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Air CanadaOverall score based on 26226 reviews
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Sécurité Check too long.

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Sécurité Check too long.

Flight canceled and rescheduled three times. The messed up the rescheduling and there wasn’t a customer service desk at the airport to help resolve. The rescheduled flight had such a tight layover that my baggage didn’t make it, and now I have no luggage. This after waiting an hour after deplaning with the rest of the passengers for our bags are baggage claim before the first bag came out. Again, no customer service counter. When I call, the IVR keeps saying go to the customer service counter at the airport, which they told me doesn’t exist at the airport, a frustrating catch 22. No one has answered after 20 min on hold. I will not fly with air Canada again.

You allow people to bring carryons. I purchased my seats. They were not just assigned. When we boarded our overhead compartment was already full and we were told to put our bags on fhe floor so we had it stepped on our whole trip. It should be a rule that the overhead compartment belongs to the people in those 3 seats. It was upsetting we paid to step on our bags. With a bad back I was in pain for a few days

Communication needs to be improved. YUL was training a new x-ray operator. It took 45 minutes for 8 people to go through the security line. The airport was understaffed. Notifications that the Air Canada flight was delayed was not communicated to passengers waiting at the gate until after take-off time lapsed -twice. There are not enough Air Canada gate agents to staff counters. Boarding was slow as passengers who had complicated “issues” with documentation were dealt with one at a time instead of being “triaged”, holding up the single line of boarding passengers. The flight itself was fine. No one employee is at fault. There are systematic issues with Air Canada management that impact the customer experience. These problems represent management and leadership failures.

Cons: "The plane was delayed due to waiting for people to clear customs."
Pros: "Movie options were good. Nothing else."
Pros: "Air Canada is always a great travel experience."
Cons: "The food is terrible. It's the worst I've had from any airline."
Pros: "Crew was responsive"
Cons: "Late departure, sitting on the tarmack for hours, most uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "It appears that Air Canada is doing the correct thing for passengers who have reserved their seats in advance....after many years of not applying their written policy of making them board after business class/disabled passengers/passengers with young children, they have created Zone 2 boarding which permits passengers with reserved seating to board immediately after them, therefore guaranteeing them overhead bin space. As we all know, a lot of passengers board with much more than one carry-on, which is a plague when boarding."
Pros: "Exit seating with more leg room."
Cons: "No power plugs in a 4h+ flight is not acceptable. That should be standard for every passengers. Unclean seats. General abrasiveness from some of the staff."
Pros: "The flight boarded quickly and even though we were at the back of the line there was still overhead bin space for our carry on luggage. The in-flight entertainment worked well on our iPads (no need to rent one) and the stewards always had smiles on their faces. The flight left on time and landed a few minutes early which is a bonus when you are on vacation."
Pros: "Free soft drinks /tea On time nice staff Clean cabin well organized"
Cons: "No free food Completely booked. no video monitors"
Pros: "The extra $50 seats were roomy."
Cons: "Flight was delayed and no one knew why!... Plane had been sitting ready at the airport for hours. Novice flight attendants, they each picked on different things others missed just before them. No consistency, seats left reclined during takeoff and landing for example. One way there was drink service once even though it was a smooth flight and the return had drink service twice even though it was bumpier! Entertainment does NOT work on androids, it is NOT the AirCanada app they tell you to download prior to the flight, it's an file that needs to be downloaded in flight! Which means we're stuck paying for the iPad and of course only with cc because there's no wifi for debit cards.... AC needs to stop this insanely mediocre and yet expensive monopoly."
Pros: "Crew is always courteous"
Cons: "I barely made it on time because my prior flight was delayed"
Pros: "We had a trip planned for Las Vegas on the Wednesday following the sad and tragic shooting at the Mandalay Bay hotel. We were planning to be at the Luxor next door. Because of this proximity to the horrible scene we could not see completing this trip. The Air Canada staff understood and accommodated our need change plans. They arranged for us to fly directly home rather than to our planned stop in Las Vegas."
Pros: "No built in entertainment systems. YES PLEASE. Built entertainment systems take up room, sometimes have screens that can't be turned off, and some generate a lot of heat. So glad they were removed. The built in streaming service is a much better solution. Crew was fine."
