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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for C$ 858 or less one-way and C$ 883 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from Toronto to Beijing was found 89 days before departure, on average.
  • Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is November.
  • Morning departure is around 20% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
  • When searching for a flight from Toronto to Beijing, be aware that many of these flights require self-transfers, and some require changes to a different airport in the layover city during the transfer.
  • Traveling from Downtown Toronto to Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is a snap using the UP Express train, which takes only about 25min to travel from Union Station to the airport's Terminal 1. If you're departing from Terminal 3, you can use the free Terminal Link train.
  • The Terminal Link at Toronto Pearson International Airport is a free, automated people-mover train that connects Terminals 1 and 3 to the value parking lots, the ALT Hotel, and the Sheraton Gateway Hotel.
  • All passengers are welcome to relax before their flight at the Plaza Premium Lounges in Terminal 1 (near Gate D20) and Terminal 3 (near Gate C32) of Toronto Pearson International Airport. You can reserve 2h for about C$ 50 per person.
  • Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) has three terminals. International flights use Terminals 2 and 3. Terminal 3 is the largest and has three concourses (T3C, T3D, and T3E), which are connected by an automated people-mover train. A shuttle bus connects Terminals 2 and 3.
  • Exchanging some dollars for yuan at Pearson Airport will save you a step after your long flight to Beijing. An International Currency Exchange (ICE) counter is located in each terminal at Pearson. In Terminal 1, the ICE counter is located at the check-in area near Aisle 6. In Terminal 2, you’ll find ICE near the WestJet check-in counters.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at the Beijing Capital International Airport. International travelers must scan their passports before accessing the airport’s network.
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Top 5 airlines serving from Toronto to Beijing

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Hainan AirlinesOverall score based on 1564 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "On time boarding"
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Pros: "Price"
Cons: "On time boarding"
Pros: "For the price, Hainan is a good value."
Cons: "I find that hainan just isn’t as “polished” as perhaps other air carriers in Asia are such as Cathay, Thai or Singapore"
Pros: "Entertainment system"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "It was comfortable flights, reasonable price , very nice crew, they got me all I need."
Pros: "did not get lost"
Cons: "in Xian, had been led to walk long distance and wait in wrong gate"
Pros: "Great crew. Food. Lay flat bed."
Cons: "I was not able to get an aisle seat when I requested it at the check-in desk. I understand the flight was full though so it was not possible."
Pros: "More leg room for economy class would always be much appreciated."
Pros: "Customs really fast"
Pros: "Nice crew and they spoke English."
Pros: "Crew is nice!"
Cons: "The screen/entertainment is totally not working, and it’s not only my seat, it’s more than 4 seats not working just around my area and the crew cannot fix it. So we spent 12-13 hours without anything to watch or listen. The crew told us such Boeing 787 international flights in Hainan airline was used to run China domestic lines and the entertainment system was ruined by Chinese older passengers who do not know how to use it, but this sounds like a really stupid excuse for what happened, because there is no visible damage to any hardware of the entertainment system. I’m not suggesting taking Hainan airline until they fix this issue. By the way, on my return flight, my entertainment system works fine, but there is one person who sit in the front row had bad luck. Again, this is not occasional insident, it’s happening widely in this route."
Pros: "The food is excellent."
Pros: "Economy class can’t be better."
Pros: "Great crew and good service"
Cons: "Check in staff ...lazy...gave us wrong information regarding our seats and the lounge....not good"
Pros: "The food."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 7 hours. Airplane stopped at an airport 100 miles from my destination. I was several hours late after that unexpected stop & already 8 hours late from the prevvious delay. I won’t take hainan after this."
Pros: "service minded because I am tall, so gave me a free exit seat without asking."
Cons: "the check-in took 1 hour. Impossible to do online check-in from home. the food is not good and entertainment without subtitles for let's of movies...."
Cons: "The flight was listed on the boards as leaving almost 2 hours late. We left to determine what was happening because we would miss our connection in Beijing if true. We had to go through security twice to do this. The flight was not changed to the correct time on the board until it was boarding for the scheduled time. Meanwhile we worried we would miss our next flight. HU7606 May 26, 2018. Very stressful."
Cons: "The airline lost our luggage which in turn made us lose our connecting flight to Chicago. The staff did not help and the manager kept walking off to assist other people while in the middle of conversation! We could have made our flight of they were a bit more helpful and attentive. The staff was very unprofessional, extremely rude and ignored our concerns of not being able to sit with our 7year old daughter, at least one of us! They found us a flight to Seattle which then connected to Chicago but expected us to pay for the plane tickets since they denied responsibility for having lost our luggage. They said it was our fault we missed our flight. It was such a terrible experience for my family."
Pros: "Even though the communication in English was quite difficult with the majority of the flight attendants, one particular attendant was super nice and went to any length to take care of problems I and other non-Chinese speaking passengers experienced. Arriving in Beijing, I was worried about the proceedings as mentioned in the negativ comment box, but an employee from Hainan Airlines went to pick up passengers transferring to Seoul and take care of the check in process."
Cons: "Before boarding the flight, it was not possible to check in online to my connecting flight from Beijing to Seoul. I didn't receive the necessary information and even after I was told about it after calling an employee of Korean Air, I didn't work. The person I spoke with on telephon herself didn't understand, why the system didn't accept my attempt to check in online. That was quite bothersome since I could get a boarding ticket for my Korean Air flight beforehand. Normally I would have to leave the transit area, line up to check in, receive the ticket, go through all check-ups again and go to the gate of departure. My flight left just 2 hours after arriving in Beijing and at airports as big as Beijing, that could have been very close to not being able to make it in time."
Pros: "Crew services were excellent , boarding on time"
Cons: "The seats we’re little bit tights also the food wasn’t so Good because not for foreigners taste it’s chinese way."
Cons: "Management is not strict. Too many people standing at the back talking all the way. It bothers others to sleep. No one care about it."
Cons: "Wasn't allowed to check in online, and so couldn't get a good seat"
Pros: "The flight boarded on time, and arrived only approx. 30 minutes late for a 15 hour flight. The staff were friendly and seemed well-meaning."
