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A movie, food

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A movie, food

Made a lot of customers check in their bags at the gate. But the cabin space was half empty and all luggage would have fit. Doesn’t make sense.

Cons: "Be on time!"
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "We paid for transportation to cancun and it didn’t happen. We hope there will be compensation for the lost day. So disappointing."
Pros: "The stewardess accidentally spilled a little water on me but she was so nice about it and apologetic that she paid for my drink. Good people skills in bad situations make a huge difference."
Pros: "Legroom and entertainment (using own tablet) both very good."
Pros: "Flights arrived early, boarding was very smooth"
Cons: "Kids on the flight were extremely disruptive despite flight attendants’ attempts to get them settled down"
Pros: "Service is awsome"
Pros: "Great crew and great flight"
Pros: "Crew was great, served us multiple times ! Even tho crew was late 25 mins. We have landed 10 mins early"
Pros: "Our stewardess was amazing. Took very good care of us. My son was sick and made sure a wheelchair was available for him total take us to transportation. Made our trip. Thank you!!"
Cons: "All was good"
Cons: "I would expect that with a 5 and half fight that some sort of food besides ti terrible cookies and pretzel would've been offered!! A very long time to go without food!!!"
Pros: "Yes, the crew was very good."
Cons: "It would have been nice to have coffee on the flight. All they had to offer was a snack and a glass of water."
Pros: "Crew."
Cons: "Timing. The flight was delayed by 1 hour and 15 mins."
Cons: "did not like having to go further west before heading back east wasted a lot of time. and no entertainment unless you pay for it, seriously?"
Pros: "Left on time, pleasant crew"
Pros: "Price"
Pros: "The stewardess was awesome."
Cons: "There wasn't any food to purchase other than a few snacks. That's just not good enough for a 6 hour flight, Really poor."
Pros: "Crew very kind and smily. Very punctual."
Cons: "Prices ridiculous, one coors light 7dollars and with 7 dollars you buy 12 coors light in Mexico!!!. Food really bad and prices worse. No entertainment."
Pros: "Amazing Service at the registering counter at the airport. One for the two flight attendants was very nice. Unfortunately, he was not the one assigned to my section."
Cons: "One of the flight attendants was incredibly dismissive. “Forgot” to ask for my order to get lunch, so needed to call him so he could take my order (he was already in the middle of eating his own food) and of course by then what I asked for was not available, and the options for food were bad. On top of that, the trash from the top of my table was not cleared for a long, long, long time (even though everyone else’s in my section were clean). First time this happens to me in all my years of flying, specially in upper economy class."
Pros: "very nice."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Temperature on plane was way too hot"
Pros: "En tiempo y algo cómodo"
Cons: "Que no hay aperitivos para ser un vuelo internacional de 4 horas."
Pros: "Sweet and short flight."
Pros: "The friendly staff."
Cons: "The actual plane. First flight was 737. Second flight Prop plane. Ugh"
Pros: "Great staff. Overall good considering the cheap flight."
Cons: "No free meal, the pizza ordered was terrible. No tv, only iPads for rent."
Pros: "staff was unfriendly. no options for entertainment that don't cost. no blankets to keep warm. i understand airlines need to make money, but they're making it much less enjoyable. on the upside, my flight down had incredible staff who treated me and my mother very well. sometimes, people make all the difference ;)"
Pros: "As it was a red eye flight, we didn’t utilize the food options. My answer is better identified as ‘n/a’."
Cons: "I was in row 2 and they did not have the food item I wanted. Seriously?"
Pros: "The service of the crew was fantastic."
Cons: "No food included just water and Coke."
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "Paid good money for this flight to Cancun, no wifi, and no movies etc... This is unacceptable and I'm very disappointed as a long time WestJet flyer"
Cons: "The crew on the plain was extremely rude!!! Very very dissapointed!"
Pros: "Great service and atmosphere! The crew was so helpful!"
Cons: "I wish you could make the seat space bigger..."
Cons: "Friendly. And a nice quick/smooth flight."
Pros: "Great price!"
Cons: "All good! No complaints!"
Pros: "Easy access to website. Flight was great and crew was very accommodating, friendly and hospitable."
