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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Mérida to the following destinations at these prices or less: Montreal C$ 491 one-way - C$ 592 round-trip; Victoria C$ 1,063 one-way - C$ 1,277 round-trip; Toronto C$ 290 one-way - C$ 793 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly from Mérida is January.
  • Morning departure is around 10% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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Top 5 airlines serving Mérida Rejon to Canada

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
WestJetOverall score based on 8979 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Very little"
Cons: "Rough weather. Stopped delivering water and snacks. Seat belt off and no attempt to continue water and snacks for 20 minutes. Then started back at front again to those who had already been served once. When got to me no snacks offered. Had to ask."
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Pros: "Very little"
Cons: "Rough weather. Stopped delivering water and snacks. Seat belt off and no attempt to continue water and snacks for 20 minutes. Then started back at front again to those who had already been served once. When got to me no snacks offered. Had to ask."
Pros: "Crew did their best."
Cons: "I'm writing this from the plane I'm still on because they didn't have anyone on shift to work the jetway. We've been on the ground for half an hour. Just a completely avoidable annoyance they didn't bother to avoid."
Cons: "The food could have been better. I don’t mind paying but some nicer, healthier choices would have been nice. It is airplane food so no real surprise. :)"
Pros: "excellent crew - seat is fine."
Cons: "screen monitor per seat."
Pros: "The crew was wonderful. Boarding was orderly and there was enough overhead space on this full flight. Even though the flight left later than schedule it was not a terrible delay. The overall experience was the opposite of my last flight on West Jet."
Cons: "A lot of turbulence on the flight."
Pros: "flight was fine and on time, this leg of my trip was easy"
Pros: "The crew were nice!"
Cons: "But this was like flying in an antique from the 20th century. No screens, AC not working well, tiny cabin. One of the bathrooms didn’t even have a sink."
Pros: "Good legroom in premium economy, power outlets at all seats"
Cons: "WiFi speed was terrible"
Cons: "We were on tarmac for an hour waiting to take off"
Pros: "On time and friendly crew, plenty of leg room as well."
Cons: "Delays left us in the plane for almost 1 1/2 hours before leaving Toronto."
Pros: "Great service and on time."
Pros: "Comfortable seats. Nice staff."
Cons: "Poor entertainment. I usually watch movies on my iPad but there was no wifi and the available TV shows were not to my taste, the screens were small and not clear. The magazine was boring, no games to play. Flight delayed an hour for no apparent reason."
Pros: "Nothing really."
Cons: "The lady at the checkin desk volunteered me to check my carry on and told me that she would charge me if I didn’t comply. ( there was more than enough room on the plane for me to store it). The plane wreaked of poo the whole flight and it gave me a head ache, which my Tylenol was in my carry on that the lady forced me to check. And the flight was only supposed to be delayed 15 min, and we didn’t take off until 45 min later, which made us miss our connection. Very disappointing service/ flight from WestJet!"
Pros: "West jet always known for above and beypnd service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The flight attendants were great"
Cons: "No power chargers on the planes"
Cons: "For some reason, the return was in Hamilton not Toronto. Unfortunately, I noticed after I paid. Not sure why the flight wasn't from Toronto."
Pros: "Did not even make the flight out of tulsa do to Frontier airlines"
Cons: "Read above"
Pros: "Easy boarding, friendly crew"
Cons: "Food cart passed us because we had our head down... they must have thought we were sleeping, gum stuck in magazine, the amount of ads before watching a show"
Pros: "The flight was delayed, so I was going to miss my connector. They made some calls and got me booked on a British air flight straight to my destination. Thank you!"
Pros: "The cabin crew were outstanding on WS709 today. This is my fourth trip with Westjet, and today stood above. Diane was beyond efficient and pleasant while maintaining a smile and grace, while a number of unattended children were onboard. My seat was changed, and that's fine - mostly because of the manner in which the crew at Pearson handled it. Then, I couldn't resist giving up my re-assigned (centre) seat so that two sisters could sit together. The two folk in my row were lovely, they talked more than I did, but when I joined in, it was a genuinely pleasant conversation. Three strangers, meeting per chance. The woman next to me had given her seat up for a family to sit together, so it really was a chance encounter! Diane needs to be promoted!"
Cons: "While things happen, I wonder why when I was readied a seat, it was missed that two children, sisters, were sitting in separate rows? Should they have automatically been assigned two seats together - they were unaccompanied. As happens, an 'aunt-like' woman was seated next to them, and again, Diane was an another in-charge auntie!"
Pros: "Good service but pretzel is not great good. Very Nice stewardesses."
Cons: "The seated are too small, a bus is more confortable."
Pros: "Crew was great. Tea or coffee would have been nice. Having to pay for everything is ridiculous"
Cons: "Three sets of crying children and parents who unable or reluctant to deal with them. Held everyone hostage."
Pros: "On bird staff"
Cons: "Pay for WiFi"
Pros: "Lacking social skills ! One on the flight attendants had numerous holes in her sweater. So unlike most West Jet employees!"