Cons: "It seemed that the staff for the NY-Chengdu did not include anyone who spoke English beyond a few memorized phrases. Another passenger and I were standing in the back and speaking, and the crew asked her to tell me that we weren't allowed to stand there and had to return to our seats. Their lack of English would be a problem if there were an emergency of any sort. The flight attendant tried to wake me several times to give me my vegetarian meal. When I was finally awake enough to eat he said the food was no longer good, I should wait until the next meal time. Entertainment options for the NY-Chengdu flight were limited - current or recent English options were few. Foreign language (mostly Chinese) options had subtitles, but few looked like there would be an interesting and fun storyline. The entertainment system was broken for the Chengdu-Beijing flight."
Cons: "The checkin counter experience was not good. I had business class tickets but was checkin at an Economy counter resulting in my boarding pass not being for business class so when I went in to immigration lines and throughout the rest of the process I did not receive priority that Business class should have received. In addition when I enquirer about TSA preaplroval at the counter I was told Chicago does not have preaplroval at Terminal 5 but in reality passengers with TSA-pre were being sent through the lines without having to take off their shoes and laptops etc. overall the checkin process should have been much more informative."
Cons: "One has to rush to be on the plane because the take off time is half an hour earlier, and we didn't get any notice beforehand."
Pros: "We have a 4-month old boy and getting to preboard was nice. The crew was great, letting us move about with freedom, and helping with finding bathrooms with changing tables, etc."
Cons: "There were at least several other babies besides ours on the flight, and only two bassinets available. We would've appreciated more options, and in the future will look for airlines/flights with better accommodations for infants. Music and movie selection wasn't as good as some flights we've been on."
Cons: "Food quality should improve"
Cons: "There was no allowed use of smartphones at all so I was not able to watch my personal movies. Additionally, the Hollywood movies on my in-flight entertainment system provided by Hainan Airlines did not work. When I asked the flight attendant, I was only told that it didn't work."
Cons: "I booked a flight to Thailand with 2 stops in china. Nowhere when I booked, in the confirmation or emails back and forth from kayak did it have ANY visa warning. Even if you are only connecting and passing through china you must do so in 24 hours. KAYAK had given me 25 hours of layovers and FAILED TO INFORM OR EVEN WARN ME OF THIS BEING AN ISSUE. I was stuck at Toronto airport for over an hour frantically trying to book a connecting flight out of Beijing so I could take 1 of the 3 flights I paid for. So thank you for having me forfeit 2 flights due to your lack of information kayak. WILL NOT BE USING YOU AGAIN."
Pros: "This was my second experience with H.A., the first being in February. The entertainment selections are quite extensive and I enjoy them, and they do a good job boarding people. Plus I like the comfort bag (sleep mask, ear plugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.) that H.A. provides."
Cons: "I found this trip lacking. First, the gate at which we were to wait for the airplane did not have enough seats and so many people had to look elsewhere. Further, the lights were out, giving a shadowed, unused-like quality. Fortunately boarding took place relatively quickly, but I was very disappointed with the arrival at the gate. I look forward to the meals that H.A. provides during the flight, but neither the dinner nor the breakfast main meals were tasty. I've had four trips now -- to and from China twice -- and this was by far the worst. I hope it is not repeated, H.A. really did a good job on my flight to the U.S. in January 2017. Further, the seat felt cramped and it was hard to relax. But the main problem was that H.A. actually ran out of soda towards the end of the flight, which was a real negative given that many of us were thirsty at that time. I found the show of sympathy from the Chinese flight attendant rather forced on this issue. NOT good."
Pros: "Our flight was delayed due to weather and we missed connecting flight. They automatically rebooked us and quickly took us to a hotel for some rest. Best cancellation handling I've ever had."
Pros: "Flight was canceled but didn't know it because of internet restrictions in China. Communication throughout the entire 13 hour ordeal of trying to get to Beijing and getting another flight to the United States was poor. Observation is that international flights seem much better than domestic fligbts."
Cons: "Communication."
Pros: "Food was ok. And Airplane is pretty new nd clean."
Cons: "Connection!!! I did transit in Beijing to Mongolia. I even didn t realise Hainan airlines land in totally different terminal which is way far from main interbatinal terminal. I needed to take out all my suitcases and need to go terminal 3 international airport that is very far from where Hainan airlines landed to take my next flight. How sites can sell ticket like that without notice and warning!!!!!! Ver bad connection."
Pros: "lay-over time in Beijing was a bad experience. Did not know we had to take out luggage, get visa, find hotel, etc, etc, etc and then check in again in another terminal the following day. Pain in the butt (sorry for the expression)."
Pros: "The crew, the crew, the crew... On both of my transpacific flights, I had two female crew members, unfortunately I did not get their names, that were attentive, kind, and did everything they could to make the passengers as comfortable as possible."
Cons: "Flights were delayed but I made the connections no proboem."
Cons: "Wifi is not available. It said wifi is available but later I was told only the business seats or higher level seats can enjoy it. 2h Delay without any compensation which made me go to U.S.A. without my baggage."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Went to check in early and was informed that a visa was required to enter mainland China. Was not informed of this when I left San Diego with a final destination point of Beijing. Was not allowed to board flight at all. Should have been informed upon booking flight what travel documents would be required to complete the flight. Staff was nice enough trying to help reconcile the issue but the it was too late"
Pros: "The staff was pleasant."
Cons: "This was a SZX-PEK-SJC flight. It is irrational to demand a passage to pick up bags in Beijing's Terminal 2 and carry to Terminal 2 and re-check for the flight to San Jose. Very poor system."
Pros: "The ticket is cancelled by the agent in Kayak."
Cons: "The ticket is cancelled by the agent in Kayak."
Cons: "When check in,the counter said my booking has problem. The problem was my 2 tickets used one ID,so they didn't let my friend check in. But I never fill ID when booking,only names provided. I don't know what caused that problem. They asked me to call you to modify the booking info,and the calling always said no booking related my phone number:( A long time later,they printed tickets and let us to try and said they can't guarantee we can flight…"
Pros: "Pretty decent food and service, reasonable leg room for economy long haul flights."
