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China EasternOverall score based on 6669 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Nothing. It was a bad experience."
Cons: "They could have served food. They could have checked us in through to our final destination."
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Pros: "Nothing. It was a bad experience."
Cons: "They could have served food. They could have checked us in through to our final destination."
Pros: "Friendly, attentive, attractive crew."
Cons: "In-flight entertainment was lacking good selection of English movies."
Pros: "Friendly crew, fast flight, plenty of overhead storage"
Cons: "Better entertainment"
Cons: "My 2 checked suitcases had tsa locks, both of which were taken off and not returned and I have a couple items missing. Not much you can do about it but very frustrating."
Pros: "Tickets were super cheap."
Cons: "Transfer at Nanjing is horrible. There is no transfer hall so connecting passengers have their passports confiscated and are locked in a room like criminals for HOURS. People were crying, others did not understand what was happening and they were panicking. It was a truly awful experience!"
Pros: "Crew was very helpful with boarding and very friendly and hard-working."
Cons: "Entertainment system kept resetting duing the first couple of hours during the flight but otherwise was good."
Cons: "The food was uninspiring, to say the least."
Pros: "I hated the airline!"
Cons: "The food was terrible and the staff was not nice at all. Worst airline."
Pros: "I liked the foods serviced and kind crews. The flight departed on time. The atmosphere of cabin was quiet."
Cons: "The services of the flight information and the slot of earphone was not working."
Pros: "Front cabin business class"
Cons: "Aircraft not clean, very filthy, food very poor, entertainment almost non-existent"
Pros: "Lots of room”for stuff”, so you aren’t digging in your attaché case all the time, almost like a desk area. We had eaten prior to departure so I asked to be served the meal later and they had no problem."
Pros: "Flight was on time and efficient. Crew was polite, professional and efficient. In other legs of this trip the experience was not so good. On this leg, however, I noticed that the crew was very accommodating to the passengers and never seemed bothered by special requests."
Cons: "Food was okay. We ordered 4 different types of vegetarian meals, but only received on type of vegetarian meal. Movie selection was not great, but I still appreciate that each seat has its own personal on demand video screen."
Pros: "Boarding was fast and efficient. Flight was on time leaving and arriving. Meal service was efficient."
Cons: "Crew wasn't rude but wasn't overly friendly. They seemed responsive. A bit stingy on the drinks (I only had water and each time got only 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup). We pre-ordered vegetarian meals and they did supply them, but they got the orders wrong (we ordered different types of meals and only got one type). The biggest issue is the layover. China Eastern does not supply a hotel for long layovers. We applied from their website beforehand, but they canceled the hotel program. They did supply vouchers for food which was nice, but in Terminal 1 there is no resting lounge to lie down or clean up in, except for the VIP lounges which we didn't have access to."
Pros: "Long flight as expected but the service is very good"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "We did not receive the seats we chose months prior when we originally booked. The crew was not engaged and unhelpful. There were no veggie options so we did not eat. We received buns and desert. Terrible service overall."
Cons: "This was one leg of a 3 leg flight to Kathmandu. Whatever the rrason they substituted my contact number for my passport number and wouldn't issue my boarding pass, even showing documentation that the fault was theirs. After what seemed like forever they reluctantly issued the boarding pass after signing some waiver which I couldn't resd as it was in Chinese."
Pros: "The flight is not too busy"
Cons: "I have to checked my all suitcase out and re-check in again even thought I am transfer. This is horrible!! Nobody informed me, I have to go back to customs and get my suitcase."
Pros: "No entertainment available No food offered It was a short flight from Shanghai so was a typical experience"
Pros: "Not in special."
Cons: "Lost my baggage."
Pros: "Crew were really fantastic. Very accommodating on requests."
Cons: "First time i flew early in day to vietnam.. not airlines fault just threw me off"
Pros: "First class is a totally different experience: much better services, designer laundry bag and totally different food selection."
Cons: "Beautiful stewardesses, privacy cabin room, wide selection of wine and food"
Pros: "The crew frequently offered dr8nks in between meal service."
Cons: "I did not enjoy the food. There were not non meat options."
Pros: "The staff was friendly and polite. There was movies, TV shows, etc to watch. The food was decent for airline food."
Cons: "2 days of delays and unorganized at times"
Pros: "Check-in and luggage checked-through was orderly and smooth. Flight crew tried their best to accommodate customer requests. Though at times, some answer customer questions in Chinese instead of English. Sufficient food to eat during flight."
Cons: "At boarding gate, Ground crew announced changed in boarding gates rather late. Flight was delayed by an hour. Boarding was orderly and smooth though. Not much choice in audio-visual inflight entertainment."
Pros: "The free wifi!"
Cons: "The absurd emergency aisle seat fee. Nobody sat in the aisle the entire flight. I’m a very tall person, not a tiny Asian who can sit comfortably side by side to people with the person in front of me having his chair back the entire way for 14 hours!"
Pros: "The food was amazing two hot meals and a couple of snacks."
Cons: "Economy is not the way to travel on an extended flight, aisle seat is bearable but otherwise a fail in the comfort side."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flew in business. Absolutely no understanding of service. Incompetent and lazy crew that speaks extremely limited English. Food is very basic, drinks are worse than in economy of good airlines such as Emirates."
Pros: "It would have been nice if i was warned about it and i can actually get a visa and sight see at nanjing for a day."
