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Turkish AirlinesOverall score based on 23465 reviews
Airline reviews

Flights were delayed in Mali and in Istanbul.

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Flights were delayed in Mali and in Istanbul.

More vegetarian options for food even in business class. The staff was excellent. Boarding can be messy. I would really appreciate it if Turkish starts to look for better eco-friend options. The amount of plastic produced by each meal and throughout the flight is insane.

Everything was wonderful but the only thing is the kids running around and screaming. Other wise, I am very satisfied.

Pros: "the crew were not friendly and they were bossy"
Cons: "more kind crew"
Cons: "no red wine - what is written in the menu in business class was missing the main course meal"
Pros: "The flight attendants were friendly, attentive and efficient."
Cons: "Many flights were grounded for several hours because of some airline operational glitch. We were provided with no information or guidance about how to resume our travels. As we tried to sort ourselves out we were sent from lineup to lineup without much progress or friendly service."
Cons: "During flight after first meal the cabin temperature is way to cold. Then it gets warmer but later, second half of the flight the air gets very cold again so it’s difficult to have a good sleep."
Pros: "Service. Food everting was. Excellent"
Pros: "It was help full"
Pros: "the onboard entertainment system is poor: you don't have your personal screen, and the only programmes available are the saftey video and airline's ads. The flight was delayed for 20 minutes at the start however it arrived on time. So that was not really an issue."
Cons: "The crew are professioanl and the service is OK although you need to ask for your tea/coffee. The food isn't amazing but it meets my expectation about the short flight cuisine."
Pros: "Best food. Best service. 45"
Pros: "The friendliness and the ease of flying alone."
Cons: "Had a layover in Toronto. From Toronto we flew to Istanbul and then Venice. While waiting in line to board in Toronto, I was told my carry-on luggage was too big and needed to be put under. I asked MULTIPLE times where my luggage would be- either Istanbul or Venice (final destination) and EVERY time I asked, I was told my luggage would be waiting for me in Venice. Once we arrived in Istanbul I asked AGAIN if my carry-on luggage was here or if it would be in Venice and I was told it would be in Venice. Once we arrived in Venice, my luggage was nowhere to be found. The lost luggage crew (and 90% of the people in Venice) were completely rude and acted like we were a huge inconvenience for them. (I've heard that many Europeans cannot stand Americans, but we were not being rude or obnoxious at all to anyone- we just wanted a quiet, romantic vacation.) So safe to say that it was an extremely rough start. We were in Venice for the Glass Art Society Conference in Murano and due to my luggage being lost, had missed the first day and a half, therefore wasting hundreds of dollars. Luckily my boyfriend's phone worked in order to spend our first two days of vacation (not to mention the amount of money spent on international calling costs) tracking down my luggage, but again dealt with completely rude people who barely helped us with any answers and even hung up on us multiple times (and I'd like to add that despite my frustration, I made sure that I was not speaking rudely one bit). The best answers we received were from the people at the Istanbul airport who told us that Venice received my luggage hours before I even called Istanbul- which I do not understand why the Venice airport did not tell me this because I spent all day speaking with them. Once I called back the Venice airport to confirm what the Istanbul airport told us, they said (once again rudely) that they called me on my phone but did not answer (which I already told them that my phone did not have any service and to call my boyfriend's phone number). So to sum up: I will never be flying to Venice ever again."
Pros: "Everything is nice with Turkish airlines"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The food, crew & entertainment system"
Cons: "The flight was delayed over two hours causing great stress and worry about missing our next flight, which we did. As there were many of us on the neit flight also I wonder if any effort was made to hold that flight for us."
Cons: "There is no communication from the airport to the passengers making it really complicated to board the plane on time even while waiting for the boarding to begin at the gate."
Cons: "I think the food is so little, and also there is no snak for passangers ."
Pros: "Food and entertainment were good."
Cons: "Ground staff very unhelpful and arrogant. Wanted to upgrade to business class and the representative who served me was very rude and unhelpful. Boarding was through buses which was inefficient and messy. My trip was 11 hours of flying time. Economy seating is super tight and legroom awful. For long haul flights they must be more generous in terms of seat size and legroom."
Pros: "Comfortable but narrow seats."
Cons: "Entertainment system could do with more selection."
Cons: "Good. Staff were courteous"
Pros: "Movies, I had leg room. Nice friendly staff .."
Cons: "Internet would not work"
Pros: "Food and staff were good."
Cons: "The seats were tight when the person in front leaned all the way back. His or her head was practically in my lap forcing me to lean back, to the annoyance of the person behind me. All was fine after the meal when everyone leaned back."
Pros: "The Airport and shopping"
Cons: "the flight from Cairo to Egypt was extremely bad . I understand that the relationship between both countries is not at its best. However, this is not an excuse for racist and bigoted behavior from You staff , the plane was 2 hours late, the staff was literally yelling at the passengers because they were standing at the gate assigned to the ticket. And your plane crew was extremely rude, this one flight attendant frowned at my wife's face and starting sanitizing her hand after my wife gave her ticket."
