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YYC — China
18 Jun — 25 Jun1
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Sat 18/6
Sat 25/6

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Flight from Calgary to Shanghai Pu Dong
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  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to China is November.
  • Morning departure is around 74% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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Top 4 airlines serving Calgary to China

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
EVA AirOverall score based on 6190 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "I loved the fact that once I got to Taipei I had a very short layover and back to SFO. Awesome"
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Pros: "I loved the fact that once I got to Taipei I had a very short layover and back to SFO. Awesome"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "More various food"
Pros: "Crew is very friendly! And overall plane was clean."
Cons: "Better control of rude/upsetting passengers around."
Pros: "Crew are good."
Cons: "The agency told me that our seat have been reserved all the way. Butupon check-in yesterday , our seat had not been reserved for the leg Taipe to Seattle flight."
Pros: "Great crew and nice comfortable seats"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Everything except the food which is mostly chinese."
Cons: "They could add some variety into their menu which is mostly chinese"
Cons: "Baggage claim took forever. I waited 45 mins for mine to show up."
Pros: "They staffs were very friendly"
Pros: "We enjoyed the clean and quiet plane. The crew was wonderful and the bit of extra leg room made a difference. Traveling with 4 kids is a juggling act but this way was a breeze"
Pros: "EVA airways seem to have gone out of their way today as the cabin crew service was excellent. Not one issue or complaint. The flight left on tine and was almost early into Heathrow apart from air traffic delay"
Pros: "Alll good and arrived early!"
Cons: "The food doesn’t taste good"
Pros: "Customer Service was great"
Cons: "Afraid that the airline may need a backup plan in case people miss there connecting flights."
Pros: "More entertainment selections like movies and music. Food is great too. Best of all is the free day tour for long layover in Taiwan"
Cons: "Smaller leg room, rest room and space where people can stretch compared to asiana and Cathay"
Pros: "Great flight and loved the airport! Lounge serves a great meal as does the flight!"
Cons: "Shanghai immigration is slow."
Cons: "Lack of movie selections. ear plug location is not convenient, especially when your neighbors want to get out and you have to unplug headphone in order for them to pass through."
Pros: "Left and arrived on time. Gracious crew. Exceptional meals. Movies and games made a 13 hour flight bearable even in the economy section."
Cons: "Would like a meal schedule so that sleep and snacks could be better managed"
Pros: "With limited time service very efficient and pleasant. Can’t ask for much more."
Pros: "I slept all the way"
Cons: "Smaller seat now with emergency seat"
Cons: "It was a long 9.5 hrs flight! Economy class is okay! Nothing wrong w the airline, its just not comfortable to sit for almost 10 hrs long!"
Pros: "Service and landing were great."
Cons: "Too cramped and people who coughed the whole flight which isn’t airline’s fault. Wine wasn’t good at all."
Pros: "They made sure the second flight didn’t leave without me."
Cons: "Connection was way too tight and the first flight was delayed."
Pros: "Excellent premium economy experience. Very good food and service."
Cons: "Can’t think of anything..."
Pros: "service on time and great staff"
Cons: "all good"
Cons: "Air stewardess should smile more. More movies in the in flight entertainment"
Pros: "Complimentary upgrade based on being star Alliance gold. Thank you"
Pros: "Thick blanket, toothbrush & toothpaste, eyes cover for sleeping, on time boarding, excellent overall"
Pros: "Nice facility and good food"
Cons: "Some crew members seemed tired and did everything minimally"
Pros: "The food is very good and love that HelloKitty theme. Also extra checked baggage without fee is great. Space is better than most. Got to earn miles for my United program is a bonus. The arrival time in the morning is very helpful in getting an extra day."
Pros: "Crew and service were great."
Cons: "Food to asian. Entertainment limited and to asian."
Pros: "Nice crew, comfortable ,no delate"
Cons: "We did not like all the meals in all the flights"
Pros: "everything done well and professionally"
Pros: "The crew was fantastic. I was not well throughout the entire flight and they went out of their way repeatedly to make sure I was as comfortable as possible, including giving up two of their own crew seats to me for most of the 14 hour flight from Taipei to New York. The crew also made sure that the bathrooms were kept stocked and cleaned. This is something you don't see enough of in other airlines where the bathrooms become disgusting by around mid-flight on long-haul flights. The entertainment systems are modern and designed well for practical use, unlike some other airlines that still have many or all controls situated on the armrests. They use quality touchscreens which control everything including the overhead light and attendant call button. I also like the fact that I could check 2 bags and select my seat without any fees unlike too many other airlines are doing today."
Cons: "While the entertainment systems themselves are great the entertainment choices are not. They have very few New Releases and don't seem to update them at the beginning of the month compared to many other airlines, such as Cathay Pacific. On long flights this is one thing that should be given more attention."
Cons: "Since I traveled with my daughter (4yo), I got to board early from LAX to TPE but my second flight from TPE to BKK, I had to wait till they called my zone seat. I was holding my daughter at that point since they took away my stroller way earlier than the boarding time. I would like to ask for the same standard of parents traveling with children who are 6 or younger to board first so they can get settle and these patents are tiring from dealing with their children during the flight. They are extra tired than regular passengers."