Cons: "I had to try several times to pick the flight I wanted since the site seemed to refer me back to a flight I did not want. I ended up having to cancel the wrong flight on the carrier’s website after booking two incorrect flights. Everything went very well after that."
Pros: "WestJet was Great again.... Boarded promptly, and a smooth flight, with friendly staff"
Pros: "Boarding was a breeze and we arrived in Cancun early which was great."
Cons: "The cabin was freezing. I fly often and I always pack a sweater and a blanket but even that couldn’t keep me warm because the cabin was so cold Also, my meal that I purchased on the flight was frozen all the way through. It was literally like biting into a popsicle. My teeth hurt for the rest of the flight after just one bite. I asked for another sandwich which took a while because they were busy with other passengers. My replacement sandwich felt just as cold but it wasn’t frozen solid like the first one. It seems like a minor inconvenience but it became quite frustrating."
Pros: "Staff are friendly"
Cons: "The on board menu only caters to rabbits and squirrels. I get some people like to eat that way but what about the other 80 percent of the population????"
Pros: "Crew and staff very helpful and friendly. Everything on time. Safety considerations."
Pros: "Cabin Crew were nice"
Cons: "Very tight seating."
Pros: "A short haul flight"
Cons: "No issues"
Cons: "Rough landing and held up the taxiway for an hour"
Pros: "Super fast boarding and check in! Arrived early"
Cons: "The q400 is a terrible aircraft."
Pros: "All good !"
Cons: "Like to see direct flight to Kelowna"
Pros: "WestJet was fine."
Cons: "If you are going to code share, maybe work out the kinks in the system that should link the itinerary to the partner airline."
Pros: "The crew so nice and helpful"
Pros: "Pleasant flight food and entertainment no used crew helpful and courteous comfort ... seats too close as always but plenty of bin space due to them asking people to check carry on luggage for free ...great idea"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Tight seats"
Pros: "Air Canada's fights to and from Regina to Milwaukee are way to long"
Cons: "I didn’t fly out of Philadelphia because the flight was 5 hrs late and I missed my connecting flight. Had to go get my luggage, go home and try to fly today! Terrible! All my plans screwed up!"
Cons: "Air Canada not even offering a snack on a 3 hour flight now. Ridiculous."
Pros: "Exit seating with more leg room."
Cons: "No power plugs in a 4h+ flight is not acceptable. That should be standard for every passengers. Unclean seats. General abrasiveness from some of the staff."
Pros: "There is no built in entertainment system. Download the app on your phone to be able to watch movies in flight."
Cons: "Not much room in economy class."
Pros: "There seems to have been improvements to the check in and boarding for disabled disabled passengers like myself at Pearson. Much easier to drop off luggage and move quickly to the wheelchair pickup area. Staff were courteous and efficient."
Cons: "Spacing between seats continues to be a problem especially for disabled clients. Because I was travelling alone, I was asked if I would move to accommodate someone with a pet carrier that would not fit under the seat they were in. I declined but wondered how they were allowed to board with an oversized case. Also seemed strange to ask a disabled passenger to move."
Pros: "Take off and landing smooth and relatively smooth in between."
Cons: "6 hour flight no food included. Came by twice for beverages. No entertainment. Probably the first time in 10 years I've been on a flight without any screens for entertainment. Goes without saying, no USB plug in."
Pros: "When the flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues my flights from Victoria to Cancun was rerouted through Toronto with free hotel where my brother and I shared a bottle of wine at Air Canada's expense..."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing to like . Bad service all around. I will never fly AC again"
Cons: "Terrible employees in Miami. Rude and unhelpful. Delay due to late arrival. Then diverted to Toronto because of AUR CANADA'S STUPIDITY. Had to "sleep" in airport. Delayed leaving Toronto next day. Baggage lost. Lost day at work. A general NIGHTMARE FROM START TO FINISH"