Cons: "bags were delayed in Bejing and came a day later because they moved up the departure time of our connecting flight TWO days before arrival."
Cons: "I've travelled extensively and ok many different airlines and Hainan is by far the worst. Not good communicating prior to the flight especially about delays. The food was in edible. Seats where uncomfortable and on each flight here was something broken on my seat. No entertainment on flights between Bangkok and Beijing. The crew was So unfriendly and wouldn't help at all when we asked them for help when one of our travel companions was ill."
Pros: "Relatively polite staff"
Cons: "Can't use phone on plane regardless of whether the plane is taking off, landing, in the air, or if the phone is airplane mode. Connecting through China without a visa results in a lot of raised eyebrows. Don't be surprised if you find yourself frequent pulled aside in security checks and spend upwards of ten minutes trying to get sorted out. Chinese airports are different than western ones. Trying to come to terms to this wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that China bans google, so there isn't any easy way to check online to understand how they operate. Generally just not very welcoming."
Pros: "Love the lie flat seats."
Cons: "We arrived early for our flight, but the check in counters don't open until 3 1/2 hours before the flight. So we had to wait for 2 hours to check in and get boarding passes so we could go thru security and get to the business lounge. The food In the lounge was very good. The food during the flight was poor. Couldnt plug in my cpap during the flight, so couldn't sleep."
Cons: "Be aware that the boarding might not the via bridge, nothing bad, just be ready that it's a little different in China sometimes."
Pros: "Cleanliness of the cabinet as the first impression."
Cons: "So many interruptions from the crew, repeatedly drew guests' attention for even minor things. Leg space really small, baby crying, flight attendants not very professional."
Pros: "the crew was all friendly. the flight was not that full."
Cons: "much delay in takeoff. I understood that was due to a mechanical prob. But the boarding was late even before that. Our scheduled departure time was 17:10, but there was a flight departing at 17:00 with the next Gate close by. So, the boarding of our flight could not even start until less than 30' prior to departure."
Pros: "I can now see that you connect XIY to that flight in PEK everyday with almost NO TIME to get the passengers to the connecting flight. I ca,,Ed 24 hours in advance to get a seat assignment. You told me it has to be 48 hours, and so I would have to get the PEK-ORD seating when I arrive the next day at XIY airport. At XIY you told me, that I would have to get the seat assignment at PEK when I arrived. It was after that, that the madness began! I arrived at PEK on time, but because you DID NOT check my bags through to ORD (like any sane airline would), you forced me to wait for my 1 checked on bag. While waiting, the hainan agent kept asking me with nicreasing urgency, "where is your bag"? COME ON - you people control that, I cannot do anything to speed up my bag. It is YOU that have to do that (that is incredibly stupid for you to put pressure on me for my bag arriving quickly!!!!). After my bag arrived, we literally RAN the entire length of the airport. My health is not good enough to do that, yet you pushed me and damaged my health for the entire day!!!!! Finally you handed me my ticket LITERALLY 1-minute before your system shut down ticketing!!!!! Of course, I had NO CHANCE to choose my seat. I am an American that works in China. I respect and very much like my Chinese workmates, but that fact and truth is that as far as China has come in the 20 years I have been working with her, there is still a very long journey ahead for her to provide consistent first world service. However, it was clear to me that your entire company understands this terrible situation you put your Xian customers in, and yet you think it is just fine to do that to them. My situation, must happen regularly as all the flying variables have to align perfectly for that connecting flight to be able to not have to run for the gate. Certainly it is impossibl, to choos your seat other than calling you more than 48 hours in advance. As a result, I was pigeonholed into a middle seat between two strangers into a seat so small, that ONLY a small child could sit in them for 12 hours and not be severely uncomfortable. Bottom line: SHAME ON YOU!!!!! I wil never ever never ever fly with you again. Which mean I have now put hainan and China eastern on my personal no-fly list. Just shameful you would do this to you honest paying customers. You do not deserve to have any loyalty from anyone!!!!"
Cons: "After I got on the flight, the flight attendant, Jessica! Went out of her way to help me. She is too good for you Hainan!!!! You do not deserve such a lovely and wonderful employee!!!!!"
Pros: "Friendly crew and service is good"
Cons: "Passengers were asked to come back in 10 hours for a flight where they sit in for another 4 hours before taking off"
Pros: "From Toronto to Warsaw we flew with Air Belgium even though we paid a ticket for Polish Airlines and everything was horrible. We waited an hour without any explanation before boarding and another hour and half after boarding. The seats were very uncomfortable and there was no leg room. Flight from Warsaw to Belgrade was a lot better, however 2 out of my 3 luggages were lost. Crew on both flights were lovely."
Cons: "Everything."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Faster boarding, better food, more adequate announcements on delays"
Cons: "Food was almost cold.... I was in the back section of the planet...."
Pros: "Roomy, offered water"
Cons: "Food selection"
Pros: "Overall good flight"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "The crew was great, but my seat wasn’t that comfortable."
Cons: "I would probably like them to be on time because I almost missed my connecting flight"
Pros: "Crew was very welcoming and helpful"
Cons: "Drinks serving could be more frequent. Food serving to have some options. Seats were somewhat not comfortable for tall people as they were lacking head support."
Pros: "Informative to the very minimum."
Cons: "NEED Leg room. Better air conditioning. It felt like a sardine box for 3 and a half hours."
Pros: "Everything went good."
Cons: "Movie or general didn't provide closed caption or subtitle for an English language."
Pros: "Seat on aisle"
Cons: "Not being late for my second flight"
Pros: "Seat was ok"
Pros: "I am fine with everything"
Cons: "Yes, I agrèe it could be"
Cons: "The flight was canceled without notice."
Pros: "I liked that all flights were on time"
Pros: "Crew and food"
Cons: "I ordered a special meal but for some reason, I was not on the list. The crew decided that I had not ordered one."