Cons: "Unprofessional! Lazy ! Very ungroomed ! I thought this was the worst two flight attendants l have ever seen with West Jet ! Had this been my first flight, I’d never return! Lots of options to fly with other air lines. That was flight from Toronto to Ottawa. Now the flight from Tampa to Toronto, the female flight attendant in the Plus section was an “ air head “ ! I had preordered the chicken salad & since l was in the plus section on the plane l paid more willingly and when l asked for the cheese & grapes container, she rolled her eyes, came back with the food & no knife and fork to eat the salad ! I tried to get her attention & since that didn’t work, I used the buzzer! I politely asked for a knife & fork to eat the salad! The young flight attendant had trouble processing the information so l very politely repeated my request! Lordie, it was training day at West Jet !"
Cons: "- The unprofessional way the staff "sorted us out". Especially the lady at check-in. Our flight was from NY to Toronto and then connecting after a nine-hour layover from Toronto to London. On all flights, we got the seats in the middle of the aircraft allocated, which is challenging when you are on crutches. - The second flight to London was in a terribly old machine where the overhead compartments were not well equipped to accommodate my crutches. The only way they fitted was at the very back underneath all the luggage. So when I asked the flight staff to help me get my crutch to go to the toilet, as I could not get it myself, he asked: "do you really have to use it?". I considered that very rude! - The selling of the entertainment systems took forever, which meant that the food sale was very late. Almost 4 hours into the flight on an overnight flight is really late! Especially when people would prefer to sleep. Due to my medication, I had to wait for food, but it took forever. All in all, not the best experience"
Pros: "Piot gave clear and timely announcements as flight was delayed do to weather,. In-flight crew were friendly and providing a relaxing environment. The include meal was very good."
Cons: "Plane is showing its age. Bathroom was in terrible condition."
Cons: "Thanks"
Pros: "The lady beside me"
Cons: "The plane"
Pros: "There was a cute doctor and someone made a joke about the movie Alive. That was funny."
Cons: "There was a sick lady and she wouldn't stop coughing. That was gross"
Cons: "having to walk outside the plane in the snow to get on the bus and vise versa. it was cold and I got a bad cold...."
Pros: "The peace & quiet. Excellent flight attendants. Comfort was great"
Cons: "Nothing really was bad about the flight. The westjet connect had to be reset but that was the only issue. Flight was delayed 30 minutes."
Cons: "avoid the westjet encore flights. planes are small and noisy. if you sit next to a window it’s impossible to comfortably put both feet on the ground. if you pay for plus seating on an encore flight you’re basically paying to get on and off first. there’s no extra room and would be more fairly priced at $10."
Pros: "I liked how quickly the flight was. I believe they actually made better time than what was originally estimated. I was also able to get my checked luggage as soon as I got to the carousel."
Pros: "Leg space, prompt on-board service"
Cons: "Boarding delays"
Pros: "The crew tried their best. The seats were average. The food ok."
Cons: "The entertainment is awful to non-existent. The wifi doesn't work especially on a laptop. On the return flight is wasn't even enabled. Four to five hours without ANY entertainment is totally unacceptable especially with teens and kids!! The 20 schedule changes and very confusing schedule (they showed us on 2 separate flights from DTW on Dec 25th morning). I have no idea how that would happen. The gate agent at Delta (first leg) had a hell of a time sorting it out despite a long call to the WJ help desk."
Pros: "The westjet staff is wonderful!"
Cons: "the lack of information during the delay"
Pros: "One flight attendant"
Cons: "Everything. I never right reviews but I fly everywhere and this was the worst experience ever. Delayed flights and bad instructions. Really horrible customer service"
Pros: "Pretty quick boarding, although the boarding time was incorrectly mentioned to be too early."
Cons: "Had to de-ice so we left about 10 minutes later than expected, but somehow still arrived early… but our gate had another plane still using it. We ended up arriving at our gate 25 minutes late. That's unacceptable, especially on a flight that's just an hour long. The gate was so far from the public transportation (landed at Terminal 3, public transport is at Terminal 1) that I missed the bus - got home super late as a result."
Pros: "Friendly , helpful staff . Who know what they are doing and try to accommodate you with minimum fuss ."
Cons: "Nothing comes to mind this trip"
Cons: "Not applicable"
Pros: "Very helpful and friendly staff."
Cons: "Having to leave Costa rica"
Pros: "i Liked the ginger ale, and that we made it safe to Canada."
Cons: "Said it was boarding at 3:30 - didn’t board until 5 minutes before take off. Also it was a delayed flight."
Cons: "Wi fi didn't work"
Pros: "Two snacks, even if the snacks were a little on the small side;"
Cons: "A little cramped; small TV screens; the attendants ran out of hot water"
Cons: "To the best of my knowledge I paid for a window seat on my trip to Montreal. It was the only option I elected to pay for, yet, I found myself in the middle seat. A personal life lesson we’ll learned and an experience to be remembered & considered, under advisement, on any future bookings."
Pros: "Staff tried to do what they could but unable to really do anything. They only repeatedly messed up boarding passes causing me to miss flights."