Pros: "We lucked out on a sparsely filled flight so nearly everyone had a row to themselves, even in Economy class. Food was tasty, and the crew provided many opportunities for drinks. Crew was friendly and even volunteered some drawing packs for our 19-month old!"
Cons: "Snacks available limited to dry crackers and cookies primarily. Entertainment options - easy to use though limited selection (for US-based films at least)."
Pros: "The staff are nice..."
Cons: "Pork was the only option in that flight."
Pros: "Comfortable seats & clean washrooms at all times with toothbrush & paste"
Pros: "I like EVA because they were very kind."
Pros: "Flight arrived earlier!"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Good flight attendants"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Staff is great. Service, comfort"
Cons: "Not enough water"
Pros: "16 hour flight to Taipei in Business Class. Seats, service, cabin, amenity kit and bathroom were all better than Cathay and other similar airlines. Plane itself was great. Love the 777-300."
Cons: "Nothing. Was great."
Cons: "We ordered the vegetarian meal. And the quality of the meal was terrible. There was a hair in my food as well. I fell sick during the 2nd leg of the flight after eating this food."
Pros: "All in house setvices"
Pros: "The Crew was good but I think that they are not allowed to give any drinks, food or water or wine They need to improve their services"
Cons: "Food and drinks were not good at all and not enough They need to improve that"
Pros: "I enjoyed the fact that they were organized professional and efficent"
Cons: "My last flight was through United I will never fly with them again"
Pros: "That it was a short flight :). Older 747-400 plane, small individual tv screen. It was clean and comfortable."
Pros: "Newer plane and good service"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "The flight got cancelled. I arrived 24 hours later and I missed a full day of vacation. After all the hassle they offered zero compensation or flight voucher."
Cons: "It was all excellent."
Cons: "First plane was newer, 2nd plane was older."
Cons: "Took 45 minutes to get through Calgary security, long line ups"
Cons: "Air Canada continues to underwhelm me. We left the gate 35 minutes late despite having everyone on board. Then off to de-ice where we sat with a truck outside for ten minutes they did work. It was like they were having a coffee break. The flight and board service was exceptional. Baggage delay of a"
Cons: "They changed planes and the seats I paid for at reservation were different on the new plane. No warning!!"
Pros: "Only thing good was the brevity of the flight."
Cons: "The aircraft was dirty and ridiculously cramped. Air Canada undermines its brand by flying planes like these."
Cons: "JustFly did not release my coupon to Lufthansa or Air Canada, and so I was nearly prevented from flying."
Cons: "This leg was so late...I was waiting in Calgary almost 7 hours... they put me on a different flight so I would make my connector in Toronto to Windsor....I originally had a 2 hour window. The second plane was so late, by the time I landed in Toronto, I had 10 minutes. Needless to say, after starting out in Kamloops at 6 am, that was missed also. Last leg missed as well, and had to wait another 4 hours for the last flight out. Just an incredibly frustrating trip"
Pros: "Movies available. Food available for purchase."
Cons: "It was crowded in the back of the aircraft. Many vacant rows were available, but my advance check in and seat change / upgrade was not available on line. I would have paid to have moved up to an un-occupied section of the aircraft if I could have. My mistake. I should have got up and walked around looking for these vacant seats. Despite the captain announcing that WIFI Internet was available for purchase. There was no WIFI on this aircraft. I am a tech guy. The flight attendant said just use your credit card. NO there was no WIFI available."
Pros: "Flight was late leaving and I had a connection flight - they changed my seat so I could be at the front and get my bag easily and run to get my connecting flight. Everyone was very helpful."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "My seat was wet and i had to wait quite a while for it to be rectified. I asked to sit on a crew seat at the back of the plane and was told that i would break it. I found this rather disgusting . Seating plan is very crammed like sardines"
Pros: "First flight comfortable fast clean aircraft Second flight older plane small not as clean"
Cons: "Air canada has a problem at every arrival gate each time we landed there was no sttebdebt st the gate and so we sat on the tarmac fir a while while they awIted somebody to come and drive the Jetway to allow us to park and deplane This happened all three times"
Cons: "Cancelled one flight, then delayed another one because they were waiting for a pilot. They offered very little help, citing that they couldn’t control the weather, meanwhile WestJet is finding & paying for rooms, shuttle buses and taxis to make the delay more tolerable and less stressful. We could only watch and wish we were flying WestJet."
Pros: "Everything else was fine/standard."
Cons: "Not all ground staff are crosstrained on how to accept manual payment for extra luggage and had to wait an extra half hour for the only person who can process a debit transaction. Does not make sense..."
Cons: "I bought my ticket with Air Canadafrom Vancouver to Calgary then connected with Lufthansa from Calgary to London UK. Unknown to me I could not find the flight because it had been changed to an AC reference flight. With a very short time for the connection I did not know where to get my boarding pass as my flight with Lufthansa was nowhere referred to ! Not which gate to go . Why not put it in the ticket that Lufthansa and Air Canada work together and that both flights ref should show !! It would avoid a great deal of anxiety . Only offered 1 round if hot drinks over 9 hours ! Departure delayed by nearly 60 minutes"
Pros: "excellent service"
Cons: "flight was late"
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Uncomfortable chairs"
Cons: "The plane was late and caused me to miss my connecting flight and my very important doctor's appointment."