Cons: "Seats are just ridiculously close. This makes boarding take longer. I don't think emergency evacuation is feasible. Have seats this close been tested for evacuations? Knees-touching-the-seat-in-front close. Taller people can't sit with legs straight in front. Eat before your flight."
Cons: "Worst leg room I have ever seen and I fully over 20 + times a year!"
Pros: "Love, love, love flying on a Dash-8. Perfect size plane provides flying without all the hassles. From check-in to baggage pick-up, our flight was perfect. Thank you Air Canada for an enjoyable experience."
Pros: "I appreciated that the plane left as scheduled, had plenty of legroom, and was attended by professional and gracious personnel."
Cons: "THe previous flight that we took, on June 20th, from Las Vegas to Toronto, was cancelled at the last minute. As we had a tightly-scheduled flight to Amsterdam, we missed that connection. There was no notification given prior to the cancellation, just suddenly came up on the monitors at McCarren Airport. No explanation was offered. THe flight that we were transferred to arrived in Toronto too late to get us onto our Amsterdam flight, and so Air Canada personnel gave us vouchers for food and tried to book us a hotel room. We were ferried to 3 hotels, and turned away at all of them, an dwound up sleeping on the flor of the kid's area at TOranto Airport. we finally got to Amsterdam a day late.and had our trip upgraded to business class for our trouble. I have no quarrel with the treatment that we received from Air Canada personel. THey were very patient and gracious, in spite of a number of irate passengers in the same situation that we were in. However, the failure to have accomodations for stranded travelers was exemplary of poor planning on the part of administration, not personnel. I am really torn as to whether or not to use Air Canada again. WHen it is good, it is very good, but when iit is bad, it is the worst that I've ever experienced."
Pros: "It's Vegas, what's not t like!"
Cons: "Plane ride home after 4 nights in Vegas..."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "No flight attendant came during the entire course of the flight, even after I had pressed the button for one. One flight attendant was extremely hostile. Horrible experiencing flying to Vancouver from Vegas."
Cons: "There was a very long line to check in, the gate was changed prior to the flight, we couldn't get to the gate because the doors were locked, we had to stand there waiting for 30 minutes, and the flight was delayed by 90 minutes"
Cons: "Disgustlingly rowdy, drunk, loud, and vulgar passengers unchecked by the flight crew."
Pros: "Nothing. I spent the whole 5+ hour flight cursing (in my mind) the entire Air Canada executive team. This was my first, and will be my last trip on this horrible airline."
Cons: "Not enough leg room. I'm assuming that all Air Canada executives are either very short people, or they've never tested their product. I've never flown on such an absurdly uncomfortable airline seat configuration, and I fly over 100,000 miles a year worldwide (including discount airlines in China!). If you have long legs, and your flight is more that two hours, DO NOT fly Air Canada Rouge. You've been warned!"
Cons: "When I am willing to purchase overpriced food on a plane, please at least have what I would like from the menu. On my flight to Canada and from Canada to Las Vegas I ordered food and had to settle on what they had available because I was so hungry. As soon as I asked for food, the crew should know what is and isn't available. Food was ok, whoever shot the pictures for the menu did a fantastic job of making it look good. Chicken wrap was good."
Pros: "Crew were nice."
Cons: "I had a window seat and there really wasn't a lot of leg room because of how the body of the plane curves. Food was ok. Not a lot of elbow room to eat."
Pros: "It got to Vegas on time and my luggage was there, too."
Cons: "Rouge has less space per person than Spirit. I never thought that could be possible."
Pros: "I had leg room where I was seated. Short flight."
Cons: "I had to be moved a second time during my travel. No entertainment. So far, the most uncomfortable connection Ive had in my trip. The emergency door i was sitting next to was leaking water, which kinda worried me."
Cons: "Kayak failed to notify us of a change in our flight of four hours and change of route"
Pros: "The personnel were pleasant and efficient."
Cons: "AC Rouge domestic flight was horrible. Tiny seats that reclined about 1.5 inches jammed together. Not that size plane's original configuration I'm sure. Absolutely miserable. The personnel were all very nice and competent--I felt sorry for them having to work in such an environment. I've been in small African airline's planes which were small but not that uncomfortable."