Cons: "The planes were not in working order. The first plane had a hole in it from hitting something the flight was completely cancelled only one out of the two people at the counter was helping a line of people, but due to a system error people were not checked in . I had to get 4 different print outs of my boarding pass. the second aircrafts air conditioner didn't work, the third plane the back door would not close. I spent over 12 hours in the airport and couldn't get home till the following day . The airline did not have a hotel reservation ready as promised and had to wait an additional 15 minutes while they were telling me I was responsible for my own room. Eventually they got me a room and gave me a voucher. I would never fly or recommend West Jet i just don't feel safe."
Pros: "Service up to standards"
Cons: "Delay because of “not enough fuel on the aircraft” while ready on the runway for takeoff... 2 hours delay..."
Pros: "The airline gave each passanger free dinner prior to the flight for being delayed. The in flight attendants were very friendly and helpful. Very efficient with their tasks and security checks."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 4 hours due to a thunderstorm in toronto."
Pros: "Plenty a space between seats. Ver confortable seats and small entertainment screens!"
Cons: "Better selection of movie?"
Pros: "Due to covid I understand the strict attitude but sometimes they are rude."
Cons: "Better attitudes"
Pros: "No really"
Pros: "Seats"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "good service"
Cons: "a better airplane"
Cons: "Terrible experience at check-in in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Aeromexico really must do a better job."
Cons: "Not canceled the flight for no reason. You need better entertainment."
Cons: "The staff were pleasant and professional - the online check in was efficient. Really excellent and no recommendations for improvements."
Cons: "The lunch could be better with a cracker or Bread."
Pros: "The food, comfort"
Cons: "The crew, some of the crew were a bit rigid, didn't seem to like what they were doing"
Pros: "Nice service but bad food!!!"
Cons: "Change the charges for the luggage when it is international and provide good quality food!!!"
Pros: "Nice Crew. Seats ok."
Cons: "Nothing to add"
Pros: "Servicio"
Cons: "Salida del avión"
Pros: "The crew was lovely and the flight felt short since the entertainment sytem was available and operational."
Cons: "Much better than some other airlines no names mentioned."
Pros: "El servicio en general de la aerolínea y el módulo de información de vuelos"
Cons: "Que hubiera un poco más de espacio entre asientls"
Pros: "I really liked the Tv screen on the 737-800 Toronto to Mexico whoever i believe they should be adding 737 Max to this route as Toronto is a megacity and this plane is kind of old for serving this busy route"
Cons: "The plane seats are so uncomfortable i was trying to sleep on that for like 3 hours without success"
Pros: "All my connections were on time, and my luggage came so fast! No problems whatsoever."
Cons: "The food is not great."
Pros: "Aeroméxico has the best in flight service aboard of any airline today!"
Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "Entertainment didnt have"
Cons: "On the first leg of my trip, the time shown on the boarding pass was the time I needed to be at the gate. For this leg of the trip, the time on the boarding pass was the time the plane left. I arrived at the gate at the time the boarding pass said and the plane had already left. I am traveling to my father's funeral and the only option I had was to rebook for an additional cost of $600. Extremely upset."
Cons: "It was an Aeromexico flight when I tried to check in via my app it dint let me it meme me go to delta finally I have to call them to do the check in"
Cons: "Crew standing in the back talking to each other with their backs on us"
Cons: "Horrible customer service and delayed all our plans"
Cons: "THE FOOd"
Pros: "Good attitude"
Pros: "Close for connecting and had lots of staff to get you there on time."
Cons: "Food mediocre"
Pros: "ease, no delays, friendly staff, free movies!"
Cons: "Having to pay an extra $25 tp choose our seats in advance!! :-("
Pros: "amazing plane large easy new"
Pros: "The service was extraordinary since the first moment I checked in. Crew was super attentive, professional and over standing. The service in airport was fast and efficient and in the plane crew and services totally exceed my perspectives. Thank you!"
Cons: "Lost luggage. The Aeromexico Rep at the departures desk was mildly helpful. She told me the person I need to speak to was busy and that I should go downstairs and wait by McDonald's. She said i should sit, because it could take a long time. She didn't ask my name nor tell me who I should be waiting for. Just to wait. I had to ask for the persons name I should be waiting for and if she would be wearing a AM suit. I asked if there was a desk where she would be, and with an attitude the Rep, said "I already told, you just go wait by McDonald's". After waiting for an hour and asking every woman that walked by if they were Stephanie, I finally found her. She was walking by, clearly not looking for me. I had to follow her and stop her. If not she would have walked right by. Once we spoke, she was very helpful."
Pros: "Great crew, great fare and pretty easy and convenient process."
Cons: "Seats aren't the most comfortable and very little leg room"
Pros: "The food was good entertainment was too."
Cons: "The fact that they lost my bag. No one ever helped it contacted me. No $ was given so I had to buy my own clothes. Still don't have my bag. Been home for 2 days and haven't heard anything from Aeromexico."
Pros: "The service and flight attendants were nice and genuine"
Cons: "The food and the male flight attendant from EZE to Mexico was not friendly, I didn't see him with a smile at all"
Pros: "Great food! Full meal and a snack -- delicious breaks in a long flight. Extensive entertainment choices. Courteous and efficient service. Best flight I have had in years!"