Pros: "Calgary airport first and foremost went above and beyond for me. The flight then after was the same, friendly attendants, great smooth flight. 5 stars for staff."
Cons: "The headphones are bad, i had my own headphones so it was fine. I did go w the air canada ones first just out of convenience, but they were fuzzy, probably would have ruined the movies."
Pros: "This was a boring flight which is a good thing, no drama, no mechanical problems, no weather problems. More leg room than an overseas flight."
Cons: "Flight late (30 minutes) as mostly with Air Canada, fortunately not cancelled this time as also common with Air Canada short distance flights Not enough space in overhead compartments for carry on. The lady at the boarding makes it sound like that is the passengers fault."
Pros: "Very good overall."
Cons: "Entertainment selection poor and dated."
Cons: "We were already running late when during take off, one of the engines malfunctioned and we had to emergency break on the runway and go back to the gate. Because it was unexpected, we had to wait even longer for a gate to become available. We then had to re go through customs and get our bags then wait in line again at the counter to schedule our flight for the next day. Thankfully we were given a hotel room and money for food. Very scary experience overall on the runway, but they tried to handle it as smoothly as possible under the unusual circumstances."
Cons: "The prop aircraft that Air Canada uses for the YYC-YEG route are old and cramped. They do nothing for the Air Canada brand."
Pros: "I didn't like anything."
Cons: "I was stuck in immigration for about an hour. The screening process at this airport is so laborious. You have to wait on a bench until they call your name and they don't care if your flight is about to be boarding. I understand that immigration is necessary but they could at least have people form a queue instead of having us wait for our names to be called. I told them that my flight would be boarding in 25 minutes and they told me "Oh, don't worry, they'll just put you on the next flight". But when I got to my airline to check in, they charged me $150. I needed that $150 to pay some bills when I got back home."
Pros: "Once again, being on time was important to me. Crew members were nice."
Cons: "I wish they would've offered free snacks on this flight given how long it was. It would've also been to nice to have been forewarned about needing to go through security again, as I had a U.S. connection from Toronto. That takes a lot of time, even with a bit of a layover."
Pros: "Good leg room in coach"
Cons: "Flight was late leaving, the boarding process was messed up and could not understand the person doing the announcements (was speaking too fast)..."
Pros: "This was the absolute worst experience of my life. Out flight from Calgary to LAX was on the complete other side of the airport than our connector to San Diego. After a delay we had a short amount of time to get to the next flight. We literally were told to just cross the parking lot. Well... that ended up being a 25 minute run across the airport to only have to go thru security again. After navigating construction and parking structures we got to our gate 10 minutes late and would not be let on the flight. There was zero communication, sympathy or help from the United Airlines staff. We were told it was not their problem because we came in through Air Canada- BUT we booked through United! All in all it was an absolute nightmare that ended in us renting a car at 12am and driving back to San Diego with zero compensation from United Airlines"
Cons: "No communication between airlines! No customer service to fix their lack of planning and communication. Just terrible all around"
Pros: "Staff were friendly"
Cons: "Seats were narrow and sitting in aisle seat you were constantly hit every time cabin crew took trolley up / down aisle. Woke up by cabin crew banging into me."
Pros: "The flight itself was good. Service at the end of the flight was the worst ever."
Cons: "They got in late to lax. Made no apparent effort to get us on alternative airlines or flights. I was rebooked on a flight 24 hours out No help finding hotels, meals or even terminal. It was a codeshare with united but neither would united help in any way because it was booked through air Canada."
Cons: "Air Canada was one hour late leaving the gate. This in fact was a great improvement as when we left Montreal on Dec.21 they were 4 hours late and in the best of xmas cheer didn't even offer us a free drink. Way to go AC."
Pros: "the seat beside me was open"
Cons: "they made us rush through customs while yellig at us nd being very condescending then we waited an hour to board because the airport door wouldn't open for the crew"
Cons: "The lady who checked us in caused a major problem with seating. The person I was traveling with was blind and I was her guide. We specifically asked to be seated together and the lady told me we were. I even confirmed with her and she told me yes again. When we boarded we found out our seats were 17 rows apart. I found out that she did this for the connecting flight as well (not as far apart but still not together) this caused a great deal of stress as I couldn't help her when I needed to."
Pros: "The seats were comfortable and the crew was friendly. We were re-booked onto another flight by the time we de-planed, which took some stress away."
Cons: "The entertainment selection needs more variety. The food choices were just okay. The flight was delayed and we missed our connection. Also, our friend received a food voucher for the delay while we did not. Boarding can be a little chaotic."
Pros: "This flight ended up arriving at the final destination a day later instead of first thing in morning last thing at night."
Pros: "Only 30 minutes late, nice landing."
Cons: "Pitch between seats, filth all over seat back and tray table, mass rush to board when zone three is called, no free snacks, limited drink choices, etc."
Pros: "Meh."
Cons: "Video display didn't accept touch input so didn't work at all."
Pros: "Nice staff. Efficient boarding."
Cons: "No basic food for free."
Pros: "Crew was friendly and courteous."
Cons: "Flight delayed as usual (for Air Canada)"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "everything"
Cons: "Flight was delayed making me miss my connection. Poor customer service at the airport plus the fact that my baggage got lost however, it was delivered after 24 hours."