Pros: "I liked the quality of the food and seat comfort. Crew were nice and worked efficiently."
Cons: "The delay. And entertainment. Poor selection and unit got cut off each time there was a turbulence. My unit stopped working and when I checked the other seat unit it was working. Luckily none was sitting there."
Cons: "The flight was almost two hours delayed. If my connecting flight were closer, I would have missed it. Otherwise everything was good. The 787 Dreamliner was new and very comfortable."
Pros: "The Dreamliner is new and shiny, and the bulkhead seat I happened to get had a lot of leg room."
Cons: "The in-flight entertainment monitor was not working half the time, apparently because of some faulty wiring in the joint that connects the monitor to the seat. And guess what, when it does not work, the reading light and passenger assistance do not work either. Morale: only get bulkhead seats if you plan to sleep through most of the flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to arrive 6 hours later than scheduled"
Pros: "Very nice new Dreamlianer , very clear , nice staff friendly and cooperative, food quality good, entertainment list very good , nice flight for very reasonable price , much better then LH"
Cons: "No"
Pros: "Flight attendants were very kind and pleasant. Meal service and entertainment were more substantial than expected."
Cons: "Extreme delay supposedly as a result of a lightning strike to the plane. About 9 hours delay and a missed connection. The only compensation given for this dealy was a voucher for a 20 Euro meal at the airport restaurant of my choice. I know planes get hit by lightning on average of once a year, but it typically does not take 3 to 4 hours to inspect and confirm the safety of the plane's electrical system. But perhaps better safe than sorrry!"
Pros: "787 Dreamliner is the most spacious"
Cons: "LOT was late on every flight. Did not miss any connections, but could not leave on-time if it was there only responsibility."
Pros: "Pilot interection and the crew."
Cons: "Small air craft."
Pros: "Food was great and aircraft was new Fast track lane in WAW was really fast - saved a lot of time"
Cons: "No online checkin offered No lounge offered, even for a fee Luggage was not tagged priority No priority boarding offered Service quality onboard was a bit variable"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Cons: "Delayed flight from Toronto to warsaw by 2 hours, then delayed flight from Warsaw to Rzeszow by 7 hours due to no room on the plane."
Pros: "Business class was very roomy. There was easy access to storage. The flight crew was extremely courteous and did their very best to see to the needs of the passengers."
Cons: "The seats, when in reclining position, could have been a bit more comfortable."
Pros: "Comfortable, civilized"
Pros: "Comfortable seats. Professional pilots. Variety of movies."
Cons: "Food is junk. Arrogant rude flight attendants. No desire to do their job."
Pros: "The food and entertainment"
Cons: "I did not like the terrible services!"
Pros: "The crew was hospitable and warm. All the in-flight service was attentive and high-quality. We had a wonderful experience with LOT and would reccent them."
Cons: "The only potential difficulty was the short layovers. We made our connection boarding with only 20 minutes to spare."
Cons: "They delayed the departure"
Pros: "LOT is the best kept secret in airline industry. Friendly staff, on time, great new planes. Keep it up, stay with low prices and fly on!"
Pros: "Cleannesd"
Pros: "Costs like regular flight feels like low cost"
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "Lots of movies, food was great and staff was friendly."
Cons: "Even though it was a long haul flight, alcohol needed to be purchased separately."
Cons: "I paid $ 55 extra for my seat # 20G.Company changed aircraft(it was Boeing 777-200).I did't get what i paid for. They gave me seat #30G(regular).Do i have a chance to get my money back?"
Pros: "The transatlantic plane was great."
Cons: "No alcohol 2/2 flights delayed"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable and the food wasn't terrible"
Cons: "4 hours late with no explanation and terrible updates left us sitting at the gate the whole yimr"
Cons: "one of our seats did not work properly (3D) and the crew constantly had to manually adjust the seat. It never would go into a full reclining position. Food was good but they did not serve everything that was listed on the menu. My wife ordered the pancakes with berries for breakfast and they said they did not have any. After they told us they did not have this item, another passenger from Russia sitting in 3A started complaining and they miraculously found the pancakes for this passenger. this leaves a bad impression about the service and not what you expect when you buy a business class ticket."
Pros: "I like everything food and the chaires very comfortable thanks"
Cons: "Nothing to complain Everithing is excellent easy flight Thankyou"
Pros: "The trip was on Boeing 787, good legroom, and decent seat recline, food was ok and the flight was on time given that most transatlantic LOT Polish Airlines flights are delayed."
Cons: "The aircraft (B787) was a bit run down. Some of the cabin crew were unprofessional, at at times rude to passengers. No wine/beer offered during the dinner service. They offer "gourmet" cafe on-board for purchase, but one has to go all the way back of the plane to make a purchase, the flight attendants refuse to bring it to the passenger, which I found to be strange."
Cons: "Seats aren't comfortable"
Cons: "Bad flight dirty carpets Kosher Food was not good at all"
Pros: "I liked every thing the crew was exelent"
Cons: "Dislike to crowded"
Pros: "I liked that the food was better by comparison with food served on other airlines (part of Star Alliance)."
Cons: "I think it would be nice that staff /crew addresses the passenger in both Polish and English. Most of the time they used only Polish, did not try to ask in English at all.Of course, if I asked for something in English, they can understand and respond. Also, did you always charge for wine and beer? Otherwise, I appreciated it was not as expensive as on the airport or on other airlines."
Pros: "Price, many food options"
Cons: "Never seen seats so close together."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 1 hour. We still managed to make our scheduled rendezvous."
Cons: "Food could be improved by improving preperation"
Pros: "Having the few inches of extra leg room in economy plus is very nice, and we got one alcoholic drink included in the extra fare paid. The crew was courteous and friendly. I did not use the entertainment system."
Cons: "Even though we were traveling with our small dog in cabin there's no pre-boarding to make settling in easier as there is with the competition. I could not check in on-line like I can on WestJet because of my "special service" request (small dog in cabin for the usual $50 charge) Also for the extra money paid for the"upgraded economy plus ticket" there's not a sandwich or even a snack included as there is on the competition."