Cons: "The plane was dirty and the stuff was extremly rude."
Pros: "You were served a meal"
Cons: "The seats are literally on top of one another, you couldn't watch the movie in English only Spanish. We waited 30 min for a bus to get us from the plane to go to customs"
Pros: "I love there service"
Pros: "Attendants were courteous."
Cons: "Space between seats and back rest. Atten"
Pros: "Puntuality"
Cons: "Seats, food, too much waits at the gates"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Online checkin not available. It should be. Gate should be announced earlier"
Cons: "I was told at the check in counter that I had to pay for baggage even though I had made the trip from Chicago to Santiago via Mexico City ten days prior and was able to check two suitcases without having to pay for baggage. Also, both of my suitcases were damaged during this flight."
Pros: "Attention"
Cons: "Seats are very tight, uncomfortable."
Cons: "They lost my luggage."
Pros: "Very poor customer service."
Cons: "Flight attendant seemed like have little attitude. Their attitude doesn't only express by verbal it even expresses by their eye contact and body language ."
Pros: "Flight 1: bathroom bigger. Flight 2: good service. In flight 2, the service was better. We could sit next to each other. Flight 2 had better entertainment, more choice of movies and better screens."
Cons: "In flight 1, from São Paulo to Mexico City, my husband and I were separated. It was suggested by the stewardess for him to move to another seat 20 rows away due to his size. Instead of separating two people, why not ask the single person if she would rather have more room. But the steward said only one of us could move, me or my husband. The reason he was moved was that there were two empty seats, so he could sit comfortably; however, no one told the woman sitting in the three seat aisle that he would be sitting there. So she basically took over her seat and the neighbouring one. The crew should have been the one to inform her the reason for his move there. It was a horrible and unnecessary experience. Because of my husband's size, I am needed to help him with his tray and I had his medication."
Pros: "Service was delightful..... flight attendants were very attentive and kind."
Pros: "Service from the crew was excellent, they were very respectful and happy to help, also entertainment was great!"
Cons: "Food: Serving amount was ok, food was tasty but it's like Aeromexico is missing those little details that make a difference: salt and pepper mini bags, a dressing for the salad, and butter or cream chesse for the bread. Also a small chocolate or candy would be fine just to make the experience even better"
Cons: "Food, entertainment and space"
Pros: "attention, service , time"
Cons: "Had trouble getting movies in English"

I rarely vote ‘Excellent’ but this AA flight out of LGA was amazing. On time departure, early arrival, amazing crew, smooth flight, baggage came out quickly. It was the best airport/ flight experience that anyone could ask for/dream of. Highly recommend. I usually fly Delta but American Airlines really stepped up their game.

American Airlines customer service was extremely poor. They canceled our flights multiple times. Then put us on standby trying to get on flights instead of booking us on a confirmed flight to get us home. So flight after flight we kept our hopes up just to be disappointed and stuck from a connecting flight. We had never been to Dallas so we were sleeping on the floor at the airport waiting to get home.

Cons: "the 2 stewardesses disappeared as soon as the flight was in the air. i upgraded to business class in what was a huge waste of money. the fact that they do not make alcohol available in business class is pure laziness, and these people are loving it. keep in mind that you can have water juice and pop. i was given the water i asked for after take off, and then she promptly disappeared for the entire 3 hours. she only returned when i pushed the call button. not good."
Pros: "The crew was fantastic and plane was clean"
Cons: "My entertainment video player had a bad earphone jack so i could not watch movies or tv and resorted to paying for wifi"
Cons: "Size of seat"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Everything was fine"
Pros: "It didn’t happen"
Cons: "It didn’t happen"
Pros: "Crew was great."
Cons: "Airplane didn't have any AC and was very old and dirty."
Pros: "seat was basic. prefer having tv screens in the seatbacks as opposed to using my tiny phone as a viewing screen."
Cons: "prefer having tv screens in the seatbacks as opposed to using my tiny phone as a viewing screen. only food available besides pretzel was pay food."
Pros: "New plane"
Cons: "Boarding, no gate changes, no flight delays"
Cons: "We stay stuck in PVR"
Cons: "Nothing. Awesome Customer Service"
Pros: "Crew was very nice."
Cons: "More room."
Cons: "I haven’t had such a terrible experience with another airline before. Missing out on dinner reservations. Wasting 12+ hours in airports. Spending more money at the food court than ever desired."
Pros: "Easy boarding, flight on time, friendly creew"
Cons: "old plane with seat not confortable for a 3h flight"
Pros: "Crew very nice!"
Cons: "i wasnt able to select a seat when I checked in. they couldn't give me a better seat before bording and the fact that Im the one approaching then to have a seat selection, no one called my name."
Pros: "The entertainment system was great"
Cons: "The ride was somewhat turbulent but nothing can be done for that"
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Cold no food"
Cons: "The gate changes...........and no information in 3 hour delay"
Pros: "The seating arrangement and the friendly nature and helpful service of the attendants."
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "The crew was friendly, the seats were comfortable, the lav was large enough to turn around in, and we arrived in plenty of time to catch our train out of Frankfurt."
