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Flight from Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl to Fez Sais
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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Fez? 25% of our users found tickets to Fez for the following prices or less: From Ottawa C$ 1,708 round-trip, from Toronto C$ 1,863 round-trip, from Calgary C$ 1,925 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from Canada is October.
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Top airline flying to Fez Sais

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Royal Air MarocOverall score based on 2736 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "I can not get my luggage for more than 6 months"
Read more about Royal Air Maroc
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "I can not get my luggage for more than 6 months"
Pros: "It was a smooth journey. The crew members were great"
Cons: "There was about an hour delay"
Cons: "Checking in agent should be polite"
Cons: "They stole my clothes from my suitcase"
Pros: "Crew rude and seat aren't comfortable.also didn't get my 4 piece of luggage...I'm still waiting yet!"
Pros: "Great crew."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by about half hour & so was arrival."
Cons: "The flight was late! Nightmare at boarding! I arrived an hour and a half late They lost my luggage I have not heard back yet"
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "They could have not been 2.5 hours late leaving my origin city and causing me to miss both of my connecting flights"
Pros: "nothing! Very poor service"
Cons: "Have special help for large families especially with young children. Most airlines anticipate large families’ arrival and keep a golf car at the gate to help them. Your company is careless, callus. In addition i lost 3 luggages"
Cons: "This the worst trip ever boarding was delayed by 5 hours and the people at the counter knew and didn’t bother informing me when I checked in. I paid a lot of money for business class and the plane has all seats same to top it despite that there is other space the put a big fat guy in the seat next"
Cons: "3h 45m stuck on a bus without air, then a plane without AC on the tarmac in Tunis in July - is that even legal? And then another 45 min delay on the 2nd leg to JFK for "loading bags.""
Pros: "The seat was comfy and the people were pleasant"
Cons: "The piloting was rocky at best, the person next to me invaded my personal space too often, and the boarding process was confusing"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Shame of a company."
Pros: "Royal air Maroc is run by bandits. Travel with them at your own risk."
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "Flights were on time, boarding was smooth and there was enough legroom."
Cons: "The selection of movies and TV-shows was comparably small."
Pros: "The flight was overbooked so we had to wait 30-40 minutes so we could have our boarding passes. The line was super long and the waiting time was a lot."
Cons: "The airline should be better organized. I arrived very early at the airport and I almost missed the flight because of the airline and customs."
Pros: "Crew did a great job, they were very courteous friendly and professional. Also I was very pleasantly surprised to see no baggage fees!"
Pros: "We had a tight connection and they bussed us to the next plane. Awesome."
Cons: "Boarding was awful, planes are not well kept, food is just gross, & the service is just not good at all! For the prices they change this is inacceptable!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "EVERYTHING I could smell the bathroom from the middle of the aeroplane. The attendants were unfriendly, rude and unaccommodating. The food was undesirable given that there were no vegetarian options. Upon disembarking the aeroplane looked like a tornado went through it because the attendants did not pick up from the passengers before the flight landed (perhaps it was not part of their job, if so...my apologies )"
Pros: "Everything about the airline and flight were smooth and fine"
Cons: "Because we bought from JustFly through Kayak we couldn’t reserve seats until we got to the ticket agent. We were given seats all over the plane, mostly middle seats"
Cons: "It was a 2hours extra delay. We waited 6 hour and a half instead of 4 hours at Morocco airport."
Pros: "Announcements were in many languages (English, Arabic, French, Portuguese) Flights departed and arrived precisely on time"
Pros: "Food was decent"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed by 30 min. Seats were dirty. Inflight entertainment was broken."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "To start, the flight never happened. The flight was cancel one WHOLE hour after it was supposed to take-off. Then we get told that they were going to bus us to a larger airport that was THREE hours away. We where told that when we arrive at this airport that there would be hotel accommodations for us and that the agents there will make arrangements for thise with a connecting flight. It was all lies. We arrive at the airport after riding a 2-star bus for three hours inly to be told that they had no idea what we were talking about and that no one told them we where coming. Then we were told that there were no hotel rooms available in the whole city (lie) and that all of the available cars to take us to an available hotel where in another city (another lie). On top of that, if you missed a connecting flight on a different airline, you where screwed. I had to buy a whole new ticket just to get home. It was insane!!! So basically a plane full of people were jerked around and lied to by every employee of this airport that we met. Completely disgusting. If you can avoid it, never ever fly Royal Air Maroc."