Pros: "Airline attendants were fantastic. Boarding was efficient. I never tried the food so I can't attest to that."
Cons: "Space was so cramped it was crazy - I had a prior Air Canada flight experience that was very comfortable, but if I was 6" taller in this flight I would have been pissed."
Pros: "I liked the flight"
Cons: "There was no space around your seats No free food or snacks offered, just soft drinks No big screens for watching movies Not enough bathrooms"
Pros: "The flight was on time and efficient"
Cons: "The seats have gotten so small and the rows are so close together that you feel like so many sardines in a can. The airlines have added extra rows to these planes to increase their revenues at the expense of the customer."
Pros: "food and beverage service"
Cons: "Lack of organization at boarding; zones need to line up in specific areas and board sequentially. Boarding was chaos."
Cons: "No leg room, no tv's and no chargers."
Pros: "Attractive and competent flight attendants What a soft landing"
Cons: "Water tasted off Leg room inadequate for 6'1" person French safety demonstration Restrictions around wearing headphones"
Pros: "Plane was on time and flight was comfortable."
Cons: "There was no free food - that would be impossible in Europe."
Pros: "I wish I would have been entitled to check at least 1 luggage without a charge"
Cons: "The staff was friendly"
Cons: "There was no TV on plane , the seats uncomfortable"
Pros: "They were on time. We weren't told of any mechanical issues with the plane that could cause delays. Stewardess were helpful and courteous."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Clean airplane Helpful crew Overall great experience"
Pros: "Fast and easy check in"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The security at the airport kept calling me a prostitute and verbally harassed me at the secondary inspection room. They looked down on my because I'm an orphan. Plus my luggage got lost as soon as I landed on Vegas, the staff were rude to me and gave me attitude."
Cons: "Bought this trip last minute as I had a meeting to get to the next morning and there had been an issue with my other flight. Arrived early for the flight at 6am in the morning and was told it wasn't going until 2.40pm that afternoon because of a maintenance issue. Was not notified, air canada said it was a non refundable ticket and I missed my meeting. Terrible service and they were not flexible at all. Only bought this new ticket because my existing ticket was not able to get me to my meeting on time, so it was a complete waste of money"
Pros: "I haven't flown in a while and used the USB and 120V outlet with was supplied."
Cons: "As the plane was changed, I needed to check my carryon bag as there wasn't enough space available."
Cons: "Time it took to board"
Pros: "no entertainment no food (or to pay snacks , but cannot call that food ) seat designed for kids price average , even not cheap"
Cons: "I have nothing to say about the flight, was good enough."
Cons: "Overall good"
Cons: "Media player change wasn't advertised"
Pros: "Late 2 hours, small plane, cramp space, no entertainment, no food! Cattle"
Cons: "Never made it"
Pros: "Personel tried to make up for the failings of the company."
Cons: "The flight delays on each leg of the trip turned an 11 hour flight into nearly 36 hours."
Cons: "Bumpy Landing"
Pros: "On time departure"
Cons: "Nothing much"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Q400"
Cons: "Unfortunately, my family and I had a flight cancelled upon our return from an Asian trip February 23, 2018. We tried contacting Air Canada prior to leaving Taiwan, but sat on hold for 90 mins with no answer from an agent. Tried using their app and online service, as our cancellation notice suggested, but no options were available to take action. The gate agent in Taipei suggested we board and return to Vancouver, which was not our preference. Upon landing, we called Air Canada from the plane and they said they could rebook us back to Saskatoon as early as March 1, 2018 with no offer of assistance for lodging, transportation or meals. They ended up booking us for March 3, 2018 instead. When asked a week later if they could do anything for us by means of apology, they offered 15% for our next flight with them and closed communications. Just the worst company I've ever done any business with anywhere."
Pros: "I slept the entire flight."
Cons: "Flight was too short! ;)"
Pros: "That the stewardesses we're very friendly and helpful. The flight was fairly smooth."
Cons: "That it was a very long flight and even though it was a red-eye flight I had trouble going to sleep."
Pros: "Everything was fine."
