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Air CanadaOverall score based on 26211 reviews
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Flight was cancelled. Rebooked via Toronto. Total delay to get to my final destination was in excess of 12 hours. Simply unacceptable.

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Flight was cancelled. Rebooked via Toronto. Total delay to get to my final destination was in excess of 12 hours. Simply unacceptable.

Short trip and the service was great and courteous. I slept through most the trip so that helped that I wasn’t disturbed. Good wasn’t necessary.

Pros: "Crew is ok."
Cons: "Be on time"
Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "The cabin announcements were rapidly spoken and hard to understand. The seats are too close together. The flight was overheated, stuffy air, too hot."
Cons: "There was no coffee or tea available on the flight"
Cons: "I was sitting right in the front near the first class area, and I needed to use the washroom, I was refused and ordered to use only the other 2 available ones at the back of the plane. It’s not much to say, but it’s weird to have only 2 stalls for the whole plane, and one stall for only about a doze"
Cons: "Very crowded in the seat...."
Pros: "I had requested assistance which was excellent."
Cons: "The small seats"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "The worst flight I have ever had. I am tall and this large plane was fit only for dwarfs. My knees were jammed into the seat in front of me and I could not move during the 3.5 hour duration. As a result of this experience I will NEVER fly air canada again. From now on it's whatever airline can treat it's customers with dignity."
Pros: "Everything except the earbuds"
Cons: "Earbuds sucked; acoustics off."
Pros: "Flight attendant gave me more accurate info about the luggage proces. Information at check-in was incorrect."
Cons: "1) incorrect luggage info in LIR 2) very late flight"
Pros: "Flight late seats have no leg room it’s what one pays for for rouge flights though"
Pros: "Air Canada Rouge is last airline choice I would make"
Cons: "direct flight"
Pros: "I like the courteous crew members, very cordial & attentive."
Cons: "The long wait on the aircraft after all passengers and crew were on board waiting for the oxygen tank to arrive."
Cons: "it took so long to taxi and get off the plane. it wasnt a full flight and it took 30 minutes to get off the plane after landing"
Cons: "Air Canada Rouge is a nasty way to travel. In a standard seat, there is enough room for a very small adult/ child. If you are 6ft tall or more, you are going to be in trouble. If Air Canada gave an extra 3 inches of space for your knees between the seat in front of your own seat, everything else would be bearable. Corporate greed drives jamming in as many seats as humanly possible to ensure that you know how a sardine in a can feels. I am not sure why Air Canada feels justified in charging extra money for a bulkhead seat just so a customer can have a "normal" experience travelling. I would recommend every Air Canada exec goes for a ride on a Rouge Cattle Car to see how enjoyable it is."
Pros: "Superb flight and landing"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable."
Pros: "The crew was friendly. Boarded on time."
Cons: "No more free drink."
Pros: "Handled well despite delays"
Cons: "Connection was slow and ground team seemed over whelmed in pre clearance."
Cons: "No entertainment no snacks no checked in luggage. You have to pay to rent iPad to watch inflight movies as pay for earphones. Air Canada has become a premium priced airline with extra low cost /no frills service. Sad and disappointing. Last time I am flying with AC. Rather book cheaper airlines and know what to expect than pay a premium and get even less than the low cost option. Boarding staff was rude pushing people etc"
Cons: "After taking Air Canada to Toronto, this Air Canada flight from Toronto to Orlando was a shock- no back-of-seat tv screens, no entertainment choice, no meals provided, less space, less comfortable."
Cons: "Horrible, the most uncomfortable plain I ever been to"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Dirty, old smelly plane. Compartments for suitcases were ridiculously small. Staff was rude and unprofessional. Used Air Canada for my trip to Toronto as well, flight was delayed 2 hours and I wasn't notified even though I signed up for the notifications."
Pros: "I liked my seatmates on the flights."
Cons: "I didn't like that we only get one drink and no snacks."