Cons: "I had a last minute seat assignment (middle seat) in both legs of my flight. AC lost my bags and a day later only retrieved one of them. Still waiting for my second bag."
Cons: "Too many people with more than two bags. You have to force more people to put there bags in the plane storage not overhead. Two many carry-on bags and people had back packs with another bag, some computer bags. It takes too long to board the plan"
Pros: "Comfort of seats and spaciousness of the plane"
Cons: "Agent off loaded me and only me from return flight with zero reason. Second flight I was put on was delayed 2 hours. Sat for 5 hours in the airport for a 1 hour domestic flight. Customer service was terrible. Emailed Air Canada 4 days ago and have yet to recover any response."
Pros: "Linda the Air Canada check in Agent at the Priority desk in Calgary was the best Check in Agent I have ever dealt with in over 20 years of business travel. I was with my family and she even made a special effort with my two Granddaughters that they are still talking about today. She is the reason Air Canada still has ALL of my business every year"
Pros: "They had a wheelchair accessible for me and delivered me to my waiting party."
Pros: "Entertainment system might have been nice if the earphone plug worked."
Cons: "The most uncomfortable seat of all time because it was broken but the flight attendant didn't care."
Pros: "Great valve"
Cons: "Delay in boarding by about 20 minutes. Had to stand in line for about 1 hour because we were not allowed in the terminal seating area until the previous plane's passengers disembarked."
Pros: "New 787 dreamliner, live up to the hype."
Cons: "Its hard to sleep as the seat is very bench like. Air Canada's food isnt as generous as it use to be, but their fares are quite low so i guess its a tradeoff."
Pros: "The comfort of a Dash 8 was surprising. The seats have a suitable amount of leg room which I'm actually scared to mention so they don't add an extra seat to each row to take it away. Not too much, not too small, just right for a 6 foot man to not have his knees pressed against the seat in front for the whole ride. Small plane size did allow for quick retrieval of bags at final destination."
Cons: "Where to start? Dash 8's shake, rattle and roll for the whole trip. Felt like we could fall out of the sky at any time. Staff don't care. Split our group after rescheduling due to aircraft issues despite seats available on both connectors. Said to wait until next stop to fix. Next stop said nothing they can do since we checked a bag. Put 2 hours between arrivals just because they can. Blamed it on the computer."
Cons: "Better food choices for Business Class passengers"
Pros: "Never flew with China Southern before. Really excellent service."
Cons: "Need sweeteners for beverages besides sugar."
Pros: "short (14 hours) flight. food is okay as airplane food. seats are pretty big."
Cons: "The only complaining is there isn't any Cantonese movies as it supposed to be a Guangzhou (廣東)/ New York bounds."
Cons: "Online checkin didnt work, long disorganized lines, delayed flight, bag lost"
Pros: "Everything very average"
Cons: "If you ever need customer service, they are the worst in the business"
Cons: "The seatbacks lacked any padding. It was like leaning against a board for several hours."
Cons: "Only served fish no other choice. Didn’t have red or white wine -only beer. They crew made me move seats so the woman next to me could have the whole row for sleeping."
Pros: "It wasn’t a difficult flight"
Cons: "Wish there would’ve been inflight entertainment"
Pros: "I liked almost all services."
Cons: "Plane location and its information should be acknowledged to the passengers from time to time so that they are well informed about that & their travel time would be more interesting and informative.I donot see any other major thing to upgrade besides that."
Pros: "Liked the food and crew members."
Cons: "The most ucomfortable seats I have ever travelled. I had a 13 hour trip which made it even more worse. Small leg room and bad back and bottom support. Would avoid if possible"
Cons: "Lost my luggage for ever"
Pros: "not much"
Cons: "were told that flight was full, many rows actually empty could not check in online"
Pros: "The sit was good tight but good"
Cons: "I liked it nothing wrong"
Pros: "Seats are comfortable . Food is okay. Staff are very nice. Good value for money."
Cons: "We had an hour stop over in Colombo and they made us wait on the place for the entire time. Exhausting and awful to be honest"
Pros: "Great space. Easy to get on and off plane."
Cons: "Movie/media monitor did not work. Selection of movies and audio were very limited Takeoff very shaky cabin- scary"
Pros: "The flight service was excellent and very attentive."
Cons: "I don’t eat airline food but if the quality of the food in the economy section got better, I might try eating it."
Cons: "They lost our bag, then claimed it was our fault it was lost. Told us to keep coming back to the airport every few hours to check if the bag had made it on a flight.. They also got extremely upset with me when I didn't want to switch seats with a family who wanted to sit together, I paid extra for the isle bulk head. They wanted me to switch to a middle seat in the far back."
Pros: "Everything was great."
Cons: "I missed my flight due to certain inevitable reason and kayak or China southern both didn't wanna help me in such case."
Pros: "Food was decent and the staff came through the cabin quite frequently to offer drinks"
Cons: "Media screen did not work. I could not select a language which in effect locked me out of any type of on board entertainment for 15 hrs. Good thing I was prepared with my laptop and tablet."
Pros: "The flight attendants were great."
Cons: "The plane was uncomfortable for such a long flight. The layover in Wuhan was a nightmare."
Cons: "Not your fault but I had to wait for over 30 minutes to get my baggage in LA because the machine did not work for a long time."