Cons: "The movie selection didn't have anything interesting."
Pros: "The in flight staff was very friendly"
Cons: "Our 2nd flight was changed by the airline, causing us to have a 6 hour layover in Philadelphia instead of a 2 hour layover. Then when we ask about changing to a different flight they told us that the original flight we were supposed to be on (that we booked over 8 months ago) was completely full so that’s why we were moved, and there were no other flights available to switch to. So we accepted that. But when we printed our boarding passes, we saw that our seats were now separate from each other, and they were both middle seats! I don’t understand how booking my tickets so far in advance still resulted in these issues. We were finally able to get an aisle and window seat (not near each other) but both flights had poor to little entertainment, which I wouldn’t have expected on such long flights with American Airlines. Really was letdown. :("
Pros: "Entertainment was great, amenities such as USB charger and outlets were convenient. Flight departed about 10 minutes early and arrived early as well! Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Food was not great."
Cons: "6hr flight with NO entertainment? Not acceptable."
Pros: "The crew was great and overall the flight was good, they even made up time after a late departure"
Cons: "The takeoff was delayed"
Pros: "Crew was friendly- organized everything well as far as getting everyone seated quickly and handing out refreshments"
Cons: "Very little leg room for anyone over five feet six inches! Happy to be 5’2” for a change!"
Cons: "Foo"
Cons: "They kept changing Gates and it took 2 days to get my luggage, and the airport staff when I went to collect it were very Blaise and not particularly helpful"
Pros: "We got upgraded...Happy New Year to us!!! Service was excellent...landing was one of the smoothest we have ever had! Nice quiet flight with not too many people on board! I will use American Airlines again!"
Pros: "nice people taking care of us during the flight"
Cons: "in Miami, had to change gate 2 times, from D38 to E9,than to D7."
Pros: "Arrived in Dallas early"
Cons: "1. Flight crew stopped coach passengers in the middle of boarding to take drink orders from first class passengers. Very rude and unnecessary. 2. Flight crew allowed passengers to wait for the restroom next to the pilot access door. At least five times with single passengers waiting and once with two waiting. Crew said nothing. 3. Flight crew did not check seatbelts prior to takeoff in the forward section of coach. At least one seatbelt remained unsecured and one child had a backpack on his lap during takeoff. Very unprofessional crew. Credit card promotions over the PA system were very annoying and unintelligible."
Cons: "Delayed flight, multiple gate changes"
Cons: "It was advertised that one can see entertainment through WIFi, but from my iPad, i can't connect to this WiFi. I tried several times until I just gave up."
Pros: "Quick short flight efficient, got from A to B for the same comfort for the price I paid so I’m happy"
Cons: "Smooth."
Pros: "Arrived 30 minutes early"
Cons: "We had to wait 40 minutes in the runway before parking at the gate."
Cons: "flight from Philly to Ithaca was late also"
Pros: "Comfort, snacks, boarding process"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Too many delays. Having to de-board after boarding."
Pros: "Everything was on time!"
Cons: "Prices are high and changes are frequent on rates"
Pros: "Las aeromosas muy amables y profesionales."
Cons: "Los asientos incómodos que no funcionaban el cambio de posición. El pago de sobrepeso escandalozo; por 10 Libras $160 más extra fees...."
Pros: "Movies in flight."
Cons: "That I was rebooked and lied to at first as to why, and when getting another ticket the the ticket agent said the flight was rebook because "the crew didn't want to come to work". Not cool, I didn't react I simply got my ticket and just wemtnonw but there was no apology like they didn't care what I missed having to be rebooked I also wasn't given any sort of military discount no seats no baggage. Other airlines I've flown the past months always do something for military."
Cons: "Two hours late due to not having adequate equipment"
Pros: "The crew for the most part was nice."
Cons: "It just wasn't a comfortable flight and then a extremely bumpy ride all the way from LA to NYC."
Pros: "LONDON"
Cons: "Swapping swapping from Liberia Airlines to American to British Airways makes it very very hard to go terminal to terminal"
Cons: "Just a suggestion, if you get new planes it is very comfortable when the seats have a bending headrest. It really helps to hold the head, especially nice for red eye flights."
Cons: "No complaints. Best flight in a long time"
Pros: "The least service I have seen among all the airlines I have traveled so far"

Great customer service

Cons: "Not being delayed so much on an already very late flight."
Pros: "Crew except one were friendly. Best landing ever in St. John’s. Flights on time."
Cons: "Seats are very uncomfortable. No food selection on last flight and flight attendant was reluctant to be helpful about it."
Pros: "Good legroom,"
Cons: "Older aircraft, tray tables not level, rear washrooms no water, delayed departure"
Cons: "Ran out of the best meal option in Business Class..."
Pros: "Got an upgrade to premium economy"
Pros: "Every thing expert the food"
Cons: "The food"
Cons: "given that Air Canada's computer had crashed and flights were cancelled (including our own), the lack of information was astounding. Why, e.g., didn't anyone go along the queue handing out numbers so people could get food then reclaim their place in line? Why weren't we told, ditto, how long this mess would take to clear up? why weren't we offered o/n stays, etc, etc. Could have done an awful lot better if some manager had spent two minutes thinking!!"