Pros: "I really liked that there was a tv with a wide variety movie selection(even though it was a shorter flight). And I loved that there was a nice amount of leg room."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled and rescheduled for tow days later. You think I would spend two days on a layover to get a 35 minuet flight or a 2 hour drive."
Pros: "Once I was able to travel, the trip was great; however I was rebooked unnecessarily."
Cons: "As I arrived in YVR (from YVY), my flight was delayed due to weather, but my connecting flight was also delayed so I could have made it home. My baggage had not cleared customs, nor could it all be located, but I was not allowed to proceed to my flight and Air Canada rebooked my to the following day. The following day, my bags were still not accounted for (all were received days later) but I received a pass to go through customs. I feel I should not have been rebooked and allowed to proceed with my travel. My experience cost my $150 in unnecessary overnight accommodations and delay to my return destination (home). Also/again, all three bags were lost and although returned within 2-3 days, upon arrival in PDX, there was no representative to file delayed bag claims with until all customers that disembarked in PDX contacted Airport information and Air Canada customer service."
Pros: "Comfy of seating. Smooth take off and landing."
Pros: "It was great that we were able to go so many other flights got cancelled"
Cons: "They overbooked both flights and this isn’t the first time they have done this. So we were delayed until four people volunteered to reschedule their trip. You should have to have a late flight because the airline constantly overbooked"
Cons: "Rude Flight attendant and the plan was too small to fit people and standard sized carry ons. This was my first experience with Air Canada and I won't be repeating the experience"
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "Pier pls"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 3.5 hours for no discernible reason"
Pros: "Music and movies at NO CHARGE. FINALLY some comfort you are NOT charged extra for."
Cons: "HORRIBLE SEAT. Backing onto the toilets. 1) No possibility to recline on a 5 and a half hour flight! 2) Flushing toilets behind me. Extra upset since I am a frequent flyer and Aeroplan member"
Cons: "The plane needs to be shop vacuumed. Crumbs and dirt all in the tracks and seats."
Cons: "It was canceled"
Cons: "I called beforehand to ask if I had access to the lounge during my lay over because I bought a business class ticket. I was told NO."
Pros: "The pilot was very nice and a great pilot All the crew were very nice"
Cons: "Seats are too cramped"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled - after waiting for 5 hours we were rerouted to Vancouver - we had to find our own way to the Air Canada desk. For people who don't speak English well, it was really hard to follow and find out what exactly was happening. We were put up in a hotel in downtown instead of at the airport. We got into Vancouver late at night and had to leave the hotel at 4:30 am to catch the connecting flight to Calgary. The check-in was chaos. Only one agent was there to handle a lot of passengers, the wait was very long. Even though we were told that we did not have pay again for our luggage, the agent wanted to collect the fee again. Luckily we had the receipt."
Pros: "I love the space onboard the flight and the crew is always amazing with Air Canada"
Cons: "The boarding staff were extremely rude for no apparent reason!"
Cons: "I'm a big guy; 6'2" - 300+ lbs. so I paid extra and booked a seat with more leg room. Received the confirmation and receipt for that specific seat. At boarding I realized they gave me a different seat that would not have required the extra fee. When I asked the boarding crew, they said it must have been a systems glitch, " it happens sometimes ". I board the plane and who do I see in my seat? An Air Canada pilot in transit. Yeah "systems glitch" or perhaps modified to befit Air Canada employees. Looks like the "customers first" policy doesn't apply at AC."
Pros: "We requested a wheel chair.When we landed at Calgary airport the wheel chair was there, but no attendant.We were informed the attendant will be comming in two minutes,he is on his way.We waited for ten to fifteen minutes and nobody was there.Eventually we had to walk and my wife had a difficulty in walking."
Cons: "The cabin attendant was great.My wife took a pill for her medication.The attendant saw it. She brought a glass of water without a request.That was a great service.I forgot the name of that lady."
Pros: "I liked that I had a seat to myself and there was plenty of legroom either way for such a small plane. The crew seemed nice but being in the back I almost felt forgotten about. Overall the trip was quick and easy, I enjoyed flying with air canada"
Cons: "I couldn't use the jack to charge my phone or iPad I was using and it died before I could land therefore I had a tough time getting my taxi home"
Pros: "Super short flight, plenty of room"
Cons: "small plane, prone to turbulence, not for those who don't like flying."
