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United AirlinesOverall score based on 68983 reviews
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Great overall experience, thank you!

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Great overall experience, thank you!

Clear attendant at the Logan airport was awful. Rude and inconsiderate to everyone. Let every clear customer in front of every priority United customer. Usually they switch off groups but we were waiting 30 minutes when we were third from the front because every clear customer was let in front of us.

Pros: "Crew in flight was nice and professional Sit in 1st class was comfortable"
Cons: "For this flight everything was good"
Cons: "Late crew caused delays"
Pros: "Timeliness, professional staff and crew"
Cons: "Less cramped airplane: there is nothing wrong with the plane itself but every time I have travelled this route the plane has been completely full (this time it was even oversold) so a bigger plane would help"
Pros: "The flight was easy and quick. These small planes are actually pretty comfortable."
Cons: "Waiting for a gate in Chicago is never fun. Most people on the plane seemed to have tight connections, and I'm guessing most of us missed them. I only made mine because the next flight was delayed."
Cons: "Rough landing in Washington, smell of kerosene in Sao Paulo flight, otherwise good."
Cons: "Longer seat belts"
Pros: "The connection time Mach very well。"
Cons: "I learned that 3 flight together long hours have no food been sever and we have time to get food from airport. Next time I will do better☺。"
Pros: "..."
Cons: "All of my fligts has been delayed and resceduled, so instead of 18 hours to go to hawaii, it took me 36h"
Pros: "Good communication from crew concerning updates and ETAs."
Cons: "Service was a bit brusque at times, but never unkind."
Cons: "I made a reservation for my whole family and selected seats four month ahead (we reserved 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D). One day before the departure, United informed me that one of my kid had to be moved to 11B a part from the rest of family due to a flight swap. When we started boarding, I noted someone else was sitting on my seat (1D) with his own boarding pass with 1D written. United crew politely asked if the gentlemen was willing to move to 6B, which his original seating in the system but he refused to do so. We' also personally explained to him that if he can yield the seat so that our family could sit together due to my wife's medical condition but he would not cooperate. I noted Those gentlemen on 1D and 1C are either buddies or coworkers. The crews were looking at each other without offering a solution. I ended up telling the crew that I could sit on 6B so that the plane can leave. The departure time was 20 min late u related my seating issue and de-icing took another 40 min. I am a Global Service member and I am very unhappy about the way the whole situation was created and handled by United."
Pros: "Was good and all went well."
Cons: "There was three hour deley because the pliain didn't arrive on time."
Cons: "Far away Gate"
Pros: "Decent flight, can’t complain, pretty much empty."
Cons: "laberithine process to get my boarding pass. Booked on Kayak with last minute on a Luthanasa flight operated by United. Basically had to call all three in order to get my boarding passes as the website didn’t work. Really confusing."
Pros: "The flight crew was courteous and efficient."
Cons: "The boarding time lasted an hour as the front desk staff at the gate insisted that I needed a visa travel document for my connection in China (multiple leg journey). What they failed to realize is that nobody needs a visa for China if they’re connecting in transit. It took a phone call and 3 staff members to sort things out. Not something that I want to deal with at 5:00 am. Moreover, due to the de icing, the flight was late and i just made it to my connecting flight in Newark. It was quite a hair-raising experience overall."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Smoke on the plane crazy delay"
Cons: "Flight was delayed over 8 hours due to "mechanical issues." Went from a nice 757 to a 737 which was a little more cramped."
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Excellent service and flight. On time. Nice clean plane."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "Trail mix was gross, the child sitting next to me spilled her soda all over my pants and throughout the flight kept purposely touching even after I and her mother told her to stop."
Pros: "Seats were very roomy and pilot did a great job!. Boarding went great!"
Cons: "We were stuck on tarmac but this was weather related. No gluten free snacks. Some crew was nice others less so."
Cons: "It was a long delay, which meant I missed my connection at O'Hare even though I had a 3 hour window."
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Flight was 4 hours late. The seat was so small, I could not open the tablet (folding tablet in armrest). I am 6" tall and medium built. That tablet can only fit a kid"
Cons: "Delayed delayed delayed"
Pros: "The flight attendant was trying to be accommodating. I and other passsengers bumped our heads when getting into seats. Can we say SMALL plane?"