Cons: "Lost our luggage in Toronto both times in and out. Had to sit to wait to pass customs for 2 hours and almost missed our connecting flight. Was released 15 minutes before boarding and couldn't enjoy dinner at the airport"
Pros: "Quick and easy"
Cons: "Things Beyond your control as an airline... Two kids next to me vomiting for the last hour. And holy moly, Canadians from the Montreal area can talk! The entire flight was filled with passengers non stop talking. Not kidding. And apparently the norm is to say something and then repeat it four times just to be sure. I thought Americans were the most annoying talkers, turns out we have competition."
Pros: "I arrived where I needed to be, safely."
Cons: "It might be possible to get good reviews for a flight that takes off two and a half hours late so that everybody misses dinner and gets to bed late (and forty-five minutes to get my bag didn't help matters). But you're not going to get them if you won't even tell your customers why the flight was delayed."
Pros: "The flight was half empty so was able to have a role to myself"
Cons: "Air Canada Rouge should be renamed Air Canada Rude. Employees are very un-friendly; Seat design on the plane is the most uncomfortable of any airline out there. Very close to each other and very little padding on cushion of seat. Dirty plane; don’t think they serviced it between flights, garbage in each seat pouch. Very cold on flight, crew did not regulate the climate control. Too many unnecessary announcements both in English then French. Each announcement seemed like it lasted about 10 minutes which no one listen. So much for trying to watch a movie that pauses every time the crew feels the needs to talk. Sat at gate for 30 minutes pass departure time without any explanation until right before we departed (waiting on passengers from late arriving flights). At lease they could have told us. Anyhow this is not the Air Canada of old. Air Canada Rouge shows no signs that they care about the comfort of their passengers."
Pros: "Our flights were changed weeks prior to departure and Air Canada was very prompt with giving me all of the new flight information."
Pros: "Late, no food"
Cons: "it was an international flight, they should offer/include something to eat."
Cons: "Not aconfortable plane"
Pros: "everything was perfect"
Pros: "Guys, we were traveling in the middle of Matthew hurricane and the pilot was just perfect, we didn't feel it. No bumps, no disturbance, nothing. Like shiny day. Congrats"
Pros: "The crew was very accommodating of the negative situation my boyfriend was in. He was suffering from food poisoning from the previous flight and was unable to hold it in before the plane took off. They were very gracious with making sure that he had sufficient vomit bags and after the fasten seat belt light turned off, they allowed him to move seats in order to sit closer to the bathrooms. While this was a very difficult journey for him, the crew made it slightly more bearable."
Cons: "The cabin was dirty. The staff was not friendly. The cabin was freezing cold. The checking in system was not pleasant. We got the the airport 2.5 hours early and barely made it to the gate on time."
Cons: "Overbooked and was removed from flight without notice. Was flown to Newark, NJ instead. The next plane was broken and had to disembark. Got home 8 hours late, after 2am, and had to pay for transportation from airport because prearranged transportation was no longer available. Plane was dirty and staff was rude."
Pros: "Crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Didn't realize AirCanada Rouge didn't have entertainment, which allowed me to get work done...but you know, movies are cool too. Also the seats are super close together and make it a bit clostrophobic."
Pros: "I slept on this leg which I appreciated and we also got into Orlando early. Very excited about that."
Cons: "They charge for all snacks. I think for a three hour flight a small snack would be in order. A cookie or pretzels would work."
Pros: "Got upgrade"
Cons: "Delayed 1 hour , totally full"
Pros: "The flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "flight attendants were not very helpful."
Pros: "My passport was stolen in the airport and aircanada was very good to me."
Cons: "I loved everything"
Pros: "Flight arrived 30 minutes early!"
Pros: "Understaffed flight Crew, extremely slow crew , took 1 hour and 45 minutes to distribute drinks. Horrible customer service and horrible smelly cloth seats so cramped your knees hit the little pouch on the sit in front of you. Worse airline ever. Only perk was the cost of the flight $1100 from Orlando to Nice. They had the best price for a last minute flight. But not worth it. My god I have to say this is really the most unorganized airline I've ever flown."