Pros: "Air Canada is a respectable airline but the plane is not spacious at all. I mean, yes you pay for what you get, but damn the aircraft seats are so small. Then for people taking the morning flight, who probably haven’t eaten breakfast, you give them a measly omelet with a nasty side of spinach ? for the entire flight ? and a measly bag of pretzels ? Your starving the people which isn’t nice at all. Getting through baggage and getting in the flight was quite smooth and the air hosts were excellent. Entertainment was ok, there’s way to many Asian inspired films on there that I find are uninteresting, but hey, to each his own. Now coming back however was far better, the food was good, although can we stop putting soggy food into the mix, I know the food is premade but the mash potato is always so soggy and the vegetable mix has no flavour. Drinks are always great on the flight, entertainment was the same, hosts were great, pilot knows how to fly the plane, thank goodness, and overall it was a good flight back. Make the tiny adjustments I suggested and you’ll be at the top of your game Air Canada ! Merci !"
Pros: "Staff was courteous."
Cons: "Entertainment Was limited. Ran out of options for food because of flightbdeparture delay we were over 6hours on flight and many were hungry."
Pros: "I liked the exit row leg room. Not a big fan of the dreamliner layout, but they were very affordable."
Cons: "There was a 12-year-old seated next to the exit door. They tried to exchange his seat with other people in the exit row, but no one agreed to it. However, there were various open seats in other rows, some with 2 empty seats side-by-side. It baffles me that he could not move to another row."
Pros: "A lot of leg room."
Cons: "Air Canada flights are always delayed. The crew is rude and usually not helpful when asking for something. In addition, when I bought the ticket I was asked if I spoke English because I was sitting in the exit row; however, the couple sitting next to me obviously did not speak and they let them stay there anyways."
Pros: "I love the new Boeing 787 planes! This was the smoothest flight ever, both from Vancouver to Tokyo and back again. The new planes have the dimmable windows, which are so cool! And, each seat has it's own screen with free movies, TV, flight info, etc. Also, the flights were on time!"
Cons: "My flight from NYC to Montreal was delayed 4 hours due to a storm that had passed earlier in the day. That was understandable, however we then sat on the tarmac at the gate for an additional hour because Air Canada's entire computer system suddenly crashed. We finally got to the runway and in the middle of takeoff the pilot slammed on the brakes and aborted the takeoff because he did not reach high enough speed. It was very scary. I was supposed to land in Montreal at 10:20 pm but arrived there at 2:30 am the next morning."
Cons: "Flight delayed, did not leave Vancouver until after we were supposed to land in Portland. No tv or wifi"
Pros: "On-time, friendly attendants, efficient boarding, comfortable flight, good entertainment choices, well-paced frequency of food and beverage service."
Cons: "Meal was mediocre."
Pros: "Dinner was ok, Breakfast and coffee were horrrible"
Cons: "Very rude staff, would not do anything I asked and responded with attitude"
Pros: "A special thanks to flight attendant Var for the superb service on this flight."
Cons: "dirt and stuff on floor between floor and wall, bad, never seen that before in a nearly new plane"
Pros: "Good breakfast."
Cons: "Cabin was cool"
Pros: "Seats comfortable"
Cons: "No overhead bin for centre section of row that my seat was in made it very inconvenient. It seemed to take far too long to offload the plane at the gate; we waited over 10 minutes for the door to open."
Cons: "Flight delayed again and again. Waited for hours at the airport until they cancelled the flight."
Pros: "It was excellent. Though due to snowfall, flight took off late due to de-icing but taking safety precautions is a best practice."
Cons: "We were missing some of our luggage and now 7 days later are no closer to getting it than we were .We haven't gotten much help or satisfaction."
Pros: "Crew friendly and the plane was very clean"
Cons: "First time on Rouge. Really bare bone travelling. Entertainment replaced by flight attendants who have become travelling sales people. I"
Pros: "Check in was smooth"
Cons: "I find it unacceptable that 1 bag was free on the inbound flight, but I had to pay extra to check the same bag on my return."
Pros: "Honestly, can't expect to be ridiculously comfortable being a 6'2 female on an airplane. The staff was friendly, running about doing their jobs. The plane was clean, temperature was a bit chilly but hey, it's all good. Overall, it got me from point a to point b. And that's really all you can ask for. Thanks everyone!"
Cons: "Air was chilly. Leg room obviously because I'm so tall. Other than those two things, it was as enjoyable as it could have possibly been."
Pros: "It boarded and arrived on time."
Cons: "There was no snack unless you paid for one."
Cons: "cost of luggage fees. You collect excessive fees for luggage and when you loose the luggage or it arrives on a later flight you should refund the fee. I was on a hunting trip and my firearm didn't come in on my flight necessitating my rebooking a later flight. You didn't mind collecting an extra $100 to handle the gun case but you didn't deliver on your end. I will never fly to Canada again on Air Canada."