Pros: "The flight and service was nice."
Cons: "Sitting between two people to entire flight made it seem like a much longer trip."
Pros: "easy boarding, drinks served, on time departure and arrival."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "Boarded plane with my 8 week old baby. After getting settled had to deplane due to mechanical issues. Then I stalled feeding as he has to nurse during takeoff to relieve pressure. Airline kept slightly postponing it so wasn't comfortable nursing as I needed him to eat during takeoff. But no realistic time was ever given. Eventually they cancelled flight and they rebooked next day. Then united realized they would have to give travel vouchers / hotel if flight was cancelled so they re labeled it "delayed" to avoid putting everyone up in a hotel. 13.5 hrs of a delay overnight is not a delay and deserves better treatment! To add insult to injury, my GATE checked stroller took 45 min to come up to the top of the jetway. 45 minutes! I had to ask 4 times with a screaming 8 week old with nowhere to set him! The kind girl kept paging down to them but nobody would bring it up. It was absolutely horrible. Then today at check-in they couldn't figure out how to print the infant boarding pass which ultimately took 30-40 min of the lady trying to no avail. I arrived 1 hr 10 min early to my flight and nearly missed it due to United. The issues with printing my "infant voucher" caused me to have to run through the airport and frantically collapse stroller to make on time. With zero sleep thanks to the debacle the night before. Beyond disappointed and believe should be compensated for this experience."
Pros: "Pretty standard flight, crew was nice and polite."
Cons: "Very bare bones, no entertainment that you didn't have to pay for, not even a music channel. Food/drinks were bare minimum too, definitely suffered in comparison to my JetBlue flight home."
Cons: "Delayed!!!!!!"
Cons: "I was put on an Air Canada flight and sat on the tarmac for almost THREE hours in MTL. Finally took off and am stuck in Toronto overnight. Air Canada was very unhelpful. I have to sleep in the airport. No food vouchers. Sucks."
Pros: "Boarding was quick, staff was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "No in flight entertainment..."
Cons: "Delayed 2 hours"
Pros: "friendly flight crew. good informations nice plain"
Cons: "- entertanment only with pay??? this is a step backwords...."
Pros: "Flight attendants tried.. United booked a hotel room for the night."
Cons: "Poor communication on gate change. Delay on flight boarding, and there were issues with engine. Stuck on the tarmac with no AC, they had us off-boarded since everyone was sweating. Reboarded after, no AC still until takeoff. Delayed more than two hours- this was last flight, and caused me to miss connection flight. Was supposed to arrive in final destination at 11pm that night- ended up getting there at 9:40AM next day."
Pros: "Bad good, good service but 5 hours delay"
Cons: "The airplane food and the delay in Chicago"
Cons: "Free entertaiment. Not only pay"
Pros: "New illy coffee is really good"
Pros: "Can't really remember if I liked anything."
Cons: "Unfriendly crew. Flight delayed by more then 2 hours. We were moved from gate to gate 2-3 times. Totally disorganized."
Cons: "Flight was canceled completely. No email was send about the cancelation or explanation. Agents weren't helpful with readjusting flights"
Cons: "No good snacks to even pay for didn't have time to stop and eat in the airport"
Pros: "Everything went on schedule and our bulkhead seats were great. Flight was smooth and got in early."
Cons: "The person giving the announcements spoke so quickly and in a monotone way that it was difficult to understand her."
Cons: "Delay caused us to miss last flight of day. We have been sleeping on floor of airport for 9 hours. Same thing happened in the beginning of the trip from dallas to chicago. Oh, it was our honeymoon!"
Pros: "It was efficient and comfortable."
Pros: "Food was a bit better than I expected. Videos kept going out. Staff were great. Plane landed well!"
Pros: "Never on Air Canada again. Food was miserable. They literally told me that they ran out of food (on the flight from Montreal to Casablanca). No kidding. They told us that the flight was full and no more food was available! When we asked for water, they did not bring water. I am not sure if they were out of water because the flight was full! That would be something! Bathrooms were not usable. Utterly dirty. My six-year old daughter refused to use the bathrooms. Water was flowing and the smell was horrible. They should clean that. I can go on but what is the point???"