Cons: "Understaffed flight Crew, extremely slow crew, horrible customer service and horrible smelly cloth seats so cramped your knees hit th e little pouch on the sit in front of you. Worse airline ever."
Pros: "Friendly staff. Our luggage was lost but the staff was very friendly and efficient in filing our claim."
Cons: "Luggage was not at our destination. Our luggage was left in Toronto. We are currently waiting for our luggage to be delivered but have no time frame window smaller than in the next 24 hours"
Cons: "When I checked in at Ottawa they gave me a ticket for the Toronto to Orlando flight but there was no seat #. They said get it when you are at the gate. They knew all along there would be no seat # ever as they had overbooked by 12 passengers but didn't have the decency to tell me or apologize and explain. I was in line-ups for the 3 1/2 hrs I was in Toronto trying to get a seat and not knowing till the very last minute that I had one. The very back row next to the toilet. I will never recommend to fly Air Canada."
Cons: "gate assignment kept changing so i bounced through the airport more than i would have liked to since i was trying to get some work done between flights. in addition, the final gate assignment was tight to say the least; people were literally sitting on the floor next to the moving walkway. this isn't an Air Canada problem it's a Pearson problem and made the experience less than pleasant."
Cons: "Seating is too tight"
Cons: "It is unacceptable to me to arrive for a flight and there is not a plane. The Castlegar airport is one of the most frustrating experiences in reliable flying. When we wait to book on clear days at full price and then find there is no plane that is what appears to be low priority bad management."
Cons: "they had a computer problem (second in a month) we were delayed about an hour"
Pros: "glad to get off Honolulu flight"
Pros: "The staff was helpful, everything was fine, and it got me where I needed to go."
Cons: "I gotta say I did not like all the delays to my flight! In the span of 4 hours I received 3 text alerts that the flight was delayed more and more which eventually required re-booking my connecting flight. By the time I go into ice-covered Ottawa on the Monday night, I was pretty tired. But still had to make the hour long trek home...what should have been 2.5 hours in the air turned into a 11.5 hour trip. Bad form Air Canada..."
Pros: "on time, quick, individual screens"
Cons: "small plane"
Pros: "Rapid Service Courtesy"
Cons: "Aircraft environment was too cold Not enough space in the overhead space in rt flt"
Pros: "I made it home alive."
Cons: "Delay in boarding, temperature in cabin was extremely hot and uncomfortable and nothing the crew could do about it (apparently an ongoing issue with the aircraft) then waited on the tarmac after landing in Toronto for almost 90 mins waiting for ground crew/our gate"
Pros: "Arrived safely without incident"
Cons: "90 minutes delayed. Seat assignment not as planned online. Broken entertainment system. Crew misplaced keys to duty free."
Pros: "The free movies."
Cons: "The delayed flight as usual and no snacks on the plane."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Huge delays. Air Canada gates at Logan are a pit."
Cons: "Pretzels? In what world are pretzels healthy?"
Cons: "Air Canada changed my seat after I checked in and pre selected my seat. Attendant at check in had no idea why and was not helpful and would not help rectify the situation."
Pros: "Flights were mostly on time, boarded quickly, nice crew."
Pros: "I had the exit row, lots of room to stretch out. ON time and on schedule. Good"
Cons: "Very old plane, Should be retired sooner the better The seat beside me was slanted down and the passenger complained about it to the flight staff. There were on other seats available, but this seat I would have refused it and re-booked a new flight. No Food included in our flight package, No comment Flight staff was friendly otherwise."
Pros: "Very nice flight"
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "Pier pls"
Cons: "Excessive baggage charges, which were not obvious when I booked."
Pros: "I honestly slept most of the way but I was comfortable so that was nice :)"
Cons: "Nothing! Safe n fun flight."
Pros: "The cabin baggage space was small, but the bags got checked in, which alleviated the issue"
Pros: "Time of day when it was scheduled."
Cons: "Because of the delays out of Portland I almost didn't make my flight to a Victoria. I generally don't fly Air Canada and this is why . I've never had more than an okay experience."