Pros: "The food"
Cons: "The crew was absolutely terrible and very rude"
Pros: "On time. Clean plane"
Cons: "Miscommunication with luggage No food included but at extra cost No entertaining at all! Only through wifi in your own device and you have to download an app BEFORE boarding for it to work but yet, no one tells you"
Cons: "I tried to call your airlines to reserve a spot for humanitarian supplies. I run a rescue for dogs in Cancun. I could never get through to anyone and there is no info on your tickets about the cost of a third bag. I was charged an extra $500.00 for two extra bags that were carrying donated supplies to help the animals. But your airline made it a useless endeavor because they ended up costing more than they were worth. The people at the gate were unbending and I'm so disappointed that it is more important to you to make money than help non-profit organizations. I have run Isla Animals for 15 years and have had much help from kind airlines, I won't be flying yours or recommending yours to any dog lovers."
Cons: "Very bumpy ride"
Cons: "We missed our flight. OK, our fault. Any attempts to contact the airline were unsuccessful. They did not have an office in the airport and the numbers we were given at the information desk to US, Canada, or the local representative were not responsive. We ended up buying tickets for another airline. We were lucky to get the last minute fares for $630 one way. Air Canada's price was over $6,000. An e-mail from the airline reminding of the check-in time would have prevented all this."
Pros: "The whole experience was excellent."
Cons: "Pilots we're late. Flight delayed until they arrived."
Pros: "From boarding to disembark net was ok"
Cons: "No refreshment on board"
Pros: "I had a five year old and an eleven year old traveling with me and was able to board early and get them settled before everyone else got on."
Cons: "We didn't see much of the flight attendants and my grandson became ill. We could have used more water throughout the flight as that may have prevented him from getting sick."
Cons: "Delayed 2h"
Cons: "Captain's announcements were inaudible from the wing seats. Seats very cramped - I'm only 5 feet tall and barely had room for my legs. Also, unable to see safety demonstration as the seat backs were too tall for a short person to see anything but the back of the seat in front of me."
Cons: "Engine noise unbearably loud French safety demonstration Restrictions around wearing headphones"
Pros: "Crew performed as expected."
Cons: "Entertainment systems down entire flight No support on headrests. Usually on long flights the head rests can be used to sleep, not on this plane."
Pros: "It has good fair, and check-in desk person in FLL was very nice and helful, as I was traveling by my self with two kids."
Cons: "Nothing to snack for kids on the plane, delay of 1:35 minutes inside the aircraft with kids, having to be seated still."
Cons: "Are you kidding? Nine and a half hours scrunched up in a seat with virtually no leg room? My wife and I are 71 yrs. old, and this was no picnic. (My wife's ankles were all swollen from the ridiculousness of this "arrangement." Seniors should be warned that that flying on such airplanes is not advised.)"
Pros: "I'm happy the flight did continue and I arrived late but not cancelled. I have had numerous bad experiences with AC in last couple years with cancellations, being bumped, flight changes - you name it. A mechanically sound plane is worth the wait"
Cons: "Arriving to the airport thinking flight is 30 delayed only to have been dropped off and then find out I have a 2 hour delay. I live 3 minutes from the airport and then I have to sit in airport for 2 extra hours."
Cons: "No snack at all, not even a package of cookies, pretzels or nuts. Sad! Where is all the money they are raking in with low fuel costs? Shouldn't some of it go back to the customer?"
Pros: "My air Canada app. Worked great for entertainment"
Cons: "Sitting on the plane for over an hour before we could take off The plane needs a good cleaning. Small size bits of garbage on the floor next to the wall. It's getting missed ... Needs to be vacuumed"
Pros: "The flight left on time. The crew were polite and professional. The pilot didn't hit any bumps in the air."
Cons: "I don't like flying in general. It is one long hassle from what you can carry in your luggage to the cramped quarters. It is still faster than driving."
Pros: "Staff was pleasant and helpful"
Cons: "We did not know about having to download the App for the entertainment option. This would have been good to know before hand"

