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Cons:Poor identification of counter space both where you receive vehicle and return vehicle. Luck of the draw as to what vehicle I received but mine had three tires that held air and one that did not. Of course I did not discover this until I was 70 miles plus away from terminal. I called "roadside assistance" and was told to check for spare. Huh, imagine that I wouldn't have come up with that myself! What do you know, NO SPARE. As I flew 1200 miles for a funeral and was not there for a vacation, I had my time allocated and it did not include spending time or money at a facility to have a tire that I did not own replaced. I filled the tire with air at a station and proceeded to my final destination. Next day, tire flat. Make a call again to "roadside assistance", well I got this cute little bug of a girl who tried to explain to me that I needed to call my insurance company to solve my flat tire issue, seeing as though I refused the roadside assistance on my contract. Huh, who knew that when you rent a car that getting at least 4 tires that hold air is taken for granted? Well I decided that this young lady was of no help and hung up, called the Boston office and explained my issue. The gentleman that I spoke with did understand and went to work immediately to fix the problem. A different vehicle was brought to my hotel and exchanged for the faulty vehicle in time for my attendance at said event. Day is done, time to return vehicle to agency @ 4:00 A.M. Counter is empty displaying sign that says car pickup is down below on main level of garage. Well I just came from there, NO ONE WAS THERE! All the while trying not to miss 5 A.M. flight, went back down to main level and see a face in the car I just returned. I asked her if I missed her or was she not around? Her response was she was at a competitors booth down the way. Sorry to interrupt your day but I have a plane to catch, would you please check the vehicle back in so I may be on my way. Lesson learned. You most often get what you pay for Advantage is no advantage.Reviewed 6 Mar. 2016
review fromkayak
Worst company to hire from. Car was disgusting and dirty.Cons:Customer service was non-existent, and their gps dint evem work after a bit. No wiper fluid in the car. Terrible experience.Reviewed 2 Jan. 2018
review fromkayak
No vehicles(almost)Cons:Had a reservation made 1 or 2 months in advance for a Camry. Got there about 6 or 630 pm. They told they had only TWO vehicles, a small subcompact and a minivan, neither of which I wanted. They said it was because Mitsubishi had recalled its vehicles. I don't believe this, they should have had Toyota products also. They referred me to the rental company next counter over who had a car, but would've cost 100$ above my reservation. Told them I'd do it if Advantage paid the difference, but of course they didn't. After I found a better deal a few counters over, the manager found a car for me, but at this point I'd waited at least an hour, and didn't want to start all over again. Can't believe they had only TWO vehicles on a Saturday night at Logan airport.Reviewed 26 Sep. 2016
review fromkayak
extra charges are a rip offPros:Car and service were fine, like most companiesCons:$12/day charge for xtra driver (spouse). This is illegal in many states, most companies don't charge for spouse even where it's legal. I've been renting cars for 35 years and have never paid for an extra driver. Also, they charge $10/day for a toll transponder (necessary in Massachusetts) this includes all tolls, so it might be a good deal if you're spending a lot of time on the turnpike, but it's a total ripoff if you're only going a few miles on the toll roads. Other companies charge only for the actual tolls incurred, or a much lower fee like $3/day. Advantage seemed like an inexpensive alternative, but after the add-ons it would have been cheaper to go with just about any other company.Reviewed 25 Oct. 2017
review fromkayak
Terrible employeesPros:My car was fineCons:I work in customer service, and know when someone is not fulfilling any level of good service. Both the people at the Boston Logan airport advantage desk, and those behind the 1800 number totally failed me. I waited for 2 hours on hold for a customer service rep because I wanted to extend my rental. After this experience I quickly came back to the Airport to get a new rental from another company. I will never use this one again. And I will always tell those I see in line for advantage to go elsewhere. I have a lot of patience but there was not one moment when I felt like someone wanted someone to help me...Reviewed 15 Feb. 2016
review fromkayak
Abysmal, inadequate, cranky customer servicePros:The car was decent and ran OKCons:I arrived at the Logan Intl Airport car rental center at about 10 PM. The Advantage counter had a sign saying the counter is closed and to go to the customer service kiosk in the garage. I finally found it at the farthest corner of the garage and there were 3 customers in front of me. There were 2 men manning the operation-- 1 in the kiosk entering data and the other walking around looking for cars and looking cranky. I waited OVER AN HOUR for the 3 customers ahead of me. The person just before me was directed to space 24 for his car, but no car was there, so they gave him a different car (Corolla). I was supposed to get a Corolla but there were no more so I ended up with a gas-guzzling SUV. I pointed out scrapes along the bumper and the cranky man scribbled on the diagram and flung it at me without a word. The car had no windshield washer fluid. I returned at 7 pm a few days later and the same two were working. There was one woman ahead of me in the return line but they didn't want to take the time to check me in. So he had me write my email address on my copy of the contract and give it to him, promising that he'd email me a statement when they had checked in the car. I never received that statement and, of course, realized I had given up my only written document of the transaction.Reviewed 27 Jul. 2016
review fromkayak