Cons: "I had an isle seat and the isles were so tiny that everytime someone walked by to use the restroom, they would wind up bumping or brushing against me..... So that woke me up about 20 times as well as the crew hitting me with the drink cart."
Pros: "Friendly accommodating staff, good food, quality entertainment"
Pros: "Everything was great!"
Cons: "Can't think of anything worth of complain!"
Cons: "When we arrived walking to the shuttle the crew had thrown our play pen n stroller out on the walkway. They didnt take it inside with our luggage.It was checked in with all the suitcases! So luckly my son recognized it as we were walking by. Very disapointed if he hadnt noticed it we would of been out of luck. No baby bed or stroller! Why dont they take it with the luggage OR at least let you know they dont transfer them for you! Not happy"
Pros: "The flight didn't take too long"
Cons: "The staff at the airport is really rude and just tries to push you off to another person. When you do finally talk to someone they will give you a short blunt answer and try to get rid of you. The WiFi is horrible and hardly works. There aren't any quiet places to sleep and many of the phone charging stations cost money."
Pros: "The overall experience was good"
Cons: "The food is not so good."
Pros: "Very professional. Also the transfer in Istanbul was very easy."
Cons: "I felt cramped in my seat. the footrest, rather than helping, got in the way of extending my legs."
Pros: "Nice service, good food and resolving issues"
Cons: "The fly arrived to late to Istambul which did not help much for the activities we were plannig.... space too small between seats"
Pros: "The planes I flew in were very clean, comfortable and in great condition. I enjoy the seat space and comfort, good entertainment options with great quality entertainment system. The meals were also decent and we were even fed sandwiches on a short flight."
Pros: "Enjoyed the long flight with warm hospitality"
Pros: "The flight and crew were fine. The food and drinks are free, which I wish some US carriers would take note of and adopt."
Cons: "No heads-up that we couldn't take tablets / laptops on next flight to the USA."
Pros: "The food, the flight attendants were friendly."
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "Yes, everything was really good"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The Transfer desk granted our request to switch our flight from Istanbul to Chicago to Istanbul to Los Angeles. A meeting that I had initially scheduled in Chicago was cancelled and would have meant an extra day of travel and hotel stay. By allowing us to go directly to LAX we got home a day earlier and didn't have the hassle of going through customs, checking in & out of a hotel and going through another set of security checks with all our bags. Additionally, we had great service, food and entertainment. Especially liked the wifi that allowed me to read and send emails, texts and do some work."
Cons: "Even though they had at least an hour to transfer the bags from the Chicago flight and put it on the LAX flight, the bags didn't make it and they didn't find them for about 24 hours but did deliver them to our home at 1:45 AM (@37 hours after arriving)"
Pros: "Good flight. Food was nice!!!"
Cons: "On my flight to Greece the wheel on my suitcase was broken. I tried to address this on the day of my departure & was told it's too late to put in a claim. This was a bit upsetting to me. I didn't realize that a wheel had broken until I left the airport. On the way to where we we're staying the 2nd wheel broke, thus I had to drag my suitcase the rest of the way."
Pros: "Food and entertainment"
Cons: "The ground crew couldn't speak English! I was part of a group and a friend of mine got wounded doing Ski. We simply couldn't communicate with the ground crew so they can arrange her with a seat that would match her medical condition. On board the plane, the (idiot) guy from the ground crew told us we can either take unfit seats or disembark. I find it very hard to believe I'll choose Turkish again..."
Pros: "I like the Airline and I think the food is good, the problem sometimes is when you travel a lot you get the same food :) The crew are always great! I do a lot of connections in Istanbul and we never missed one in about two years flying there at least 4 times a month."
Cons: "During boarding they do not always board the Gold members first and in some cases when they do it is only to go on the bus before the others. I would like the Gold members to go first with either a bus of their own to at least with part of the bus reserved and we are allowed first on the plane."
Pros: "Turkish air cabin crew did a great job; movie selection was excellent. I would choose Turkish over other airlines."
Pros: "Price and flight time and arrival."
Cons: "Your crew at boarding treat people with no respect. I saw the boarding next door to us. The flights info was not put on board due to computer problem! The whole airport system was down for hours. The flight of Najaf city was next gate to my flight gate and one of the crew lead was disrespectful to the people and he rejected few people from the flight so he can collect money from them!"
Pros: "Food, tv, service. Food is good quality and they serve a lot. Good drinks too."
Cons: "Not a lot of leg room in coach..but thats normal for most airplanes."
Pros: "Everything was excellent :)"
Pros: "Almost everything"
Cons: "Landing was not smooth enough"
Pros: "Flight was smoothe, Crew was awesome, hotel was great."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "It was a non-stop flight from Istanbul to Atlanta!"