Pros: "It was a real airline"
Cons: "Didn’t let you use iPhones... even on airplane mode"
Cons: "Didn't even get into that"
Pros: "Crew in our first flight was polite and was accommodative, they even went beyond the call of duty to share their meals when they got to know that our special meals requests have not got through to them."
Cons: "Contacting China eastern airlines customer service was very painful. Accent differences being the major contributor for the cause. China eastern website was giving errors out most of the times while we tried to make seat reservations. Ultimately, the seats we reserved online were not given to us for both of our return flights. Special meals ordered was also not provided to us, stating that we were supposed to reconfirm the meals selection once again during check-in time, which I something we have never done in the past with any of the airlines; I did that for my last flight and bingo - I got the special meals for that flight alone. Anyone asking for special meal - please note this point; it doesn't harm to reconfirm though it sounds like an unnecessary step. Shanghai airport has very limited options for vegetarians. Kimchi noodles, Kimchi cake and Bibimbap were the only good options if you are a vegan."
Pros: "Crew was very nice and attentive. Seat was OK"
Pros: "Comfort it is ok."
Cons: "Nothing to comment."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled due to weather, and they did not re arranged the rest of my flights to Jacksonville Florida"
Cons: "I got home safe. That's it."
Pros: "The gallows laughter when we landed and the cabin attendant suggested over the PA that some of us might miss our connections and should go see customer service. (We landed four and a half hours late.)"
Cons: "the entire experience was spoiled partly by the fact that we were forced to wait over four and a half hours on the tarmac, and partly by the fact that the crew, in order to absolve themselves of responsibility, fed us blatant lies about air traffic control shutdown at HKG or about bad weather over Guangzhou. Both were easily disproved: a look out the window and at the internet showed (a) other flights taking off normally and on-time; (b) no bad weather in Guangzhou."
Pros: "I have not even arrived . stranded in China"
Cons: "cancelled flight and stranded in China in a dirty hotel doing nothing all day wasting my time"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "You are not allowed to use your phone even in flight mode. Food is disgusting"
Pros: "upgrade for 40usd"
Cons: "Long waiting queue 100+ People and only 2 staff working for standard check in. No baggage drop for already checked in passenger"
Pros: "It got me where I needed to go on time."
Cons: "the food is absolutely abysmal and they had no options for a non-meat eater. When we asked if they had a non-meat option, the flight attendant scoffed and told us we should have ordered something special ahead of time. The entertainment choice was extremely limited."
Pros: "the two things I thought were good was the staff and the entertainment. The staff was nice and attentive. And there was a wide range of entertainment to choose from. They had lots of movies and games you could pick from with a few tv shows."
Cons: "I flew this airline round trip from the US to Thailand, so I was in the air 10+ hours both ways. It was not the most comfortable plane ride I have been in. There is not a lot of room, but they were very well priced tickets so I wasn't expecting a lot either. Also this airline does not let you use your smart phone even when on air plane mode at all during the flight. So if like me you planned on listening to your music and audiobooks you downloaded, specifically for the flight, on your iPhone you are out of luck. Also the food was not great...but it's airplane food so again I was expecting much."
Pros: "Good flight, not very full which was nice."
Cons: "Poor food and bad layovers."
Pros: "Lot's of entertainment options on in-flight console. Also, the price point was very reasonable."
Cons: "The crew often ignored requests and not enough meals/ snacks were served for such a long flight."
Cons: "There was no warning that I needed a visa just to transfer in Wuhan. Nobody told me beforehand that Wuhan is one of the only two airports in China that Americans cannot transfer. China Eastern wouldn't let me board the flight, they wouldn't cancel or change my flight either. I flew through China on the way to Bangkok with no problem, but they wouldn't let me use my return tickets. I payed for my tickets and they never let me use any of the tickets. I had to book with another airlines to get home. I will never use China Eastern Airlines again."
Pros: "The flight was OK."
Cons: "No-one could help me with printing boarding pass to my connection flight. I had to wait 3.5 hours in front of the counter, also I had to cross Chinese border and get a visa for getting my boarding pass. No-one was interested in helping me, awful customer experience."
Pros: "I'm grateful we didn't crash or anything. It's not as costly as other airlines, but we learned it's worth it to pay more..."
Cons: "Every flight was significantly delayed (we had two flights to the destination and two flights back home, all via China Eastern.) One was so delayed we barely made our connection, and our luggage didn't make the connection at all. So, we spent nearly 2 days on vacation without our belongings. The return flight was so delayed that we did miss our connection, and had to spend the night in Shanghai. China Eastern's staff in Shanghai handled it VERY poorly. They were rude, refused to give us instruction, and we spent hours in the airport trying to figure out which bus to take and where we were actually going. Their exact words to one distraught couple seeking help were "That's not our problem." Service in general was average to poor. Food was average. There are no adult drinks available even for purchase, and they would have been nice to enjoy given the other stresses they caused on our vacation. Our seats were often damaged in one way or another. I was attracted to this airline for the reasonable rates, but do yourself a favor and pay a little extra for a more tolerable experience."
Pros: "Too many things to mention, I'll just say this: you get what you pay for!"
Cons: "Broken seats, rude staff, terrible food, delayed takeoff (1hr). Will take a more widely known airline next time, its worth the extra cost!"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for almost half day without any explanation. No customer service available. Will not take any flight of China Eastern!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Domestic portion of the flight was first canceled then rescheduled then delayed. This issue keeps occurring and should not be recommended on Kayak!"

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