Pros: "Confort of the plane in general and the personal device for entertainment."
Cons: "The procedure to board."
Pros: "New plane!!"
Cons: "No WiFi"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and left 2 hours late."
Pros: "Entertainment unit and comfort were standard 5/5 for both"
Cons: "Boarding a massive 777 is difficult but some how other airlines do it smoother. Not sure how boarding 3 zones at once makes sense, which created a long que. Plus a delayed plane didn’t help the matter Unnecessary comments by one crew member while passengers were putting away their luggage were over heard and provided no value to the situations. Cup of noodles and a 3 tiny pieces of beef plate were provided for dinner which was very disappointing. While a typical egg breakfast and snack were also provided. Hot beverages were generally not served due to turbulence and water service during the 12hr flight was minimal."
Pros: "The crew tried to be polite and understanding during the flight."
Cons: "The flight left an hour late with no explanation. Then when we arrived in Toronto we sat on the runway for another hour waiting to be able to disembark. At this point the crew became testy and offered no explanation while passengers were understandably aggravated."
Pros: "Not bad entertainment, but too many ads..."
Cons: "Poor customer service, rude staff, entertainment system chock full of ads, drove me mental. Food less than good,"
Pros: "Rouge is not air Canada"
Cons: "As someone who flies AC quite abit. Rouge is not AC"
Cons: "Too short period between 2 flights, barely have time to pass the border, almost miss the next flight. No inventory of food."
Pros: "Coming home"
Cons: "price of Air Canada Rouge not worth it, they should put this flight back to the regular air Canada flight. I can go with United and have a much more comfortable flight home"
Pros: "Smooth flight, on time"
Cons: "Difficulty with tech"
Pros: "Due to late arrival of earlier flight employees were on hand to personally assist with our boarding. Plenty of liquids offered to keep hydrated. Lactose free meal had plenty of fresh fruit. Flight attendants were friendly and helpful. On time flight made further connection easy."
Cons: "Bathrooms tend to get very dirty with the over use on longer flights. The bathrooms need the occasional inflight cleaning."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Pay for wifi"
Pros: "Crew are very nice and approachable. No complain about their service. And flight is on time."
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "N time"
Cons: "Food. Chicken wrap was just okay"
Pros: "I had room!"
Cons: "No luggage"
Pros: "It was a fine international flight. Service from flight attendants was good and amply offered throughout flight."
Pros: "Team was accommodating and helped with my4 year old kid to make the travel experience easier."
Cons: "Had to pay extra for bags. Policy wasn't clear when purchasing tickets, and was surprised to pay $25 per bag."
Pros: "The snack selection is excellent"
Cons: "No complaints"
Cons: "Same as above. Flight delayed by 45 minutes. No explanation given as to why... no inclement weather or other issues that day."
Pros: "Check in agent let us check out carry on without a fee. (Plane was fully booked)"
Cons: "Air waitress wouldn't let me use the front bathroom even though the back one was blocked by the beverage cart. Flight attendants didn't answer my call button when it was on for over 20 minutes. Yes I turned it off and on again. When she finally came by she just turned it off and walked away. Just wanted a glass of water. Initially didn't serve a glass with my bottle of wine."
Pros: "Fantastic service. I will use Air Canada again."
Cons: "The delay was unforeseen but acceptable."
Pros: "On time departure"
Cons: "I had visa on expired passport ,staff on duty took too long nearly an hour to clear me."
Cons: "I believe that Air Canada had actually over booked the flight. When I checked in for my flight online, I didn't have a seat assigned. This made my entire night before and morning of the flight very uncomfortable as I was worried the entire time that I wouldn't get to work because of this."
Pros: "The 787 aircraft. What a beautiful plane"
Cons: "Calgary airport. NEVER AGAIN!"
Pros: "Everything went very smoothly...quick and easy flight"
Cons: "No personal tv on an international flight. The tickets were pretty expensive, I would have expected a personal tv instead of having to use my cell phone- especially with spotty wifi. Chairs weren't very comfortable and the food was so so."
Cons: "1h15 late"
Pros: "Let the announcements be delivered in both language successively."
Pros: "Boeing 767 is a great aircraft in every way!"
Cons: "A shame to connect in Toronto!"
Pros: "The entertainment was good and the crew was efficient. Getting on and off the plane was smooth."
Cons: "I couldn't believe how little room there was for such a long flight! There wasn't enough room for me to reach my bag that was on the ground even when the seat in front of me wasn't reclined. And the people next to me kept jabbing me with their elbows because three grown adults simply could not sit next to one another in such a small space. I'm a small person so if I feel crammed on a flight I have no idea how the average person can tolerate it!"
Pros: "In flight entertainment was enjoyable was able to stream music and shows on my phone which helped the time fly by. Comfortable flight relatively smooth and comfy seats."
Cons: "Having to pay extra for a blanket or pillow? That's something I've never heard of. Crew was inattentive as I asked for someone to come by and collect my trash but no one ever came."