Cons: "The plane was diverted to IAD right before landing to ATL. The crew told us that the plane was diverted because of "weather conditions." Once we landed to ATL we were told that there were no storms in the area!Who knows why the plane was diverted to IAD?"

Travelling from Nigeria was a nightmare. Those thugs at the airport gave my husband and i hell because we had our boarding passes on our phone. We had to keep bribing and begging them to let us through. It is the worse travel experience I’ve ever ever had in my entire life. And I travel a lot

Great flight Will go again!

Pros: "The plane condition."
Cons: "The flight attendants could have served some drinks in between the meals. They actually refused to serve something additionally when asked."
Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Wifi on klm"
Pros: "Professional crew. Good simple check in."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "Slow in refuelling, got us delayed for 40-"
Pros: "Customer care was super supportive"
Cons: "Inflight sandwiches"
Cons: "Half the screens were not working - crew were made aware but nothing was done. Vegetarian choices were poor to non-existent ; I witnessed crew insist to a passenger that there were no vegetarian options! They finally cobbled something together for him but not a pleasant experience"
Pros: "Crew was helpful and food was very good"
Cons: "There was no entertainment on the flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam and this on top of a two hour delay in taking off which led us to have to literally run to our gate in Amsterdam to make the connection to Mumbai"
Pros: "Our flight was delayed in Bejing, than we loosed the booked flight of KLM. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we get the recheked in flight."
Cons: "Doesn't"
Cons: "Late departure. Rush to connect."
Pros: "Checkin 1a at Schiphol had long lines, and no seperate counters for just bag drop. My family and I had to wait for 50 mins, to do a bag drop which in,y lasted 1 min! Flight was delayed, without proper announcements."
Cons: "Seat pitch could've been more. At least let us know via Whatsapp that the plane is delayed, or at which belt the bags would come out. This basic info was lacking."
Cons: "Flight on time would have been good when you have a late evening arrival. Long wait for luggage at Birmingham airport."
Cons: "We were changed from KLM to Airiltalia without any information sent so only because I tried to check in did I find out the flight on KLM was cancelled and we were changed to Airitalia. The Airitalia flight was very mediocre."
Pros: "The crew were really helpful with people who had tight connections because of the delayed flight"
Cons: "I wish they had WiFi"
Cons: "If only there was a way to be able to lie down and sleep - you would be pioneers in aviation"
Pros: "Good food, friendly service"
Cons: "More trash pickup; only one round of beverage service"
Pros: "They considered my reguest of vegiterian food."
Cons: "I have no complaints."
Cons: "At the check in they made me pay 50€ for my luggage. This is really upsetting because from Houston to Venice they didn't make me pay. Either the website wasn't transparent or the lady at the desk made a mistake. Very upsetting, one luggage should be included."
Cons: "Too much light in the cabin because of too many screens on. Should have a separate part of the cabin with screens off allowing one to sleep more easily."
Pros: "Everything is alright"
Cons: "Poor food, flight attend and finally baggage missing. Overall experience is extremely bad."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, landing at vce took an additional 10 minutes due to no one at the jet way. Luggage service was very slow"
Pros: "Good flight, very attentive crew."
Pros: "Nice flight ...was comfortable travel ...good food.Thanks"
Cons: "No such things"
Pros: "Food was excellent, service from staff was friendly, and entertainment options were great."
Cons: "Not a lot of shoulder room being in the middle seat. But it had adjustments options for a lot of other things which were good."
Pros: "Great food"
Cons: "I paid a top price for my ticket and expect the advertised amenities to work. Upgrade or replacement for entertainment system."
Cons: "Boarding was confusing and disorganized"
Pros: "She was cheerful and genuine. I have dietary restrictions but was unable to preorder a meal. She went out of her way to find an available meal for me. I also saw her bring other passengers extra snacks and drinks."
Cons: "Cramped seating."
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "Great"
Cons: "Boarding was very confusing. There was an area where they were checking people's bags or something near the gate and you didn't know if you needed to stop at it or continue. They didn't collect garbage before landing. Not only did we have to take our bags off the plane, we had to carry our garbage (drink cups/food served) to the front of the plane to throw out."
Cons: "We did not get two of baggage at the destination."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Super delayed. Could have fixed the issue BEFORE we were sitting on tha plane for TWO hours"
Cons: "Unaccompanied minor flying to Lisbon overnight. Bag was lost. No real effort to assist. Bags of unaccompanied minor should be treated with priority."
Pros: "Food was good and crew members were very nice"
Cons: "My check in luggage was in very bad condition when I receive it. My clothes were all wet and they got bab by each other’s colour. Many clothes are not in a condition to wear now. Those were expensive and I had a big loss because of that."