Cons: "Horrible boarding experience, crew rude"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "At the end of our trip, 3 weeks later, we arrived in HAN to make our 3:45PM flight - constantly checking the status to make sure the flight would not be late again. The flight ended up getting delayed 30 minutes, then another 30, then an hour, and longer until the flight was delayed 5 hours total. China Southern employees at HAN wouldn’t move us to new flights and tried to tell us that we would make our layover in CAN despite this flight landing at 11:15 and our flight from CAN leaving at 10:05. We checked online and found there were no flights out of CAN to SFO until 24 hours later, yet there was a routing directly out of HAN. We told the employees it would be useless for them to fly us to CAN because we would be stuck there. They ignored us and told us it was fine and to fly to China. When we tried to explain, the employee simply walked away. We landed in CAN and were met with employees who first told us at 12:30pm flight to LAX the next day was booked full and they wanted us to wait 24 hours. When I told them that wasn’t true, they recanted and said “oh we can get you on the flight.” I asked for compensation since this was the second layover that was missed because of airline failure and a manager at the Transfer Desk told us he could not upgrade us to premium seating because all the seating was sold out. When we finally sat on the 12:30PM flight to LAX we found that not only did Economy have open seats, but so did premium seating. We were lied to by the manager at the Transfer Desk in CAN and when we explained the situation to flight attendants that we wanted one of the open seats they told us no. In addition, during our overnight stay in CAN due to China Southern employees at HAN not switching our routing, we were put in a hotel that smelled of smoke and had water stains in the room. We were woken up early to catch a shuttle back to the airport and when we arrived at the airport to ask for food vouchers to eat breakfast since our layover was longer than 12 hours, we were also told no. Overall I am completely dissatisfied with both flights on China Southern. I was lied to, cheated, and held up over 24 hours in China due to airline mistake and their unwillingness to book us new tickets. I spent hours at airports talking to airline employees and because of these hours spent we should be reimbursed for our flight."
Pros: "The in flight entertainment was good, great selections and helped to pass the time."
Cons: "The seats in economy are alright, but my seat wouldn't stay reclined all the way."
Pros: "Good cabin crew."
Cons: "Flight was hours late"
Pros: "Crew was very kind, the vegetarian option was nice to have. The entertainment options were pretty good as well for a small puddle jump. Plenty of room for checked baggage."
Cons: "The seats were a bit of a squeeze, and the food itself was pretty terrible. The entertainment screen did not work on my seat (was pretty clearly being operated by someone else). Contacting them before the flight was extremely difficult."
Pros: "Good service"
Cons: "Two stops in China required us to go thru customs and security multiple times"
Pros: "Everything is excellent"
Pros: "It was the cheapest flight I could find that time. My connection flight delayed because of weather in Urumqi, but they tried to solve and gave me free accommodation for night. Food wasn't that bad."
Cons: "Urumqi was bad weather, so we landed in Kashi. Team didn't explain well about it. So there was no explanation. Even I didn't know where I was, what going to happen. They need to improve their English and also should explain to Passengers. Also, not really helpful for connecting flights. They put yellow sticker on our chests but wasn't sure why they did."
Pros: "I've flown China Southern several times before and like the airline. Legroom is good, so is the service and the movie selection."
Cons: "I would like the food choices to be containing less fish as it's rather smelly in a contained space such as an aircraft. Otherwise it was a rather short flight so no complaints."
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Pros: "Crew friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Food was well planned out and tasty."
Cons: "The Airbus 380 is more comfortable but CZ owns fewer of them than the B-777. Boarding is chaotic partly due the the Chinese tradition of disorganized attack instead of queuing but also the failure of the ticket takers to insist on queueing."
Cons: "see comments above"
Cons: "The flight over wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. Food was strange, and I'm not a picky eater. Service was poor, and flight attendants don't speak much english. There were no power outlets for a 15 hour flight, which was stated when we booked with this airline."
Pros: "Additonal transit stop not mentioned on itinerary. No through check -in for luggage was disappointing Vegetarian meal not available evn though it was requested much in advance"
Pros: "The flights services person in charge is so goods."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew was friendly, comfort and food decent. Overall a good experience with exception of a couple of things mentioned below."
Cons: "After arriving at Guangzhou, we had to take a bus from the plane to the airport. It was more than cramped. Instead of having another bus, they made us all get on the same bus, which had to be more than 100 people. Only a five minute ride, but we also had to wait for all the passengers to board the bus, so it was more like 10-15 minutes of being cramped in the bus. It would also be nice if we could use our phones on China Southern flights. They have a rule that your phone must be off for the duration of the flight, even if in airplane mode. A little annoying when I had planned on working on some accounting for my business during the flight, most of which was logged on my phone app."
Pros: "new plane"
Cons: "plane departure delayed over 1 hr plane had minimal toilet, the slow food service, blocked bathroom access"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Service"
Cons: "The early collection of entertainment head sets 30+ minutes before landing service of drinks need to be improved"
Pros: "Someone had booked the same seat as I did and since i was traveling alone they moved me up to first class on my long flight to China. Overall Excellent service!!"
Pros: "The plane was nicer than china eastern flight."