Cons: "Small plane, no room for cabin luggage"
Cons: "Sitting on the tarmac for an hour before takeoff Cramped seats No beverage service (supposedly, because of turbulence, although other airlines have not let turbulence stop them from serving food and drink)"
Pros: "Many airlines have code share flights but it is better to buy ticket directly from the original airline as they keep on ignoring the code share flight bookings"
Cons: "Till last moment we were kept hanging if we will board or not as no seat number was allocated. I believe it was as we were from the code share airline not the real one"
Pros: "Everything is good"
Cons: "Almost no"
Cons: "delayes again....."
Pros: "Buying wine was a good idea. It's a good cure for frustrations."
Cons: "I had trouble checking in online AND printing boarding pass at kiosk. Plane left 45 minutes late. Boarding was chaotic. Headphones did not work with entertainment system. Drink order was incorrect... I just had to pretend I was on crappy public transport for two hours for a one hour journey. I laughed out loud when they announced on flight that Air Canada was voted best North American airline. Riiiiight."
Cons: "On the way to Barcelona, We didn't have access to any online media during the flight because their wifi wasn't working properly and we couldn't download the app. On the return, we downloaded the app prior to boarding but the app failed to work properly!"
Pros: "Other than the usher at the check-in desk, all other Air Canada staff were polite and helpful."
Cons: "Usher at check-in desk had terrible communication skills. He had an antagonist tone that set an aggressive tone for those just trying to comply to his directions."
Cons: "I did not fly to Montreal and I did not catch flight to Barcelona I am fling again tonight Toronto - Barcelona direct"
Cons: "The aircraft was very old, without entertainment. Most of the crew were unenthusiastic. The food was less then average. A very different experience then flying from Toronto to London the week before, so quite disappointing."
Pros: "We enjoyed our flight. The flight attendants were efficient. Jeanie was the nicest one of all."
Cons: "One of the flight attendants was rather rotund and, as I had an aisle seat, she frequently bumped my arm as she passed by. Not once during the flight from Sydney to Vancouver did she apologize. Otherwise, other aspects of the flight were fine. Air Canada is my number one choice of the airlines when traveling to Australia."
Pros: "The in-flight entertainment system in the headrest was very robust. My children remained engaged for almost the entire 16hr flight...the flight attendants were not stingy with the food or drink and even allowed me to get a beverage in-between the services to take my medicine."
Cons: "The baggage pickup in Beijing took forever! Over an hour after arriving at the baggage carrosel! My car seats were in two different places (on the belt and in an oversize area). On a minor note, I was unable to get a stamp in my passport after using the automated machine...sad...I would have stood in the line to get the stamp if I was told ahead of time..."
Pros: "Very friendly staff at airport. Saw we were flying with children and were able to put us on stand by to fly sooner."
Pros: "Overall I enjoyed the movies provided. In the three week span I had a lot of the movie choices overlapped. However, I found that there were many options provided that allowed me to find movies I had not seen yet even though they were not released within the past 3-5 years."
Cons: "I felt like I was constantly being bumped sitting in the aisle seat. I also was not a fan of the breakfast options."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "My tv screen was not working, so I had no entertainment for the ride."
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Cons: "Our inbound flight was two hours late. When connecting through Toronto, they lied to us. They said that the outbound connection was on time, that we'd likely missed it. Then, after standing through their requisite customer service line with only one open desk for two full flights, we were told to sprint through customs. We arrived, breathless to find the connection was delayed. We were told that they don't post the delayed connections for fear that passengers won't run or that U.S. customs will close. Uncommunicative and untruthful, their service is atrocious."
Pros: "Food was okay"
Cons: "Rude people on board, crew didnt do anything about this."
Pros: "Direct flight and good schedule"
Cons: "The price was higher than Delta direct flight but I chose AC because of my top tier status on AC. That got me a complimentary upgrade but the entertainment system did not work"
Cons: "It was cancelled."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Customer service flight rebooking"
Pros: "Boarding was efficiently handled"
Cons: "Very delayed flight with everyone ON the plane. Tiny seats in coach - very cramped Also food not very good."
Pros: "Flight attendant's were friendly amid the circumstances."
Cons: "Our first flight was cancelled 15 minutes before scheduled take-off. upon being bumped to another flight two hours later, that flight was delayed two hours after an issue during take-off. We remained on the plane while mechanic/engineering staff rectified the problem. We booked a flight to save time on driving. We would have arrived earlier had we drove. I understand things happen, but the airline eneds to take responsibility and show some good customer service. Aside from the pilot, no apology given, no reimbursement offered. Disappinting. Air Canada is now a last-resort option for a frequent flyer like myself."
Pros: "Crew and staff on board aircraft were very friendly"
Cons: "Checking in process in Toronto was a mad house. No organization and extremely slow! The aircraft was very crammed and very stuffy. I'm allergic to dust and I coughed the whole 2 and a half hour flight. The legroom is horrible. I'm 5'7" and my knees were pressed up against the seat in front of me. Definitely first and last time flying w/ Air Canada"
Pros: "New interior felt clean and the new entertainment system felt responsive with a large amount of movies and shows to view"
Cons: "seats were very hard with reduced legroom after you recline. Lavatories were far and few. Food was mediocre with 3 meals, I had to ask for extras."
Cons: "My bags were lost and no one would give me contact information for how to track them down. The only number I was give has not had anyone answer after I have called many times over the last several hours"
Pros: "In flight entertainment is great."
Cons: "No snacks."
Pros: "The flight attendants were lovely and the flight itself was fine and comfortable."
Cons: "As there were no screens on the seats, there were limited entertainment options. I was unable to download the Air Canada app before the flight due to very weak airport internet, and then was unable to rent an iPad because only credit cards were accepted: not cash or debit, or even VISA debit cards. As for boarding, the departing gate kept changing and being removed from the screen before the flight; also there was a 30 min boarding delay."
Pros: "Billy Bishop airport is awesome!"