I missed my flight due to Covid. I reached out with every possible means and no one responded or picked up. I’m stuck in a foreign country with no money and my airline won’t even respond to know if I can have any refund

The flight out check in was horrible. Not enough staff to serve or guide people. People that did the online check-in and then at the booth check-in took longer to just check our bags then the people that did nothing and just did the regular check-in line.

Pros: "The seat was comfortable."
Cons: "All my cards got declined!!! I couldn’t board on the plain. I almost missed my flight. Worst experience of my life."
Pros: "Non-stop flights from YYZ to MCO and vice versa"
Cons: "No snacks Poor entertainment They weigh all hand carry items even backpacks No web check-in therefore no free seat selection"
Pros: "Friendly crew, efficient operation."
Cons: "No phone chargers, tight seating, not obvious how to raise arm rests, second movie was very dumb ( bird watching)."
Pros: "Very pleasant flight."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The carry on limits. 5kg?!?"
Pros: "Staff in Antigua were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Flight delay - but I didn't get a notice before arriving to the airport. I was offered expressed check-in since my luggage was lost on my arrival, but by the time they identified me to do so, it didn't make much difference in terms of my wait time. No gate arranged/available on arrival to Toronto, so we waited even longer again on the flight."
Cons: "Disorganized lines & boarding. Lost my baggage to due the previous issue. Planes feel very "economy" - cheap view screens, poor economy, many people couldn't fit in the seats (haven't seen that in years). Not even a cookie for a snack."
Cons: "Our flight changed without warning 2 weeks before from a direct flight to a non-direct flight. Unable to get money back for upgrade or flight."
Pros: "Direct flight, staff was courteous, priority checkin was worth it. Also the activity paid on the flight "dolphin encounter" was worh it."
Cons: "Boarding delay of 50 min with no notice. We could have taken the kids to the restroom earlier, however we kept waiting as we thought that we'll board any minute. Aircraft looked dated, seats not too comfortable."
Pros: "Great flight. Smooth and comfortable!"
Cons: "Entertainment system needs updating"
Cons: "Small Seating. Unable to pre-check in."
Pros: "I got to come back home! The fly was delayed due to a technical issue that required a part to be sourced. Unfortunately, the part was not available in the local shop (YVR-Vancouver) Instead they had to fly the part to be replaced from (YYZ-Toronto) The good fortune for us is that the hotel did allow us to use their facilities and enjoy their F&B all with the exception of a room to lay. They allowed pools and lounge chairs which is just as well. I am not trying to be critical but have the delayed occur while we were at the Airport-It would have been a killer way to close a vacation! Check-in agent was superb. She was very helpful and understanding and really a super star"
Cons: "Lack of information by local agents either by the design or just by being left in the dark. The Airport staff was not knowledgeable either they were very sympathetic and accommodating (more so than the Nexus-Local Agents) I am sure is beyond their power and is not something they have power or control over. It was bad luck! I would hate to be the incoming passengers as it meant they lost a whole afternoon."
Pros: "First check-in luggage is free"
Cons: "No free snacks"
Cons: "Baggage should be included in the price. You should be able to choose your seats and preboard on the internet."
Pros: "I liked sitting by the Emergency exit so I had more legroom."
Cons: "Did not like the small bag allowance for carry on and the fact that we were charged an extra $25 because our carry-ones were over 5 kilos. That is a ridiculously small allowance and just a cash grab for the airline!"
Pros: "Cheap fast on time seats tight but comfy"
Cons: "Rare smiles from sun wings employer waited until 2 hours before flights departure before the employees were at the airfport for checking really tight seats"
Pros: "Inflight staff very courteous"
Cons: "Flight arrived late"
Pros: "At least my travel companions were lovely."
Cons: "Limited food options Snotty cabin crew service Terribly organized luggage carousel pick up- with 4 flights on the same carousel Movie terrible and not turned on until halfway through flight Ground crew in toronto useless"
Cons: "They only take credit cards for payment. No debit or cash."
Pros: "On time, comfortable and direct"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "the flight was 1.5 hours late in departing and there was no information provided regarding the delay"
Cons: "Lots of confusion for seat selection"
Cons: "There was almost a 1 hour delay in boarding...there was no annoucement was so ever as to delay time frame expexted to board etc.Explanation was given when on the plane."
Pros: "Great crew."
Cons: "Audio didn't work very well"
Pros: "The check in process was wildly understaffed, which caused our flight to take off over an hour late. The staff allowed a severely intoxicated man on the plane, and wasted our time reseating him to the front, and allowing another man to get off the plane. The staff also did not quiet down outrageously loud passengers, and spent about half an hour confusing them about where their carry in luggage had to go."
Pros: "The crew welcoming passengers misdirected me and my mom a number of times. It took a completely different staff member to intervene just to let the crew of 6-7 allow me to use a POS terminal to print off my tickets. Following this, I was sent to various gates where the gate-keepers restricted me from access."
Cons: "I normally take other airlines. The other airlines offer my mom who is a fragile senior citizens the opportunity to be in a wheelchair and given some kind of help. I am appalled by the staff that AM who had boundless determination to treat us as though we were not paying customers as they barricaded the POS terminals. It is appalling that because of these 6-7 people who were there bright and early (just as we were), that the airport later descended into chaos. My point is that their outrageous carelessness (on December 20th) brought greater problems to the flights that could have been avoided. Beyond myself or my mom who should be prioritized given her condition, were treated like cattle and perhaps were deliberately sent to walk around the airport aimlessly. This is a bad reflection on Sunwing."
Pros: "Chrckin terminals broke. The baggage handling did t work The flight was 3 hrs late They lost my bags"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Regina to Cancun

Airlines flying from Regina to Cancun have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Regina to Cancun

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Regina to Cancun

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Regina to Cancun

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Regina to Cancun

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Regina to Cancun

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