Pros: "IM Disabled they helped me a lot very friendly"
Cons: "food was very bad"
Pros: "I was bumped from economy to business class. This was a unique experience in which I got to travel as a VIP. Economy class with China Southern is better than domestic U.S. carriers, but business class was something else."
Pros: "Muslim food, crew help and care, pilot professional"
Cons: "Hot flight A/C not cooling enough only when landed and about to leave the plane it worked very well !!! Also TV entertainment was very boaring"
Cons: "The seat was not comfy, crew was rude and impolite, the food cart hitting my leg white I was sleeping."
Pros: "Crews in this part,LA to Delhi was good & comfortable inspire of language problem .Boarding is good"
Cons: "Very difficult to contact before boarding ,like for food options .language problems & food without egg,chicken,fish difficult to manage"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for three hours"
Pros: "I liked that the plane landed safely and on time."
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "The crew was accommodating during the flight but spoke very little English and could not help with information on connecting flight."
Cons: "We missed our connecting flight due to a delay and the airline would not let us through because we could have made our second flight...."
Pros: "Food - Free dinners even for economy class. Entertainment - Every seat has a TV that offers multiple languages and tons of blockbuster movies from a variety of genres. They also offer many television shows in multiple languages and genres and video games. Roomy- The seats are as non-roomy as any airplane. However, the flight attendants don't give you any trouble when you want to just get up and walk around and talk to people. It gives the plane a roomy atmosphere. You can go to spacier sections of the plane to hang out."
Cons: "Nothing really."
Pros: "Food - Free dinners even for economy class. Entertainment - Every seat has a TV that offers multiple languages and tons of blockbuster movies from a variety of genres. They also offer many television shows in multiple languages and genres and video games. Roomy- The seats are as non-roomy as any airplane. However, the flight attendants don't give you any trouble when you want to just get up and walk around and talk to people. It gives the plane a roomy atmosphere. You can go to spacier sections of the plane to hang out."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Great entertainment - The plane offers a ton of blockbuster movies that are recent and from many catagories. They also offer TV from different lands and video games and selection of languages to hear them in. Great food - Even economy passengers get great free food during the trip. For a trip as long as going from Washington DC to BeiJing, they give you two dinners. Roominess - The seats are as cramped as any airline. However, the flight attendants don't give you are trouble when you want to get up and walk around and stay standing and talking with people of a long time. It has two isles so it feels pretty roomy to get up and walk around. Friendly staff- They make american flight staffs look very rude."
Cons: "Leading up to the flight, customer service can only be contacted by email. Don't even try calling. They never pick up and won't get back to you. At least the flight is very good."
Pros: "Landing"
Cons: "The food was terrible, the crew was rude, the seats were small, the plane was dirty inside"
Pros: "Even woth premium economy it still wasnt as good as thought it was going to be."
Cons: "Planes need to update seats"
Pros: "The crew was adequate."
Cons: "The airplane was old and dirty."
Pros: "I booked this time China air for my parents and because of delayed flight we had very bad experience. Japanese boarding ticking staff were cooperative but seems they don’t have power"
Cons: "They said they understand situation but they were afraid to solve but there were staff name Ms. Umeda Ms. Yasukawa and Ms. Ai were very nice trying to handling the situation but as we were very cooperative and understanding that not their fault. My parents are old my mother can’t walk probably and Blood pleasure patient. I ask for room in Beijing because of 18 hours delayed stay. But they failed for get Hotel. But Japanese staff were nice also crew. I would love to give 5/5 rating but honestly was bad experience only because of delayed flight and couldn’t get recovery."
Pros: "Crew members, especially Cooper Pan, were excellent, friendly, thorough, accommodating. I felt like a special customer on this flight! Food was very good, and I appreciated the options of different meals. Also very little turbulence. Thank you, Air China!"
Cons: "Horrible experience of sitting on the tarmac for more than four hours with no air conditioning in New York on a 95 degree day. I thought I would die. There seemed to be no concern among the crew for our extreme discomfort."
Cons: "The flight is cancelled and nobody had notified us. I only find out when I went to airport. No good"
Pros: "crews are kind and help."
Cons: "entertainment system sucks, no internet"
Pros: "Movie selection was good."
Cons: "Flight attendants demeanor and customer friendly attitude left much to be desired."
Cons: "Our flight was severely delayed 6 hours from Heathrow, and that is where this horror story began. No one bothered to tell us anything. When we arrived in Beijing for our connection to Bangkok, we had to search out people for help, there was absolutely no one forthcoming with explanations. We were travelling as 2 friends, I was booked on one flight and my travelling companion on another 15 hours later! This only got changed when we explained that we both only had hand luggage! To then board the flight and sit on the tarmac, engines running, simply waiting, no explanations again!! Will we ever fly China Airways again?? If we could exchange our return flight tickets to that of another Star Alliance member we would."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This flight was delayed and I reached Beijing around 4am. I arrived at Haikou Airport early, and could have used an earlier flight. But I could not make it, due to the false information at the check-in counter. Considering my situation, the CA related staff made a proposal for upgrading for my seat on this flight. However, a bureaucratic chief purser harshly relected it. Furthermore, the only food served in the main cabin on this flight was a hamburger, and it smelled bad. It might have been rotten."
Pros: "I was surprised that there were tons of in flight entertainment to select from. Crew was also very nice"
Cons: "The seats weren’t the most comfy and one of the meals was bad"
Pros: "Boarding was prompt and efficient."