Pros: "Took off and landed on time."
Cons: "II was told in Halifax that I didn't have a seat due to overbooking.I was sick and yearning to get home.I was offered $400 to wait for the next plane but that was five hours away.I couldn't sit and wait that long with the way I was feeling..The offer went out to all passengers but no one stepped forward.The only thing that saved me was someone didn't show up and I got on.I realize it is all economics and the plane needs to be full but I question the legality of this procedure.What would have been done with me if The plane were full?NOT IMPRESSED !"
Pros: "It was a very good flight. Seats were comfy. Stewardess was nice But we didn't get a snack for free and the music station was limited."
Pros: "The flight didn't happen. It was cancelled. I never came in contact with any Air Canada personal. They never showed up to gate. They just made announcement flight was cancelled. And rebooked me for next day. Called Air Canada to complain and was told they only have online customer service. Was then told i would be contacted by Air Canada service rep. That was 3 days ago and have still heard nothing."
Cons: "we were n hour late because the airport door wouldn't open for the crew"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "That we went to SJ but couldn't land so went to Montreal. Then all the way back to Toronto. Hopefully will get to SJ tomorrow morning."
Pros: "No delay. Fast boarding."
Cons: "Aircraft is very small and some of the seats wouldn't recline. Very low ceiling so really watch out for your head."
Cons: "Boarded us on the flight, sat us on plane waiting to depart for over an hour, boarded us on the wrong plane, made us board a different plane because of a mechanical issue, this was my only 2nd time flying in my life and both times with air Canada and both times were not very good flights at all, there was no communication between the stewards and the passengers at all of why our flight was delayed and hour and a half"
Pros: "Fast flight Pleasantly surprised with drink service and pretzels"
Cons: "Boarding was delayed Despite gate check in of carry-ons, still ran out of overhead storage. They need better enforcement of carry-ons."
Pros: "Fast & easy."
Cons: "No charging ports on the old aircraft."
Pros: "Staff was good!"
Cons: "For the price we paid, the "food" was not that good. I was glad that I had asked if we could bring our own! I had a very hard time finding something to watch. On the return flight, my screen wasn't working for a lot of the time. Montreal airport was very poorly labelled in order to find connecting flights!"
Pros: "Crew for this flight were great Best crew on a air canada flight ever They were pleasant professional and really made the flight a great flight"
Cons: "Again great great crew"
Pros: "The entertainment options were nice and the flight arrived pretty much on time"
Cons: "The flight was cold at times Half of the flight crew seemed very unfriendly No ice for the drinks"
Pros: "Flight was in time and pleasant stewardess"
Cons: "Very lengthy lines to get through security and customs took over 2 hours"
Pros: "Flight attendants very helpful."
Cons: "Took off 25 min late and we received no updates that flight was running behind. Plane didn't even arrive at terminal until a few min before take-off time. I question if they could have cleaned the plane because practically moments after ever de-boarded plane they started getting ready to load us on. Should have had better timing. Also very small plane that doesn't fit standard carryon bags."
Pros: "Got first class"
Cons: "Always the same movies"
Pros: "the crew was super nice. very friendly and caring. the entertainment was perfect. boarding was easy and timely."
Cons: "the seats offer little to no lumbar support. thank god it was a short flight."
Pros: "I am glad they took the time to tell us information over the speaker system, but I couldn't understand"
Cons: "I could not understand what they were saying over the speaker system. I was to fuzzy. I asked a couple of other people who were near me if they could hear what was said, , but they could not figure it out either."
Cons: "The flight was delayed and caused us to arrive late at Toronto"
Cons: "passengers are charged for selecting seat even any seat. is air canada going to let passengers to stand during flying if they don't select seat ? -Robert"
Pros: "We were not happy with the charges for changing our flight, and paying for the difference of the flights. A week prior to the flight, we had to change the flight dates because of work commitments. We had to to pay an additional $650 to change the flight, which was more than the original fare."
Cons: "charges for flight change"

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