Cons: "Flight was delayed and crew didn't accommodate a rebooking despite availability .. Although original flight did board soon after."
Cons: "The flight was delayed. Air Canada didn't provide hotel accommodation for missing connection. Only reimburse C$100 for hotel stay. The cheapest hotel found near the airport cost C$185. Only gave us C$10 per person for meal. We'll never fly Air Canada again."
Pros: "Food was fine, staff was professional, flight was quite."
Cons: "The lavatories were unacceptably filthy. There was a puddle on the floor in one of them: Disgusting!"
Pros: "We liked everything about our flight, except my husband lost his luggage and it is not found, one day later ! ?"
Cons: "Lost luggage"
Cons: "The plane was up and down twice when it landfall."
Pros: "very nice people, food ok"
Cons: "Bad organization at Montreal for special passengers, plus technical pb => flight delayed 45mn"
Pros: "Friendliness of flight attendant. Plane clean and newer than others I've flew on."
Cons: "Lack of more flights throughout the day. Also sometimes flights are late as there are crew changes or planes flown from other cities to Toronto to accommodate the flight. Making departures late to leave. In spite of this, I would still fly Air Canada."
Pros: "One of the stewardess is really cute and she speaks French"
Cons: "The cabinet temperature is ridiculously low and they only offer a thin blanket"
Pros: "We boarded very quickly! The staff were extremely friendly and made our thirteen hour ride pleasurable. The inflight entertainment had a great deal of new shows and movies. The seats had a decent size and good enough leg room. The flight was smooth, and we took off at a good time. The food was fairly good as well!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "first flight cancelled, second flight delayed so impossible to get the connection. Nobody called me about it, I had to go to ask."
Pros: "Love Air Canada"
Pros: "I liked the choice of movies."
Cons: "One of the flight attendants, Pasquale, was very brusque."
Pros: "Nothing to like"
Cons: "Passenger seats are way to close, if the person in front of you leans their seat back, forget about using your tray. I know I haven't flown in over a year, but did all airlines stop passing out snacks. Make sure you bring your credit card in case you get hungry. They charge you for everything except basic drinks and make sure you use the latrine prior to boarding because they are too busy swiping the credit cards, they block the isle to get access to it."
Pros: "Overall fair experience"
Cons: "Would have liked if the crew was a bit more friendlier. But they were professional for the most part."
Pros: "nothing was overpowering good, just an average flight there & back"
Cons: "the entertainment system was terrible"
Pros: "crew is excellent"
Cons: "small space"
Pros: "The checked baggage came through all the way from CTS-HND-YYZ-DCA. It was great I didn't have to pick them up even once. Thanks."
Cons: "The boarding gate at YYZ was changed without announcement. No free movie or audio. Snack was sort of sad."
Pros: "The Flight attendants were polite, efficient, and took care of business. The plane was nice, reasonably clean, and we were kept well informed."
Cons: "The In flight entertainment system had an extremely poor music selection. There were only one to three albums per genre, none of which I had heard of before. Music doesn't take up a lot of data, and there are tons of independent artists who would be willing to put their music up for little to no royalty payment. This is an easy fix. 2/3 of my bags were left in Toronto."
Pros: "Nice crew & good entertainment app"
Cons: "No space at all. Despite 5-hour length, no complementary food. Will not willingly choose Rouge unless it is the only option"
Cons: "Flown business class 4 times with China southern. But their beds never lay completely flat. Always have a hump in the middle so I raise the back a bit to compensate"
Pros: "I arrived at my destination."
Cons: "The food was not very good. Amenities such as toothbrush or mouthwash should be available on long haul flights."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "There was an hour delay in the flight returning to Seoul and several hour delay leaving Seoul."
Pros: "Great flighy"
Pros: "One person went out of his was to get me an emergency exit row seat. I was not able to pre-select a seat when buying my ticket. When I phoned and spike to someone, I got a vague response."
Cons: "The selection of in-flight movies was poor. My individual entertainment equipment was faulty. The crew was not helpful in fixing this. The dinner meal was heavy on the grease but snack sandwiches delicious. The cabin crew was not very attentive."
Pros: "crew was great."
Cons: "better airport connection and transfer"
Pros: "The crews were amazing, food was okay, overall pretty good"
Pros: "There was no problem Everything was good"
Cons: "Learn food from Cathay pacific Add more movies"
Cons: "Crew service is excellent. Flight was fast without any delay in take off in Guangzhou Airport. Food in Business Class is pedestrian."
Cons: "Language skills of crew members could be improved. Dinner was ok. Entertainment was not individual by seat."
Cons: "Flight delayed, Missed connecting flight Not good response from ground crew members"
Pros: "Flight was on time, crew was very professional and worked hard to please the passengers in service and care. Food in business class was really good, and in fact, were generous portions. Surprisingly good choice of movies in entertainment."
Cons: "No sweeteners fondrinks like coffee, just sugar. I would really suggest to China Southern to stock sweeterners for passengers who don’t use sugar."
Pros: "Polite cabin crew."
Cons: "Lost my check-in luggage - still not returned after 4 days. Broke my expensive checked-in suitcase on the first leg of the trip. (No reimbursement for loss or damage.) Leads you through online check-in but denies allowing you to complete it. Could not reserve any seats (for 4 international flights) ahead of airport check-in. Forced to give up my assigned seat to accommodate someone else. No customer service contact phone number (in English) that works. Poorly designed website - difficult to locate and utilize options."
Pros: "The crew members are excellent."
Cons: "The food options and the took off time."
Pros: "Staff was accommodative"
Cons: "There was on passenger who requested vegitarrian special but air line had no record of it.Air hoist started arguing that they did not have record. I had to intersect that it is not his mistake.It is a miscommunication.please try to solve,and she did. There are a lot of Punjabi passenger but no movie or song for their intertainment.Please if it is all possible!"
Pros: "I do get what some other reviewers are saying. The food was just fine, better than some airlines but no worse for sure. The crew was excellent and attentive, and i'm saying these things not having had the benefit of the CHEAP flight noted by the previous reviewer. I'll be flying with these guys again."