Pros: "Crew were friendly. Flight was comforyable smooth and on time. Nice snack."
Pros: "Very friendly service!"
Cons: "Bag was lost"
Cons: "Bag was lost"
Pros: "Cabin Crew was awesome."
Cons: "Entertainment System was not working and no Non-veg food option in flight."
Pros: "Good multi media access and content"
Pros: "Great food"
Cons: "Sears we're toooo small"
Pros: "Very efficient boarding, fast and professional but warm and friendly. The plane was very clean and quite spacious for a two by two configuration. On time departure and landing and smoothed processing at the other end."
Cons: "Nothing to improve"
Pros: "Speed, crew, and reliability."
Cons: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! Not comfortable at all. Great leg room though."
Pros: "I fly delta this was run by KLM they weight all bags delta does not they don't take TSA preach Check. Delta does It was a free for all with check in and getting into plane"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "The service, entertainment, food, the crew, the aircraft were excellent."
Cons: "They put us in a Transavia plane."
Pros: "leg room economy compared to KLM"
Cons: "full flight, no upgrade possible"
Pros: "KLM food and service are great"
Pros: "crew"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "Not time departure and cabin crew were effective and efficient."
Cons: "Nothing really"

4 flights in 3 weeks between arrival and departure and all flights delayed about 5 to 6 hours ! What’s going on with AF ?! Not a low cost and you paid for that service !?!? Not anymore

Cons: "Air France’s apathy towards its customers is shocking. Traveling with three children , our flight was delayed by 3hrs resulting us arriving in Paris after 1AM. With the airport shuttle(CDVAL) to our airport hotel closed, they offered no assistance despite of my request. Simply asked us to take a taxi (when all taxi stands are abandoned at 2AM). Beware if traveling with family."
Cons: "Staff Curtsy and overall gestures!!"
Cons: "The food is usually very good, this time it was poor to disappointing- dark meat chicken.., tasteless & unhealthy....mushy fruit dessert choices"
Cons: "I dint like the way you guys sold me the tickets with only one bag to check in with when I went to the airport I’ve got to pay 58 pounds extra I was not happy with you guys so next time you have to tell your customers before they buy the tickets that’ it’s one bag check"
Cons: "Seats are not comfortable for long haul. Airbus 380 premier economy. Not enough reclining and leg support."
Cons: "Thé qualité officielle the images"
Pros: "Amasing crew"
Cons: "Crew on the ground was very rude"
Cons: "Tell me i would misst the next flight and that my beg will not go to the final airport."
Pros: "Fly was delayed.i was told my bag would go to end but it was not.instead of coming to the hotel 7pm i came 1am."
Cons: "Explain me to take the bag on was almost left in the airport."
Pros: "Had decent room space seats comfortable"
Cons: "My luggage could have arrived for a start"
Pros: "Friendly attendants, entertainment variety"
Cons: "Comfort, food could have been better."
Pros: "great food, entertainment and seat comfort"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and always came around with water."
Cons: "The “vegetarian” option was tuna which isn’t vegetarian and there was no vegetarian snack. With the hundreds of dietary and religious food restrictions you would think having a vegetarian option would be much more attainable.. They also didn’t make an announcement about our flight being late."
Pros: "srfghj"
Cons: "fghjkl"
Pros: "Air france crew at Mumbai Airport very rude and not supportive during checkin"
Cons: "make passengers from Nigeria to feel respected and important. Imagine no entertainment in the aircraft in addition to a very poor food."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Extremely hot the plane"
Pros: "Crew was nice, too short of a flight to figure out more"
Cons: "no chance to try. Can’t pick a special meal in short term flights and snacks are not vegan"
Cons: "Arrived 5 hours late"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Pros: "The food, beverages and choices of movies, entertainment There was a medical emergency that caused the flight to land in Canada. This was handled very professionally - I hope the passenger ended up getting the care needed and is doing well."
Cons: "Because of change in plane..bad choice of seat for long legs of husband...then late in Atlanta and very late into DC"
Pros: "Food has improved a lot on business class. Meals are more creative."
Cons: "Water bottles not given out unless ou ask for it. Crew needs to better trained with how to handle business class..."
Cons: "It is very difficult to get around CDG airport with a disabled person. There is no shuttle. By the time we got to check in, we were ten minutes late. They would not check us in, and we paid over $700 to change tickets to the next flight. When I complained, I was told to stop being rude or I would get no ticket at all. My mother is 94 years old and we did the best we could given the circumstance."
Pros: "Personnel"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nice staff, very professional and helpful."
Pros: "I liked the food, the crew, the service"
Cons: "The seats we were assigned ( we are two we'll feed person's and the seats are toooo narrow"
Pros: "Great hospitality. Champagne as apero, cognac as digestif. Excellent on board entertainment. Comfy pillow and blanket."