Pros: "This was my first time (and my son) flying and the experience was great. The staff at the airport was very friendly and helpful. There isn't one negative thing I could possibly write."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Nothing sticks out"
Pros: "Everything pretty much went smoothly."
Pros: "On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Ground crew aggressive and rude with all passengers."
Pros: "On time, friendly staff, clean"
Cons: "You could offer some gluten free snacks."
Pros: "Perfect crew behaviour despite everyone's tiredness due to delayed flight"
Cons: "1 hour and a half delay for the flight"
Cons: "The flight was cancelled and I was stranded overnight."
Pros: "the flight attendant "josie" was great, very friendly and understanding!"
Cons: "when we arrived in vancouver our flight was delayed by and hour and 5 minutes...and then once the plane arrived it was delayed again for another "hour", and supposed to leave at 1 am....but didn't leave until 2 am! customers weren't happy and the only information we got was that the plane needed to be taken away to check the engine. once we finally got on the plane everything was alright. but myself as well as the majority of the other people on the plane didn't think a 3 hour delay was appropriate, and couldn't believe there wasn't other options available"
Pros: "Very fast to trip"
Cons: "The flight was late to take off"
Cons: "They oversold the flight, and then kicked me off because there wasn't room. Yes, they compensated and rebooked. But that meant I was flying during the night when I should have been sleeping. I booked my flight at a time to avoid that. And I booked this flight months ago -- probably one of the first to book that flight. That is totally wrong to oversell and then kick people off. And it is totally wrong to kick off a person who booked way in advance. I am not one bit impressed with Air Canada at this point."
Pros: "Everything was great."
Pros: "I was at the very back in a window seat and towards the end of the flight some water was dripping on me from somewhere above the window. Made me a little nervous. The headphone jack only worked part of the time, sometimes it was OK but if I didn't put it in JUST RIGHT then the audio would sound garbled and useless."
Pros: "The flight attendants and the pilot were very nice. We were on time and boarding was very swift and smooth."
Cons: "I was five minutes late to check in and was not aloud to check in wasn't given a refund or a flight change Mike Goodall"
Cons: "Flight was delayed. No reason given as to why. No email prior to flight was sent out to notify passeners of a delay. I only found out about a delay once I was at the airport."
Pros: "great when the planes is not full and you get both seat to yourself the crew placed passengers into the empty areas.everything was smooth departure left on time arriived on time"
Cons: "Aircraft is far too small ... seats are not designed for flights in duration of more than 1 hour"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I found out they switched the time of the flight for 12 hours later than what I bought. I received one email and the time was in military time. I think it's criminal to change the flight with this big of a change. Also no confirmation of if it was received. I planned my trip and was totally thrown for a loop with this dramatic of a change. I'll never fly air Canada again nor will my family."
Pros: "Nice crew, quick board, on-time pretty much."
Cons: "No Wifi Small overhead bins"
Pros: "Personnel are very courteous, the planes are clean and relatively comfortable."
Pros: "The crew was nice and very accommodating."
Cons: "I was only offered a plastic glass of lukewarm water on the evening flight. Classy!!! NOT."
Pros: "Left on time, arrived on time. Tell the complainers that they should try flying Aeroflot."
Cons: "Coffee is instant. Good thing they don't charge you extra for it."
Cons: "Boarding took forever. One of the slowest experiences ever."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Far too small/slow of a plane for that distance. Loud and unruly passengers seated all around me. Awful flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Long wait. Uncomfortable seats. No entertainment"
Pros: "short flight after flying to Vancouver from Hong Kong! It was fine."
Pros: "People were nice that worked the counter -helpful."
Cons: "The flight was delayed over an hr for no apparent reason. I was told the crew was having trouble getting there on time! What a joke that is...that delay caused all the other connecting flights to be missed. The end result was having to spend the night in Montreal and not arrive at my Boston destination until a day later. Many very irate passengers."
Pros: "Really friendly crew."

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