Cons: "No power sockets to charge phones, Entertainment selection and functionality completely outdated, just managed to watch 1 movie before I gave up trying. The air hostess tried to help but mentioned that it’s just slow. During dinner service I asked for a second glass of wine with my meal but was refused as only 1 glass of beer or wine is allowed per passenger and flight, which I found very stingy as an airline and irritating from a customer care perspective."
Pros: "Wide bed and good support for good sleep"
Cons: "Not a big movie selection"
Pros: "Love the space of airplane"
Cons: "The Air China ground staff was horrible. The return flight was late and so I missed my connection in Beijing. One of the flight attendants then blamed me for it because Kayak had booked the connecting flights too closely. I was then shuttled downstairs to ground crew who were terse, uncommunicative, and downright mean. I ended up in a hotel and can only hope this last part of my flight gets better. I’m still in beijing as I write this. And no wi fi on the domestic or international legs of the flight. Primitive."
Pros: "The staff was helpful"
Cons: "The flight was cramped up and not clean"
Cons: "Service was not good, requested special meals weren't available, and the staff was quite rude about it."
Pros: "The crew were helpful and friendly throughout, trying to find out what we should do about missed connections during the flight, I was able to move to an empty exit seat (I'm 6'5") so the delay was relatively comfortable."
Cons: "Well we were delayed for an hour and missed connection as a result, but you can't really blame the airline for that."
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Food to be improved"
Pros: "The staff, from airport to plane, were brilliant, the food was initially surprisingly nice, but by the time I'd been in transit long enough for the third meal, I just couldn't face it."
Cons: "The Seats were OK and the legroom was pretty bgood for economy, but the extra headrests on the larger Heatthrow/beijing aircraft came in at about shoulderblade height and made finding a truly comfortable position impossible. Definitely one to look at the price step ups for better seats in future."
Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "The planes are very old and lack basic comforts. As a business class traveler, the food was really below the standards of other airlines. Also some flights did not have individual entertainment systems. Finally the business class lounge in Beijing was the worst Ive ever seen. The food was basically instant noodles and small pastries. The whole experience was disappointing."
Pros: "restroom lines were less due to limited choice of drinks which turned out positive specially when flight was full."
Cons: "Had to call agency for confirming seats as web was never successful despite many try's. Agency in Washington was v good and helped. on long haul flights the choice of entertainment is poor. food could have been better"
Cons: "Little movie options"
Pros: "Unedable food"
Cons: "Booked beyond recognition flavourless"
Pros: "Good service, comfortable seats"
Cons: "Not a single snack in the plane!"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Smelled. Terrible food. Poor customer service. Rude to foreigners."
Pros: "Fare prices were inexpensive."
Cons: "1 out of the 2 meals did not taste like much. Meat was extremely chewy. 2 hour layover was not enough time to do customs and re-check-in through security to catch the domestic flight. Beijing airport employees barely knew where to direct you for reacquiring a new flight."
Pros: "Great movies. Flight crew was very nice."
Pros: "Complimentary Movies with headphones provided were a plus. Tenants on the first flight were nice and accommodated me being a vegetarian with out any frustration. But the transfer flight with AirChina was not too happy about it. Meals were provided. If you are not vegetarian or find out how to put your name on a special request sheet it should go smooth."
Cons: "Seats were very narrow and seat by window wouldn't recline like other window seats. (No I was not by the exit.) I am a vegetarian. And asked for no meat. They didn't have a my name in a special request list. The crew member did know how I would be asked to be put on the list. I had a transfer flight with Air china to Dubai. The crew members in that flight were very rude even when I told them during boarding and a crew member came across with the special request sheet. Still no one could tell me how to put my name down as a special request to avoid any further confusion."
Pros: "Food was very good. Good variety and plenty of vegetables. Staff very courteous."
Cons: "Restroom was Healy used. Should have been monitored more closely. Was not clean enough when I used had to clean myself before I could use. But I used to be a health inspector so maybe my standards are to high."
Pros: "Getting off the plane"
Cons: "Two hours on the deck at Astana waiting take off in steaming humidity and not a word from the staff. They looked blankly at me when I asked to know what was going on. And then they told a bald faced lie. They failed in the service of a pre-ordered mea. in general a pathetic excuse for an airline."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our international connection. Flight attendants did not care, did not attempt to get us out faster, or put on a different flight. Asked for an announcement to be made on board or to be moved to seats closer to the front so we could get off the plane quicker, did not happen. Offboarded and sprinted across the airport for our international connection and was notified by gate attendents that the gate closed five minutes ago and that they could not let us on the plane. Meanwhile, the plane sat there for an additional 30 minutes while it fueled and waited for release from air traffic control. There were six travelers total stuck there in San Fran at that gate, all of us begging to be let on the plane to Beijing, the last one for over 24 hours. Zero compassion from staff at the the airline gate. They did not care about us and did not care about leaving their travelers stranded. Our total travel was Denver to Bangkok, 26 hours of travel including layovers in San Fran and Beijing. In San Fran (after missing the gate connection), we were rerouted us through Haiwaii and the customer service agent that did this reroute did not finish the reroute to our final destination. We got to Haiwaii and were stranded again, at the Air China service desk for four hours having to once again provide documentation of our initial travel plans to Bangkok, having them build a new itinerary to our final destination. Overall, 20 additional travel hours have been added to our itinerary, almost double our initial travel time. We have had to call and cancel pre-arranged bookings in Thailand as we are now missing two full days off our trip. I am absolutely disappointed and heart broken as I write this still stuck in the Beijing airport waiting another six hours to connect to Bangkok. My fiancé and I were traveling to Thailand to get married and have received no compassion from anyone at this airline to try and get us there. I am flat out disgusted by Air China."