Cons: "The same gripes everyone has about airline experiences, it's cramped, x 15 hours."
Pros: "After reading reviews on trip advisor about some specific problems such as customer service and food options, I am happy to say that my experience actually excelled in these two areas. I will be flying with China Southern again."
Cons: "The same things everyone doesn't like about the common flying experience, extended to a 15 hour flight."
Pros: "The crew was always really helpful and kind. Great movie selection."
Cons: "Boarding was really delayed. But flight still came in on time for me to have plenty of time to catch my connecting flight."
Pros: "We enjoyed our flight on China Southern. The aircraft, the service, the staff, the food: everything was great. The flight was delayed out of Phuket, causing us to miss our connecting flight to SFO in Guongzhou, but China Southern provided us with a seamless alternate and our ultimate arrival at ATL was barely delayed."
Pros: "good service"
Pros: "Liked the crew members, really sweet and respectful."
Cons: "No entertainment options (shared for two rows and is a small screen)"
Cons: "Later flight and delayed in China, stay in wuhan for 24 hours No smith transfer to next flight"
Pros: "Very happy with the Crew and cleanliness of the Aircraft. Had an overall pleasant experience."
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable and the entertainment could have been a little better."
Cons: "It took 2 hours to unload the luggage from the plane!"
Pros: "The crew was exceptionally attentive. The plane is comfortable and all staff professional and polite."
Cons: "Boarding was chaotic but once on plane it went smoothly/"
Cons: "How the hell are you gonna charge me OVER DOUBLE the cost to switch my flight???? That's OUTRAGEOUS!!! And to have to wait up to FOUR MONTHS to get not even a 50% refund??? Ridiculous. None of their help desk lines work, and just send you to other phone numbers that don't work. Ridiculous and unprofessional!"
Pros: "I like the way the pilot handle the airplane. Landing is smooth. I like the flight crew they are nice."
Pros: "No frills, great price, tiny seats for skinny people that goes with price. Food was actually great, nyc to GZ route, gz to nyc food not so good. Great planes. Good sexy non usa international movies. The price is right and the cool thing about most Chinese airlines is they don't charge so much if any for return date changes as long as their is room"
Cons: "tall people behind me knocking my seat cause they are crammed into their tiny small short seat."
Pros: "Service but I slept the entire flight"
Pros: "2 hour flight and given food."
Cons: "Delayed."
Pros: "Being able to move to the exit rows before the flight began to have lots of extra leg room and an open seat between us."
Cons: "Terrible delay before departure, right before landing, and after landing but before gate. I had 3.5 hr layover in Wuhan but still missed my next flight. The hotel provided by the airline for overnight is terrible. I have to pay extra to get a room for my own (the standard offered requires two strangers stay in the same room)."
Pros: "What I like it was the amazing customer service from one of the male flying attending"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "6 hours delay without any explanations and compensation, the transfer experience was so bad. Worst airline ever."
Pros: "We were upgraded to the Premium seats which has more leg room so that was nice. Plane needs to have a charger for small electronic devices."
Pros: "Business class was confortable but plane showed signs of age"
Cons: "Would recommend a western menu option"
Pros: "The ground crew at GuangZhou was very helpful in leading us from our delayed flight to our 2nd flight,"
Cons: "Our 1st return flight from Wuhan to GuangZhou was delayed for an hour, and we almost missed our flight back to the US by minutes as we have to go through Customs. But we had to pay for a cart transportation from the terminal because it was too far away. I felt like China Southern should've paid for the transport service, as it was their fault that we almost missed our flight."
Pros: "The crew was perfectly attentive. I hope to fly with you all again!!"
Pros: "The boarding was on time and organized.the crew was friendly and helpful. My seats were comfortable even though they were ecomomy class. The food was delicious and more than I expected. Finally, the movie selections were current and interesting. Honestly did not have a negative moment."
Pros: "I really can't think of anything on this flight that stood out. We were delayed to check-in for no reason, and nothing special was done. No entertainment on board."
Cons: "We arrived late into Guangzhou, and had to do the international transfer, and the staff were not much help at all. They did nothing to make sure we made our next flight with them. We literally ran through the airport which wasn't completely necessary. It was the cheapest by a long shot though. Spending the night in the GZ airport on your way to Phnom Phen is not recommended. . . We did that and the GZ airport has windows open to the outside so it's freezing inside."
Pros: "Our flight was great. Seating was spacious. The crew was very attentive and friendly. The food was actually good. When our return flight arrived late in Guangzhou because of a delay there was an attendant to greet us and made sure we made it to our connecting flight. Would definitely use this airline again."
Pros: "new planes"
Cons: "my return trip, the whole center ailse had no entertainmrnt center facilities... even overhead lights. steeardess, did not allow smartphone even in airplane mode"
Pros: "1. The food was actually very tasty 2. The crew was nice for the most part 3. The price I paid was decent $496 for one way from Manila to SF"
Cons: "1. The seats were too close together and not comfortable. The arm rests were too short and my elbows kept pushing the overhead light on. 2. The audio jacks was broken so I had to jiggle the headphones in the socket to get the audio to work and even then it wasn't good so I just gave up on watching a movie 3. They don't allow use of cell phones even in airplane mode"
Pros: "Arrived on time ."
Cons: "No western food selection"
Pros: "Plenty of movies friendly stewardesses"
Cons: "Arm rests on my row or this plane didn't go up. Touch screens on my seat and a seat mate were wonky at times"
Pros: "Okay, short flight."
Pros: "Nice prompt flight with good service."
Pros: "Fast check in Courtesy of staff Helpfulness of staff"
Cons: "Long walks through terminals ."
Pros: "good food, good movies, excellent service"
Cons: "Business class boarding could have been more organized. Was sent to the gate too early from lounge"
Cons: "Boarding on time so I didn’t have to loose the connection flight and had to stay at a hotel an hour away from kuala lumpur to barely sleep to catch a plane to auckland next day that arrives late so i cant take the ferry home."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by two hours"
Pros: "ok"
Pros: "Airport, sea side"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Comfortable seating map"
Cons: "Food could be improved especially for vegetarians"
Pros: "All went Well, no delays, good service."
