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FAQs for Cranbrook, British Columbia business class flights

  • How long is a flight to Cranbrook, British Columbia?

    Flights from Vancouver1h 29m
    Flights from Calgary0h 53m
  • How does KAYAK find such good deals on Business Class tickets to Cranbrook, British Columbia?

    KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Cranbrook, British Columbia for economy class as well as Business Class travelers.

  • What is the best airline for business class flights to Cranbrook, British Columbia?

    The highest-rated airline by KAYAK users offering business class flights to Cranbrook, British Columbia is Pacific Coastal, with an overall rating of 8.5.

Top airlines flying to Cranbrook, British Columbia

See real verified KAYAK customer reviews for airlines flying to Cranbrook. Airline scores are aggregated from all reviews left by passengers on KAYAK after flying with an airline from Canada to Cranbrook. KAYAK doesn’t show reviews that are older than 5 years. Learn how KAYAK collects reviews.
Need help choosing which airline to fly business class to Cranbrook, British Columbia? KAYAK airline reviews give an overall score for each airline based on loads of factors, including comfort, boarding, in-flight entertainment and more, to make your decision easier. See airline scores according to verified KAYAK customer reviews.
WestJetOverall score based on 2895 reviews
Airline reviews

It was very, very cold extremely uncomfortable almost unbearable I was sitting at the front of the cabin

4.0 OkayAnonymous, May 2024YYZ - MCO
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It was very, very cold extremely uncomfortable almost unbearable I was sitting at the front of the cabin

Our trip was booked to be 2 hours after arriving in Calgary but it was changed until the next morning forcing us to stay overnight in Calgary with no compensation

Was the longest flight I have ever taken to Orlando. Not Westjet’s fault necessarily. There was a traffic issue in Orlando. We sat in the airplane for about 2 hrs before leaving Calgary on a 5 hour flight was just a little long to be stuck in the plane. Once we arrived in Orlando we were stuck in traffic on the ground for another 30min. I guess maybe the flight could be delayed so boarding would have been later so we wouldn’t have to have the discomfort of being on the plane so long.

Too many oversized carryon baggage. If carrier reduced checked luggage fee this could be avoided. The staff were friendly and helpful, very professional.

Airport monitors did not give the gate for our flight returning Detroit to Vancouver Juice served from glass storage containers are a far more healthy alternative for people. And would also minimize the need for recycling plastic or aluminum containers

Nice smooth flight with pleasant stewards. Slept most of the flight, they could have slowly turned on the lights to make it more pleasant. Otherwise a good trip.

Great! No food was available during the flight due to the catering service strike but snacks were given throughout the flight which was nice.

Boarding, staff and flight great. A bit disappointed with no in flight online entertainment but I'll live. Landing was a bit of a jolt (more than usual) but hey everything else was smooth. LoL

I’ve been delayed for two days and I’m still stuck in Honolulu tired spending money

1.5 hours late departing YVR for a 14-minute flight. Packed waiting area. Full plane. Families with tired, screaming kids. 40-minute wait for baggage at YYJ. For a Dash-8. Obviously there was some kind of breakdown but there was no communication from anyone. Most of this was not WestJet's fault but it was an unpleasant night overall. I fell asleep in a chair waiting for the luggage carousel to start.

The flight itself was ok the staff was great and so was the inflight food. The biggest problem was that my luggage was damaged (the zipper pull from both sides of the zipper where completely ripped out) and I didn’t notice at the airport but at the hotel and when I tried to make a claim it was not possible for me because I have to either call (which is difficult because I’m in another country) I tried to call every nombre given to me but the one that I need I was never able to contact and going back to the airport was not an option. So it’s basically impossible to make a claim if you are abroad. Very disappointed that there are no other ways to claim a damaged bag and now I need to buy a new luggage while on my trip.

My flight was canceled and next one was 1 hour later. The gate was changed 3 times.

They changed my flight twice. The 2nd time they changed it they did so the day before the scheduled departure and replaced the lie flat seat in a 777 to a 737. I paid extra to be in the 777 only for them to change it. Then the departure was delayed twice. The connecting flight was also delayed.

The last minute change of planes, then putting us right beside the bathroom was a poor choice.

Terrible 3-4-3 seat configuration, I thankfully was able to choose a seat at the back where it narrowed to 2-4-2 for some relief though seats were still narrow. Staff did not manage the boarding lines at all either, was total chaos.

We were delayed by rain while we were on the tarmac. The crew came around and offered everyone water while we waiting 45 min in the plane.

Air Canada cancelled my prepaid/prebooked seat selection and changed my seats without any options.

Crew was terrific. In flight entertainment system is very slow and the touch screen can be not sensitive enough or too sensitive. It was such a pain to pause a movie in case when I unpaused it accidentally thought I presses stop. This happened 3 times. I gave up and went back to my phone for entertainment.

it was our first flight with Air Canada. The flight was very good. The arrived 10 minutes early. The crew was attentive and very professional. The seats were comfortable and the food was fine. There were a lot of movies and TV shows to choose from. The boading was OK, but it is more about the Montreal airport procedures, but not about Air Canada.

I couldn't rate food or entertainment as neither were a factor in my short flight. I was impressed with with respect of time and schedule. Also, this was an incredibly smooth flight from terminal to terminal. My only minor complaint was being woken up for refreshment service. This was the end of a very long day, and I was happy to miss a juice box and pretzels for a little rest.

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