Pros: "Courteous crew"
Pros: "Speed, courtesy of the flight attendants"
Cons: "Landing was a bit rough, understandable due to the weather."
Pros: "Good cabin, but very conjugated :|"
Cons: "Too much of hassle checking in as the airlines partners with a couple of other airlines like Jet Airways, WestJet & Aircanada. The food was just okay and the cabin crew refused to serve extra butter. When you are serving extra bread, make sure you serve the butter as well. How could someone eat bread by itself?"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "very old planes we waited 1 hour to drop our bags as their belt had an issue we had to pay extra 70 pounds to reserve a baby cot on the plane"
Pros: "Cabin crew very friendly and caring."
Cons: "Airport services and lounge are OK."
Cons: "Had to check in our underweight small carry on because there was no space left. Left out hotel at 3.15am. A dry croissant did not satisfy three hungry children for breakfast, the coffee was terrible and the seats too close together. Not a good experience."
Pros: "Leg room is bigger than average, there is also a foot step which helps you to relax."
Cons: "There must be lice on the plane, either from the customer or on the seats. Got bitten 6 times on the leg and butt!!! And this is not the first time hearing same story, Air France definitely needs to disinfect the plane more thoroughly. Media center is outdated, touch screen isn’t working well, felt being punched in head every time when ppl behind you tries to touch the screen!"
Pros: "We were on a 9 hour flight which is pretty exhausting on its own. However, Air France provided you with a pillow and blanket, as well as headphones, so that you can make the best of the long trip."
Cons: "The chairs, for whatever reason, after just not that comfortable. Too squishy and they make noise when you adjust your position. I fidget a lot on flights so I felt like I was making a lot of noise. Also the plane didn't have cold air, do you get toasty pretty quick."
Pros: "leg space in plane"
Pros: "Service was much better than on the flight from MIA to CDG 3 weeks before - that was very poor. Entertainment was excellent - great selection of movies. Premium Economy was definitely worth the upgrade cost."
Cons: "Boarding was a complete debacle - no control over who went where. Sky Priority line was full of 50 people who weren't Sky Priority, and there was only one person checking passports. The two people at the desk didn't care when I noted this. We were called to the desk in advance of boarding to check passport information. When we got to the check in line, we were taken aside for more passport checking, even though we are US citizens with Trusted Traveler status in the GOES program. We were one of the first people at the departure lounge, and one of the the last to board."
Pros: "Chicako Párizs szuper , udvarias személyzet pontos érkezés."
Cons: "."
Pros: "Lovely crew, clean toilets"
Cons: "It's an a380, stains everywhere, aisles between seats narrow even for business, caos at CDG, no clear queues, ground staff shout at passengers, food selection good but huge gap between describtion and reality, in JFK we waited for 30 minutes cause the docking spot was too narrow for the captain, sky priority? The economy got their bags before 1st and business."
Cons: "Too crowded"
Pros: "I enjoyed the food, the crew's friendliness in First Class and the boarding process."
Cons: "The wi-fi did not work on our flight"
Pros: "The food was good, the staff was very friendly and very nice,"
Cons: "The seat configuration in economy is unacceptable, the leg room is terrible and overall a very uncomfortable flight of more than 7 hours"
Pros: "Late"
Cons: "Late"
Pros: "Warm and elegant service"
Pros: "The flight crew was excellent in accommodating the passengers. One specific flight attendant was very patient in dealing with a continuously demanding passenger by being helpful and firm at the same time; a difficult combination of skills."
Cons: "The ground crew in CDG was very disappointing and unprofessional and very specifically in the luggage area. When I was told that my carry on luggage exceeded the allowed weight I argued that my luggage was weighed in Cairo and that it was less than the 12 Kg allowed weight. The Air France attendant then waved with annoyance to speak with her supervisor. When I approached her supervisor, who was speaking with another Air France employee, she looked annoyed and said just just to to booth #7 or 8 that handles excess luggage issues. My reaction is to avoid traveling through CDG in the future and I will focus on flying with Lufthansa."
Pros: "The food was one of the plane food I've had in a long time although the jamaican veggies weren't great .. The movies and choice of entertainment was amazing"
Pros: "I didn't get the fast track invitation while I am a gold member"
Pros: "I was concerned about Royal Air Maroc’s mixed reviews, however, our direct flight from Miami to Casablanca was on time, no damage or loss of luggage, coach seats were okay, food was average, flight and crew were polite and helpful. All-in-all it was satisfactory for the price."
Cons: "The food was average - standard for coach."
Cons: "Lost my luggage, didn't care, luggage poorly manipulated."
Pros: "It was a very bad flight. i wouldn't recommend Air Maroc. Despite flying business class, the food was below average. there was no entertainment. seat was not comfy. Check in was very slow as well although we were very few."
Cons: "Flight was 2 hours late and simply because of poor operations in the airport and on the flight. Failing to match the boarding list with the check-in list! And during the 2 hours sitting on the plane Zero communication from crew on the issue."
