office I expressed my concerns of thier misleading pickup location and the difficulty that we encountered while attempting gain information and access to their facility. We were promised that we would get dropped off directly at our terminal on our return. That was did not occur. The person working at the front desk was rude, unfriendly and could not care less about me or the young children that we were traveling with. Speaking to his shuttle driver in some foreign language that was quite obviously done with a purpose so that I would not be able to understand the message. The shuttle driver apologized to us and said my boss told me I have to drop you off here. As he drove us to an area nowhere near our terminal and instructed us to take a train to our terminal. At the same time there was an individual who stayed on his shuttle and was driven directly to his terminal. The day of our drop off at EZ-Rent-A-Car the person who worked the front desk at 630 AM on May 17, 2018 was a heavyset older man with dark skin tone and he did not wear a name tag. If the owners of EZ Rent/A-Car want more information from me on this disappointing encounter the can contact me directly. I would be happy to these matters with them further. R FerlandReviewed 19 May 2018
review fromkayak
Scary, disorganized, weird placePros:Never. Again. Hands down worst car rental experience ever. Shuttle took us to these scary place and dropped us off across a flooded parking lot. Had to carry all our luggage across it. Huge line. Clerk took call Mundel Pi g us and yelled on phone for 25 minutes. People next to us checking into some weird hotel (/same counter) and only took cash. We were creeped out by the people and the various other "businesses" being run out of there. We cancelled our rental and used uber all weekend instead. Solo travellers should definitely avoid.Reviewed 30 Dec. 2016
review fromkayak
Very Bad EZ rental companyPros:NothingCons:They never tell you how much mileage is included. I had reserved the car for three days.m and when I went at 12am to pickup my rental they told me that your car just have 200km per day. And then I was f&$#ed because I wanted the rental to goto New Jersey and comeback. The mileage I would need was approx 2000km but I was only getting 600km. They told me that they will charge me 35 cents per km which would be $490 without taxes for 1400km. They told me all this at midnight when everything is closed. So total was around $750 for three days. There’s no way anybody would like to get this kind deal. And the attendant was behaving very rude. So immediately I went to Pearson airport at hertz and I asked for a rental car and they gave me in $190 with unlimited miles for three days.Reviewed 11 Jun. 2018
review fromkayak
Won't ever rent from E-Z Rent-A-CarPros:Nothing!Cons:Rented from E-Z Rent-A-Car, but turned out to be Trans Canada Rental, who appear to be booking cars for multiple rental business names. Location is off the airport, requiring a train and shuttle. Waited for 45 minutes for shuttle, and then shuttle driver was rude and belligerent. Waited for nearly 30 minutes in line before talking with the rental person at the counter. During that 30 minutes, the people in front of me, were pressured to buy expensive insurance plus other add-ons, even though the people trying to reserve the cars had documentation of their own insurance. Renters came back in to complain that their cars had no gas and had exterior damage. The rental agent was extremely aggressive, demanding that I buy insurance, even though I had proof of insurance. The car that they wanted to supply didn't match the one reserved. Eventually they provided a car, but demanded more money. Gas tank was on empty. Barely made it to the gas station that was 3 blocks away. Car also had lots of exterior damage, and was absolutely filthy inside. The experience left me feeling that this car rental company was a fly-by-night company with questionable business practices and worried about the possibility that I'd get financially screwed. Learned my lesson. Next rental was from a different rental agency (large brand, onsite at airport), where people were polite, friendly, helpful, professional and supplied the right car, in excellent condition, was clean and had a full gas tank. Well worth the extra expense.Reviewed 19 Oct. 2015
review fromkayak
Understaffed, Plan an additional hour in your tripPros:The location is close to the airport and easy to find (look for NU hotel)Cons:Each employee that I interacted with at E-Z car rental told me they are understaffed. At the viscount train station, I waited over 45 minutes to be picked up even though I called twice and they knew I had a baby with me. When I arrived at the car rental office, i had to leave the stroller outside as there is no ramp. I paid for an SUV and ended up with a full size car without a discount. The car wasn’t cleaned, there was food left on the back seat. I asked the staff if they could clean it, they told me it’s a new car and that it’s clean. I said there is food. They said no, it’s a stain, they can’t remove it. I asked if I could borrow a cloth to clean it. Finally another guy came out and wiped it down. No snow removal brush in the car. When I returned, I asked if I could get dropped off in the same car since the baby car seat is strapped in already and the luggage and stroller are already packed. They do not have an additional driver for that. So I waited 30 minutes for the van that is supposed to take me directly to Terminal 1. Instead we pick up additional passengers at Viscount, drop them and their luggage off at Economy rental car. Then the driver disappears for 5 minutes. Then 4 additional passengers and their luggage are loaded. The large van door is left open for long periods of time as the driver figures out how many more people to wait for. One gentleman asks us to wait for his wife who takes an additional 5 minutes to appear. The entire scene is totally ridiculous. Then only we drop people off at Terminal 3 and then finally to Terminal 1 baggage claim! The trip should have actually taken 2 minutes, instead it took an hour. In retrospect, I should have taken an uber from the car rental to the airport and vice versa. E-Z should warn people that they only have one van to manage 2 car rental locations. Another option (again had the driver told me of his intended route), would be to get off at viscount and take the train. All in all E-Z is completely unprofessional.Reviewed 25 Dec. 2017
review fromkayak
Not RecommendedCons:It took 40 minutes to get picked up by shuttle. Once I got to the office, they wanted to add more fees for instance after running my credit card for $500. The company did not disclose this when booking the car on line. They seemed very shady and untrustworthy. I declined the car and walked half a mile in the cold to find a taxi at 11:00 pm. I will never use this company again.Reviewed 15 Dec. 2016
review fromkayak
Bad Car Rental companyCons:This outfit should be dropped from your lineup They tried to jip me at checkout. You have to haul your suitcase up steps to get to the counter They don't have any cars and go to another agency to rent them They didn't have full tank of gas and won't reimburse you for extra gas you have left in the car When I disputed the bill, they said they would send me updated bill copy by email but haven't I do not have a copy of the bill They go under a number of company names. One fellow said he waited 2 hours for car at 12:30 am to get it NEVER AGAINReviewed 28 Aug. 2018
review fromkayak
Pros:The car itself is as very nice.Cons:The staff could NOT have been more rude. I bought the necessary insurance, online, at the time of booking for the Canadian Car Rental, then the counter person said it was not good, I need to buy their insurance ($11.25 per day additional). Which I confirmed from my own insurance was not needed!Reviewed 23 Apr. 2019
review fromkayak
Worst car rental experience everCons:Long wait time for shuttle and at rental office during pickup and drop off. Dirty car. Did not honor class of car booked saying they have no SUV’s, Gave me a downgrade to a smaller car. Poor customer service with no interest in quick service. Wanted to charge me for an extra day when the car was returned on time. Spoke with other waiting customers, they shared my sentiments. Will not rent from this place again.Reviewed 30 Dec. 2018
review fromkayak

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6465 Airport Road Unit #1


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  • On average a rental car from E-Z Rent-A-Car in Mississauga costs C$ 39 per day.

  • Mini (Class Minivan or similar) is the most frequently booked rental car type from E-Z Rent-A-Car in Mississauga.

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