Pros: "Good movie options"
Cons: "Awful food, slow service"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "agent was very rude, told me I will be on waiting list, no seats. don't overbook your flight"
Pros: "Plane was big"
Cons: "The flight crew was not professional, food was disgusting, in flight service was not good"
Cons: "The flight was more than one hour late, and I was told not to worry and that my connecting flight would wait. Not only was that false information (it didn't wait), but I was put on a flight hours later and got no compensation or even an apology. It should also be stated that Casablanca airport was in a state of chaos when I transited, with no one in charge of directing people towards connections, passengers fighting, screaming and forcing their way through security. If Royal Air Maroc wants to continue expanding and attracting passengers, Casablanca airport needs to be able to handle large numbers of transiting passengers both in terms of infrastructure and ground personnel handling traffic and rebookings."
Cons: "They canceled my flight forcing me to leave my vacation a day early with not even a 24 hrs notice. This resulted in me losing out on money that I had already spent on tickets, the place we were staying, parking my car etc."
Pros: "Great legroom and service. Everything's included (maybe not alcoholic beverages, but I didn't ask). I also noticed the security was very high at Casablanca, with not only luggage scans upon entry, but then another at the gate area. My passport and boarding pass were cross-checked at least five times! However, it was done very efficiently and didn't impede progress."
Cons: "Was not given meal requested"
Cons: "They say they provide people with a lounge (salon) to rest in while in transit but the place has no clean toilets, and not Bligh seats to relax and be comfortable. The planes have no entertainment and I feel as though I was targeted and asked to move my seat 3 times before take off! Will not be flying Air Maroc anytime soon."
Pros: "not over-booked, so was able to get my own row to sleep, efficient generally"
Cons: "male flight attendants and staff are a bit surly - some of the new security requirements, like having to check in computer and iPad when coming tot he US from Morocco, were not adequately explained or handled in a customer-service-oriented manner"
Pros: "Nice fight- inspire if my first aborted landing (turbulence forced the pilot to bring us back up) Professional crew-too class Free hotel for my 10 hour layover"
Cons: "They lost my luggage and it took me 4 days of constant follow ups to track it down"
Pros: "food is super!!! bravo"
Pros: "Price of airfare"
Cons: "Old, dirty, uncomfortable plane; terrible food, fairly unfriendly service on the flight"
Pros: "Some of the staff were dismissive and rushed."
Pros: "I appreciated the snack and meal. The attendants were great. The seats were spaced well."
Cons: "I wish we were given more information regarding the on boarding process to get back to the US. I was not informed about the extensive level of security checks we would experience. I also was not informed regarding the various electronics that were prohibited. It would have been very helpful to know in advance so that I could plan it out accordingly. Since it seemed no one was informed, the security check and on boarding took almost an hour and a half to go through. I was very surprised at the lack of communication and would appreciate that for future trips. At this time, I would think twice before booking another trip with this company."
Cons: "Pain et viennoiserie glacial."
Pros: "Food, space, and service were great. I travel RAM often and the food from DC to Casa was the best yet (other routes have not been very good)."
Cons: "I asked to have a seat at the issue de sortie(emergency exit) and the lady told me that she reserved it for me. In the plane I found out that she didn't do it. I'm so disappointed. Plus the middle row in the plane TV's were not working for the entire trip from Casablanca to Dulles in Washington DC. Imagine 8 hours trip without TV or music. This is deplorable. Very disappointed Edmond"
Pros: "Should have followed the poor reviews. They took my carry on luggage and lost it. Got the runaround treatment when I call with wait times of 2 hrs. Then eventually when you get someone, they tell you it's your responsibility to go to the various airports and check for your luggage. My 1 month vacation was ruined as a result bc I lost some priceless items and my IT lab workbook which I needed crucially for some work. On my way back thru Morocco, I was told at the airport to go to their main office in down town casablanca. Then here in the US, getting told different things only to end uo with a 1800 number that no one picks up. Horrid customer service!"
Pros: "Staff were very friendly."
Cons: "No TV"
Pros: "Crew, boarding OK. Newer plane in great condition. Comfortable leather seats."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "This is the dirtiest airplane I have ever been on - the seats were stained. Dried food and drink spots were on the wall, back of the.seats and trays - flying on the plane made me feel physically ill. If at all possible, I will never fly this airline again."
Pros: "Crew were hospitable and friendly. Food was good."
Cons: "No in-flight entertainment. Old plane."
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "Smooth flight!!"
Cons: "Staff was not very friendly Plane seems dirty - hair(not mine) all over pillow and blanket Announcement system not clear Legroom not sufficient"

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15h 50mFEZ-YUL
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