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Air ChinaOverall score based on 5755 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "I always prefer asian airlines"
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Cons: "I always prefer asian airlines"
Pros: "Amazing crew and staff"
Cons: "More food selection"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "."
Pros: "I found the seats to be very comfortable"
Pros: "The flight arrive on time. The airline did all they could to accommodate late passengers and even held back about 10 minutes because of the long lines at customs. Despite holding back they still manage to get us to our destination on time."
Cons: "The entertainment was lacking severely however since this was a Sunday morning 7 AM departure most everyone on the plane slept so it was not an issue."
Pros: "The crew was good. The food was OK."
Cons: "The battery for my electric wheelchair was seized in China for being over regulation (despite the fact that it was not). No accommodation was provided. AirChina put me on the plane after inspecting the battery. I would discourage any disabled passengers from traveling through China)"
Cons: "Touch screens don’t work very well."
Pros: "Food was good! Crew spoke great English."
Cons: "6 hour plane ride with no TVs/entertainment options were unclear, and no meal from PEK-HKT. Outdated entertainment system on 11hr flight from YVR-PEK. Beijing airport was an absolute maze, we got sent in 8 different directions from the moment we got off our plane!"
Cons: "I'm very gtateful"
Pros: "Good service"
Cons: "The food was very poor."
Pros: "First off, the flight was cheap, really cheap, so for the price it was amazing."
Cons: "Planes was a bit old so the entertainment system was a bit temperamental, poor image and the wife’s controller had taken a beating, so was hard to navigate and adjust settings."
Pros: "Good land side service (partially because I am Star Gold) and fair on-board service. luggage was delivered faster than expected in beijing."
Cons: "Fair Food and Fair beverage... Air China indeed needs to have some western style food. seat is fair to poor condition; too narrow for me even for a economy class (mind you that business class is not much better). and maybe they should learn about something called "entertainment terminal". you stare at a public, plasma TV for 3 hours without change of programs. thanks for the ancient device. that does remind me what flights could be 20+ years ago."
Pros: "Clean inside,"
Cons: "Too short switching time, cause missing next flight when I went to China; when I am back to America, the flight canceled because of weather, nobody help change the ticket, not good service"
Cons: "Don't like the food at all."
Pros: "Good to have a footrest. Toilets in good condition."
Cons: "Low entertainment options Low quality of food. Same sauce used for both the meals. Didn't smell that great."
Cons: "Our first segment was delayed and when we landed, no priority was given to get off the plane and run for next flight. We barely made it. Got to Dubai for a wedding and our luggage didn’t make it. There were five of us flying together. No one got their bags. We landed at 1030 pm and went to out first event that night in the same track suit I flew in. Awful airline. Never again."
Pros: "The flight attendant crew is pretty good. They don’t speak great English and when they are working they are short and not so courteous, however after they have served and a bit more relaxed they are pleasant."
Cons: "Ticketing staff are horrendous to be polite. There is no such thing as customer service. Checked in online and had seat confirmation and when I was at the booth my connection flight had me sitting somewhere completely different. I showed the email confirmation to the ticketing agent and she said that’s not a confirmation and would have nothing to do with it. I quickly realized i was going to get no where so left it."
Pros: "Didn’t like it at all, flight canceled and we have to find our own alternate flight to our destination for the connecting flights."
Pros: "Good service"
Pros: "My wife fell down at the departure hall of PVG and had a small cut on her face. We got immediate medical attention and coordinated assistence from the ground personel and air crews (CA1884, CA989). We are very grateful for the exceptional help."
Pros: "The whole experience was unsatisfactory"
Cons: "They were changing my seat around. They lost my luggage. Still not found yet and has all the Christmas gifts I was bringing to my girl friend and her family. My clothes and medicines as well."
Pros: "Flight was good , webjet promised me aisle seats but did not deliver."
Cons: "Bejing airport is unfriendly, the staff are rude and the currency exchange is a joke. They gave me exactly half the value of my dollar ."
Cons: "Very poor service was very bad air hostess very rude"
Pros: "boarding on time! departing on time! ..."
Cons: "no free Christmas gift"
Cons: "Not enough time to transfer due to delay and staff wasn't helpful"
Cons: "Not a single snack in the plane!"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Everything els was disapointing"
Pros: "Cheapest flight"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "Complimentary Movies with headphones provided were a plus. This was my transfer flight with AirChina they were not too happy about me being a vegetarian. Meals were provided. If you are not vegetarian or find out how to put your name on a special request sheet it should go smooth."
Cons: "Seats were very narrow and seat by window wouldn't recline like other window seats for both flights. (No I was not by the exit.) I am a vegetarian. And asked for no meat during meals provided. They didn't have my name in a special request list. The crew member did know how I would be asked to be put on the list and was rude when I told her I was a vegetarian even when I informed multiple crew members during my boarding since I had an issue the previous flight. The crew members in that flight were very rude even when I told them during boarding and a crew member came across with the special request sheet. Still no one could tell me how to put my name down as a special request to avoid any further confusion"
Pros: "It was cheap and prettt fast"
Pros: "Literally nothing. I guess the crew was nice. Sufficient at least and not unpleasant."