Cons: "The list would be too long. So, what did I like is a better question in this case. Honestly, I am not even sure if I liked anything. I mean some people were nice, but why? Do I expect people to be rude? I mean, I need to like something extraordinary, something that others don't do. I can't remember anything remarkable. Just nothing."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled. When I called United I was in hold for an hour only to be told that my airline was not United but Air Canada. When I called air canada I was on hold for another 45 minutes. They rescheduled my flight for another day. I lost one day of my vacation."
Pros: "Great Flight seats comfortable and Flight attendants very attentive. Food was good."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The cabin crew"
Pros: "Amazing crew and service"
Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "The aircraft was super old. The flight was delayed. The transfer at PEK (beijing) airport is horrendous. Never again."
Pros: "The food."
Cons: "Entertainment system"
Pros: "Check-in was very fast. The food was a hot sandwich and a drink and was decent. Plane left Hangzhou and arrived Taipei slightly early, which was great. Seats reasonably comfortable. Crew was kind and caring."
Cons: "Would have been nice to have some fruit."
Pros: "Lovely crew"
Cons: "Check-in was frustrating with split lines, late openings. Could not get boarding pass on kiosk or on website. Kayak is not user-friendly and does not seem to support online check-in. Would not recommend using it to others. Will not use it again."
Pros: "Good collection of latest movies."
Cons: "Cheap flight with no proper in flight services. No beverages served until after Meal was served after 2-3 hours. Was able to ask and get wine. Food was mediocre and breakfast was a cheap sandwich offered in hand. 2 meals in 12 hour flight, Rice with chicken and Noodles with chicken"
Pros: "Friendly service."
Pros: "Number of crew and attentiveness; meal service on a short flight and efficiency in delivery"
Cons: "Mass boarding rather than by section"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "The food was ok for an airplane."
Pros: "Relatively comfortable. Plenty of access to free drinks/refreshments including hot tea, cookies and red and white wine. Spacious clean bathrooms. Attentive staff. ON TIME departure and arrival!!!"
Cons: "My headphone arm jack didn't work. Food was not very good, but did provide vegetarian alternative."
Pros: "Service was OK"
Cons: "They have us sit in airplane from 8 am till 10:45 am. In the airplane over 2 1/2 hours that is unheard of We finally arrived in shaman at 2 PM So we have for our steel late due to unknown reason After travel from JFK to Beijing China 15 hours and three hours layover +3 half hours sitting in the airplane that is just ridiculous"
Pros: "The dumpling. The on board staff were very pleasant and had a lovely glass of coke cola with ice bit small though."
Cons: "After 30 hours of travelling and no problems my luggage got lost on my last flight. I still haven’t got it yet, my medication was In there and it has ruined the whole trip for me. I am so upset with service I can’t begin to explain the pain I am now suffering. I have no clothes other than what I’m wearing. I have no toothpaste or toiletries. I feel ashamed of myself as I have dirty clothes on. I am truly not satisfied with my service. I have been let down to the highest order."
Pros: "On time departure, courteous crew."
Pros: "A bit of the food"
Cons: "No valid explanation for the 2 hours delayed of the flight from montreal and upon arrival in Beijging there is a lot of miscommunication about what passengers have to do. Everybody does'nt know what to do. No one can exactly give us the way and right thing to do. No anwers to our questions. We were hungry and no way of getting in touch with our family members because airport wifi does'nt work for us. We were ask to go here and there without explanation and the hotel given does'nt deserve even a 1star..a better than nothing hotel. Tired, hungry and very exhausted . No words can describe our frustrations. We deserve a refund if not at least a compensation for that very bad service experienced on that flight of Air China 880."
Cons: "They didn't let me on to the plane"
Cons: "No personal entertainment but a lot of leg room"
Cons: "minimal legroom"
Cons: "No good service"
Cons: "no wifi entire flight! stuff force you to turn off device after take off, even phone in airplane mode and self entertaining and playing cards not allowed. very bad english makes comunication hard and almost impossible order food or drink... they just bring watever and arguing about results in ( sorry no engliss). film selection horrible, old movies and 90% chinese. flight attendand skipped warm food after salad. only after reminding food was given! 0 requests after take off or during food if want any drink. you need literally flag down attendant to get your drink. if ordered tea, attendant asking you milk and sugar, you respond yes, you get then only tea no sugar or milk. after that nobody comes! accent were made to chinise pasdengers, more food or snaks were given or more comfort provided."