Just double check what you're signing up forPros:The car was clean and comfortable with an excellent heating system.Cons:The person at the service desk looked like he would rather be anywhere else and wasn't very helpful. Any question we asked (other drivers, tolls, etc.) was answered with a rude no, can't do that, there's no other option. The car came with half a tank of gas but was marked full and the guy who checked the car before we drove away didn't notice and also marked it full so we ended up paying more for fuel. We were given two options for tolls - either pay an extra 60ish dollars for an easy pass, or pay $25 for each toll we cross in addition to the toll fee. In my opinion both of those options were excessive and would have just liked to pay the fee due per toll.Reviewed 19 Dec. 2017
review fromkayak
Watch the Bait and SwitchPros:Car was very new and cleanCons:Check in. I had reserved a full size sedan for 3 days. The woman asks me if I want to upgrade to a full size SUV instead. I ask her how much more it will cost. She says $10. I ask "total or per day?" She says "total." I agree. Then, on my way down to the car, I look at the receipt and see that she had charged me $30 more. I go back to complain and she quickly changes it back and gives me the price I had reserved for and a different car. The car she gives me is a full size SUV. I can't be certain, but I think she was going to give me a full size SUV anyway, and tried to get me to pay for it as an "upgrade."Reviewed 2 Feb. 2016
review fromkayak
Terrible check inPros:Size of the vehicleCons:When I went to pick up the vehicle. I had to wait in line for 45 minutes. Once I filled out the paperwork to rent the vehicle, the vehicle wasn’t ready and I had to wait another hour to get the vehicle and the car seat. In the process, one of their attendants them checked my rental back in despite not even leaving the garage and gave me a bill for $131. The whole process took over 2 hours just to rent the car and get a vehicle. When I bought the vehicle back in, the never gave me paperwork for returning the car. I was charged $200 deposit for the car seat which I had paid on for on my credit card and am still waiting for this charge to be reimbursed. This will be the last time I ever rent from Advantage rental cars.Reviewed 27 Aug. 2018
review fromkayak
Unorganized unprofessional customer service at BosPros:The car performed well while I had it.Cons:When picking up the car, the desk agent had to walk the customer in front of me down to the pickup area and told me she would be right back. 15-20 minutes later she returned with a hand written list of cars, I assume those were the ones that were ready to rent. She was nice and professional and apologized for the delay, so I thought maybe things were looking up. When I got down to the parking garage the car appeared to have just been washed and had water all over it so I couldn't really tell if there were any scratches or dents. The car did not smell right/clean, but I was not going to worry about it. I went to plug in my phone, which I use for GPS, and the car was not equipped with a usb plug, so I went to the kiosk in the garage planning to ask for a different car if possible. The cranky man at the desk was obviously frustrated because they had returns backed up around the corner and he proclaimed loudly multiple times that he was the only one on duty. He was finishing up with another customer and I waited patiently for my turn. When that customer left I approached the counter and the agent made a clear effort to avoid looking at me, frantically shuffling papers around. All he needed to do was say "I'll be right with you", but obviously no customer service training was provided here. Another guy who was bringing back a washed car volunteered to help him by checking out the three cars waiting to get out the gate. The counter agent, instead of thanking this nice guy, spewed again that he was the only one on duty and it was crazy. I decided I would live without a usb plug and get out while the nice guy was helping. And noted to myself that I would not be using Advantage again in Boston, where I travel to a lot because my employer is based nearby. Surely they know when peak pickup and return times are and should be able to schedule more appropriately. RETURN: I had confirmed with the rental agent that I could return the car at 4am for my 6am flight. When I pulled in, nobody was in the garage so I followed the directions on the sign that said to note your mileage and take your keys to the desk. When I got to the desk, there was a sign that said to go to the garage if you were picking up a car. No drop box or instructions for returns. I'm trying to catch a flight and don't have time for this run around. So I left the key and my 1998 carbon copy mileage sheet that I haven't used with other companies in years on the keyboard on the counter. While waiting to board my flight I called the 800 number on the rental agreement to let them know where I left the key and to ask for an emailed receipt. I'm praying nobody stole the keys and am absolutely never using this company again.Reviewed 17 Aug. 2016
review fromkayak
Will NEVER rent with Advantage againPros:Good price, nice carCons:Our flight was changed due to a storm and when I called Advantage, the phone agent said as long as we picked it up within 24 hours of our original reservation, the car would be held for us and no changes needed to be made for the reservation. However, when we arrived, with our young children who had just traveled by plane, the car had NOT been held for us and we'd been marked down as a "no show." When we told the agent at the desk (Alexandra Garcia in Boston) that we'd called ahead, she said we could pay extra for a more expensive car, but she took no responsibility for the problem and was incredibly rude. What a horribly disappointing experience.Reviewed 12 Mar. 2018
review fromkayak
Rent a wreck!Pros:Customer service and process for picking up the automobile was easy and hassle free.Cons:The Hyundai Elantra I was given had scrapes, scratches and dents in over a dozen locations. The flat tire warning light was on when I picked up the car and I eventually had to stop and put air in all four tires in order to get the light to go out.Reviewed 9 Dec. 2015
review fromkayak

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