Pros: "There is an on-board entertainment system. Stewards are very courteous. Things are very on-time. Decent selection of drinks."
Cons: "The entertainment system is pretty antiquated. The movies and shows on are pretty dated and also the touch screen is not very user friendly or sensitive. The USB port didn't work either on the outbound or inbound routes."
Pros: "Seats seem slighly bigger and it had a good configuratiom with only 2 seats on the outside rows."
Cons: "Older aircraft with poor air circulation, i couldnt feel the air con. I dont like the idea of an 8hour flight where you need to bring yoir own entertainment device or rent of theirs but having only limited outlets to charge devices."
Cons: "If you have a stop in Canada - you must have Canadian visa! Which does not make any sense and no one warned me about that."
Cons: "the egg sandwich had a really bad sauce on it."
Pros: "We had a pretty uneventful flight from Tampa to Toronto using Air Canada. That is a good thing. The airline offers complementary juices and drinks of the nonalcoholic variety. No complaints."
Cons: "Some staff were very personable and some were the opposite."
Pros: "The crew were very nice and helpful."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Checking in was horrible. Lady at the counter was not helpful at all. Although my main carrier for the international flight allowed 2 checked baggage free of charge, Air Canada only allowed one free baggage and 2nd baggage for $100 for the connection."
Pros: "i canceled by flight nyc to toronto to rio do to the custom laws in canada that they have the right to inspect all cell phones and lap tops, and can demand your pass code."
Cons: "canceled flight went with LATAM air"

They would not refund our money despite the COVID lockdown by both governments which would not allow us to fly (and subsequently went into bankruptcy).

Pros: "empty plan"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "Staff were friendly."
Cons: "The turbulence was really terrible both ways. It made me question Interjet’s planes."
Pros: "The crew insisted we fill out immigration forms, which you do not need in Dallas. There are machines that you insert your passport. Also the crew only had the forms in Spanish. They are made in English"
Pros: "The seat was comfortable"
Cons: "They delayed the flight almost 2 hours"
Pros: "Crew was nice. Flight was right on schedule."
Cons: "Almost no leg room, no entertainment other than the radio, food was pretty bad and my bag got broken and ruined. There were kids running and screaming all through the flight with no intervention from the crew."
Pros: "Crew very nice , seat and storage places very good"
Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "Entertainment is nonexistent. There was no soap to wash hands in the front bathroom. They stopped serving sandwiches and they only offered beverage service once. I remember they used to offer sandwiches and offered beverage service twice."
Pros: "Very courteous crew. Comfortable seats. Good price."
Cons: "The last row (26) doesn't go back so although the seat is comfortable it is hard to sleep. Don't expect anything much to eat."
Pros: "video l"
Pros: "The flight did NOT have the air conditioning on besides landing and take off. After many complaints to the crew , nothing was done. Everyone on the plane was uncomfortable. It took an hour for the crew to even offer water. I am very upset with interjet. I have been a loyal flyer but it has ended her"
Pros: "Liked the chips and drinks"
Cons: "Boarding was horrible and late, staff was just gossiping before boarding and didn't say much about the procedures given a bad image. Flight attendants semmed quite serious during the whole trip and did not smile at all, pilot was great though."
Pros: "The seat was comfortable and the flight crew attentive."
Cons: "They canceled my flight from Mérida and were not flexible in helping me have a shorter connection. Very disappointed with the lack of customer support."
Cons: "No propaganda during flight!"
Pros: "Seats comfortable and lots of leg room"
Cons: "The seats could be improved a lot"
Pros: "Super spacious seats, great flying experience, and even a small snack. Very satisfied!"
Pros: "Estaba todo limpio. El personal amable. Excepto la sra.guardia de la puerta de cristal. No nos dio información y se mostró amargada"
Cons: "Den mas botana y vendan comida. Teniamos un hambre terrible. Faltó dar jugo"
Cons: "Individual screens for travellers or at least different programming for the return flight. And lastly, ear phones and plug ins so that entire flight isn’t exposed to programming (not that great). Food was a bun with ham/cheese. Not so great for dinner."
Pros: "Crew was so good and friendly"
Cons: "Keep Maintain service"
Pros: "Seat was very comfortable, spacious."
Cons: "Flight was excellent; nothing could have been better."
Pros: "Efficient boarding. The flight crew was friendly, attentive. Hard to understand any of the English announcements given the strong Spanish accent, but we got the gist."
Cons: "The choices of soft drinks were deplorable--gross "light" sodas. Grateful for availability of water and alcohol. Please let the headrest be movable to support cervical spine or lumbar spine. Please have flight magazines."
Cons: "No vegetarian food - only ham+cheese sandwich. No soap in washrooms First drink served after 2 hours of take off"
Pros: "2 beer sandwich and snacks included. Yahoo"
Pros: "I flew two Interjet flights (Lima, Peru to Mexico City and Mexico City to YVR) in late January 2019 and they were both just fine! Great leg room in even the basic seats on every Interjet flight - that's their thing. On these 6 hour flights they serve snacks, drinks, and a sandwich. I didn't eat any of these things, but they exist and seemed decent. The flight attendants were nice, both flights departed pretty much on time and boarding was fine. Also both of my checked bags (I paid extra for one of them on each flight) came out at the luggage carousel after both flights and were in perfect condition. These are basic planes, but a great price and I had no problems whatsoever."