Pros: "Smooth process all the way from check in to seating to disembarkation"
Cons: "none"
Cons: "lost my luggage. after they found it, they took a week to deliver. no response to my claim for compensation"
Pros: "The crew are friendly and reliable."
Cons: "The food instead of salted peanut, it will be better if bread instead coz some of us got not enough time for meals."
Pros: "Crews were good."
Cons: "Seats were small and quite uncomfortable. luckily it was a short trip. If travelling long distance I ll have to consider a different airlines."
Pros: "Amazing plane, latest technology, great customer service, clean bathrooms at all time. It was an excellent experience The seats were so comfortable as well, and the customer service on and off the plane was amazing"
Pros: "The hospitality of the staff Smooth sailing process"
Cons: "The food and the seats and leg room is too small especially for larger people"
Pros: "Friendly crew. Comfortable and quiet flight"
Cons: "Dinner service slow"
Pros: "Nice thick comfortable blankets. Delicious food."
Cons: "Fight was delayed"
Cons: "Economy class seats are getting tighter and smaller. When person in front reclines the seat you do not have much moving space left"
Pros: "The regular plane was swapped out for the A380"
Pros: "Service, free drinks, decent entertainment selection, and the food was actually a little better than edible, the best airline food Ive ever had (I haven't flown many long haul flights)"
Cons: "People don't stop growing at 5'8. There are people taller than that, in fact quite a lot of people are taller than that. So much in this world is made without this consideration in mind. I'm 6'1, I shouldn't have to pay hundreds more just so I have enough legroom. And I don't mean enough to swing my legs about as much as I want, just enough to be comfortable. This isn't essential on short flights, but just seems cruel to taller people on long flights."
Pros: "Friendly and helpful crew"
Cons: "food was horrible"
Pros: "The crew were friendly although some of the announcement was not clear."
Cons: "We had bad experience with the airline because our luggage was not to be found at Langkawi airport and we had make a report. Fortunately about 8 hours later our luggage was sent to our resort which we stayed. (we arrived Langkawi airport around 3pm, we were told by the officer that our luggage will be sent to our resort at 7pm but it came at 11pm instead) The snacks could have been better. Besides the salted peanuts, it would be better to add biscuits or a slice of cake. The orange juice is good but maybe if we are given choice of warm drink (tea or coffee) it would be great."
Cons: "There wasn't a food preference option when booking through kayak."
Pros: "Liked the USB port for recharging electronic devices"
Cons: "Seats were too close together. Not very comfortable. We were in row in front of emergency exit. Seats didn't recline. We should be alerted when we select these seats that they are uncomfortable."
Pros: "Larger seats"
Cons: "Food was below standards. Really need to improve."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Canceled flights both directions. Poor airport. Long runway times. When told I was notified about the canceled flights, I was issued absolutely no apologies."
Pros: "A mediocre flight is better than an awful one? At least we *had* an entertainment unit. And there was a USB outlet so phones/ipads could remain charged throughout the flight."
Cons: "Mine was a cramped experience in an old airplane, sadly normal for the industry. Food was bad. Entertainment unit was one of those press-the-screen-and-maybe-10-seconds-later-it'll-react types. Crew wasn't very communicative about what each cart rolling down the isle was for. Not a terrible experience, just not particularly good."
Pros: "Everything flowed smoothly."
Cons: "It would have been nice to have inflight entertainment within our seatbacks."
Pros: "Cabin crew, smooth flying"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "We like to thank you for all your staff are good taking for all of us. We would like to make recommends it to all our friends. May the Living Lord and our Almighty God bless you, your staffs and your business abundantly! Amen!"
Cons: "Their app is useless. Not user friendly and always down ! Their staff can't even give proper directions on what need to be done in terms of getting upgrades ! Such a shame how it this airlines is getting from bad to worst. They use to be great and my number one choice , but now they are just a disappointment. I am only supporting MAS because they are my national carrier"
Pros: "The plane was nice and new. Very smooth flight."
Cons: "Toilets could have been cleaned more frequently."
Pros: "Took off on time, landed early, business class cabin was comfortable and food was ok."
Cons: "the online web check-in system was down. Had to queue 2.5hours to be checked in. Due to this, flight was delayed."
Pros: "Newer B737-800 aircraft Improved entertainment system Drinks"
Cons: "Seat pitch is a measly 30 inches Entertainment system USB has very low current - very slow to charge phones Food taste is very poor"
Pros: "Massage chair, very relaxing for long hour journey"
Pros: "same"
Cons: "same"
Pros: "Prompt flight and service was good."
Pros: "Nothing much"
Cons: "It was freezing on the first flight and although I gave requested for a drink twice this was never brought to me. The Flight attendants were rude and not helpful."
Pros: "Nothing."
Pros: "Delicious food"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Cons: "Got stuck by lots of crying kids."
Cons: "our vegan food was not provided"
Cons: "Second flight in a row for a one hour flight and we are delayed one hour. Better just go with a low cost airline then"
Pros: "The seats are good recently"
Cons: "Delayed for around 25mins. Boarding is getting worst recently; either chaotic or implementing the new stupid policy of boarding according to seat letters."
Pros: "I love flying with MAS"
Cons: "I don't like Tax Refund Customs Verification"
Cons: "freezing and small blankets"
Cons: "I received an eticket confirmation by email, but when arriving at the airport for checkin, Malaysian airlines did not have the ticket in their system"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "I realize not always the fault of the airline themselves but the over 3 hour delay caused me to completely change my plans in KL."
Pros: "Line took 1 and a half hours to get through. Never again and I plane on going to Bali alot in the next 40 years."
Cons: "Nothing staff was rude"
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Toronto to Beijing

Airlines flying from Toronto to Beijing have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Toronto to Beijing

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Toronto to Beijing

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Toronto to Beijing

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Toronto to Beijing

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