Cons: "We didn’t fly and we paid extra money to fly on 8-3-2019. We arrived one hour and five minute before and the crew refused to check us in and said we should be there at least one hour and half. Very very poor service,i will never fly with RAM."
Cons: "They move the flight one day back one hour before the flight.. Also another day of day in airline original country.. This is unsatisfactory.."
Pros: "Flight was quick and great crew"
Cons: "The first leg of our flight was delayed so we missed our connection and our bags seemed to be lost. After searching all over the airport and asking staff we found it over across the airport along a wall. It would have been nice if the staff could have gave us this inforamtion"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Extreme lack of communication about boarding. First flight was delayed and second flight started boarding and left over an hour later than scheduled, but again no communication to explain what was going on. Absolutely one of the worst flying experiences I've ever had. Would 100% NEVER recommend this"
Pros: "Nothing was very good."
Cons: "Long delay for taking off, probably because of the late arrival of my first flight. This whole airline must just always be an hour late. My bag didn’t make it to Miami, I have no idea what continent it’s even on."
Pros: "We never got on this flight, still stuck here in Rome"
Cons: "Why are flights overbooked ? It makes no sense to lose a full day without compensation for this"
Pros: "Flight on time. No turbulence."
Cons: "No entertainment. Food was a mini ham sandwich and a cake. Plane furniture is getting old."
Pros: "Large space between seats"
Cons: "We were late at Casablanca airport again late when we landed at jfk so I was late for 2 hours so I missed my transit from jfk to Philadelphia I struggled the whole to get home"
Pros: "the food is excellent."
Cons: "too much layover hour and they changed it after we purchased the flight ticket .that is very bad blc we missed our connecting flight and we have to purchase another flight which cost us additional 500 dollars."
Cons: "Very poor help internationally"
Cons: "This airline needs to reexamine its practices toward pregnant passengers. In addition to a high level of confusion and duplication around the release of liability forms I had to sign, there were also some unfortunate attempts by a (male) flight attendant to place a blanket between my pelvis and the seatbelt. No doubt these attempts were well intentioned, but it made me very uncomfortable. In the future, asking passengers if they would like a blanket for this purpose would be a much better practice."
Pros: "Confused boarding process"
Cons: "No meal, just a snack."
Cons: "Worst airline ever!"
Pros: "Crew was excellent"
Cons: "Royal Air Maroc should revise the state of their seats (comfort) and especially boarding time (always on delay)"
Pros: "Very nice flight attendants. I had a great flight:)"
Pros: "This particular flight was fine. Royal Air gives a sense of being unreliable overall, though."
Pros: "Not happy"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight cancelled at last minute. No accommodations given. Very rude staff."
Pros: "The entertainment system was good, with many choices. The service was okay as well."
Cons: "We started boarding late at Casa's airport and then it was done in the messiest way possible with no row calls. It therefore lasted much longer than it should have and we left late, as we often do we RAM."
Pros: "Prompt departure, early boarding, sleep before meal"
Cons: "Cabin looked old and dirty, seats were cramped (just like on any airline). Old aircraft, no entertainment system."
Cons: "My first flight was not confirmed (despite the confirmed booking/itinerary email), so I was unable to check in and proceed with any of my flights. This delayed all my plans by at least 1 day and I have incurred unplanned additional costs."
Pros: "That the plane didn't crash."
Cons: "I missed the flight because I couldn't hear the announcement and because, as it was for the other flights, there was no notice of embarcation. They were no help in being able to provide a solution. I was told to call my booking agent which was in the US; I asked where could I get a calling card they told me, and I kid you not, that I could ask the janitorial crew to go outside to get me a card if I wanted to call. If it was for them, I would have stayed in the airport until I died they wouldn't have cared. I have traveled a bit and I don't think I've ever experienced something like that. I am from a under developed country, so I do understand low quality of service but this is just a matter of being human. Thanks to my friends and family in the US and via internet access I was able to purchase another ticket since I was told that because my ticket couldn't be refunded (???) I couldn't simply pay a penalty and be placed on the next flight. If you are someone of African ascendance and do not want to be treated like fecal matter in human form, avoid that airline. My great aunt is from Maroc and she's an amazing person. I guess they don't make them like that in Maroc anymore."
Pros: "Everything.!!"
Cons: "Nothing .!!"
Pros: "Very good"
Pros: "We arrived safely."
Cons: "A majority of the staff was rude. The plane was outdated. There was no in flight entertainment."
Pros: "clean, safe ride, friendly staff, flight departed and left on time."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Service sucks! Reliability is zero! Lies and deceptions! Tried them in 2012, 2014 and this year 2017 and it only gets worse!"
Pros: "The eventual flight the next day was perfectly satisfactory in terms of food, service, and entertainment."