Cons: "Where to start. First off, I have flown budget air carriers with more leg room than this pacific international flight. I do admit I am a taller than average guy, but if you are over 6' tall you will have NO legroom. And I mean none. It is an insulting amount of legroom. My 5'6" wife barely had any room, never mind myself. On my flight back, I requested an emergency exit row seat (as I noticed on the flight over the emergency exit row was filled with old people and young couples with babies/ young children). And was informed it would cost $120 USD per flight per person. My jaw almost hit the floor. You mean to tell me that the emergency exit row - the row where in the case of an emergency you are supposed to physically be able to assist passengers - actually COSTS money to sit in? That is an absolute disgrace. You have to pay for the added responsibility to help in the case of an emergency? Of course, once I was on the flight the emergency exit row was filled with old people and babies. All of course perfectly capable of helping in the case of an emergency. I was, and still am furious. The gall to charge that much money and then give the responsibility to people unable to help? Meanwhile, an able-bodied couple in the 20s is denied and I am cramped in my less-than-acceptable-for-budget-airlines legroom. And the food. Putrid. Inedible. It was somehow overwhelmingly fragrant while far too bland. Its hard to imagine someone putting together that meal and feeling proud. The meals all screamed "I do not care about my customers." In fact, that is the overwhelming feeling I got from Air China. An airline that truly could not careless about their customers. I would not reccommend. Even if they are the cheapest by a far margin. Stay away. Do not go near. Air China is a terrible airline that should be avoided at all costs."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Flies on plane. Tv screens not working. Food not appetizing. "Out of wine"."
Pros: "Loved the wide seats and space between seats. Staff service was impeccable."
Cons: "My TV screen was not functioning well."
Pros: "Dude at counter who had to change our seats as we were flying with an infant was great. Other people who were assisting us didn't know how to fix the issue but he did. Then when we boarded, he made sure we went first as we had all that baby stuff you have to carry!"
Cons: "I have flown Air China 6 times and every time we leave late. One time it caused me to miss a connecting flight and I was stuck in LA for two days. Food is not good. Buy snacks before you board. Movies/entertainment is poor. Nothing to watch for 15 hours."
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "Delayed flight but they did a excellent job at getting me to a earlier flight and bump up to gold seating"
Cons: "Need customer service training. When talking to customers ....need to look at then and acknowledge their exists. The cs grabs your passport And doesn't even care about you to smile and say hi."
Pros: "Attendants were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, but no sign was posted at the gate. Eventually we heard an audio message. No movies in flight."
Cons: "horrible airline."
Cons: "Couldn't check-in online from Beijing. Food is barely edible. Airline stewardess were not the friendliest people. Seats were lumpy. Bathroom faucet was corroded."
Pros: "The plane boarded pretty quickly."
Cons: "Asked the lady at the boarding desk about upgrading she responded in a very rude way that I couldn't upgrade now. Wanted to take a photo of the landscape on our way out and was told I couldn't use my phone at all even on airplane mode they made a huge deal about it, it had to be completely off. WE waited for 1h on the tarmac before taking off with no real info.The food is not good: just a couple piece of something in lot of sauce. A shitty piece of white bread and water melon for desert. Dry cookies for snacks in between meals. 40 min before landing they make you put your seat upright and they're firm about it just like when you're having dinner and you just want to relax and watch your movie. NO seat need to be upright. Would not take that airline company again."
Cons: "Flight delays and poor service"
Cons: "Flight did not exist, missed connecting flight"
Cons: "The flight attendant shoved me down the aisle with a drink cart. Mobile phones cannot even be looked at, even in flight mode, because of outdated policy. Staff is generally rude. The entire plane was spitting, clearing their noses with loud noises, and chewing with their mouths open. Basically, the perfect airline to display one of the rudest cultures in the world."
Pros: "Crew disengaged the smoke detector in order to smoke on board. There was a significant water leak in the business class bathroom that was not addressed. No communication of safety issues between the crew and pilots. Apparently the crew must be dissallusioned to think rules don't apply to them over international waters."
Cons: "Terrible airline with several safety violations. Stay away from this one."
Pros: "I flew from Houston to Beijing and overall not much to complain about. Flight was on time and boarding was well organized. In flight service was also good and the flight attendants were very nice. Just know that some of them have limited English so don't expect them to understand everything you say which is understandable. I'm sure they wonder why we don't speak Chinese. I ordered special meal which was good and you can have wine in economy if you want. Flight arrived on time. All in all flight was good."
Cons: "Wish we could check in online but for international flights I understand why they need you to check in at the airport with your passport."
Pros: "Airfare was a good price."
Cons: "Flights are always late, not due to uncontrollable circumstances like weather, but rather from poor organization and scheduling. Had 4 flights with air china this trip, 3 out of 4 were late. One of them causing me to be stuck overnight in Beijing and losing a day from my trip. Bad service to remedy that as well. Won't ever fly with Air China again."
Pros: "Airfare was a good price."
Cons: "Departure from Newark was 1.5 hours late because of a lame reason, the luggage couldn't be loaded on the plane in a timely manner. When I arrived at Beijing, they encouraged me to run to my connecting flight, even gave me a sticker and had people directing me, but it all seemed like for nothing as I wasn't even fast tracked through security. Not only did I sprint a mile across the terminal for no reason as the flight departed when I arrived at the gate, they couldn't even properly direct me where to get a new ticket for the next flight. About 100 people missed the flight so I don't know why they didn't hold the connecting flight as it was the last one of the day. Very poor service and organization the entire length of the trip. The flight the next day was late as well!"
Pros: "Great comfortable flight. Good service and food"
Cons: "Going down the stairs from the plane to the tarmac."
Pros: "Food was pretty good. 2meals and a snack. Would be better with more variety for snack options."
Cons: "More snack options - I can't eat mayonnaise and all their sandwiches had that. Also my flight was supposed to have WiFi and charging outlets-had neither"
Pros: "This time Air China were pretty on time for both all the trips I took, in contrast to its constant delay in the past."
Cons: "The food was ok. The crew were friendly and helpful."

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