Cons: "There are no charging outlets on these planes. Interjet is very slow with the initial check-in process."
Pros: "The service"
Cons: "The flight was late"
Pros: "The planes are nice and new, crew very nice."
Cons: "Always late."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "They cancel me all my connection flights so a return with an empty hands and 29 hours in aiports and 30 hours of no sleep. They didn’t find a way to help me."
Pros: "Comfortable and roomy seating. Women's only bathroom. Pleasant staff."
Cons: "There is no entertainment but is not needed with all of the devices people have."
Pros: "The bus transporte"
Cons: "The crow"
Pros: "Service was great the crew was really polite"
Pros: "By"
Cons: "First time they weighed our carry-on."
Pros: "service was good but nothing out of this world. nothing special but i got there and mostly on time. i was overall pleased. delayed on the way back but made up most of the time in the air. was supposed to arrive originally at 9:55 but arrived at 10:25. that wasn't too bad."
Cons: "delayed on the way back and no info for more than an hour. my pick-up back home could not find any info on my flight online for a while and it gave him the wrong time of arrival."
Pros: "Was happy to get a drink and snack without extra pay, flight was on time and prompt with bags."
Cons: "We purchased our tickets well in advance yet we were not able to sit together. There was no options to choose seats, even for extra pay. it was also very difficult to get ahold of someone on the phone. I was on hold with interjet for over 15 min. Boarding was not by zones (back of plane first) and they checked passorts 3 diffetent tkmes. Quite inefficient use of personnel."
Cons: "30 minute delay"
Pros: "Text that mentioned the delay."
Cons: "8.5 hour delay. No other options given, even thou they Gad other flights departing same day. Flight AB1146 from MTY-CUN 04/13/2018"
Pros: "Good leg room"
Cons: "90 mins late out of Guatemala, flew with all three toilets out of service even though fixing them was the excuse for late departure. Bus to pick us up was another 30 minutes late in CDMX. Ran trhough customs with no guidance, not a single Interjet person to help us as it had been offered several times. Flight to LAX was not even in the monitors at the airport, had to run all over to guess the gate. Gate agent was rude and obnoxious at CDMX, called for a supervisor and not only did he never arrive, I was threatened off the aircraft. Flight departed 45 minutes late, almost missed my LAX connectiong. NEVER AGAIN, WORSE AIRLINE SERVICE, LIARS FROM THE TOP DOWN."
Cons: "Four hours late"
Pros: "Crew is good and there is plenty of leg room."
Cons: "Plane wasn’t even half full and they booked only the front and back sections of the plane. 5 passengers across for about 5 rows in the front and very back. I checked in 3 hours early and had a middle seat. Told we needed to stay in our seats. Ridiculous!"
Pros: "Roominess of seats."
Pros: "New jet, very clean, but the best feature was the generous legroom. The flight left on time and we arrived early which was great."
Cons: "No entertainment at all, drop down tv's showed American Ninja, then the Mexican version of shark tank with no sound. No music or internet offered. Two sandwiches offered during the flight, bunwiches with meat and cheese. The poor woman behind us on the flight was vegan, nothing available for her. Limited drink service, no tea, just coffee with coffee whitener, a few choices of cold drinks and cheap beer. Pretty basic which I sort of understand as the flight was inexpensive, but it would be nice if they offered food for purchase on the flight, or maybe one could order food in advance. The flight attendants were a bit rude when asked questions as well. The check in process was very slow, not sure why, then when we headed to the gates, there was no gate assigned, when it was finally assigned it was changed as soon as we arrived at the gate, which meant a long walk from one end of the terminal to the other. I wouldn't have had a problem with any of the food issues if it had been spelled out on the web site. I really had no idea this was a super low budget airline and there would be nothing available to at least buy on the plane."
Cons: "They would not let me carry on 2 bags that I have carried on on every flight I’ve done in the past year! I had to pay $2 75 usd!"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "Seat spacing...very comfortable, very kind and helpful flight attendants, and a free cocktail! Coming off a United flight, it was a breath of fresh air."
Pros: "Plenty of leg room"
Cons: "The departure was late schedule for 7:35 but we didn't depart until 8:10 No plug in to charge your phone on the plane"
Pros: "The workers were super nice."
Pros: "Todo estuvo muy bien. A tiempo y buen trato. Plataforma sin problemas"
Cons: "We were set to board at 1245 and depart by 135 we did not depart until 205pm which then caused me to miss my 520 flight from Mexico city to zacatecas."
Pros: "Interjet stuff are always so polite and very professional I give them an applause I will recommend this airline and take another flight with interjet"
Cons: "Mal la sala de espera, mal los asientos "nuevos" del avión, para vuelos de más de tres horas, están criminales, duros, no se reclinan suficiente, y no hay nada para comer, ni comprado, en este vuelo, sobre todo en este vuelo. Yo no vuelvo a viajar en interjet"

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