Cons: "I was involuntarily transferred to a flight the next day, with no warning (I was not told until I reached the boarding desk, after I had already waited for three hours since the flight was delayed). It was a stressful experience and I do not understand why the usual steps of asking for voluntary transfers and offering compensation were simply skipped over."
Pros: "Comfort Crew"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "The stewards were totally hapless. There were too many, they kept getting in the way in the aisle. Bathrooms on plane were dirty. Plane was old; no plug outlet to charge electronics."
Cons: "The extremely unconfortable seats, especially at neck-level. The good is basically all dairy, which is unfortunate for prople like me with severe allergies. And the headphone sets were not working, the crew extremely dismissive."
Pros: "Food/ comfort / movies / blanket / eye musk"
Cons: "Unfriendly crew - across the board"
Pros: "Airport"
Cons: "The seat was ok (economy), food was ok and no entertainment system."
Pros: "Nothing. Was not happy at all. Could not get an ticket for 4/29/2027. For my wife to get to new York."
Cons: "Not happy"
Cons: "The flight was cancelled! Money stil not returned,"
Pros: "I didn't like anything with them anymore"
Cons: "Very poor to respond to customer issue"
Pros: "Staff were very friendly."
Cons: "No TV"
Pros: "Crew is excellent. Boeing 787 is a great plane. Would fly again."
Cons: "Entertainment system had many instances where streaming was lagged, bugs causing it to pause/stop play, required reboot midflight. Also, limited selection."
Pros: "The plane was at a comfortable temperature throughout flight."
Cons: "AirMaroc provided midocre service. The plane was old and outdated. There was ABSOLUTELY NO in flight entertainment. They had the big TV screens hanging from the top of the plane but no movies were played (on the way there and back). They changed my flight time twice from when I bought the flight to when I left, which disrupted my whole travel planes when arriving to Montreal. In addition, the night before my departure they emailed me stating that my flight had been canceled. When i called costumer service, they stated that they had no idea what I was talking about. The company is disorganized. The plane was full to capacity and as a result my whole party (5) was not stead together nor were there any attempt to fix that for us even when we asked several employes. Overall, i would not fly or recommend Royal AirMaroc"
Pros: "The food is quite tasty on RAM!"
Cons: "No entertainment :("
Pros: "Crew were hospitable and friendly. Food was good."
Cons: "No in-flight entertainment. Old plane."
Cons: "Sound system keeps being bad"
Pros: "The crew members were very hospitable, food was nice and journey was smooth. It was a good flight generally."
Cons: "Entertainment was poor and I didn't feel quite comfortable."
Pros: "I am quite jaded right now."
Cons: "Despite being promised hotel within the airport to spend the 9 hours layover, we were informed that they only provide hotels at night. That's notwithstanding that RAM had changed flight times to cause this long layover, and that I had two children. I ended up paying for the hotel myself."
Pros: "Food,"
Cons: "One tough crew member can make the flight feel rough."
Cons: "Plane is late No food or drinks at all only water Plane all full is was very bad flight and services"
Pros: "I like the schedule of flights it will be the same time as you wrote it and the stuff it will bitter then these"
Cons: "When you book for any people let them know about the delay of flights and about the foods it very poor"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight delayed for more than an hour and have. They combined two flights and 2 destinations together. It went chaotic . People were confused about their seats. Many seats were assigned to 2 peoples... Yelling and loud on plane. Many missed their connection. Passengers were not happy at all"
Pros: "The loading from the back of the plane was brilliant! The timeliness of the flight was nice! Staff was friendly and polite. They were very efficient & effective!"
Cons: "The food options were given as couscous or veggies but their was no specification as to containing met or what kind. Any entertainment whatsoever would be better for longer flights. The seats could be in beter repair and cleaner."
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "They left on time!!!!! Rare occurs VW but very happy! Staff was great"
Pros: "The Tunisian Airlines employee told me that there was a problem with this ticket and that me had to buy a new ticket. Now how do I recover my money?"
Pros: "Wellcoming"
Cons: "The food is cold"
Cons: "1h30 delay..."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Transit"
Pros: "Punctuality was very appreciated."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "6 hours late and the station manger a lady was not polite with the passengers. She was working against the reputation of tunisair."
Cons: "Flight was about 2 hours late arriving Seats were original and well worn . Most of the crew was stern ..only one was friendly. Food was okay but bread and mini quiche were very dry"
Pros: "The fact that it’s a direct flight."
Cons: "The poor treatment of business passegers : 1/ same boarding than economy class passengers 2/ absence of spécial tag for luggage 3/ delay in luggage delivery"
Cons: "Check in was unable online, they put me on 23rd seat near toilet."
Cons: "Check in was unable online."
Pros: "The boarding was smooth"
Cons: "One hour delay. Food very poor, it took staff a long time before taking back our plates, they were not strict enough with passengers that were walking around while flight on turbulence ..."