Cons: "Delayed flight, dirty restrooms"
Pros: "Smiling staff very helpful, selection of entertainment for my 14 hour flight, piping hot towel hand delivered for refreshing self, beverage selection, pillow, blanket and slippers. all this in economy class."
Cons: "food selection (chicken and rice or shrimp and pasta, side salad, fruit salad, roll) is fair but quality could be better."
Pros: "My Sleep"
Pros: "The boarding was smooth."
Cons: "I only have one hour connecting time in Beijing and this lag of flight was delayed by 40 minutes. I only have 20 minutes to go through international transfer and another security check point. By the time I came out from security check point, my plane is already at Final call. The gate is a distant away from the security check point area. I ran so hard to get into the plane the very last minutes."
Pros: "Good service, comfortable seats"
Pros: "Great service from crew."
Cons: "The length of and number of in-flight announcements. Being told to turn devices off at all times and lifting the window blind."
Cons: "Entertainment screen is fault."
Pros: "Comfort and service on the plane. Lounge in Beijing was wonderful."
Cons: "What you have to go through in Beijing to transit from one international flight to another. Very disorganized. I will never change planes again in Beijing after this trip. Perhaps it will be better on the way back. Business class travelers should have a special lane."
Cons: "Staff was not really helpful"
Pros: "Good for the price i payed!"
Pros: "The flight had a comfortable amount of people so ther was extra room. Food was decent."
Cons: "The plane was new and clean at the beginning of the flight. It was a sty after. Flight attendants don’t pick up garbage regularly and service is lacklustre"
Cons: "The flight arrived late and i barely made my connection."
Cons: "Restriction of using Kindle or Phone in aircraft mode for the whole flight. There is no technical reason for this."
Cons: "since this portion of my flight was cancelled by air china they tried to book me on the next day but my husband decided to come meet me in beijing after getting me a hotel and driver to pick me up the night that i was stranded. i told air china not to book me on the flight the following morning that i wasn't going to take it. they never did that and ended up cancelling the entire remaining flights on air china. this was the worst experience with an airline i've ever experienced."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Missed my flight because I pushed the wrong date."
Pros: "Not much. Size of seat and legroom same as other economy class so although cramped it was acceptable."
Cons: "Flight was delayed but no announcements and no change to boarding information posted at gate. Food was inedible and also not enough for the long flight. The major food groups served were white bread, white rice, and more white bread. With some extremely salty and corn starchy food in small amounts to go with. Entertainment system had touch screen that was very difficult to use, 90 percent Chinese movies, and headphone was very unsatisfactory."
Cons: "The food options"
Pros: "Excellent service attentive staff / good selection of wine and food"
Cons: "Entertainment very limited for non Chinese"
Pros: "Attendants were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, but no sign was posted at the gate. Eventually we heard an audio message. No movies in flight."
Cons: "horrible airline."
Pros: "I hate that u connect me with poi t to point airline that i ly allows for a one check in bag"
Cons: "I ended removing ine of my two check in bag as Myabmar Bational Airline from Yangon to Bangkok only allow one check in bag. Poor connection on your end"
Pros: "Space in business class"
Cons: "Cabin appointment not impressive."
Pros: "polite, quick check-in, nice on-board service"
Cons: "I got my baggage after 4 days from landing."
Cons: "Flight was canceled. Customer service was incredibly unprofessional."
Pros: "This fight was a bit better than my flight home...staff a tad bit nicer."
Cons: "Only offer drinks when they feed you and fill up glasses half way to 3/4 full."
Pros: "Everything worked, boarded quickly and crew served passengers efficiency. Luggage was already on the conveyor belt when I arrived."
Cons: "Crew was not friendly. Food was mediocre. Drinks were mediocre. Seats were very uncomfortable. There was no English entertainment offered and they wouldn't let you use your phone on airplane mode. Air China's website doesn't work or do they have people answering the phones hey make you so it's impossible to check in ahead of time and select good seats."
Pros: "Food was good."
Cons: "My seat 46D was broke and it took several conversations with crew members during 6 hours before they finally moved me to an other seat."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Quebec to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl

Airlines flying from Quebec to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Quebec to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Quebec to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Quebec to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Quebec to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Quebec to Shanghai Hongqiao Intl

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