Pros: "Food was good. and more leg room. Also gave you a pillow and blanket. Of course the flight to China was a much larger airplane a Boeing 747, where flight to Sfo was a 737-800 and a smaller Air bus. All my flights made it to destination on time. Or close to it. You should plan on at least 1&1/2 hours between transfers. SFO was under staffed at security long lines, and empty desks. Beijing & Soul airports had smaller lines. The Visa free transit at Beijing worked well."
Cons: "Long time through customs and security especially when transferring from one plane to another. We had carry on luggage but still had to go through baggage claim and exit before transferring to the next flight."
Cons: "No entertainment because no individual screen for movie"
Cons: "Hi, I would like to file for a full refund for the flight which I purchased. Upon arriving at the ticketing counter at LAX, I was denied my boarding pass with the reason that I needed a transit visa. I did not need a transit visa as I hold a Malaysian passport. The ticketing agent was being unprofessional and told me to walk to the Eva air counter to purchase another ticket if I so desperately want to leave. I purchased a business class ticket and was being treated really rudely. I have contacted Air China customer service but they are not responsive or helpful in any way. I showed them the China embassy website stating that I do not need a transit visa and they called me the next day saying they are willing to reschedule my flight for another $700. I would like a full refund for the ticket I purchased. Thanks, Sue"
Cons: "Cabin was really dirty, carpet coming apart and stain on the seats"
Pros: "That the plane took off and landed"
Cons: "Delayed. By an hour. Then we had to take a bus to the plane 15 minutes. Once we landed, we had a 40 min bus ride to get off the plane."
Pros: "I like food ,drinks,and staff"
Cons: "What i didnt like was our baggage left with no keys, they all broke both keys we put in our check in baggage,just make us so dissapointing!!!"
Cons: "Seat is small and uncomfortable No entertainment on flight Landing late Food test not good poor customer service"
Cons: "My overseas flight was cancelled and I was not made aware until I tried to check into the flight. Then the flight was delayed without letting the passengers know."
Pros: "I was extremely pleased with the flight attendants. They were excellent at all times. Very professional and friendly. I was particularly surprised at their approach to any passenger who could potentially cause problems for the flight or other passengers. I'm American and to be frank, we are total jerks in flight. You tell an American to put away their mobile device and as soon as you turn your back they're back at it. Americans in general are unreasonable people. The flight attendants' approach to solving problems before they have an opportuniy to become problems was a sight to see, friendly, non-confrontational. They brought beverages around at regular intervals which was very comforting. Also, not only were blankets and pillows at every seat before takeoff, but they were fairly decent. Very comfortable. On a US carrier you can expect to be charged extra for any little thing, and so you don't even bother to ask for it. On Air China you don't have to worry about it."
Cons: "On this flight, nothing. No complaints whatsoever."
Pros: "Friendly staff and on time."
Cons: "The one thing that would stop me flying with this company is that most of the food served had meat in it. I understand it might be their culture, but as a company who serves people from all around the world, they should really consider changing their menu. Not everyone supports the killing of animals, and not everyone has a diet that do as well."
Pros: "The flight was accepted by FlightNetworkbut never ticketed. I called and waited on hold for an hour with occasional talk to representative. She indicated that she would call me back in an hour. A ticketing agent called about an hour later and said the flight I booked was unavailable so they switched me to China Southern (where I have no status) but have status with Air China as Star Gold. In addition, they charged me an extra $330 US, so the good fare on Air Chain / Air New Zealand did not materialize. I am thoroughly disgusted with the process and FlightNetwork."
Cons: "The flight was accepted by FlightNetworkbut never ticketed. I called and waited on hold for an hour with occasional talk to representative. She indicated that she would call me back in an hour. A ticketing agent called about an hour later and said the flight I booked was unavailable so they switched me to China Southern (where I have no status) but have status with Air China as Star Gold. In addition, they charged me an extra $330 US, so the good fare on Air Chain / Air New Zealand did not materialize.disgusted with the process and FlightNetwork."
Pros: "The plane that WE EVENTUALLY got on was modern and nice. The entertainment system worked mostly (even though the selection was lacking)."
Cons: "Every flight was late. The staff was unprofessional and not at all helpful to my friend who was traveling with a broken leg. We needed a wheel chair for him so we could race to our connection in Beijing.... they wouldn't give us one and kept bickering amongst themselves, so he had to walk on his crutches all the way to the gate... only to find out they changed the gate because our plane was broken. Only they didn't tell us that, they just kept saying... "you can't board". I could go on and on but I am still too exhausted from the experience."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Calgary to China

Airlines flying from Calgary to China have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Calgary to China

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Calgary to China

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Calgary to China

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Calgary to China

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Calgary to China

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