Pros: "Flight attendants and captain did an ok/good job."
Cons: "There was a 3 hour delay. The plane was disgustingly dirty, old , seats were abused and torn, gum stuck in seat pockets, A/C system releasing white air that looked Like white gas...for a full price ticket I would le expect a normal plane not a warn down machine..."
Cons: "Unable to Change meal into vegetarian"
Pros: "From check-in until landing all was very good. I was suprised that food was offered on this 1houe flight."
Cons: "Don't have anything to write herw"
Pros: "The food and choice of entertainment was ok."
Cons: "It was so hot in the plane, I was sweating and had to go several times to the back of the plane to get a bottle of water. Unfriendly personnel no notion of good service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Our flight was at 17;00 and when we check in our luggage’s it’s shows a delay on the screen till 18:55 which we understood but they change it again to 17:30 without any announcement or information and we used to miss our flight, fortunately my kid shows on the screen the changing and we could board"
Pros: "We arrived"
Cons: "Initial delay from 7:30am to noon. Then, to arrive at airport and see the plane was delayed even longer, until 2pm. Older aircraft, stained seats, and on the return we bounced round quite a bit."
Pros: "This is a budget airline that serves actual food a friendly crew and to our surprise enough leg room (I am 6'2)."
Cons: "Our flight back was delayed but it was due to heavy air traffic over France."
Cons: "Flight two hours late"
Pros: "Flight Quick and safe"
Cons: "Some delay"
Pros: "The other passengers. That’s all I can think of."
Cons: "3.5 hrs late. No announcement, just letting other flights board through us. No answer from “responsible” people in airport office. No estimated departure, just sudden change from ??? To “now”. The fish dish was revolting and the service! I was so stunned by how nasty one of the crew was to an elderly, multilingual couple who didn’t immediately respond as she thought they should to her unkind offer of tea."
Pros: "It was on time, very professional, food delicious, coffee, tea , nice crew, for a 2,5 hours flight! We don't see that old times services anymore. I loved it."
Pros: "It's very nice thanks"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Over all it was a good comfortable flght"
Cons: "Departure was a little delayed but we made it up"
Pros: "Overall a good flight."
Cons: "The flight took off an hour late."
Cons: "Ten minute flight time change, 1 hour flight time change.....but 3 hours!! Good grief. What if people have connecting flights? What if people actually have somewhere to be on time? What if people have a schedule to adhere to? Oh well, tough luck Tunisair won't get you there on time!"
Cons: "I lost one my language, they still couldn't find it, the way the people handling my claim was not acceptable,"
Pros: "real impressive luggage allowance (# times 23kg but can be negotiated with 2 more eavy + 2 cabin luggages good service on board, smily hostess"
Cons: "not a real business class compares to other company (even Egypt Air is more "luxury")"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "It is a public company, the staff do not care about the customers"
Pros: "Courteous staff and reliable service"
Cons: "If only Carthage airport in Tunis had more immigration officers working. They raise costs in carriers but cannot hire a few more officials to work the immigration lines. This results in huge delays even if flights are on time."
Cons: "The flight was delayed almost 2 hours with no explanation. This seems to be very common with Tunis Air now. The plane was so old I actually felt afraid. Meal was bland. The take off and landing were incredibly rough. Overall this flight was poor. The one bright spot was kind flight attendants."
Pros: "Non stop flight. It takes only 1:45 minutes"
Cons: "Almost everything"
Pros: "Nothing !"
Cons: "Everything !"
Pros: "Boarding was quick; crew was pleasant, as were check-in staff."
Pros: "The food and welcoming crew"
Cons: "My cabine suitcase was accepted in Tunis and almost refused in Brussels..."
Pros: "Nothing in particular, the crew were nice."
Cons: "The fact that the flight was twice delayed by a day. This caused extra expense for 2 more hotel nights In Nice and also a fee to change my connecting flight. Also there was the inconvenience and stress involved not to mention the extra work of friends in Abidjan to go twice to change my ticket for my connecting flight. And then after all that my luggage did not arrive with me. So I had to go on to my final destination without it and I'm borrowing clothes to wear. When I asked at the Tunisair counter about some sort of recompense for all the trouble I received a very unsympathetic and unsatisfactory answer"
Pros: "i have never once had a bad experience with tunis air. the staff were accommodating and friendly, there is never a feeling of discomfort or disappointment."
Cons: "4 hour delay on a 2 hour flight with very little explanation!"
Cons: "24 hours before our flight was scheduled, we received notification from Tunisair that there would be an added stopover in Barcelona. The entire reason we had chosen to fly with Tunisair was because it was supposed to be a direct flight."
Pros: "They must fly to everywhere on the world so they deserve more ways to fly"
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Mali to Montreal

Airlines flying from Mali to Montreal have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Mali to Montreal

Mandatory masks

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